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Harold snorted. “Yeah, like I'm going to fall for that one.” Melody opened her mouth to speak, and Harold held up his hand to halt her. “Don't say any more, darling, you might ruin my generous mood. I'm going.
For now
.” He retreated from the room, dematerializing at the door.

But, Melody, don't forget to ask Drake why he didn't lose his soul to you last night.

She jerked her head back to Drake. His carefully schooled face gave away nothing. She had a sinking feeling she wasn't going to like his answer. “Well, Drake, care to fill me in?” She crossed her arms over her chest, waiting.

“Why ask me? He's your boss.” Drake stalked across the room to the wet bar he had in the corner. Pulling out a bottle of Scotch, he poured several fingers in a glass.

“I'm not talking about Harold, and you damn well know it, don't you?” The glass halted at his lips as he pondered her question. Without another word, he swigged the Scotch down in one gulp. He grimaced with the burn she imagined the alcohol created.

“Drake, why aren't you shocked by any of this? How did you know about me taking souls? God, I feel like I've stepped into the
Twilight Zone
, and there's a joke being played on me or something. This is worse then when Harold first came to me.” She marched over to the bed, flinging herself down on her back. Staring up at the ceiling, she wondered for the zillionth time what she'd gotten herself into.

Was it worth it?

“I'm a half demon, Melody. You can't take my soul.”

Goose bumps covered her skin at the calm tone of his voice. She covered her eyes, trying to block out the images of Drake in hell lording over other demons. With his dominant personality, he would likely have many minions like her.

“Wait—” She sat up to stare at him. “Half demon? As in one parent is demon, the other is not?” He nodded.

“You and I, uhh, you and Melanie…”

“Yes, Melody, I have always been like this. Even when I was with you.”

“It wasn't me. It was Melanie and I told you she is gone,” she snapped.

“Just because you traded your soul for a different shell doesn't make you a different person. You're still Melanie. Especially to me.”

“How can you say that? You left her.” Melody bit down on her lip to stop the quivering. Drake strode to the side of the bed.

“I left because of who I am. You deserved better than me. And I knew that once I had you, I would never let go.” She looked in his eyes, searching for treachery, but found nothing. He was hiding something from her.

“And this?” She waved her arm, motioning around the room. “Is this new, or have you always been into this as well?”

His fingers cupped her chin. “Melody. I am who I am and I always have been.”

“And you didn't think a meek little virgin like Melanie could handle it, right?”

“Is it so hard to believe that I wanted you to be normal? To lead the life you deserved? Your virginity was a dose of reality thrown in my face just in time.”

“Yet here I am. I don't think your plan worked.” Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Should I thank Fate next time I see her?” His arrogant smile taunted her, but she wasn't giving in so easily.

“What about Harold? What is going on there?” Tears burned at the back of her eyes. She wouldn't let them fall—she couldn't.

“Ahh, Harold. Well, Harold and I, we go way back. We've been at each other's throats as long as I can remember.” He came down on top of her, pushing her farther into the mattress and stopping with his lips a hairsbreadth away from her own. His long stiffened cock pressed into her mound as he aligned himself perfectly between her legs. “Do you really want to keep talking about Harold?” His breath feathered across her mouth in a gentle caress, sending her nerve endings into a riot. Her skin tingled from the current running between them, while her nipples hardened to painful aching points, and her already wet sex pulsed in expectation.

“Drake, stop. I can't think when you do that.”

“Then don't think, baby. Just feel.” His lips came down on hers in a rough biting kiss, full of need and emotion, threatening to overwhelm her. His tongue pressed and prodded against her mouth, forcing her to yield.


Drake was on fire. Her heat scorched into his skin as he ripped at the sheet wrapped around her body. He'd known once wouldn't be enough with her, but he hadn't banked on this constant clawing hunger in his gut for more of her. What worried him, though, were the emotions churning inside, threatening to consume him. He needed to lock her out of his life and heart soon. Before it was too late. But he couldn't yet. He had to push his dick into her heat at least one more time. Wanted to feel her come apart underneath him as he brought her to orgasm over and over until she trembled with the knowledge of who was master here.

Fuck Harold.

Shoving the sheet aside, he freed her breasts. He thumbed the tight points while absorbing her resulting moan with his kiss. They fit perfectly into his palms, the soft skin smooth against his rougher fingers. The contrast in textures exciting on its own. Breaking the kiss, he dipped down to capture a flushed nipple in his mouth. His tongue lashed as he sucked it in deep until she writhed and pleaded with him for more.

“Tastes so good,” he groaned.

He nipped at the hard peak, wanting her to cry out in surrender to beg to be fucked. He pressed closer, the hard ridge of his erection pushing against her hip.

His hand trailed the smooth expanse of her belly, halting at the tiny patch of curls at the top of her pussy. He stroked and teased the area, purposely missing her ultrasensitive folds as her body arched, telling him that she needed so much more.

She reached for his cock, and he quickly turned to keep it from her grip. One touch and he would be lost to her.

“Quit it, Melody. I'm in control here. Don't touch until I tell you to. Unless of course you want me to spank you again.” Her body blushed a brighter pink as the truth sank in.

“Sometimes, Drake, you just need to relax.”

He pushed his hip into her thigh, letting the full length of his hardness press against her. “Does that feel relaxed, sweetheart?”

“That's why I was trying to take care of that for you. It's my turn.”

“The only turn you're going to get right now is one with a ball gag if you don't quit arguing with me.” He gripped her sides and flipped her onto her belly. A sharp gasp escaped her as she struggled to get back around.

“Drake, this isn't fair.”

“Hell no, it isn't fair. It's not supposed to be.” He pushed against her back with the palm of his hand, holding her down while he reached into the nightstand for a tube of lubrication. Her writhing pink ass was entirely too tempting.

“What are you doing, Drake?” Fear crept into her voice.

“Doing what I should have done a long time ago, baby. Taking you. All of you.”

“But—” His coated fingers slicked through the crack of her backside, seeking the small forbidden hole. “Drake—” Her breath came in harsh pants as he inched his way into the tight ring.

Hunger and a need for urgency licked at his spine. Drake's sac tightened against his body and the head of his cock leaked in anticipation of the snug channel currently strangling his finger.

“So warm and tight.” He worked a second finger alongside the first, stretching her, preparing her. Where her body had stiffened when he first began, Drake watched her visibly relax as he shuttled his fingers in and out of her well-lubricated rear. Her bottom even wriggled against his hand in tiny jerks. “Should I stop, Melody?” The pillow under her head stifled her moan of response. “Answer me so I can hear you, or I have to stop.”

“Please don't stop, Drake.” Her voice sounded thin and hoarse. With her prepared and eager, he slipped his fingers from her body and grasped his engorged shaft. Her cries of protest fanned the flames even higher as he guided his tip to her entrance.


Oh fuck, she couldn't breathe. His hot cockhead rested against her anus, driving her to push back on him. She'd never been taken like this, but she was past the point of fear. Sensations rioted through her, threatening to burn her from the inside out. She moved a little backward, urging him to go farther. The tip pushed and stretched against her virgin backside, impaling her inch by inch. The burning heat spread throughout her bottom as her body adjusted to accommodate his size. He hit nerve endings she didn't even know existed as she fought to catch her breath.

“Damn, Melody. I don't think I can hold on very long here. You're so damn tight.” With one final push, his entire length seated fully inside her. His shaft pulsed within her, tempting and teasing beyond her control. She tried to move against him, but his hands gripping her waist wouldn't allow it.

“Not yet, baby. Not yet.”

The burning pain of his invasion turned to something darker when he pulled himself back out. A pleasure more intense than she dared dream. The discomfort didn't disappear, but instead intensified the pleasurable sensations as he dragged his flesh across her nerve endings. She bucked against him as the need within her burned out of control. He returned with a quick, deep penetration, searing her senses.

“Please, Drake, I have to come. I can't take it anymore.” He stroked in and out of her, pushing her higher without giving her the last bit she needed to achieve orgasm.

“You're mine, Melody. Do you really understand that?” The pleasure and pain were killing her. She held on by a thread as her heart raced. She pushed back against him again, urging him to take her deeper, harder. She couldn't focus on his words with this desperate demand clawing at her body. “Melody.” He halted his movements.

“Noo!” she cried as he held her still.

“You will not come unless you understand your place with me. You're mine. You always have been.” His fingers reached around to her pussy, grazing over her clit.

“Oh yes. Yes, I'm yours, Drake.” She moaned with each tap against her aching nub. “Just as much as you are mine.”

Drake growled as he shoved his cock tight into her quivering body. His free hand smacked down onto her left cheek. Increasing the fire and vibrations in her anus, he tunneled inside her. With every repeated smack, his shaft pulsed, stretching her farther, bringing her to the brink without pushing her over.

“This is it, baby. This is it.” She couldn't speak, her arousal all she could focus on. Her need to come. Her moans and cries lost to the sensation of burning bliss. When she felt his hard stream of semen explode inside her, his fingers tightened on her clit, pushing her into the abyss of pleasure.

Along with his grunts, her screams filled the room as they both lost complete control. Muscles clenched as she thrashed against him, absorbing every sensation of pleasure/pain enveloping her. Bodies trembling, they collapsed to the bed in a tangled mess of worn-out limbs with sweat glistening across their skin. Short moments later, he slipped from her body, pulling her tighter into his arms. She savored his warmth as the heat of their lust faded. His fingers lazed across her back, stopping to trace her tattoo just over her right shoulder.

“Why do you have a tat of a flaming pitchfork?”

She giggled. “I thought it seemed appropriate at the time. I mean, what's a demon without a pitchfork?”

His lips curled in a smile. “You are a crazy lady, you know that? He smoothed his fingers over the curve of her ass, lightly across the now tender flesh. “I didn't want to leave you back then.” Her breath hitched as she waited. “I didn't see how we could overcome the demon issue. But dammit, Melody, I want you now as much as I did then. No. Even more, now that I've seen your sweet submissive side.” She swatted his arm as he laughed at her efforts.

BOOK: Dirty Deeds (Paranormal Erotic Romance)
12.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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