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Chapter 2



It had been four days since the conversation with Lauryn, and Korrine couldn’t keep her mind from going over what Lo said. What the hell did she agree to? Korri couldn’t help but think back to the last date she had, and she couldn’t even remember the poor guy’s name.
Am I really turning into a workaholic?
Korri thought to herself. It couldn’t be that bad to have a date now and then, and to clear the bats out of the belfry would be a bonus. Plus Korrine kept having these erotic dreams; it had to be a reason for that, after all. Maybe, if she had a little action, she could stop being so distracted and actually get a good night’s sleep.

Her last serious relationship was almost two years ago. Korrine was single by choice, though. She had plenty of offers from the opposite sex. Korrine always thought she was short at only 5’5,” but she had a body to die for. She had track star legs that led up to a nice firm round backside. She had C-cup breasts and a small waist, but it was her face that could stop traffic. Korri had dark brown skin with a smooth, flawless complexion that covered plump bow lips and high cheek bones. But it was her eyes that would draw you in; they were hazel with flecks of green and slightly slanted, but still gave her a look of doe-eyed innocence. They were simply mesmerizing.

But it had been two years since Korrine’s heart got broken, and she’d thrown herself into her work ever since. She dated occasionally when her friends set her up, but she hadn’t had sex since her ex-fiancé, Darren.

Darren Franklin was the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. He was 6’0” with caramel colored skin, dark brown eyes, and a swagger that couldn’t be denied. He held attention whenever he entered a room. He was also charismatic to a fault and completely full of shit.

Korrine met Darren at the city’s courthouse. She was taking care of a speeding ticket, and he was meeting a client. Darren was a hot defense attorney; he worked for one of the biggest law firms in Dallas. Korrine was completely captivated by his striking good looks and charm. He said all the right things…but, of course, he did…he was a lawyer, after all. Korrine wasn’t naïve by any measure. She was an intelligent, independent woman, but her mother always told her to look out for snakes that were disguised as men.

Darren was just in the right place at the right time and saying all of the right things. She didn’t need a man, but she wanted one at the time. He wined and dined Korrine, taking her to all of the hottest restaurants and events around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or the DFW, as it’s so often called. Korrine was never big on celebrities or status, but she couldn’t help but be a little star struck when he had VIP and backstage access to all the concerts and parties in town. Darren introduced her to everyone everywhere they went. He was always telling her how beautiful she was and how she didn’t have to work as long as she was “his girl.”

Yet, Korrine and Darren began to often have arguments about her long work hours. He frequently said she cared more about her work than him, which was completely false. She always put him first above everything, even her career. Family was important to Korrine, especially since she didn’t have much, and the man she loved was considered family. She cut back on work, designing less and less to spend more time with Darren. She made sure she was at his place making dinner every weeknight that he was home early. She was spending less time at her studio and her own apartment so she could essentially be at his beck and call. However, Darren wasn’t satisfied with her simply cutting back; he wanted her to stop designing all together.

She lost herself in him, and yet it still wasn’t enough. Korrine became increasingly unhappy with her love life, and, since she wasn’t being creative, she was becoming unhappy with her work life as well. Compliments from Darren came sporadically and the insults more frequently. He stopped taking her out and started working later and later.

One day Korrine had enough. She went to Darren’s high-rise condo in downtown Dallas to confront him about his behavior. When she used her key to get in, what Korrine was confronted with was Darren getting a blowjob from some skank.


“What- The- Fuck?!” Korrine shouted as she entered the swanky condo.

“Oh shit, baby! I was uh….” Darren paused as he tried pushing the bottle blonde off of his dick.

“You were uh…what? You asshole! I knew you were cheating, but my dumbass wanted to give you a chance. I wanted to come here and talk to you about our problems. But you know what? You can keep all the talking, arguing, and begging! I’m completely done with your black ass!”

“Korrine, wait. Baby…” There was a long pause, and then a sudden look of complete and utter superiority crossed Darren’s face. Darren began with a sneer. “You know what? I’m glad you came when you did. Now I don’t have to keep pretending to be in love with you. I’m a successful black man with money to burn, no kids, no baby mamas- nothing! You act like I’m not doing you a favor by being with you. Any woman would be lucky to have me. I’m too young to just settle for any old chick! You could’ve been set for life with me. Being my girl was a blessing!”

Korrine looked at Darren and really saw him for the first time. She began to laugh at the foolishness that she had let go on for so long. Once she regained control of her laughter, she looked at Darren again. His superior look had been replaced with shock and annoyance at Korrine’s reaction.

“Boy, bye!” she chuckled. “First off, your ass is thirty-seven years old, so you’re not that young. Second of all, you don’t have money to burn. Just because you’re burning money doesn’t mean your ass ain’t in debt. You can barely afford the rent on this place. Without the help of mommy dearest, you would be on the street in a New York minute…and you know it!”

Korrine turned to walk out when Darren grabbed her arm and shouted, “Fuck you, bit-”

Before he could get the word out, Korrine jerked her arm away, reared back, and slapped Darren with all the strength she had.

“Don’t you ever put your hands on me! Who the hell do you think you are?! Have you lost your ever-loving mind? I’m done with you and this foolishness!”

Darren stumbled back, shocked from the slap. Korrine threw the keys at the blonde, who was now standing a few feet behind Darren with her mouth hanging open and stormed out of the condo…slamming the door in her wake. Later that night when Korrine was finally home and calm, she cried herself to sleep.  Then and there she made a promise to herself to never again let another man put her in that position.

Korrine’s phone started to vibrate, bringing her out of her daydream. She hated thinking about Darren. It took her to a dark place, a place where she relied too much on a man’s approval.  But she couldn’t think about that right now. She had other things she needed to do.

Korrine sighed and picked up her vibrating phone.


“Hey, fly girl. What’s up?”

“Hey, B. Not much. I’m just sitting here thinking about things, but what I really need to do is figure out what I’ll be wearing to Lo’s big day,” Korrine said to her best friend, Brandon.

He laughed, “Oh Lord, you’re not calling it her big day too, are you?”

“I know, I know,” Korrine laughed.

“You sound like something’s bothering you, chica. Want to meet up for a drink and tell big daddy what’s wrong?”

“Uh…since when does anybody, let alone me, call you big daddy?” Korrine responded.

“I thought I would try it out; I need a new nickname,” Brandon chuckled.

“You will always be ‘B’ to me. How about we meet in an hour at the spot?” Korrine said with a smile.

“Gloria’s on Greenville?” Brandon responded.

“You know it!” Korrine beamed.

Korrine was practically floating on the way to Gloria’s. She was jamming to her favorite radio station,
The Boom
, and she was virtually having her very own concert.

“Heard it all befoooore! All of ya lies! All of ya sweet talk! Baby this! Baby that! But ya lies ain’t workin’ now!”

Sunshine Anderson was the ‘ish and after singing one of her jams in the loudest voice she could muster, Korrine was in a much better mood.  Now that she was on her way to see her oldest friend, Brandon, things were really starting to look up.

Korrine and Brandon had been friends since their freshman year in high school. Korrine was the girl that was everybody’s friend. She didn’t do the cliques that high school was famous for. She just mixed in with everyone; easily blending in, but never standing out, unlike Brandon. He was the outspoken, outgoing, most popular, outstanding jock, drama geek, band nerd, and all around classic American boy. The girls loved him, with his low cut waves, smooth mocha colored skin, and deep brown eyes that looked almost black. Girls were so jealous of the fact that Korrine was the only girl he was ever really affectionate with. Brandon didn’t bat an eye at their advances. He would take it all in stride, never showing any hints that he was living his life in the closet. He didn’t come out of said closet until their sophomore year in college. Nobody ever had a clue, with the exception of Korrine. She always knew, and she never judged him. Brandon was her chosen family, and she would love him no matter what.

Once Korrine arrived at Gloria’s, she immediately spotted Brandon sitting at their favorite table flirting with the obliviously straight male waiter.

“Brandon,” Korri greeted with an admonishing tone.

“Korrine,” Brandon said with a smirk.

Korrine sat down, and they ordered their favorite Spicy Mango Margaritas.  Once the blushing waiter finished taking their drink orders and was out of earshot, both friends started to laugh.

“Now you know that boy is straight! Why are you flirting so hard?” Korrine said with a giggle.

“Oh, you know I like a challenge.” Brandon smiled wickedly. “Besides, I wasn’t flirting. I was just teasing him.  We used to workout at the same gym. He knows I was only kidding around with him.”

Korrine just shook her head at Brandon’s antics.

“Anyways, when I called you earlier, you were upset. What’s going on with you?”  Brandon asked Korrine concerned.

“Well, Lo had me thinking.  She’s trying to fix me up with her cousin, Tony, and you know I don’t need a man in my life right now, Korrine said exasperatedly.

“Why the hell not?!” Brandon replied. “And Tony is fine as hell!!”

“Fine or not, you know he is self-centered and you of all people know I don’t do well with self-absorbed men!” Korrine practically yelled.

“Calm down, babygirl. You’re getting all worked up for no reason,” Brandon said in a serious tone. “Tony may be a little …Uh… How can I say this? …
. That’s it! Tony may be a little self-aware, but not every guy is Darren, Korrine. You need to get over that shit already.  Plus, nobody said you had to marry Tony. Just loosen up and have a little fun.” 

Korrine knew what he was saying was right. She definitely needed to get over what Darren did, but she just didn’t want to be hurt again.

“I know. I will try to have more fun,” Korrine replied with a small smile.

“Well, okay then! Let’s drink and be merry. There’s plenty of time to cry over men, and today is
that day. So cheers!” Brandon said.

Both Brandon and Korrine raised their glasses simultaneously to Brandon’s suggestion.



After their drinks and laughter, Korrine and Brandon agreed that he would come over to her place and get ready for Lo’s birthday party the next day. As per usual, they would go to the party together.

Well, at least I will have a date…even if it is Brandon.

Korrine was feeling somewhat better, and her non-love life would just have to take a backseat. But she couldn’t shake the thought of potentially having to look at Antonio Cameron all night long. Who was she kidding? She would be more than happy to look, stare, touch, lick, and do anything else to Antonio Cameron. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Tony was not the type of man a woman like Korrine needed; he was what Korri called a “man-whore.” He had a different woman on his arm every time Korri laid eyes on him, but that didn’t stop Tony from openly flirting with her every chance he got. The audacity of some men! He was so arrogant; but damn, he was fine!



Chapter 3



Lauryn’s party was that night, and Korrine still hadn’t gotten Tony off her mind. Could he be the answer to her drought? Or was he just another distraction? Korri was clearly already distracted by the mere thought of Tony, so what would the actual man cause her? Korrine was ready for the thoughts of Tony to be done with. She was going to wear a sexy dress, and, for once in her life, she was going to let loose.

Thoughts of work and the pressure of success will have to take a backseat because tonight Korrine was going to show both Lauryn and Brandon that she could indeed have some fun!

Brandon would be over in an hour to help Korri with her hair and makeup. Korrine decided to wear a red dress with a lace overlay. It was a halter top design with just enough cleavage, and it had hem length that hit right above the knee. But the back was the show stopper. The dress dipped so low that it came to the end of her spine, right above the curve of her behind. It was sexy indeed, and Korri was definitely going to be

Brandon was right on time. Korri, however, was nowhere near ready.

“Korri, why aren’t you ready? You know I hate to be late!” Brandon fussed with a frustrated moan.

“B, you have to help me!” Korri was frantically running around her uptown apartment looking for her shoes. She had the perfect pair of red bottoms that she splurged on to compliment her red dress that she couldn’t find.

“Korri, just relax. Take deep breaths. You know I gotcha,” Brandon replied shaking his head. “You’re already wearing a fantastic dress, so all I have to do is something with that mess on top of your head. By the way...What-In-The-Hell?”

Korrine grimaced. “I know, I know…Just help me, please.”

“All right, I’m going to get you a glass of wine so you can relax,
so I can put my magic to work without you fidgeting all over the place.”

After another hour, Korrine was pulled, plucked, tucked, and prepped for the party. Brandon had undeniably worked his magic, and Korri was looking breathtakingly beautiful. Korrine couldn’t get over how great she looked. Brandon had played up her hazel eyes with a smoky eye look and fake lashes. Korri had a smooth complexion, so she didn’t need much foundation. He played up her kissable lips with a red matte lipstick and brushed her high cheekbones with a light pink blush. He styled her hair bone straight with a part down the middle. Her jet black hair hung to her shoulders in a sophisticated style.

“Damn, I’m good!” Brandon said with a satisfied smile.

Korrine looked at herself in the mirror. “HOLY SHITBALLS!” Korrine gasped. “Is that me?”

Brandon chuckled. “Shitballs? You’ve been hanging with Lo too much. Okay, baby girl, throw on those stilts you call shoes, and let’s go shake some booty…and maybe even catch you a little piece, if you get my drift.”

“Oh, I get your drift. I’m going to let loose and have a good time, but I’m not looking for anything.”

“Well, my dear sweet Korrine, that’s the best time to find a little somethin’ somethin,” Brandon smirked.

“When is that exactly?” Korrine sighed.

“When you’re not looking!” Brandon replied with a wink.


BOOK: Designer Desires
5.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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