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“Come for me, Melody,” he growled.

She screamed and writhed and came apart under the onslaught. Her release flooded his mouth as he savored her unique taste and energy.

Never before had a woman gotten to him like this. Except…except his Melanie. When he'd attempted to take her the first time, his heart had cracked. Her taste had slain him and he'd never forgotten. It was sweet and spicy just like…

Holy Fuck!

Drake sprang off the bed like a bat out of hell. No, not possible. No way. But the proof was there on his tongue as he tried to deny it. The woman lying on his bed writhing and moaning, trying to recover from her orgasm was Melanie.

“Melanie?” Her body froze and her eyes popped open to stare at the ceiling. “Melanie, is that you?” She pulled her legs together and sat up. Tears welled at the edge of her sooty lashes. After a long pause, she looked at him.

“Oh sweet Devil, it is you.” He looked at her perfect face and body and tried to reconcile that with his image of Melanie, the sweet and curvy librarian he'd given his heart to without her even knowing. Pain pounded in his chest threatening to shatter everything all over again. “What have you done to yourself?”

How in the hell had she become a demon?

“It's a long story, Drake. One I'm not sure you would even believe.” He snorted.

“You'd be surprised, sweetheart.” His anger mounted as the implications of Melody being Melanie began to sink in. And seeing her lying naked and perfect on his bed, confusing him, wasn't helping the situation. His cock bobbed as fury mingled with lust. “Is this some kind of trick?” He stalked over to the bed, grabbing her by the shoulders and hauled her up against him. “Why would you come in my club pretending to be someone else? Huh?”

Stark fear shone from her eyes. A product of guilt or something else he wasn't sure. Her body trembled against him, and the need to hold and comfort her overwhelmed him. He picked her up off the bed and wrapped her up in his arms. “Oh, Melanie, what have you done? I wanted you to have a happy, normal life. Not this. Never this.” She leaned into his chest, wetting him with her quiet tears.
Oh no
. He couldn't take crying. It would destroy him.

“My name isn't Melanie, it's Melody. Melanie is gone.” Her strangled voice clawed at his insides. Desperate for her to be closer, he encouraged her to wrap her legs around his waist.

“Shhh. Okay, Melody.” He absorbed her essence as he transferred some of his heat to her. As her trembling eased and her body warmed, so did his cock, until it lay heavy and thick pressing against her sex. His former heartbreak washed over him as the lust he felt for Melody merged with the feelings he had for Melanie, breaking down the wall he'd carefully crafted between them. Hunger for her wrapped around his spine and gripped him so tight his desire to plunge mindlessly into her body overwhelmed him.

“Melody, look at me.” She slowly lifted her head. Gone were the tears, replaced with pure unadulterated passion. Blazing like fire in her eyes.

“I need to explain, but—”

“You always did talk too much. Explain later…” With one delicate thumb, she brushed his nipple, and the need for words faded.

His mouth slanted against hers in a bruising, all-consuming kiss. He pushed his tongue past her lips in a questing search for her very soul. The resulting moan rumbled from her mouth, lost inside him as desire fused them. She writhed in his arms, her moisture coating his swollen erection. Back and forth, over and over, so warm and soft.

Unable to hold back his driving need any longer, he pushed Melody against the closest wall. Hunger twisted inside him as he grasped his shaft at the thick root. Control forgotten, he sank his entire length into her quaking pussy on one smooth thrust. His sac hung heavy, full, and aching as he waited for the pulsing contractions to stop while she accommodated his size.

After managing a semblance of control, he withdrew his dick from her pussy inch by inch in a slow controlled movement, grazing every bit of soft, clenching tissue inside her, tormenting them both with an overload of sensation and pleasure with just the throbbing head of his cock remaining within her. She scraped and grabbed at his back, attempting to move on him, to force him back inside her.

“Oh please, Drake, please. You're torturing me.” She tilted her hips upward, dragging him inside her warm channel another inch.

“Stop that, baby.” His body shook at the force of his need to let go and fuck her. “I want to be gentle and good with you…to last.”

“Fuck that, Drake. Just fuck me. Hard and fast like we both need it…” Her eyes darkened with a red glow around the pupils. How could he have forgotten for even a moment she was now a demon—his kind—not a fragile human? Her desires and sexual tastes every bit as wicked as his own. Armed with that knowledge, Drake plunged into the silken heat of her pussy and slammed her into the wall, taking their breath away. His blood raced, sweat burst across his skin. He continued thrusting into her willing body, driving them both one step closer to release every time his cock head pushed nearly to her womb.

“Ahh. Yes. Yes. Harder.” Her guttural sounds and words spurred him higher and harder until he was certain he couldn't get any farther into her body. His balls tightened against his cock, edging him closer to his release. He wanted to fuck her forever, but he wasn't going to last. Not this time.

“Oh, Melody, now. You have to come.” His body raged as he fought, needing to watch her come with him. “Now, baby, now.”

Her screams filled the room as she flew over the edge, and he rushed into the fire with her. He pounded deep within her gripping muscles and poured everything he had, in spurt after spurt, into her. Drake buried his head into the curve of her neck, biting at the sensitive skin. Her tremors shimmered across his skin. Despite his dominance over the sweet demon, her clenching flesh surrounding his cock controlled him.

Withdrawing from her warm core, Drake wrapped her within his arms. Deep emotions he couldn't deal with clawed at his insides as he carried her to his bed and settled her in the cool silk sheets. She whimpered in protest as his arms left her body. He tore at the remaining pieces of his clothing, suffering from the aching need to wrap her back up in the shelter of his body. He pulled her tight into his embrace, with her figure perfectly curved to his.

“Go to sleep, Melody. You need some rest. We'll talk in the morning,” he whispered into her silken hair as her eyes drifted shut.

Hell, what am I going to do now?


Melody woke wrapped tight in a man's arms. As consciousness seeped through her brain, she remembered the previous night's events, culminating in the most explosive bout of sex she had ever experienced. She tested her limbs by shifting within Drake's grasp to find her muscles sore but okay. How many times had Drake nudged her awake for more sex? She'd lost count and consciousness eventually. Her lover was insatiable. She slipped from his embrace and headed for the bathroom. She needed a shower and caffeine. She couldn't think straight without them. Her fuzzy brain tried to process last night's information but she was having a hard time. She was missing something important. She just knew it.

Fresh and clean from her shower, she started perusing the room for some clothing she could borrow. Her clothes from the night before were haphazardly strewn around as evidence of their wild coupling. Drake had forced so many orgasms from her, she'd at times thought she would die from the pleas—

What the fuck
? Her gaze flashed back over to the bed to see that, yes, indeed, Drake was asleep and snuggled in the bed. Alive and well.

How had he—

She rushed to the bed, grabbing Drake by the shoulders. How could she have forgotten? “What the hell is going—” Before she got the rest of her question formed, Drake tossed her to the side, brutally bringing his arm across her windpipe, cutting off her breath and pinning her to the bed.

“Holy shit, Melody, you can't jump on me like that.” He released his arm and pulled her up, rubbing his fingers where he'd pressed against her throat. “I'm so sorry, baby. It was just instinct.”

“How…how are you still here?” Her eyes watered from the pain throbbing at her neck.

“What the hell are you talking about, Melody?”

“Last night, when we came…” She shifted away from him, unable to keep her thoughts straight while her pulse raced. “I-I should have…”

“You should have done what, Melody? Taken my soul?” Her body stiffened in shock. Blood drained from her head as she tried to focus on what he'd said.


“Take a breath, sweetheart. You're going to pass out if you don't calm down.”

“Calm down?” His placating tone slashed at her as fury replaced confusion. “I won't calm down until you tell me what the hell is going on here.”

“Yeah, Drake, why don't you tell her what's going on?”

They swiveled their heads sharply to the new voice in the room. Leaning against the doorframe was none other than her boss.

What the hell? This was getting old.

“Harold, what are you doing here?” Her boss leered at her, and she remembered she was still nude. She grabbed a sheet from the bed and hurriedly wrapped her naked form.

“Get out of my club now. You're trespassing.” Drake's hard voice chilled her, and she watched Drake change, his face contorting into pure hatred.

“Ahh, Drake, don't get your shorts in a twist. I'm only here to talk to my demon.” Harold motioned in her direction.

“I'm hardly your demon. You're my boss, not my keeper.”

“Don't be so sure about that,” Drake mumbled under his breath.

“Hold it right there.” She poked her finger into Drake's chest to emphasize her point. “Someone needs to tell me what the hell is going on here. And they need to tell me right now.” She swiveled between the two men, waiting for an answer.

“Melody, no need to look at me like that. You know why I'm here. Your deadline, my dear.”

“Don't start with me again, Harold. Do you really think I've forgotten?” She was tempted to strike out against that smirk on Harold's face. “I have delivered some. I'm almost done.” One soul was close to some, right?

“Almost doesn't count, my dear.” He stepped forward, his massive bulk casting a shadow across much of the room. “Do I need to remind you what will happen if you fail?” Her hands flew to her throat as an invisible force took hold of her. Unable to catch her breath, she glared at Harold.


She jumped at the boom of Drake's voice.

“Do you really want to start something here, Harold? 'Cause if you do, then let's go. You and me, right here, right now.” He stepped in front of her, blocking her from Harold and his powerful gaze. “It's what we've both been waiting for, isn't it?”

Her head pounded from the lack of oxygen as she watched the two of them square off. She shot out her leg, hitting Drake on the back of the knee. He wobbled but managed to right himself before he fell. When he twisted to see her, shock registered on his face. He grabbed for her just as her legs gave out and she collapsed toward the floor.

“Dammit, Harold. Let her the fuck go! What are you trying to do?” Drake's hands massaged into her neck.

“Oh give me a break. She's fine.”

Melody gasped and choked, trying to suck in as much air as she could.

“Looks like you've gone soft on me, Drake. Pussy-whipped already?”

The fury and tension vibrated off Drake, frightening her a bit. When the pressure blocking her airway eased, she struggled to sit up and move from his arms. “Harold, just go. I know what I have to do and I'll do it.” She was resigned to her duties, despite her best efforts to ignore them for so long. “Trust me.”

BOOK: Dirty Deeds (Paranormal Erotic Romance)
3.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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