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Chapter 12



Tony didn’t understand why Korrine was acting as if
did something wrong. He didn’t do anything wrong. He just couldn’t understand what her issue was. She kept defending that ass Steve and treating Tony like he was the one yelling at her. Whatever they were talking about before he interrupted them seemed to be more than a little heated. He could tell from Steve’s body language that the conversation wasn’t something he was enjoying, but Korrine just seemed uneasy—not scared, but uncomfortable. He really needed to know what was said. Steve was untrustworthy, and if he was upset at Korrine about something he needed to know. He would call his PI as soon as he could and get the comings and goings of Mr. Steve McKinney since he got back to Dallas. Korrine said he had a lot going on…so let’s just find out what else Steve might be hiding.

Korrine and Tony lounged around the little bar around the corner from her apartment. They decided that it would be better to just go to her neighborhood instead of staying in Addison. They were trying to relax by sipping on cocktails, but the atmosphere just seemed off. It didn’t seem like their usual easy going relaxed air when they were together. It wasn’t tense, but it wasn’t

Tony suddenly reached for Korrine’s hand and rubbed small circles on her skin. She smiled at him shyly, and he let out a sigh.

“Korrine, I’m sorry about earlier. I just don’t like
disrespecting you. But I get that Steve is your friend. Even if I don’t particularly care for him, I respect you. Just don’t be upset. I can’t take this awkward silence between us. This isn’t us,” Tony said looking in Korrine’s eyes.

Korrine smiled at Tony and relaxed. “I don’t want to be mad, Tony. But you have to understand when I say it’s nothing; you have to let it go, okay?”

Tony let out a breath. “Okay, sweetness. I get it.”

The rest of the time at the bar was much more relaxed. They fell into the easy flow that they always had, and they laughed, talked, and touched each other in inappropriate places until neither could take anymore.

Tony threw a couple of bills on the bar and waved at the bartender as he grabbed Korrine’s hand, pulling her towards the exit.
It seems I’m always dragging this woman out of a bar into my bed. I have got to control my hunger for her...eventually.



Tony held Korrine’s hand as they rode the elevator up to her uptown apartment. He wanted to pin her against the mirrored surface, yank her panties down, and slip deep within her warm, moist cavern. However, Korrine’s little old neighbor lady from down the hall was in the elevator with them so he would have to wait to get his sweet Korrine pinned like he wanted her. Tony caught Korrine’s gaze in the mirrored wall of the elevator; the twinkle of lust in her eyes made him smile, showing his dimples. She licked her lips in response, and her breath caught when he also licked his lips. The sexual tension was palpable. Even the little old lady looked between the two of them and smiled.

“You two make a lovely couple,” the little old lady said with a wide smile.

Before Korrine could respond, Tony replied, “My girlfriend and I thank you very much.”

Korrine narrowed her eyes at Tony, and he simply smiled and winked at her.

“In my day, you two wouldn’t be able to love each other so freely the way you do. I’m glad things have changed.” The little lady with gray hair, chocolate skin, and bright brown eyes smiled a wide smile and exited the elevator.

Both Korrine and Tony stood frozen for a moment, neither saying anything. How could a virtual stranger recognize what both of them were trying so hard to deny? They were clearly in love…and it showed.

The air between them turned awkward again for the second time that night. They slowly moved out of the elevator, not mentioning what the neighbor lady had said. They quietly walked to Korrine’s apartment, both deep in their own thoughts. Korrine slowly opened the door, and both walked in as she turned on her lights.

Tony liked Korrine’s apartment; it wasn’t as big as his, but it definitely represented Korrine’s free spirit. It was full of colors and homey décor. Tony’s mind was wandering, trying to focus on anything except for the obvious elephant in the room. He just wasn’t ready to admit that he was in love. He wanted Korrine to be his, but love was a level he wasn’t sure of. Even though he knew what the woman spoke was nothing but the truth, he couldn’t even say it to himself and for sure not to Korrine. He didn’t have a clue as to what she thought about their relationship…if you could call it that. Hell, he didn’t know what to call it, but the conversation had to be had. He couldn’t go on this way.

Tony closed her door and locked it, walking to sit on her comfy overstuffed couch. “Korrine, can we talk?”

“Yeah, I think we need to,” she agreed. “Would you like something to drink? Wine or scotch?”

“Scotch, please,” Tony responded.

Korrine went to her kitchen, pouring Tony a scotch and herself a glass of Moscato. She came back into her family room and sat the drinks on her coffee table. She sat beside Tony and let out a long sigh. “Let’s talk…”




















Chapter 13



The talk didn’t go as Korrine expected. What she assumed would take place was the break-up talk. They’ve been living in a fantasy world these past few months. Korrine knew about Tony’s playboy ways. She would never expect a commitment from him. Hell, she didn’t want one; all she wanted was a good time and a roll in the sack to dust the cobwebs out. She never thought that she and Tony would have so much in common, or that she would feel so at ease with him. And then of course there was the pure sexual chemistry that she never would have expected them to have, but she was really,
glad that she found that out. She never would have expected out of all the surprises that the sex between them would be the biggest and the best. The raw sexual prowess Tony possessed was something that Korrine had never experienced. Her awareness of him was unbridled; she would practically shiver from just a look from him, and touching was a whole other subject. His touch drove her crazy. One simple sweep of a fingertip against her bare skin, and she was wet and ready.

Korrine started the conversation trying to give Tony an out of their situation; she wasn’t sure you could call it a relationship, but she knew they had something. So she would call it their “situation” until they stopped ignoring the topic. However, Korrine wasn’t ready just yet to talk about their status, but that’s exactly what Tony wanted to talk to her about.

“Look, Korrine, I want to be exclusive,” he said, holding her hand. “Just the thought of seeing you with someone else causes me an unfathomable amount of discomfort.  I’ve never experienced this shit before in my life!”

The sight of this once playboy looking at her with so much sincerity, caused Korrine’s heart to melt. Yet, she had to stick to her guns. “Tony, I think you may be overreacting. Like you said, you’ve never been in this situation before. Maybe you’re just uncomfortable because you’re not getting exactly what you want when you want it.”

Tony had a look of total exasperation on his face.

“I’m not dating anyone else, and I’m not planning on it,” Korrine told him. “I just don’t think I’m ready for a serious relationship right now.  I’m busy with my career, and I don’t want you to feel disregarded or neglected when I have an overload of work and I can’t see you as much.”

“Okay, we can take things slower if that’s how you feel, Korrine, but, like I’ve told you before, I’m not into game playing. You are who I want, but if I have to take a step back and give you space I can do that,” Tony responded disappointedly.

Tony wrapped Korrine in a body smothering hug, kissing her long and slow;  caressing her tongue with his, leaving his mark on her as best he could.  When he released her from his embrace, Korrine was panting and wanting like never before.

Tony left that night without him and Korrine making love. It was the first time since they had been together. 

Korrine thought maybe it was just about his ego, but the sincerity in his voice and eyes when he told her how he felt said that he was actually telling the truth.
But can I trust him

Korrine was a little more than afraid to take that step with Tony. Even though she hadn’t been dating anyone else, just to have that option gave her a sense of comfort. She knew how she felt about him, but she wasn’t ready to give her heart to another man—especially one that was known to have a horde of women at all times. No, she wouldn’t be cheated on or be a part of anyone’s harem. She wanted something real this time, and she would guard her heart. 


It had been a week since Tony and Korrine’s conversation, and she still didn’t have any clue as to why she just couldn’t commit to him. She was simply going through the motions at work. Finishing up old designs and starting new ones didn’t give her the peace she came to know from designing. All she could do was think about Tony and how he treated her.
He had shown her nothing but attention and affection. Even when they went out together, he acted as if she was the only woman in the room. But Korrine had to ask herself.
How long would it last? Would he get bored and cheat? Did he want to control the situation? Am I just hurting his ego by not saying he’s my one and only?
The questions kept coming, making Korrine more and more confused. She had to stop! She needed a girl’s night to clear her thoughts and anxieties.

Korrine called Brandon and Lauryn to meet her at The Porch, a restaurant near her apartment, since her car was still in the shop. An hour later, Korrine, Brandon, and Lauryn were at the restaurant laughing, talking, and genuinely having a good time when Brandon brought up the elephant in the room.

“Korri, what’s going on with you, baby girl?”

Korrine sighed and shrugged. Both Brandon and Lauryn looked at her with pity in their eyes and small smiles on their faces.

“Guys, I just don’t know what to do. Tony and I have been having a great time together. He has been the fun that I’ve been missing, but it scares me that he’s asking to be exclusive. He’s never been the type. You know?”

“Korri, I know. I’m biased because Tony is my cousin, but he really is a great guy,” Lauryn said.

“I’m not disputing that he’s a good guy, Lo. I’m just not sure he can be exclusive. You know more than anybody how many women Tony has at his beck and call.”

“Yeah, but just because women want him doesn’t mean he will just cheat on you, Korri,” Brandon stated.

“Korri, women have always thrown themselves at my cousin; he’s a good-looking guy with a lot going for him. But even with all the women he may have had around, he is not a cheater. Those women all knew what was going on. They all wanted a chance to change him or be the one. He never led any of them to think that they were more than what they were.”

“I don’t think that makes me feel any better,” Korrine replied dryly.

“It should,” Lauryn stated simply. “Not once did he want to be exclusive until you.”

“I know he’s your cousin, but you seem to know an awful lot,” Korrine responded with a raised eyebrow.

“These women try to befriend me to get closer to the men in my family. Tony is not my only hot cousin. They reveal more to me than they should,” Lauryn said with a smirk.

Korrine sighed. “I see.”

“You’re thinking too much, baby girl,” Brandon told her. “Tony helps you have fun, and you said yourself that you are more creative. You’re definitely more relaxed. For once stop being so damn guarded and go for your happiness. Every man isn’t that fucktard Darren.”

Both Korrine and Lauryn burst out laughing. “Fucktard? B, where did you get that from?”

“Brent,” Brandon smiled.

“Oh, good. Let’s talk about somebody else’s love life, because I’m exhausted talking about mine.” Korrine smiled.

“Oh no, this girls’ night is about you and your man. There is no need to start discussing my business because I’m good,” Brandon said.

Korrine sighed again. “Look, I get what you all are saying; I hear you loud and clear. Bad habits are hard to break, and guarding a broken heart is hard not to do. But I promise I will try. So let’s drink up and have some fun tonight, okay?”

The three friends ate and drank until the restaurant was closing. They all had more to drink than they planned, so they walked back to Korrine’s apartment still laughing and cutting up. When they reached Korrine’s apartment, Tony was leaning against the door with his hands in his pockets. They all stopped mid stride, and all conversation stopped. Korrine was more than a little surprised. They hadn’t seen each other for a week, and she didn’t realize until that moment how much she truly missed him.

Korrine examined Tony from head to toe. He was pure masculinity with his dark wash jeans that were a perfect fit over his thick thighs and his blue button down shirt that was a slim cut. He had it rolled up at the elbows with two buttons undone so that it stretched across his broad chest with the material straining over his massive biceps. His face had a little stubble, and his hair was tousled. When their eyes met, he smirked.

Yep, I’ve just been caught checking him out.

They both smiled, and Korrine felt her face heat with embarrassment. She slowly walked to him, forgetting about Lo and B. He visibly relaxed as she came to stand directly in front of him. Tony looked at her slightly bending down, and Korrine tip toed to meet him half way. Their lips locked in a sweet, gentle kiss…a kiss that said “I miss you,” and “I’m glad you’re here.” Her arms circled his neck, and his went around her waist; picking her up as he stood up straight. She wrapped her legs around him and deepened the kiss. Tony moaned, and that’s when they heard the clapping and hollering from their audience.

Tony slowly put Korrine back on her feet and gave her one last kiss on her plump lips before releasing her and turning his attention to the two idiots making too much noise. Korrine also turned her attention to her friends while trying to compose herself enough to chastise them.
It has only been a week. Calm down, Korrine. You nearly stripped this man’s clothes off in the hall in front of your friends. Control yourself.

“Okay, let’s all go in. There’s no need for us to be out in the hall putting on a show any longer,” Korrine said as she blushed.

Korrine unlocked her door and they all followed behind her. Lo and B were clearly tipsy, so they headed straight for her overstuffed couches—flopping down as if exhausted—while Korrine and Tony slipped into her bedroom.

“Hey,” Korrine said to Tony once they were inside her bedroom with the door locked.

“Hey,” he replied.

“I missed you,” Korrine said shyly.

“I missed you.” Tony smiled walking closer to her.

“I know I said I would give you some time but, like I said, I missed you,” Tony stated, making lazy circles with his fingers on her thigh.

Korrine couldn’t think with him touching her, but she didn’t need to think anymore. She was tired of thinking; she was going to take B’s advice and go for her happiness.

“I don’t need any more time. I know what I want.”

“Oh,” he replied with a raised eyebrow. “And what’s that, Ms. Taylor?”


“You have me already.”

,” Korrine said with a smile.

Tony leaned over and kissed Korrine with more passion than she had ever felt in her life. If she wasn’t already sitting down, her knees would have buckled under the heat she was feeling. He groaned into her mouth, and she let out a sigh of contentment. The two of them made up for the week they spent without each other. They tried being quiet, knowing they weren’t in the apartment alone but failed miserably. Korrine could not hold back her moans and screams if someone paid her to, and it was Tony’s mission to make sure she knew that she was his...finally. He didn’t give a damn who heard.

Korrine knew she would never be the same. Although they had sex many, many times before, this time was different. This time meant more than just sex. This time was the beginning of something she said she wasn’t looking for but ultimately found anyway.


BOOK: Designer Desires
5.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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