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“You’ll find them in the drawer,” he said, reading her mind.

“Oh, so you were expecting to get lucky tonight, were you?” She tried to make herself sound mad, but the truth was she was concentrating on other things.

“I always find you make your own luck,” he replied with a twinkle in his eyes, leaning his arms back behind his head.

She found the condom in the drawer as he’d said and, tearing the packet open, she found herself suddenly all fingers and thumbs as she tried to place it over his enormous erection. Steadying the thick shaft with one hand, she managed to use the other to finally slide down the slick rubber, then she threw a leg across his lap.

“Do you think this is as good a time as any to introduce myself?” she said impishly, her loins feeling incredibly wet as she sat astride him.

“Why not?” he grinned. “You already know I’m Cam.”

“And I’m Dianne, and my pussy is looking forward incredibly to meeting your cock. Okay, that’s the formalities out of the way. Let’s fuck!”

Rubbing the tip of his cock against her slit and clitoris, she could feel the steel of his ring rolling around against her sensitive skin. This made her tremble even more and her breasts shuddered, her nipples becoming even stiffer. Cam raised one hand, warm and soft, beneath the curve of one breasts, holding it up and squeezing it gently, an act that made her even wetter.

Steadying herself and gripping onto the shaft of him with one hand as though her very life depended on it, at last she began to force herself down onto him. The shuddering continued, a trembling that seemed to affect every inch of her body as he stretched her pussy wide, the head of his cock almost impossibly large.

“Oh Christ, oh hell!” she whimpered.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?” His eyes were full of concern.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” she yelled at him.

Still she held onto him, gradually getting used to him, sliding down barely an inch at a time. And then she felt warmth of his pubis pressing against her pussy lips, his balls against her buttocks, and with a terrible sense of excitement that made her whole body shake and her mouth open into a wide, silent O, she realised that he was fully inside her.

His one hand was raised up towards her and she gripped it with her own fingers, steadying herself as she quivered at the sheer overwhelming sensation. “Oh my
God—oh my God!” she groaned repeatedly.

He said nothing, his eyes fixed upon her in steely concentration, holding himself stiff for her as she gently began to move, rotating her hips slightly.

“I can feel it—I can feel your ring inside me,” she gasped.

He smiled at this. “And how... how does it feel?” His teeth were gritted slightly in concentration.

“Fucking amazing!” she let out with a laugh. Her eyes rolled back briefly in her head and she let out a whoop. “Abso-bloody-lutely amazing!”

Now she was used to the tingling, spine-melting, pussy-expanding sensations of him, having held him more or less still inside her for a while, she used both her hands on his to
steady herself as she lifted herself up slightly on her knees and then came back down upon him, very slowly at first.

“Oh, wow!” she gasped again. “That’s... oh,

She had spoken too soon, thinking she could control it, but already an orgasm was building up inside her and she felt she was going to black out. If it was possible, this was simply too good.

Lifting himself up, however, Cam cradled her gently, holding her still against his body for a while, her breasts crushed slightly next to his strong chest.

“You okay?” he whispered.

By way of answer, she kissed him, a strand of her hair catching his face, trapped by the sweat of their two bodies. As they kissed and caressed, so she began to grind herself against him, pushing her hips down, swallowing up his length. She could feel his ring circling around inside her velvet walls, themselves sucking him into her, taking him all up to her cervix.

At this motion, he began to rock himself beneath her, making her breath more deeply
—faster. Their rhythms began to match, an undulation of their hips as she clung to his shoulders and he gripped her waist. With each thrust, she felt herself open up even more, taking him in more deeply than she had thought possible. She started to moan, her eyes screwed shut as Cam buried his face in her breasts, sucking up her scent as they fucked each other.

And now, with the thickness of him swelling her, his arms holding her with an easy, graceful strength, the strange and wonderful sensation of his ring moving around inside her, stimulating her in ways she had not thought possible while he sucked on her nipples, torturing them sweetly with his mouth
—now her body really did begin to experience a powerful orgasm. As wave after wave began to swell up from deep in her belly, she realised that anything she had felt before was just a faint shadow of what was happening to her now.

Gripping Cam’s broad shoulders with her arms so tightly that she thought she would squeeze all the air out of his lungs, she wrapped her legs across his waist as he continued to buck up inside her. The feeling of climax was growing relentlessly, remorselessly, and she realised there was nothing she could do to stop it. Her eyes were flashing with incredible
colours and the most glorious sparks, and now she knew the last thing she wanted to do was stop it. Instead, as though her head was being ripped apart, she flung back her head and howled and screamed, all her body and spirit free as she let herself go with an intensity unlike anything she had ever felt before.


Chapter Four


“Oh God, oh God! I don’t think I can take any more!”

They had not bothered to pull the curtains to and early morning sunlight was streaming through the window. Sleep had been the last thing on their minds and they were both naked on the bed. The banging from surrounding rooms (above and below, as well as on either side) had stopped about two hours previously and that had been their only real distraction: when someone had started knocking on the door, Cam, as naked as the day he was born
—except for a considerably greater number of tattoos and an erection the like of which would have shocked the nurses who delivered him—answered the door brusquely. Nobody had come to their hotel room again.

Now he was behind her, taking her gently from the rear, that magnificent cock of his filling her up once more as one of his strong arms reached across her swollen breasts, cradling one in his fingers and steadying her as he stroked back and forth. He paused.

“Do you want me to stop?”

She groaned but reached behind her buttocks with one hand, grabbing his balls and squeezing them none too gently, which in turn made him moan. “Don’t you fucking dare!” she mumbled, her mouth virtually incapable of saying anything coherent. “Just one more,” she said, turning her head so that he could kiss her as she fondled him, letting him slide further into her wet, aching slit. “One more.”

With that, he bucked his hips, making her tremble as she lay curled in the spoon position, feeling his thighs, damp with perspiration, move against her own. Her one free hand clawed the sheets, a mess of cloth beneath them, while she held onto him with the other.

He was tired, she could tell
—his body moving with a soft, weary desire now rather than the furious lust she had experienced throughout the night. How he could keep going like that, however! She had, literally, lost count of the times she had orgasmed, and had she been placed on her feet at that moment she would have collapsed immediately on the floor. It was all she could do now just to grip onto him, her breasts swelling beneath his arm, her pussy sore but desperate for one more climax, so wet and soft around his shaft.

As he pushed into her again, a steady rhythm now, he latched his mouth where her neck met her shoulder, fixing himself to her. Before she closed her eyes, she could see the thick dark lines of his tattoos along his arms. Then she lost all sense of anything other than that magnificent erection of his, the steel ring on its tip rubbing against her cervix and then down against a G-spot she had barely been aware of before that night, and once again her body went into spasms, toes curling and legs shaking as she whimpered pitifully.

This time, when he came again, she really knew it was the last one—at least for that morning. For a long while they simply lay together, his body curled around her smaller one, his breath warm against her neck as she gasped for air, her chest eventually rising and falling more calmly.

As his cock began to shrink to something approaching normal proportions, she grimaced slightly as it pulled from her. “Oh, hell,” she moaned, rolling onto her back, one of his arms beneath her head, the other resting lightly on her abdomen. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk for a week!”

“We can do something about that,” Cam said, kissing her shoulder gently. He suddenly lifted up his one free hand and inspected something on her shoulder.

“What is it?”

“Sorry,” he said with a small laugh. “I think I left you with the mother of all hickies. I hope you don’t have an interview or anything like that today.”

Trying to look down at her own shoulder, instead she caught sight of his broad chest and felt another strange, quiver run through her abdomen. Biting her lip, she let her head fall backwards against his, staring directly into those deep. blue eyes of his.

“But as I was saying, before I interrupted myself, I’m sure we can find something better for you to do this week than, you know, walk.” His grin was infectious and she let out a laugh at the sight of his crazy face.

“I thought you were busy! On tour, remember! Or is that it for supporting Optima?”

Cam let out a sigh and turned onto his back, the crown of his head tilted slightly sideways so that it touched hers. “No, we’ve got a good few weeks yet. The UK was just the first part of a European tour which will take over a month to complete.”

“How exciting!”

“Yeah, yeah, I guess it is.” Cam seemed deep in thought, looking up at the ceiling of the room. “Johnny did me a real favour.”

“So, sound more thrilled about it! I mean, you’re only supporting one of the best bands in the world.”

At this he gave a small laugh and then turned his eyes to hers once more, a flash of blue. “Until last night, it
the best thing in the world. Then I found something better.”

She snorted at this. “And I bet you say that to all the ladies.”

Instead of smiling as she expected he frowned, and for reasons she couldn’t quite explain she felt another ripple in her abdomen again. “No!” he said, again more serious than she had anticipated.

“Oh, go on, just a few of them,” she teased.

“If you insist,” he sighed and now finally smiled. “But only the ladyboys.”

“I knew it. You just had to be the sort of guy who’d be into chicks with dicks. The piercing
—a dead giveaway: with that you just had to be gay.”

It was his turn to snort now. “Well, that says a lot about you. I guess the pre-ops are going a real treat. I mean, what size are those? Double D?”

“They’re only a C-cup—and all natural, thank you very much.” Dianne slapped him gently on his chest before kissing him. “But come on, a guy like you... you’re not going to expect me to believe that I’m the first girl whose jumped in your bed on tour.”

“Perhaps not, but you
the first I’d like to keep there.”

“My, such a charmer.” She lifted a hand to his chin and tickled him, but for some reason she couldn’t move her eyes from his.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” he asked.

She wrinkled her nose at this. “No, though until last night I wouldn’t have believed in truly requited lust, either. You really are something, I’ll give you that.”

“As are you.” His eyes were not moving from her face, and Dianne felt strange inside.

“Yeah, well,” she replied at last. “You’ll soon be on the continent somewhere, and a couple of lays down the line you’ll have only the foggiest memory of who I am.”

He did not reply to this and, as he stared at her in silence for a long time, she thought she saw the strangest gleam in his eye.

“Come with me,” he said at last, very quietly.


“Come with me, on tour.”

“You’re not serious.”

Gently easing his arm from beneath her, Cam rolled slightly onto his side, looking down at her. Suddenly, Dianne felt very naked and vulnerable beneath him. When they had been fucking like animals, she had not considered herself nearly as exposed as she did now.

“I am,” he said gently. “I’m deadly serious. It’s for a month—okay, maybe a little more. Get your passport and come with us. You’ll get to see Optima every night—and Black Ark of course, but I won’t kid myself about that just yet. You’ll also get to see some pretty interesting places and... who knows, perhaps you might enjoy my company a little more. What’s to lose?”

Words stuck in Dianne’s throat for a few seconds and, when she did manage to speak, the words that did emerge were not what she wished to say at all. “My job, my livelihood. Everything important to me.” She couldn’t believe what she was saying and part of her screamed out silently:
No! It’s not that at all!

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