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Authors: Jackie Williams

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Delicious Desires (22 page)

BOOK: Delicious Desires
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Delicious Desires


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Scarred Series

Running Scarred

Will Patrick let his guard down or will he lose the love of his life while he continues Running Scarred?


Scarred Beginnings

How it all began. David’s terrible but wonderful story. Will he find love in the ruins of the beautiful French château? Or was all the flirting just a figment of his imagination.


Forever Scarred

Joe’s chance for love if he can find the courage to tell the woman of his dreams how he feels or will he let her walk into the arms of her worst nightmare?


Scarred Horizon

Paul has faced the worst, even going blind for a second time. Now he can’t see that love stands in front of him and he’s about to make the worst mistake of his entire life.


A Perfect Summer

Can a young woman’s hideous past be wiped out by one perfect summer of love?


Silent Treatment

Will a dancer’s dream come true or will three years of Silent Treatment silence the love she has saved?


Delicious Desires

Big plans take the icing off the cake but even bigger personalities threaten to destroy their love.


Treasured Dreams

A forgotten diary reveals the secret of a golden room and the mystery of the destruction of two families.



Tinted Lenses

An arranged marriage, a drug dealing pilot and an oversized photographer
all fight for survival in the Amazon rain forest.


A Fallen Fortune

Can Leo change his future forever and give up everything he owns for a chance at love?




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BOOK: Delicious Desires
4.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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