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Saturday had come quickly and Lauryn had done a damn fine job. She should really be an event planner, but who could get her to work? If anyone mentioned job, she would go screaming from the premises. It was a smaller affair than Lo’s own birthday party, but it was full of VIP’s and the night was a hit. Tony promoted the hell out of his new star and even got some potential leads for new clients.

All in all, it was a good night. Korrine was there, looking stunning. She had on tight white pants and a matching white top with a tiny bit of midriff showing. She had on the sexiest heels that made her a good four inches taller. Damn, she had some beautiful legs even covered up by the pants; Tony couldn’t help but imagine them wrapped around him. Shit, if he stayed on this line of thinking, he was going to have a hard-on in the middle of his own party.
What am I? A teenager? Shit…get it together, man,
Tony thought to himself.

Lauryn was in her element, partying it up like only she could, when Tony saw her with Korrine. He made his way over to them.  He greeted Lauryn with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, thanking her for her help, and then he turned his attention to Korrine.  Smiling devilishly, he gave her a long tight hug, lavishing in the feel of her soft curves against his hard body.  She gave him a shy smile and he kissed her on the cheek, thanking her for coming.  He then escorted both of them to the bar, getting them a drink before he was called away to greet some more of his guests.

While talking to some of his clients, Tony noticed that both Korrine and Lauryn seemed to be having a good time.  When he was finally able to get away from schmoozing with his VIP’s, he noticed that Lauryn was off being Lauryn, so he decided to seek out Korrine. But when he tried to approach her, she always seemed to get lost in the crowd. He didn’t know if she was intentionally avoiding him or not. They had had more than a couple conversations via text and calls. She seemed to be fine after their platonic night together, so he didn’t know why she seemed to be avoiding him now. He didn’t get her, but chasing a woman is not something he did. And as much as he had the urge, he would take it slow with sweet Korrine.

Not long after, he spotted her again; the look of rage he had on his face when he saw another guy wrapped around Korrine would’ve scared the toughest man. Her time was being “occupied” by someone he wasn’t particularly fond of. She was laughing, dancing, and grinding on one of his VIPs for what seemed like forever, and it was starting to piss Tony off. He knew she didn’t know the guy because Tony himself knew exactly who he was; but to be strangers, they sure looked awfully cozy.

Jeffery Langston was a first class putz. He was what people would call a silver spooner. Jeff was from Georgia, and his family and Tony’s knew each other. He was the type of guy who thought the world owed him something because his parents gave him everything. Even as a grown man, he still didn’t work. He had spent years just hanging around and going from city to city partying. However, Jeff seemed to have settled in Dallas, and he looked to have his sights on Korri.

Finally, Korrine stopped dancing with Jeff and Tony was relieved. Now that Korrine was finally alone, Tony was staring at her and their eyes finally met. She smiled that breathtaking smile and his mood instantly lifted.  Maybe she didn’t run from him earlier; maybe it was his imagination running away with him, and she wasn’t trying to avoid him. She looked relaxed like she had a couple of drinks, but she definitely wasn’t drunk like the last time he saw her.

Tony was like a heat seeking missile, and the heat he was seeking was radiating from Korrine. She was standing at the bar when he approached her.

“Hey there, sweetness. It looks like you’re having a good time tonight,” Tony whispered in Korrine’s ear.

Korrine visibly shuddered. He loved when she did that. It was such a turn on.

“Tony, nice party,” Korrine smiled. “I’m having a great time, actually. Lauryn did a great job. She really should be a party planner.”

Tony brushed his hand down Korrine’s arm, and she gave him that wide-eyed look that he loved so much, as goose bumps popped up on her skin. He loved how she reacted to him. How did he not notice this before? Well, he sure as hell was taking notice now. He leaned down and was about to whisper in her ear again when he was interrupted.

“Hey, Antonio. Great party,” Jeff, the putz that was cozying up to Korrine all night, greeted with a smirk.

This asshole knew exactly what he was doing. Nobody but Tony’s father called him Antonio. He was already on thin ice for grinding on Korrine, and now he was irritating him again. This shit was not to be tolerated.

“Jeff…having a good time?” Tony stood sliding his hand possessively to the small of Korrine’s back. The move didn’t go unnoticed, and Jeff lifted an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I was actually having a great time with the beautiful Korrine,” Jeff replied looking from Korrine to Tony and back again.

Korrine shifted, looking a little uncomfortable. She cleared her throat and said, “Excuse me, gentlemen. I need to go powder my nose.”

Tony leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Of course, sweetness. But please hurry back because I owe you a drink.” Korrine smiled nervously and quickly walked toward the restrooms.

Jeff gave Tony a look of outrage. Tony passively looked back at Jeff. They stared at one another for what seemed like hours, but couldn’t have been more than seconds. They let the tension build until Jeff finally broke the silence under Tony’s intense gaze.

“What was that?” Jeff scoffed. “You know damn well I was going to bag that hot piece. That ass is as good as mine, and you know it. She couldn’t wait to take me home, so are you cock-blocking because you don’t have enough toys to play with? Not getting enough attention from the rest of these bitches? I’ve been working her all night, and the “Great Antonio” will not fuck this up for me.”

Tony tried to keep his cool. He clenched and unclenched his fists trying to rein in his temper. He had a lot of clients as guests and he didn’t want to get into something physical with this asshole. He knew that Lauryn only invited Jeff because their families had known each other for years, but this pretentious jerk was digging a deep hole. His comments about Korrine were pushing Tony’s hospitality. He had already been grinding on Korrine all night, and now he wanted to make offhanded comments?

Time to put this motherfucker in his place.

“Jeff…no real man would ever call Korrine Taylor anything but gorgeous,” Tony growled with unmistakable fury. “She’s nobody’s toy, bitch, or anything else your fucked up little mind can think of. What I suggest to you, because you have pushed the limits of my patience, is to get the fuck out of my face and party before I lose my cool.”

For a brief second, Jeff had a look of fear in his eyes before he quickly recovered and his expression went cold. But he didn’t catch himself quite quickly enough because Tony saw the fear, and he was glad because he meant what he said. Korrine would not be disrespected in his presence, and at that moment he wanted to really whoop his ass!

Jeff smirked at Tony and said, “I was leaving this poor ass excuse for an event anyways. Although the caliber of tail is okay, I need something a little more blonde to sate my appetite, but I will be seeing you.”

“No, I’ll be seeing you, Jeffery,” Tony replied coldly.

Jeff shrugged and darted away just before Korrine came walking back from the restroom.

“Oh, is Jeff leaving?” Korrine asked curiously.

“Yep, he had to run,” Tony responded dryly.

“Hmmm, did
have anything to do with that, Mr. Cameron?” Korrine asked smiling, knowing all too well that Tony was the reason Jeff looked like the hounds of hell were nipping at his heels. He was nearly running from the bar, not even stopping to say goodbye.

“Who me? Naaah…” Tony replied changing the subject. “I owe you a drink, sweetness. Lo would kill me if I didn’t give you what I promised.”

“And what exactly did you promise her?” Korrine asked.

“A good time and as many drinks as you wanted, my sweetness,” Tony answered giving Korrine his big dimpled smile.

Korrine grinned and let him get her a drink. Before long, they were laughing and talking. Korrine actually relaxed and realized she didn’t have to be drunk.

“You owe me a dance, sweetness,” Tony said pulling Korrine by the hand.

This time when Tony asked her to dance, she went willingly…not over thinking anything, but just going with the flow.

Korrine let him pull her to the floor. He surprised her with his rhythm.
Yea, I got moves, sweetness,
Tony thought to himself looking into Korrine’s eyes. She raised an eyebrow at him, and he smiled. He pulled her closer, grinding his growing muscle into her. She whimpered at the contact, and he smirked.
Ms. Korrine and her noises are going to do me in. I will have her tonight,
Tony thought with a wicked grin on his face.

Korrine let him grind on her. She knew she was acting out of character, but she didn’t care. She was actually having fun. After the night they spent together, she knew he was a gentleman. He could’ve easily taken advantage of her without a second thought, but he didn’t, and she liked that. Under all that arrogance, there might have been a nice guy after all. Plus he wasn’t hard on the eyes, and she needed to get her groove back. So why the hell not?

Korrine slowly caressed Tony’s chest as they swayed to the music.  She could feel the heat coming off his body, making her own temperature rise.

“So, Tony, I must admit that when I first met you, I didn’t think you were a very nice guy.”

“Me?  Why would you say that?  I’m nice to all the girls, sweetness,” Tony replied with a smirk.

Korrine chuckled, “Yeah, and that’s one of the reasons I didn’t consider you as being nice.  Because of all of ‘your girls’.”

Tony smiled in response, “Korrine, I am a man. I appreciate beautiful women.  You can’t blame a guy for that.  Yes, I like to have a good time, but believe me when I say that ‘my girls’ know exactly what they are getting with me.  I don’t play games and I’m not out to hurt anyone.  Any woman that gets involved with me knows that from the start.  I want you.  I have for a very long time.”

Korrine knew then that she didn’t just like Tony for his beautiful face and muscular body.  She saw that the man within was someone honest that knew exactly what he wanted.  Yes, he was arrogant, but unlike her ex, he was up front and didn’t want to play games, so she wouldn’t play games either.  It was time for her to take a risk for once.

“Let’s get out of here,” Korrine told Tony as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Uh…Sure let’s…” It was Tony’s turn to stutter, being momentarily caught off guard by her suggestion.

Tony led her off the dance floor, saying goodbye to business contacts as he rushed her to the door. He was trying not to be seen by Lo, who would want to know where they were going and why they were leaving so soon. More to the point, she would want all of Korrine’s attention. Now that he had it, he wasn’t giving it up. Korrine wasn’t just another conquest. No, she was special. He would make sure not to screw up this time because she was willingly going with him. She even suggested it. He couldn’t get out of there fast enough.







Chapter 5



“Welcome back to my humble abode,” Tony said while opening the door to his house.

Korrine grinned. “Thanks.”

He could tell she was a little nervous. She didn’t have that much to drink, so the liquid courage she had the last time wasn’t there. However, she still looked relaxed, and that’s what he truly wanted.

Tony moved behind Korrine, wrapping his arms around her waist and bending to kiss her neck. She moaned and arched her back, giving him greater access. He began to lick and suck at her skin; the taste of her was making him lose control. He growled a low deep sound that had Korrine squirming in his arms. He pulled her tighter against him, grinding his erection into her ass. She turned to face him, grabbing his upper arms and squeezing his muscular biceps. She slid her hands upward, caressing his neck as she leaned in and licked him.

He growled again and pressed his lips to her mouth in one quick swoop. His kiss was hungry and urgent, like a starving man receiving his last meal. Their tongues battled for supremacy; probing, sucking, and tasting one another. Neither could get enough. Control was out the window…it was lost.

Korrine ripped her mouth away from his, gasping for breath with desired filled eyes. Tony’s brown eyes were practically black, with lust seeping from his every pore. They stared at each other for a moment before Korrine unconsciously licked her lips, causing Tony to moan and pull her tighter before pushing her shirt above her breasts.

Korrine was completely exposed…not having on a bra. Her chest heaved up and down with each breath. Tony leaned down, grabbing both her breasts in his huge hands and licking from one to the other.

Korrine sighed lustfully. Tony smiled around a mouth full of nipple. He moved from one to the other, lavishing attention on both equally, tweaking one hard nub…all the while licking the other until switching. Back and forth he went until Korrine’s body was humming with anticipation.

Tony grabbed her wrists, pinning them above her head as he backed her against the wall. His other hand began traveling down her body until he reached the button of her white pants. He unbuttoned and unzipped them slowly as if he was unwrapping a gift.

She was so small that he could reach the length of her body with just a simple bend. He let go of her hands and reached down so he could drag her pants down over her hips and over her luscious deep brown thighs. Korrine helped, kicking off her shoes and sliding her pants the rest of the way off. She was standing before Tony with her breasts out, wearing only a thin lacy thong. He smiled that wicked smile and slid his hand down her toned belly, rubbing the trim of her lacy panties.
These aren’t going to last,
Tony thought.

He could smell her arousal, which was increasing his own. She was hypnotic. He grabbed the panties and ripped them from her body, exposing her flesh. He lowered his hand to her now dripping wet center. Tony ran his finger along her slit, teasing her with light touches until Korrine was grinding against his finger trying to get him to stop teasing her.

He chuckled. “So eager, my sweetness,” Tony came from his throat in a low sexy tone.

“Please….” Korrine pleaded.

“Please what, sweetness? What do you want me to do? Do you want me to stop?” Tony asked.

“No! Please give me what I want, Tony,” Korrine pleaded.

“What do you want, baby?” Tony coaxed. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you! I need you, Tony!” Korrine moaned in a voice that was raspy with yearning.

Tony plunged his finger into her hungry opening. Pushing it deep within her, he worked his finger in and out, adding another while rubbing her sensitive nub with his thumb. Korrine began to grind harder, her breath hitching, so Tony began to speed up.

“Tony…It feels so good…I’m going to…OOOOHHH SSSHIIIIT!” Korrine hissed out.

“Cum for me baby!” Tony urged her, continuing to move his fingers with precision.

Korrine’s orgasm hit her hard; she couldn’t control her breathing and her head was spinning.

Tony grabbed her. “I’m just getting started with you, sweetness.” As he hoisted her up, her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist with his slack clad erection probing at her core. He was hard as a rock and couldn’t wait to get into her waiting body. He walked them to his bedroom, kissing passionately the entire way. He lowered her to the bed, taking off her top. She was completely naked, waiting and willing for him to devour. She smiled a shy smile that was both innocent and sexy. He looked at her, slipping his finger in his mouth and moaning.

“You taste exactly how I knew you would…sweet,” Tony told her with assurance.

“Tony?” Korrine sighed.

“Yes, baby?” Tony questioned.

“I’m naked, and you have all of your clothes on. I need you to stop with all the talking and fuck me…
!” Korrine said with a growl of her own.

Maybe that wasn’t a look of innocence because that was the hottest fuckin’ thing ever,
Tony thought, undressing in record time.

He slipped on a condom and hovered over Korrine. She opened her legs wider to accommodate his large frame. She looked down and gasped, instantly tensing. Tony was not an averaged sized man in height, weight, or girth. He was huge.

“Ah, are you shocked. I see you didn’t know a white boy would be packing,” Tony teased with a smirk trying to get Korrine to relax. It worked. Korrine let out a chuckle and then a moan, as Tony eased in her slowly. He moaned his pleasure when he was in all the way to the hilt. He started moving at a slow grinding pace, their bodies moving in rhythm with one another. Tony lifted her legs higher, placing them in the crook of his arm to put her in a better position to receive his massive member. Korrine rocked up to meet his thrusts. Tony started moving faster inside her, rolling his hips and pushing deeper and deeper. He brought her to the brink of another orgasm before slowing down, pulling almost completely out of her. Korrine whined her disapproval. Tony chuckled, leaning down to pull her pouting bottom lip in his mouth. He nibbled and sucked on her lip, all while swiveling and rolling his hips in a mind-numbing rhythm that brought Korrine right to where he wanted her to be…on the verge of madness…just like him.

“Turn over, sweetness. I need to see that beautiful ass in the air.”

Korrine immediately turned over, lying flat on her stomach and looking back at Tony over her shoulder. Tony stood for a moment, looking at her beautiful body and rubbing his shaft up and down in a slow rhythm. He was becoming impossibly harder just looking at her. Tony pulled Korrine by her waist, leaning her up so that she was on all fours. He reached down and slid himself in her wet core, easily moving within her. He reached around her, rubbing her clit while keeping up the mind blowing pace from behind. Her ass was hitting his pelvis, jiggling with every hard penetrating thrust. It was driving Tony crazy that her perfect round ass with smooth chocolate colored skin was moving in time with him. He was completely lost in the moment. Korrine’s loud moans regained his focus, and Tony smacked her ass to make her scream. He removed his hand from her clit and up to her breasts, which were bouncing wildly with each pump of his hips. He squeezed and tweaked her nipples, causing her to throw her head back and pant for more. Tony guided her to lie down on her stomach while still inside her. He couldn’t bear to lose contact with her at this moment. He placed his knees on the outside of her body while arching her back and pulling her ass up to meet him. He moved her body up and down, grinding his shaft into her over and over. Pushing and pulling, moaning and groaning...the sensation was like none he had ever felt before. Her body felt so good to him; she was so hot and tight. She was squeezing the life out of his organ. He could hardly stand the pleasure of it, but he didn’t want to come yet. So he abruptly pulled out, turning her over in one swift move.

Korrine was speechless. He was tossing her around like a ragdoll, and she couldn’t get enough. In the next moment Tony was attacking her lips, moving his tongue in and out of her mouth while firmly massaging her breasts. He slowly moved down her body, kissing and licking her skin until he got to the apex of her thighs. He could smell the mix of their lovemaking, and it turned him on even more. He dipped his head, getting a quick taste of her essence. It was driving him insane; he had to be back inside her. So he quickly pushed in her, rolling over so that Korrine could be on top. He sat up with Korrine in his lap and, even though she was on top, Tony was still in control. He pushed into her while she bounced up and down on his massive shaft, her arms wrapped around his neck and broad shoulders. He pulled her head down to kiss her lips. The desire that they both felt was undeniable. It was as if neither wanted to let go and go over the edge. Both of them were holding on to that carnal desire to stay in the moment.

Tony kept up the pace, speeding up and then slowing down over and over again until he finally couldn’t hold on any longer. He sped up, thrusting harder into Korrine’s willing pussy. He continued kissing, licking, and tasting until he could feel his balls tighten and his shaft becoming even harder.

“Oh shit, sweetness,” Tony moaned as he continued to pump into her. “I’m about to…uhhh…Koooorrrrine…shit…”

Korrine let out a loud scream releasing her second climax of the night. Tony stayed inside her, slowly pumping in and out while trying to come down off his powerful orgasm. He could still feel her inner muscles clenching and unclenching while the spasms were holding him hostage.

Their breathing started to slowly return to normal. Tony reluctantly pulled out of Korrine, both feeling the loss immediately. Tony got up and removed the condom, tossing it into the trash. He returned to bed, pulling Korrine into his chest and kissing the top of her head before pulling the comforter over their exhausted bodies.


BOOK: Designer Desires
4.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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