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BOOK: Doctor's Soul - BWWM Pregnancy Romance (Doctor's Love Book 2)
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Chapter 8

Meeka followed Johnny to his house. He wanted to drive her there, but she wanted a way out just in case. She also needed a moment to collect her thoughts. It had been so long for Meeka that her body was ready to pounce on the first hard cock that it came in contact with. She could see the hardness in his pants and while she couldn’t see much, she could tell it was sizeable.

She ran it through her head a couple more times while she drove up into the suburbs on the bluffs. Pulling up to his house, it all hit her. She was going to be with someone else and Meeka was not sure how she felt about it. She knew that she loved Rick, but her body needed this. She slipped a hand against her core and could feel it practically vibrating in its own heat. She whimpered into the car to herself and took one last glance of her brown eyes in the mirror before she got out.

Johnny was already out and by a quick look down his front, all of him was ready. He offered his hand and she took his hand, following him up the stone pathway to his large house. Everything looked neat and tidy like he was. The lawn was manicured with hedges and Meeka could guess that is where he got his tan was working in his garden. That made him even more appealing and she liked the idea of him getting out and getting sweaty on his days off.

His lock slid in the door knob and the sound pulled her from her reverence. She started to have second thoughts, but his steady hand on her lower back pushed her forward. Her body did not resist, knowing that it was about to get what it wanted.  But her mind resisted the idea of someone besides Rick.

Johnny closed the door behind them and when she turned to say something, to tell him that she needed to go, his lips stopped hers. He was more insistent, yet still gentle. His hands pulled her closer and then one settled on her covered breasts. Johnny groaned with the contact and fondled them as his mouth won the battle over hers. Meeka whimpered as his fingers rolled her nipple in between his fingers. Her whole body shivered and she could feel herself getting damp.

Meeka’s hands wrapped around his neck and she started to add her own heat to the kiss. Her tongue slid around his and he continued to paw at her engorged breasts. They were so sensitive, that Meeka felt she may come just from the top stimulation. Her pussy throbbed with neglect and she urged his hand lower with her mind. Johnny pulled away gasping for air, needing her to let him have more. He pulled her stunned body towards his bedroom and left the light off as he pushed her down onto his bed. She sat there on the edge, looking up at him with her soulful dark brown eyes.

Johnny touched her cheek and bent to kiss her seated form. He went to his own knees to make him more level and deepened the kiss. His hands re-found his fascination and rolled the hard points in his fingers, driving Meeka wild and making her weep excitement.

His hands teased at the bottom of her shirt and in a moment of indecision, Johnny pulled her top off in one pull and his mouth got dry as he was eye level with her dark globes trapped in her red, lacy bra. The underwire presented them to him perfectly, like they were being served on a platter. His eyes darkened and he pushed his face between them in heaven. Meeka giggled as he licked her cleavage, his hands behind her releasing the clips holding her breasts from his mouth.

The bra snapped open and his face pushed deeper in between. His hands peeled her bra straps down her arms, as he captured one of her turgid tips into his hot mouth. Meeka moaned, her head falling back and her eyes closing. Johnny sucked hard, taking large amounts of her flesh into his mouth. He paid like attention to her other side and Meeka was squeezing her thighs together as the pounding below worsened.

Meeka moaned and her own hand went between her legs to press against her soggy core. She could feel her wetness seeping through her cotton panties. Johnny caught the movement and almost reluctantly left her large breasts to lift her skirt. He eased her onto her back, as his hands opened her long, slim thighs. He pulled her panties down, the material pulling away from the wet flesh beneath it. He hissed through his teeth, obviously loving the way her shaved pussy looked. His mouth went lower, his breath on her core, teasing her heated flesh.

Meeka’s hands played with her large mounds, pulling and twisting on them as her legs quivered in anticipation. She thought of Rick as his tongue finally found the top of her slit. His technique was different and he spent less time priming her. His tongue jabbed her hole and then his mouth opened wide to take her clit into his hungry mouth as well. He sucked harder and faster, taking Meeka to a level of pleasure. Meeka cried out, no name on her lips, just expressions of shock and climax. Her body racked with shaking as he feasted on the clear fluid shooting out of her tight hole.

She tried to close her legs, to give herself a break, but his strong hands held her wide open. He licked and suckled, nibbling on her tiny button. Unable to take anymore pleasure, she begged him to stop.

“Please Johnny, no more.”

Johnny came up, wiping his mouth and looking at her with glazed eyes. She was sitting up in front of him and she urged him to stand. When he did, his hard throbbing knot was just inches from her mouth. Biting her lower lip, her shaky hand went to his jeans and pulled down his zipper. The sound was amplified in her ears and the small room. He followed her movement and groaned loud as she released his hardness from their confines.

Her small hands wrapped around his velvet shaft, stroking the long member in her hands. She was unable to stop the comparison, to wonder how the slight curve of his cock would feel inside of her. It got thicker in the middle and the very last few inches curved upward. Her insides clenched hard and she closed her eyes for a moment before she added another hand to touch him. Squeezing the head and then popping it into her mouth, Johnny wrapped her braid around his hand and pulled her closer.

“Yes Meeka, you feel so damn good. Just like I knew you would.”

Johnny was lost in the moment, watching his own long piece slide in and out of her mouth. Her jaw widened as the thickness spread her soft lips around him. The sight was almost as good as the feeling, so his eyes were held in rapt attention. Meeka never took but a few inches in at a time and while he wanted to grab her head and slam forward, he knew that he couldn’t. He had to close his eyes to his sinking length to hold onto his loose controls. He wanted more and then he felt what he had always dreamed about.

Meeka’s boss had always been obsessed with Meeka and more than obsessed with her chest. A self-proclaimed boob man, he had spent many days dreaming about sliding his fat meat in between those beautiful brown mounds of hers. To even get a second in her mouth was almost as good. Meeka had never given him the time of day, even when he had first started. She had snubbed him and he had gotten mean. Johnny had even convinced himself that she was a hardened man-hating lesbian, but that was obviously not true when he saw her with Rick. There had been a hot stab of jealousy as he had watched the two kiss, he had wished more than anything that it was his lips that she had chosen. So to have her there then, sucking on him was perfection in Johnny’s eyes.

She pulled him out of her mouth and looked up at Johnny’s face as her hand continued to stroke his meat. Meeka moved back and held her heaving breasts together in her hands. Johnny did not need any instructions of what to do and was quickly sliding his earnest length between her globes. He made a strangled sound and grunted as the tip came through the top. Meeka bent her head down and captured the tip in her hot mouth.

Johnny was in heaven and his large hands covered hers, manipulating the balls of flesh to tighten around his thrusting member. The spit from the mushroom head made his sliding easier and he was soon ready to come. His strokes were shorter and Meeka could tell that he was close to an end. Instead of moving back, she suckled in the head of his cock and bobbed her head on the several inches that she was privy too.

“Oh Meeka. You feel so good baby. I can’t stop it.”

His words were punctuated with several shots of hot, salty release. She gagged slightly on the overwhelming flavor and swallowed down his seed. Johnny grunted and moaned against her, his hands squeezing hers. She sucked the head until he had to push her back from the sensitivity. Meeka wanted more but the man was completely depleted. When she realized that she was not going to get him inside of her, she started to get dressed, searching for her discarded panties on the carpeted floor.

“Wait, where are you going?”

Meeka looked into his eyes and she could tell he was hurt that she was leaving. While he looked close to unconscious on the bed, Meeka was primed for more and she planned to go home and finish herself off. There was already the nagging guilt inside of her for being with him, pleasuring him the way she had. Even though she was not with Rick anymore and he was the one who had cheated, she felt like she had just carried out a betrayal. She was the first to look away from the his smitten eyes.

“I'm just tired, so I was going to get home. I had a really good time Johnny. Thanks for taking my mind off of everything and giving me someone to talk to. I really needed to get it off my chest.”

Her words did not make him feel any better. She was dismissing him in a nice way. He looked down at his softened cock and willed it up, but it was worn out from his powerful climax.

“Please stay with me. Just for a while?”

His voice was soft and almost pleading. Meeka could not refuse his eyes and she found herself walking back to the bed. She laid down next to him on her side and Johnny pulled her closer to his body, holding her. He was not the right man, but his strong arms around her felt good. She missed being held and the heat of him next to her had soon lulled her into sleep.

Chapter 9

Meeka woke up in the morning, unsure where she was for a moment. Her ass pushed back and felt a hard rod against her. The night before with Johnny came back in waves and she looked down at the hand that was on her waist. Meeka was still horny from the night before and when she pushed back against his hardness. The head slipped inside of her hot core, her excitement making the way a lot easier to enter. She stopped and squeezed the blunt head. He felt big in her un-used hole and then there was a growl behind her that sent shivers down her spine.

“Mmmm Meeka, you are so wet baby. So wet.”

His hips pushed forward and several inches escaped into her tightness. His hand lowered to her clit and started slow circles on the top. She pulled her legs together and lifted her ass up for his penetration. The action made her seem tighter and made his cock seem larger. As the thickest part pushed in, Meeka whimpered with the stretching. Her walls clenched half of him and Johnny gritted his teeth to stop his desire to slam inside of her. That is all he could think about as her ass pushed back against him. His hands rubbed on her nub faster, as her insides filled with more of her essence.

“Please don’t squeeze me Meeka. I won’t be able to control myself.”

The words so familiar, she paused and gripped him harder. The words that followed she had heard before and brought a painful pang to her heart that was covered by the instant pleasure in her folds.

“Who says you need to?”

Johnny slammed forward with a grunt and pushed himself deep inside, as far as he could. Her thick ass padded his pelvis as he pulled out and slammed back in. Johnny watched her tits fly wide as he pounded into her from the side. He knew there was a bit more that would not fit, so he moved her forward some and his own body lower down on the bed. Lifting one of her legs, he hooked it behind him, opening her cunt up to him.

“Rub them big titties for me while I fuck you Meeka.”

His change of tone was surprising, but not as much as the sudden fullness she felt as he was able to push deeper. Meeka’s hands searched for her sensitive tips and she squeezed and pulled on her hard nipples. She was so horny and the man’s hand rubbed her core so well that she was quickly coming onto his palm. Johnny bellowed behind her, pushing in deep and filling her full of his seed.

“Oh Meeka. I wish it was my baby inside of there. I can’t wait to fill you up with one of my babies.”

Meeka heard his words as if from a distance underneath her pounding ears. She could feel his heat inside of her and it only made the stimulation stronger. Her walls collapsed around him and each time she did so, Johnny whined behind her. He finally pulled free of her suffocation and panted on his back next to her. His words soaked in, as well as what she had just done.

Meeka got up with a lump in her throat and tears in her eyes. She did not look back at Johnny when his hand reached out to touch her arm.

“Sorry, I got to go. I guess I will see you in a few days at work.”

Meeka had taken time off for a honeymoon that she was no longer going on, but she suddenly welcomed the time to think and the time away from her boss. He did not protest as he could see she was upset. Johnny worried that he had been too rough with her, though her own pleasure was unmistakable. He couldn’t understand her train of thought and the tug of war that was going on in her heart. Meeka liked Johnny and valued their friendship, but there was no love. Even great sex with someone else could not take her mind away from Rick and his child inside of her.

Johnny got dressed and followed her out to her car. She let him kiss her softly on her lips, but when she didn’t respond like she had before, he pulled back with a sad look.

“I'm sorry if I lost control. I didn’t mean to hurt you, especially with you carrying a child.”

“It’s not that Johnny, you were wonderful. I'm just emotional, you know, raging hormones and all.”

Meeka smiled, but it didn’t light up her face as it did when the smile was genuine. She looked close to tears again and she patted his hand as she pulled away. The regret was deafening and two-sided. Not only had she betrayed Rick in a way, she would also end up hurting Johnny when she could not reciprocate his feelings. He had looked at her with more than just lust and Meeka was not so immune to the longing in his dark depths.

She sighed deeply, her core still filled with his seed. Her baby kicked her and she felt like even her unborn child was condemning her for her actions. Meeka needed those few days off. She had a lot of thinking to do and preparation for the baby. Decisions needed to be made and the birth was looming. Eventually she would have to talk to Rick about it all and now, she knew her guilt would be clear in her eyes. How could she face the man she loved again?

BOOK: Doctor's Soul - BWWM Pregnancy Romance (Doctor's Love Book 2)
13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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