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Chapter 12

Rick looked down at himself and sighed. His cock was raging. He needed relief, but knew that not even Marla would be enough to slack his thirst. All he wanted was Meeka, but because of Marla, he may never have the chance again. The familiar hard knot in his throat had to be swallowed hard and he lied back in his bed and let his cock soften up. Just the thought of losing her was enough to kill his want. If Meeka found out about what had just happened, she would never forgive him. Rick stayed up for the rest of the night, not back at ease until he heard his downstairs door slam and a car pull away from his front drive. He hoped that it was over with the woman, but he had a feeling that his trouble with Marla had just begun. He was not so blind, as to not see the way she had looked when she left. Marla had looked at him with pure hate. A look that had made him shake inside, as if he was cold.


Meeka answered the buzzer and when no one answered, she forgot about the issue. It had been a couple of weeks since she had slipped with Johnny and Meeka was trying to find a way to talk to Rick. They had spoken once that afternoon and she had agreed to meet him at one of their favorite restaurants. He had suggested the little seafood restaurant they had went to for their first date. Meeka knew what he was trying to do and she knew that when she went there, she was going to get all of those feelings of that night back. It had been a magical night and it was the night that she had started to fall in love with him.

Her son was over at a friend’s house, so after Meeka dressed sexy for her burgeoning size, she started out the door. When she got down to outside door, she noticed an envelope sticking out of her mailbox with no stamp or return address. It just simply had her own first name and she did not recognize the handwriting. She thought for a moment it may be from Rick, but it wasn’t like the few letters and cards he had given to her.

She opened it as she was walking to her car to meet him. When she pulled the contents out, she stood dead in her tracks. There were several full-size photos, as well as Rick’s tie in the envelope. Her eyes were stuck on Rick’s large cock and naked body. There was no one else in the picture, but it did not take long for Meeka to think along the lines of who took the picture. A note was on the top with the same handwriting that was on the outside of the envelope.

“Just thought you might want this back.”

It was the tie that she had bought him for his birthday that was in the envelope. The pattern was unique and she had immediately recognized what it was. She put it to her nose and smelled Rick and another distinct female smell.

Determined, she pushed everything back into the envelope and marched the rest of the way to her car. She fought back more tears as she drove. It was not like they were together and he was at fault, though the idea of them being intimate was bad enough. The worst part of it all was the way that the woman taunted her. It drove her mad. Why was Rick still calling her when he was obviously so wrapped up in his ex? Meeka could not answer that question and she was determined to get one. She knew that they would be in each other’s lives, so it seemed like a lot of things needed to be hashed out.

The valet parked her car and the hostess took her back to Rick, at their table in the very back. His bright eyes and smile stopped her. Meeka looked down as she sat across from him, skipping the chair closest to him for one that gave her a little more space. Rick noted the decision, but did not say anything as she ordered.

“So how are you?”

It was such an innocent question, with an ambiguous answer as well.

“I’m fine, how are you?”

“I miss you.”

Meeka narrowed her eyes and was about to say something before the server came back with her drink. She thanked the woman she had come to know quite well and waited patiently for her to leave.

“How is our son and Malik?”

“He’s fine. They think it will be another week or two. I will call and let you know when I go in labor. I'm sure your doctor friends will tell you anyways. Malik doesn’t understand and misses you.”

“I miss him too. I don’t want to find out from them Meeka.”

“Well there is a lot of things that are unwanted, yet still there.”

Meeka stopped herself and regrouped.

“I will call you okay?”

Rick’s jaw clamped down. Meeka was being aloof and it was obvious she was not too happy to be there. In all her anger though, he ached to be near her, even if she was mad. Her brown eyes flashed emotions and her skin glowed. He had missed it all and did not want to miss anything else.

“Why don’t you come home Meeka?”

Meeka smiled a false smile as the waitress came back with their order. They were always fast during lunch. Meeka stopped the server and handed her the plate, asking if she could make it to-go. Looking back at Rick, she pulled the envelope out of her pocket and pushed it in front of him.

“Your house seems quite busy as of late. You're single though and so am I. You're not the only one who can find distractions. We have both moved on, so why worry about it now? Why pretend that you actually care?”

“Meeka, I don’t know what you're talking about. You’ve moved on?”

Rick’s hands opened the envelope, while his eyes pleaded with hers.

“What is this?”

“You tell me.”

Rick’s eyes looked down at the tie and then the top picture. The note was in handwriting that he knew well and the picture was of him in a very delicate position. He knew exactly when the picture was taken and he met her eyes, no words coming out to explain. How could he? She would never believe him, as she shouldn’t. It was an unbelievable circumstance. Marla was an unbelievable bitch.

The waitress brought the bill and the small container. Meeka stood up and thanked her, putting the bill back on the table.

“You got this, right?”

Rick’s blue eyes met hers and he nodded his head, numb. Holding her stomach for a moment, she turned around and walked as confidently as she could out of the restaurant. She refused to embarrass herself any further and left before she made a scene. She wanted to make a scene, to scream and rail against him, but it was of no use. There were sharp pains in her stomach as she waited for her car. She rubbed the side of her stomach again, convinced that she just needed to lie down and everything would somehow work itself out.

Chapter 13

Rick looked down at the pictures in the envelope. He flipped them over when the server brought him another drink. He was still trying to figure out how everything had all went so wrong. Marla came to mind and he gritted his teeth. Leaving his plate untouched, he threw a few bills on the table and walked out with Marla’s mess in his hands. She had gone to a whole new level of evil and he couldn’t believe that he was with her for so long. He blamed it on his youth and wished it hadn’t interfered with his present and future life so much. That particular mistake seemed to haunt him.


Meeka got home and went to lie down. She was having cramps and figured it was the stress of seeing Rick. She had felt those same feelings, the ones he hoped to conjure with his choice of location, but she did not foresee the suffocating pain in her chest either. Meeka had always prided herself on being strong, but she didn’t feel strong anymore. She felt like there was nothing she could do to change it.

Rubbing her stomach didn’t seem to help, so she went and took a hot shower. After she got out, she wasn’t feeling any better, so she called her mother to watch Malik the rest of the day. She drove the next town over to their hospital, not wanting to run into one of Rick’s co-workers or him.

She checked herself in and figured that she was just having practice contractions, as she had before. The pain worsened and she felt the familiar pressure, knowing the time was then. The labor was different then before and right afterwards, Meeka passed out from loss of blood. She looked over once at her perfect son and saw his face that was so much like his father’s, before everything went black.


“Meeka? Are you okay my love?”

Meeka’s eyes fluttered open and Rick’s face was above hers. His blue eyes were watery and his features held a palpable pain. With a muddled head, she looked around and saw the machine hooked to her. She was in a different room and it took her a minute to remember why she was there.


“He is fine. He is perfect my dove, just like you.”

Meeka smiled despite the gnawing pain in her abdomen. She looked down and saw no more blood, just clean white sheets and the man she loved next to her. She almost forgot for a moment why she was even mad. She didn’t want to be mad anymore, she just wanted it to all work out like it was supposed to.

“I never slept with her Meeka. I swear to you and I would never lie about it. She tried and you know how I sleep…”

Meeka stopped him with a finger on his lips. She didn’t need to hear anymore. There was still a question of what happened, she was not so blind as to see herself with dirty hands as well.

“I never want to see her again Rick. Period.”

Her words were cold and then she brightened.

“Are you really over us?”

“Of course not. All I want is us Rick. And I want to see Carter.”

“I will go get him. They were waiting for you to wake up.”

“How did you know I was here?”

“I work here too sometimes. Aren't you so glad we decided on a name before birth?”

Meeka smiled and should have known. She had meant to call him, but everything had just happened so fast. She closed her eyes for a minute, worn out from the day. When she opened them again, Rick was handing her Carter. He was holding him so delicately, like he was the most precious thing in the world. There was a new love in Rick’s eyes, the same she had seen in his depths when he had played with Malik. He was going to be a great father and she could tell just by the way he looked at their son.

“He has my eyes and face. I can’t believe he looks so much like us.”

She held Carter to her, sitting up in the bed and peering down at his bright blue eyes as he opened them to stare back. He did look just like Rick, with darker skin and her chin. He was gorgeous and she was as amazed as she had been the first time.

“Marry me Meeka.”

“Didn’t you already ask that?”

“Yes and you already agreed. Marry me right now, today.”

Meeka looked from one set of blue eyes, to the other. She knew he was serious and she couldn’t deny the pleasure she felt in hearing him ask her again. After she told him she was with someone else and considering what happened with Marla he forgave her. Meeka did want to marry him, he was the father or her children and the second love of her life. She knew that she was meant to be with him.

“Yes. As soon as we get home and I’m up and around.”

“No, I’m not taking the chance that you might change your mind. Right now Meeka. I have already talked to our pastor and he has agreed to come down here. All I have to do is give him a call.”

Meeka looked up at him surprised.

“But we need witnesses?”

“Your parents and Malik are here, they can be our witnesses.

Meeka felt overwhelmed but in a very good way. The day had started with hope and seemed to be ending the same way. It made it easier to forget about the painful filling in the middle. Meeka looked down at her new son and then back up at her eldest son coming in the room. She smiled big as he walked up tentatively to meet his new brother.

“Wow, he is so little mom.”

Malik’s eyes were wide with wonder as the small baby opened his eyes to meet his. There was a moment between the two siblings and then Malik looked back up.

“We are going to be best friends.”

Meeka loved to hear it and she hugged him close to her, content with the world as a whole. It was impossible to be mad and hold grudges when it seemed like the whole world was bending just for her. Several minutes later, her parents came in and got a peek at their second grandchild. Meeka’s mother took Carter from her, while she rearranged herself on the bed. She propped herself up and was stunned when Rick came back in with her pastor. Meeka had known the man since she was a child and the fact that he was there, made it all seem so real.

Rick sat next to her in her bed, with her parents holding Carter and Malik looking on. In reality, that is what she had always wanted, the ones she loved close when she said “I do.” Rick was getting his wish as well, the family that he never had, the family that he had always wished for, but never seemed to be able to have. When he said those two little words, he meant them from the bottom of his heart. The kiss sealed the deal and was cut short by Malik’s disgusted protest.

“Aww Mom!”

Chapter 14

6 weeks later…

“I can’t believe we finally have the house to ourselves.”

“I know Rick. I'm just ready to get some sleep, aren’t you?”

Rick looked at her with the look he had been giving her for weeks. He had the unrequited love and lust that he could not fulfill. Meeka had caught him keeping track on the calendar and today was circled in red in his day planner. She did not tell him that she had seen it, but it was adorable to her.

He was so eager she had taken care of his needs a couple of times, but then he refused because he said he wanted to wait with her. Ever since that sweet, but crazy declaration, Rick had been fidgety and crawling in his own skin trying to get out. She found it hilarious, even though she felt the same way herself. Meeka desired it just as much as he did, but she was usually exhausted most days.

But tonight they were alone and she had at least four hours of sleep, so she could not think of anything else she would rather do. His eyes glazed as she stood up from the bed and walked into the bathroom, a sultry look over her shoulder from her almond-shaped eyes. Rick was behind her in a rush, almost falling as he slid of the bed. Meeka giggled again and asked him to turn the shower on for her.

Rick looked at her through the long mirrors over the sink, as she pulled her shirt off of her head. Her large, brown breasts were huge and Rick burned himself in the stream of water. He cursed and she looked behind to see his sheepish grin.

“You okay baby?”

“Just fine Meeka. Don’t you worry about me.”

His eyes did not leave the mirror and she smiled at him through the reflective glass. Steam rolled into the bathroom and started to fog up her reflection. Rick walked up to her and his hands went over her hands to stay them on her waist. He pulled her shorts down in a quick jerk. He bent her over towards the sink and his hands touched her body. His hands splayed against her abdomen, flattening out every day. He ground his hard knot against her bare ass and delighted in her moan.

Fingers went between her legs and found her wet. She looked up at him through the mirror, her breasts hanging below her slightly swaying as her body moved with his touch.

“Meeka, I have waited so long for you. It has been months and I knew you would be so wet and ready for me. You are always ready for me.”

Meeka could not deny his words and she wanted him to slam into her right then if the truth were known. But she didn’t want to rush him and she was enjoying the slow caresses of his hands. He stood up and pulled her with him. His eyes held hers in the mirror as both hands wrapped around her to capture her large globes in his fingers.

Her tips were sensitive and she whimpered as he squeezed and pulled on her nipples. They were so sensitive that her eyes closed. Rick watched her as he fondled her chest. His own cock was pushing against his clothing, begging to be unleashed. Rick wanted to take his time, so he was keeping his cock contained as long as possible. He knew that all he wanted was to be buried inside of her.

The steam in the room was filling up every space and it added a feeling of mystery. He could only see her muddled reflection and even next to him, her skin was covered in the white, foggy haze. Rick’s fingers felt the condensation on her skin, making every part of her shiny and slick. Their lips met as he turned her around. His hands lifted her up and set her ass on the edge of the counter. She sat perfectly between the “his and her” sinks, her thighs slightly skewed showing him his desire.

Rick was getting hot, so he took his T-shirt off and Meeka’s hands came out to touch his ridged skin. She had kept touching to a minimum, so as to not drive him crazy. Her hands itched to touch him. Almost as much as her pussy wanted to finally consummate their marriage. That is what she needed, but Rick had other plans and he usually got his way. How could she deny him as he went to his knees in front of her body? His mouth was inches from her core and her eyes closed as she leaned back against the mirror. She needed to feel his tongue on her.

“Meeka, I have waited so long to taste you again. There is no one else in the world who has ever tasted so good.”

Rick was in love with her taste and he made short work of her. His tongue lashed out and licked her with wide, fat strokes. It was almost if his tongue touched every part of her at the same time. He wiggled the tip at her hole a few times before paying his attention to her hard knot on top of her clit. His mouth fastened onto it and he started to suckle as he did her nipples, hard.

“God Rick, yes baby.”

He wrapped her long legs over his shoulders, as he opened her up for more. He slurped and suckled on her heated flesh, driving her to a quick edge. He stopped as her legs started to squeeze around his neck. He heard her whimper, but he waited for her to open her eyes and look at him.

“Please Rick, I am so close.”

Rick’s hands fumbled with his pants and he was soon as naked as she was. His length stuck out in front of him, leading the way. Her hand grasped him and he groaned, quickly jerking out of her soft hands.

“Stop Meeka, I am going to lose it right here and now if you touch me again.”

Meeka was feeling particularly feisty and she stared deep into his eyes as her hand came out to grab him again. She stretched him to her hole and rubbed the blunt end against her weeping core. She bit her lip and smiled at him as he growled in front of her. There was madness in his eyes, though her own fluttered shut as he rammed her as hard as he could.


Rick pulled out with a grunt and pushed back in quickly. Meeka was convulsing around him, his cock squeezed and choked by her unused honey hole. Every inch of his velvet rod was caressed with her slickened walls and soon he felt his own rise. He gritted his teeth to hold it back, but he was unable to and moaned out with Meeka into the air. 

“Meeka, oh God!”

She could not hear him over the water and barely see him inches from her in all the steam. Dazed, she leaned back against the mirror and pushed him out of her warmth with her inner muscles. Her legs stayed wide open as Rick went between them to lick up her wetness. He could taste himself, mixed with her sweet essence. He wondered if his seed had already started a new life. The idea made him grow hard again, ready for more.

Meeka pushed him off of her with her feet, not able to take anymore, her clit already too sensitive.

“Stop Rick.”

“Baby, once is not going to do it.”

“Well let’s get in the shower and wash up first.”

He nodded his head and helped her off of the counter. Stepping into the large, stall shower, Rick grabbed her up and kissed her hard on the lips. She moaned against him and her body melted against his hard one.  She could feel his hardness sliding against her wet torso. She turned around and stuck her ass against him. Bending down to get the body wash and poof, she made sure his cock was in between her thick cheeks as she stood back up. She wanted more than they had tried before and Meeka was feeling a little more adventurous. Maybe it was the lack of sex for so long, but when she felt his cockhead pressing against her tight rosebud, she back up against it, instead of moving away as she had before.

Rick immediately felt the difference and he didn’t dare move in fear that she would stop what she was doing. He had always fascinated about her ass and doing what he shouldn’t, but it seemed she was offering it to him. His hips moved slightly forward and his chest moved back to get a better view. His long length was lodged against her hole and as she pushed back against him, an inch popped through her tight ring. Meeka moaned and moved away, his head pulled out of her suffocating heat.

She spurted some body wash on the bath poof and lathered it until bubbles started to foam. Rick was still behind her, waiting for her to do what she had just done again. He had never felt so embraced and it was something she had never let him do before, though he had asked. She was afraid that he would get overzealous and she probably had a good concern. Rick had never felt anything so tight in his life and his first response was to ram forward with all his might.

“Wash me up, will you baby. Make me all nice and slippery.”

Without looking back at him, Meeka handed him the lathering poof and put her hands against the wall, leaning forward slightly. She braced her body with her palms against the wet shower wall as his hands started to roam over her. Meeka had figured he would start on her ass, but had instead started on her front. As he leaned into clean her trembling stomach, his cock slid in between her wet thighs. He let out a loud groan, wishing he was inside of her.

Rick’s hands moved lower with the pink poof in his hand, delving in between her legs. His cock was pushing through her thighs with a steady pace and he rubbed the tip of his cock as he rubbed her tender pussy.

“Wash my back baby, the parts I can’t reach.”

She heard a hiss behind her and she knew that she was driving him wild. He pulled his cock free from her tight thighs with reluctance and moved away to re-lather the poof. Starting at her neck, he caressed and cleaned every inch of her shoulder and back. Then his attention was returned to her ass and he paid extra time to her round cheeks that begged for him. Meeka tilted her ass and opened her legs in a wide stance.

Rick was able to rub both holes with her change of position and soon the poof was moving down her legs. Meeka whimpered and shook her ass to dissuade him from the rest of her. He was not done with that part, or at least, she was not done with him being done. Weeks, months even, had been spent thinking of him in every way imaginable. He had lied next to her the last six weeks, naked and torturing her as he slept. While he was the one that showed his sexual frustration more, she needed it just as bad. What had happened on the counter was only enough to slacken her thirst momentarily and she wanted more. 

BOOK: Doctor's Soul - BWWM Pregnancy Romance (Doctor's Love Book 2)
13.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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