Diary of a Rocker's Kid (D.O.R.K #1) (21 page)

BOOK: Diary of a Rocker's Kid (D.O.R.K #1)
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“What’s wrong, sweetie?” The host hands me a tissue. I know better than to tell her the real reason I’m crying.

“It’s just an emotional time for me, that’s all.” I force a smile.

“Well, it must be! Not only have you finally met your mother, but you’ve gained a sister as well. Same for you. Can you tell me a little bit about your end of this reunion?” She’s addressing Raven now, who is as poised and confident as usual.

“I couldn’t be happier to be reunited with the other half of my family.” Raven glances over at Dad, and they exchange smiles. The audience rewards her with a round of applause. “My father is terrific, and my twin sister and I have already formed a bond.” ‘
Bond’…that’s an interesting way of putting it.
“In fact, I have a feeling we’re going to be the best of friends, right, sis?”

Play along.
“Of course,” I say. Raven reaches over Jess for my hand, and when we join hands, the audience bursts into enthusiastic applause. She raises her eyebrows at me, and I can almost hear her words in my head.
Play it up.
“It’s…like being reunited with my other half,” I say, eliciting another cheer, and Raven nods and smiles as if to say

So this is her plan. The ‘twin bond’ angle.

I guess it could be worse.



To be continued…







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Thanks to Granddaddy for giving me the writing gene and always encouraging me to reach for the stars. You are still very much missed even after nine years.

Thanks to Mom for being a great teacher and letting me write as much as I wanted for English credit.

Thanks to my husband and your friends, who allow me to listen in on your

Thanks to my writer friends for continually sharing your knowledge and techniques so that everyone around you can grow and improve. Also, thank you for letting me rant to you about my writing problems without treating me like the crazy person I am.

Thanks to Nydia S. Robles for your original cover design that was used for the first edition of this book, and for developing the iconic custom-made guitar that I included in the story.

Thanks to my beta readers, especially Geoffrey, Kristina, Ann Rose, Kiarra, and Samatha, for helping me develop my writing style and fix issues in the story as I went along.

Thanks to Lori Whitwam for helping me work out some kinks in my story and being patient with my plethora of questions.

Thanks to JoSelle Vanderhooft for being a wonderfully patient editor and giving me all the time and freedom I needed.

Thanks to my Limitless Publishing family, whom I’ve only just met but have already grown to love. You are a wonderful group of writers and a wonderful group of people, and I am privileged to have the chance to get to know you and be counted among you.

Thanks to anyone I may have left out that helped me develop my writing style or ideas along the way.



About the Author


Haley Allison is a South Carolina native. She discovered a love of writing at age fourteen and hasn't been able to turn off the motor fingers since then. Today she lives in a quiet country home with her husband, son, and Boston Terrier. Her hobbies include amateur photography, hours of fun with Photoshop, and composing piano music.

Haley's current project is a YA Contemporary Fiction series, but she also loves writing fantasy, romance, and occasionally horror fiction. Defying standards and norms and thinking outside the box is Haley's strong suit, and she hopes to write something that makes it big someday. Until then, she's content with her growing author family and a head full of ideas.

Feel free to contact her at [email protected] Haley loves interacting with readers and other authors.























Note from the Author


Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to read Diary of a Rocker’s Kid. If you enjoyed this book, please connect with me at one of the links above and consider telling your friends about it or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author's best friend and much appreciated.


Haley Allison

BOOK: Diary of a Rocker's Kid (D.O.R.K #1)
8.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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