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So not a good sign.

She couldn't afford to waste time on her own selfish needs if they didn't help her quota. She'd gotten lucky on the way to the club that first night when she came across a disgusting man whose thoughts revealed a plan to rape her when she turned down his lovely offer. No way in hell she would have sex with him, but his mind had been weak and she'd easily enthralled him. He thought he was having the best sex of his life when she reached in and stole his soul. Not even willing to hold onto it until she had time to deliver it to Harold, she zipped it up and willed it to Harold's office. Kind of like FedEx for the hell folk.

Now she was back in the club with only two days left, still needing four pitiful souls, and being stalked by the one man she didn't want to let go. But as Melanie, he'd dropped her, uninterested in an inexperienced virgin. She hadn't understood why he'd not fucked her until now. His tastes were much different than she had expected. He'd wanted a real woman to feed his dark needs, not some innocent twit. The pain of Drake's betrayal bloomed anew in her as the handsome Dom sitting in front of her once again grazed her thigh with his rough fingers. It didn't make her tingle like Drake's touch, but it wasn't altogether unpleasant. Looks like her next mark had arrived.

“I have a private room here. Why don't we continue this there?” His hot breath tickled her neck as he'd whispered his request in her ear. As she was about to respond, the man was pulled roughly away from her and slammed atop a nearby table. The murderous intent on Drake's face showed all too clear as he wrapped his beefy hand around the other Dom's neck.

“Drake, what the hell are you doing?”

He pinned her with his rage-filled eyes. Melody didn't care how pissed he was. How dare he think he had any right to interfere in her business?

“You are mine, Melody. At least for the night. I staked my claim and every damn Dom in this club saw it. Isn't that right, Dan?” The big man pinned to the table flicked a small nod of his head. Drake's grip was choking him, and he was starting to turn purple.

“Unless you want your membership here revoked permanently, I suggest you get the hell out of my sight and not let me see you anywhere near what is mine.”


. Blood roared in her ears as her temper flared up hot and swift. She couldn't have heard him right.
Who the hell did he think he was?

“Drake, this is ridiculous. You don't own me. Hell, you don't even know me. Let him go.”

He released the other Dom, who eased himself from the table and made his way to the door without a word. Catching her off guard, Drake manacled Melody's wrist with his hand and walked toward the back of the club, dragging her along behind him.

“Drake. Stop. What are you doing?” In all her dealings with Drake, she'd never seen him so infuriated. He'd always been the perfect gentleman. Now he ignored her protests and hauled her to a door in the back corner of the room. He pulled her up against the door, cold metal pressing into her back, and crushed her with his body. His hard cock thrust against her like a hot poker seeking a fire, even with his pants on. Despite her thoughts of outrage and fear, her traitorous body, already flooded with desire, leaked arousal from her pussy in anticipation. Her labia, swollen and slick, ached for his touch. She tried to ignore her response and failed. She wanted him.

“Oh Christ, Melody, I can feel your heat. You need me, baby.” His lips slanted over hers, crushing her with his hot mouth. Devouring her. His hand fumbled with the key code lock, all the while continuing his exploration of her mouth. The door broke free and Melody tumbled backward into the room. He whipped a hard muscular arm around her waist, catching her before she fell to the floor.

“What is this, Drake?” Desperate for a distraction, she peered around the space, eyeing the desk, filing cabinets, and a wall filled with security screens. She shrugged away from his hold, walked over to the monitors, and saw they were security for the club. Nearly every nook and cranny of the place was covered from this office. There were several sex acts going on, easily viewed on these screens. On one, a small brunette stood chained against the wall being whipped by a man clad in leather while she begged to be allowed to come. Another one showed a woman strapped on her back across a bench not unlike the one she'd been on, being flogged across her breasts by her Dom while a pretty blonde ate her pussy.

“Whose office is this?”

Drake walked up behind her and brushed his fingers around her waist. “It's mine. I own the club.” She turned with a start at his words.

“What? How did I not know this?” Before she could stop the words from tumbling out, she realized what she'd done.
. His brows drew together in a curious expression. She held her breath. Waiting.

“Dammit, Melody, quit trying to distract me. I didn't bring you back here for idle chitchat, so stop. You taunted me with your behavior back there and the time for talking is over.” His dark lust-filled gaze never left her face as he walked her backward, pushing open another door. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the darkness inside. Twisting in his arms, arching her body, she broke free to get a better look around.

Holy shit.

She was in a den of dark pleasure. A huge bed filled the center of the room. Not king-size, but even larger. Big enough for a group of people. The copper-colored silk sheets looked warm and sinful. The four corner posts of the bed all held custom leather restraints as well as hooks, and the headboard held similar cuffs at various intervals. She could envision Drake here with many women at his mercy. Her muscles clenched as more fluid leaked onto her thighs at the possibilities in this room. How she had underestimated him.

Will he finally make love to me?
Her heart lurched
. Do I want him to?

From behind her, he pulled her ass roughly, almost violently, against him. “Do you know what you really want here, Melody? Why did you come into my club?” His soft breath tickled her neck as the air clogged in her lungs. Want and need curled in her belly as Drake lifted her skirt, exposing her bare bottom to his vision.

“It's nice seeing your ass this pretty shade of pink from my hand. Did you enjoy it?” She tried to nod her head. “No, Melody. Tell me. I always want to hear you say it.” His fingers dug into her hips holding her still, commanding her to do as told.

“Yes, Sir, I loved what you did to me.” She could still feel the fire simmering on her ass from the many blows his hand had delivered. And the memory of the incredible orgasm he'd given her would linger for a very long time.

“Mmmm. You remembered the proper way to address me. I am pleased, my little sub.” He released his hold on her. “I can't wait to see how you respond to what's next. Take off your clothes.”

“Drake, I don't think this is such a good idea.” Her mind warred with her desire for so much more. She'd wanted this from him for so long, but things were different now. If he orgasmed while inside her, she might take his soul. That had been the plan. Now she wasn't so sure that's what she wanted. “I've made a mistake.” She had to leave and get back to her primary goals. She didn't need Harold dragging her ass back to Hell to answer as to why she was fucking around.

“It's too late to run, Melody.” His dark commanding tone resonated through her, sending a chill down her spine. A thick finger swiped between the folds of her soaked sex and across the hard little bud of her clit before moving back up her belly. She cried out and arched into him. “You're so fucking wet and ready for me, baby. You need this as much as I do.”

Without releasing her, she heard the soft tick of his zipper being released. A sharp intake of breath fell from her lips when his hot, hard length bounced off her bare bottom. She couldn't resist him.

He pushed her down onto the bed belly first, and with no time for her to protest, he covered her body, wedging his thick cock tightly between her bare buttocks. His heat seared her as she squirmed and moved underneath him. She was losing control. She gasped when his swollen tip probed against her virgin back entrance, secret desire flashing through her.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass, baby?”

She couldn't breathe. Fear and lust curled tighter in her belly. No words would form, so she shook her head.


“I'll have to take you there when you're ready. It's like nothing you've ever known.” Holding her tight against the bed with one hand, he shifted and swiped his fingers through her wet pussy.

With his fingers lubricated from her juices, he rubbed them through the crease of her ass, finding the tight unused hole he sought. Her body arched with a feeble attempt to stop him. He knew better.

“Hold still, Melody. Don't fight it.” He pressed forward, his finger sliding past the tight ring of muscle.

She stilled, her breathing loud and choppy. Her increased arousal was music to his ears.

“That's it, baby, relax. Feel the pleasure.” Her body gripped his finger so tight he imagined her ass would strangle his cock. She would have to be prepared before he could take her there without hurting her. He slid a second finger in to join the first. Her body again stiffened at the invasion. “Easy, Melody. Breathe.” Her automatic response may have been to tense up, but her increasing moans signaled intense pleasure.

With her sex swollen and slick and her cream running onto her thighs, he ached to lap at her with his tongue and taste the sweet core of her essence. His mouth watered.

Drake eased his fingers in and out of her ass until her moans grew loud, and she moved against his hand encouraging him to go faster. “That's right, baby. I knew you were a natural. You're loving this.” Her body shuddered and quaked at his words; she was getting close to climax, and he wanted to feel that on his tongue.

He slipped his fingers from her ass. “No,” she gasped, her breath shallow and panting. “Please, Drake, please.”

“I love the begging, but remember who's in control. Can you trust a little in that?”

“Yes, Sir.” The sheets muffled her response, but he heard her.

“Don't worry, Melody. I'm not going to leave you like that. Not for too long anyway.” He couldn't resist tormenting her a little. He flipped her on her back. “Spread your legs for me.”

She quickly complied, spreading her creamy delicate thighs as her eyes sparked with the same dark lust he was certain filled his own. He pressed his hands against each of her limbs.

“Farther,” he demanded.

She stretched and he pushed until her glistening pussy was open and available to him.

He snuggled down between her legs, inhaling her scent deep in his lungs. His cock burned with the need to fuck her. To pound into her until they both collapsed from the pleasure and exhaustion of hard, satisfying sex. But not yet. Right now, her swollen sex called to him.

Drake lowered his head and tightened his grip on her thighs, locking her into place.

“You're going to come, Melody, but not until I say so. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Her ragged response tore at his resolve and further tightened his cock to a painful need.

His tongue swiped along her pussy from one end to the other in a single dragging motion.

“Mmm.” Her flavor, sweet like honey with a hint of spice, exploded on his tongue, and his shredding control snapped.

He ate at her like a man starved for centuries, her sweet juice the only thing that could satisfy him. With every touch and swipe of her clit, her body bucked and tried to get loose from the impossible grip he held on her thighs.

More. More.

He couldn't get enough of her. Her moans grew louder as her orgasm became imminent. He licked and nibbled, savoring every bit of her.

“Oh God. Drake. Oh yes. Oh please.” Her cries and pleas seared his heart as the woman writhing beneath him tore at his hair, frantic to come. Unable to deny her any longer, he grasped her clit with his teeth, applying just enough pressure to send her over the edge.

BOOK: Dirty Deeds (Paranormal Erotic Romance)
5.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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