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The next morning Korrine woke from a deep, restful sleep. She knew why she felt so relaxed. It was because of the big tank of a man that had her pinned to the mattress again. Anytime they slept together, Korrine would wake up with Tony wrapped around her. However, now she didn’t mind. Tony grumbled and pulled her closer to him. She giggled and squirmed in his tightened embrace.

In a sleep filled voice, Tony asked her, “Mornin’, sweetness. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, superman, I did, but I need a drink of water, so you need to let me get out of this bed,” Korrine replied with a giggle.

Tony kissed the top of her head and let her get up.

When she crept into the kitchen to get some water, she was met with a set of smirking faces. Both Brandon and Lauryn had passed out in the family room, but neither were drunk enough to miss the incredibly loud make-up sex that Korrine and Tony had.

Korrine felt the heat rise to her face as she said, “Good morning.”

They replied in unison, “GOOOOD MOOORNINIG TO YOU TOO!”

They all laughed, and Korrine finished getting her drink before heading back to her room to a waiting Tony. She knew she couldn’t be quiet, so she would settle for cuddling with him until the two intruders went home. She would give them a couple of hours before they had to go. She and Tony had some making up to do. And if it was anything like the night before, they were going to be making up for the rest of the day.




Chapter 14



Every day since she made up with Tony, things had been blissful for Korrine. They were spending time together as a couple, not just in the bedroom, but in public. They would normally go on dates, but this time it was different. The atmosphere was more romantic, neither of them feeling unsure of what was happening between them and just going with the flow. Korrine never thought confessing that she indeed wanted to be exclusive with Tony would give her such peace and be so easy. She was so fearful that her memories of Darren would ruin any commitment with another man, she was pushing relationships away without even recognizing it.

They spent so much time together that Korrine had practically moved in with Tony. If they weren’t working, they were together. And with each passing day, they became closer. Even though it was bringing her a great deal of peace to be with Tony, whenever they weren’t together, she couldn’t help the nagging doubts that would creep in her mind.
What if it ends? What if he tires of me? What if he starts resenting the fact that I work so much? What if…What if….What if…

But in spite of all her doubts, she couldn’t control her heart or her growing feelings. They were passionate and raw with each other. It was so different from anything she had ever experienced before. Although Korrine couldn’t keep her mind from questioning her relationship and her feelings, her work hadn’t suffered as she feared.
Another one of her designs was a big hit on the red carpet, thanks to the pop star Tia, and she was in more demand than she could’ve ever hoped for.

With all the new and great things that were going on in her life, her biggest problem was that she was still getting crazy phone calls and there had been several more notes left at her studio. Korrine was set to have a meeting with Tony’s cousin Jake to help find the person responsible for the threats. Korrine wasn’t too happy with Tony once she found out he had hired a private investigator without speaking with her first, but it wasn’t like he was following her. He was just looking into the traces that were placed on her phones. Since Korrine already knew about the phone taps, she thought it was necessary that Tony had someone look over them. It still bothered her a little that he hired someone without speaking to her; sometimes his over protectiveness was over the top.

But he was only looking out for me….right?
Korrine thought.

Korrine met Jake at Tony’s office later that day. She could definitely tell the two were related. Both men were built very similar. Both stood at around 6’5”, although Jake may have been slightly taller. And he had more bulk than Tony, if that was possible. Korrine couldn’t fathom that until she laid eyes on Jake. Where Tony had chocolate hair and eyes, Jake had blond hair and bright green eyes. He also had the signature Cameron dimples. Korrine did her best not to swoon when she laid eyes on the two finest men she had ever come across.

Korrine stepped into Tony’s office with a wide, bright smile putting her own dimples on display. When the two men noticed she was there, they both stood to greet her. Both of them had bright smiles, but Tony had that wicked twinkle in his eye that he always had when he saw her. He slowly looked her up and down, perusing her body. Korrine wore a sleeveless purple maxi dress that hugged her body in all the right places. It was a tank top, so it showed just the right amount of cleavage. The purple fabric clung to her ample behind and flared out at the bottom. She paired the dress with a jean jacket and gold jewelry; a necklace that hung alluringly between her breast, and matching gold bangles with a pair of sandals. Her hair was down hanging around her shoulders in jet black soft beach waves.

“Hello, gentlemen. How are you guys?” Korrine greeted them brightly. “You must be Jake. I’m Korrine Taylor,” she said extending her hand.

Jake smiled his dimpled smile and took Korrine’s hand in a firm shake. “Yes, I’m Jake. It’s nice to finally meet you, Korrine. I’ve heard
a lot
about you.”

Korrine felt her face heat, and she smiled a shyly while still shaking Jake’s hand. Tony walked around his desk and slowly took Korrine’s hand from Jake’s.

“Enough holding my woman’s hand. Get your own,” he told Jake jokingly while pulling Korrine into an embrace. Jake chuckled at his cousin; he couldn’t believe that Tony found a woman he would actually feel possessive over. Even though Jake knew Tony was joking, he saw the way he looked at Korrine. He was clearly in love.

Korrine tiptoed to reach Tony’s lips for a swift hello kiss, but he wasn’t having it. Tony pulled her tighter against him, wrapping his arms around her and deepening the kiss. She gasped at the contact, and Tony took the opportunity to slip his tongue in her mouth to deepen the kiss even more. It was the two of them in their own little world. When Korrine heard herself groan, she knew she was completely lost in him…until she heard a throat clearing and a slight chuckle.

Korrine felt the heat rise to her face for the second time since she got there, and she slowly pulled away from Tony. He reluctantly moaned a little and let her pull away. He looked down at her, smirked and winked before addressing his cousin.

“Buzzkill,” Tony said to Jake while leading them to the leather sofa in his office so they could get more comfortable.

Jake chuckled again, and Korrine’s face heated even more. She was completely embarrassed that she let Tony kiss her like that in front of his family which she just met. She would always lose herself in his kisses, and she was throbbing and ready to jump his bones right there, cousin or not, and he knew it too.

Tony gave Korrine a knowing look and licked his lips.

Arrogant ass.

“Okay, you two. Let’s get this show on the road before I see more of you than I’m willing to see; not that I would mind seeing you, beautiful…But this lunkhead?… No thanks,” Jake teased with a smirk.

Tony smirked at his cousin and then at Korrine, who was still blushing. The meeting was going smoothly, with Korrine giving Jake copies of the notes that were left at her studio; the police had the originals. She told him that there wasn’t anyone in her past that she could think of that would want to stalk her. She also told him about her ex Darren, but thought he wasn’t a possibility because she hadn’t seen or spoken to him in two years. She just didn’t have a clue. While she and Jake were talking, Tony received a phone call and excused himself from the room. Jake took the opportunity to see how Korrine was really feeling about her stalker without Tony’s presence.

“Korrine, how are you really feeling? I’ve been in private security for over a decade now, and I know how to read people. I can tell you aren’t as calm as you’re trying to portray.”

Korrine took a deep breath and nervously looked at the door that Tony was standing outside of. “I’m trying to stay calm. But you’re right, I’m a wreck. I have absolutely no idea who is doing this or why it is happening to me. It scares me to death. Obviously this is some crazy person. I don’t have any experience with this sort of thing.”

Jake nodded in understanding. “I get it. So here is one last question. Have there been any new people in your life lately?”

“Uh…no…not rea-” Korrine didn’t finish before Tony cut her off as he returned to the office.

“Steve,” Tony said with conviction.

“Steve isn’t a new person in my life. I’ve known Steve for years,” Korrine said.

“You haven’t
Steve for years, Korrine. You haven’t seen him in the last two years. He just showed up a couple of months ago, and since he’s been here, the stalking started.”

is not
stalking me, Tony!” Korrine insisted through clenched teeth while narrowing her eyes at him.

Tony narrowed his eyes at Korrine in return. “You don’t know
is stalking you, and Steve is just as good a candidate as anyone.”

“With that type of thinking,
could be stalking me!” Korrine shouted.

Jake cut in before Tony could respond. “Okay, guys. Look, this is a tense situation. Emotions are high, and yelling at each other is not going to get us any closer to the person who is causing all this nonsense. Korrine, I understand that this Steve person is your friend. But technically he is new to the fold, and I need to check him out.”

Korrine crossed her arms over her chest and huffed in deep breaths in exasperation. “I know you guys are trying to help, and I don’t want to seem ungrateful. But you can’t just go around accusing people of stalking because you’re jealous.” Korrine looked directly at Tony when she said the last part.

Tony then took the same stance, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’m not jealous of anybody. I’m only trying to protect you, and you do sound ungrateful.”

Korrine stood slowly to her feet, and looked over at Jake. “It was nice meeting you. Jake, if you need anything else from me,
are welcome to call anytime.” Korrine never looked at Tony as she grabbed her purse and sauntered through the door.

Jake looked at Tony, shaking his head with a smirk on his face. Tony, on the other hand, was furious and was scowling at the closed door.



Korrine couldn’t believe the audacity of Tony. He called her ungrateful just because she didn’t agree with him.
Asshole! I knew he liked control. But I didn’t know it would go so far as, if I disagreed with him, for him to call me names. Asshole! I am not ungrateful! He’s just jealous! We just got over our last fight; will it always be this hard? Is this even worth it? Why am I questioning myself again?! Uh…I need a drink…

Korrine finally stopped pacing her apartment long enough to pour herself a glass of wine. She wanted something stronger, but it was only Tuesday. Although she had a light week, she didn’t want to have a hangover in the middle of it. She just couldn’t understand why Tony had such a low opinion of Steve. Besides the awkward encounter at her studio a couple of weeks back, she saw no real reason why Tony would have ill will towards Steve.

Yet, she had to admit that the argument with her and Steve
been pretty bad before Tony got there.

“Korri, why are you avoiding me? I thought we were friends? Every time I turn around, you are blowing me off for someone you claim you’re not even dating. So what’s really going on with you two?” Steve questioned Korrine his face slightly red with aggravation.

“I haven’t been avoiding you, Steve. I’ve just been busy, that’s all,” Korri responded with a questioning look.

“You see how late I’m here working; you work just as much as I do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here to walk me out so often,” Korrine told Steve still not understanding why he was questioning her in this way.

“Korri, it’s not just work and you know it. I see that Tony guy here all the time, and I don’t see you turning him down to go to lunch or dinner, or to just hang out with me. I mean, we are friends just like you two are, right?” Steve questioned again.

“Look, Steve, my situation with Tony really isn’t any of your business,” Korrine stated simply. “I haven’t stood you up or even rescheduled anything. When I can’t go hang out with you, I let you know up front…and you know it. What I do with Tony has nothing to do with what I do with you.”

“None of my business…of course it’s my business! You have been leading me on and you know it, Korri. You know I like you as more than a friend.”

“Steve, you have the wrong idea. I had no idea that you wanted more than friendship. That’s all I can offer at the moment. You’re a nice guy, and I hope we can remain friends,” Korrine said with a small smile on her face.

Steve looked angry. His face was beginning to turn red, and his fists were balled at his sides. He took a step toward Korrine, narrowing his eyes. “Korri, I don’t understand why we have to be friends. We could be good together.”

Korrine backed up a little looking at Steve. “Steve, you don’t seem like yourself… Are you okay? This can’t be about me.”

Steve took a step back and took a deep breath. His face was still red, and his fists were still balled at his sides. But he seemed calmer. “I’m sorry, Korri. It’s not about you. You’re right; I’m just stressed out. I needed your friendship tonight, and you called and canceled. I guess I’m just having a really bad da…”

Tony walked in before Steve could finish his sentence.


Damn, I forgot how intense that conversation was,
Korrine thought.
I was so focused on calming Tony down that I forgot all about the exact words Steve was saying to me. He wanted more, and he thought I was leading him on…Shit maybe my stalker is Steve!











BOOK: Designer Desires
7.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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