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The sound that escaped her was part scream and part moan. It wasn’t entirely pleasure. Remy paused, offering her a chance to protest. Instead, she pushed back against him, taking more of him inside her. He pressed forward, sliding deeper into her, joining them more fully. She was so exquisitely tight and so responsive.

“More,” she managed to say, though the sound was more animal than human. “More!”

!” Remy said as he delved deeper, pressing his cock as far inside her as he could. With each pump of his hips, she bounced on Philippe’s cock. Setting an easy rhythm, Remy struggled for control. In order for it to work, they would all have to come together.

“Yes,” Lilly cried. “Fuck me harder!”

Remy gritted his teeth and did just that. He thrust faster, harder, and deeper into her tight ass. Her body clutched at him, tightening around him as the tension built inside her again. He placed his hands on the taut globes of her ass and began to knead them as he drove into her again and again. He could hear Philippe moaning. In his heightened state of desire, he’d reverted to their native language. It didn’t matter. It was a series of obscenities interspersed with pleas for them to never stop.

“You will be ours, Lilly. After tonight, you will belong to Philippe and me. Do you understand?”

“Yes! I understand!”

“You must say the words, Lilly!”

“I belong to you… to you and Philippe,” she moaned. “Oh, please, Remy! I need to come!”

Remy smiled. It wasn’t the prettiest of oaths, but it would do. “After tonight, everything will be change. There’s no going back.” He pressed deep one final time, before reaching between their bodies. He didn’t caress her clit but grasped the labia tightly, so that with each thrust, her clit was squeezed tightly within those slick folds.

She screamed out her pleasure as her body began to spasm. Remy pumped harder and faster, and Philippe began to groan as his release took him. Together they were filling her. Jets of hot cum spurted into her body, Philippe filling her hot pussy and Remy filling her ass. Before the last shudders, Remy closed his mouth over her neck and bit down. His fangs pierced her skin, and her orgasm began anew. He took only a small amount of her blood. It tasted impossibly sweet, but he ignored that temptation. Raising his head from her, he watched the crimson rivulet run down the ivory slope of her breast and onto the dusky pink of her nipple. It hung suspended there for a moment before Philippe rose up and sucked the drop greedily into his mouth. His tongue followed its path back to her neck, where he too clamped down and sucked the essence of her into his mouth.

“You are our mate, Lilly. By taking your blood and giving you our seed, you’ve been altered. You are now a dragonswan,” Philippe whispered against her ear.

Lilly wanted to ask, wanted to demand answers, but the intensity of what she had just experienced had robbed her of the ability to even formulate the question. Her body still shuddered as Philippe closed his arms about her. They withdrew from her, and she was limp with satiation. She didn’t speak as he laid her gently on the chaise. Her eyes fell closed with exhaustion, with complete satisfaction. Philippe looked up at Remy, but neither of them spoke. Words were unnecessary.











Chapter Three


It was several hours later that Lilly finally awoke in a bed large enough for an army. The surroundings were unfamiliar, and her face heated as she recalled precisely where she had been and what she had been doing when she had blacked out. She also noted that she felt different. She looked around the room, taking note of the luxurious surroundings, but more importantly taking note of her own vision. Everything was sharper, clearer. Even from across the room, she could make out the intricate carvings on the small statue atop the mantel. Also, she should be sore. There was no way that she could have done the things she had with both Remy and Philippe and not felt the aftereffects.

“You’re awake,
,” Remy said, entering the room. “And more beautiful than ever.” His dark hair was tousled, and he wore only a pair of jeans that must have been tailor made for his lean, muscular frame. Looking at him was enough to make Lilly’s mouth water, along with other parts of her anatomy. She noted the tattoo that snaked over his arm. It was nearly identical to Philippe’s.

Curious as to what he found so appealing, Lilly rose to her knees so she could see herself in the full-length cheval mirror in the corner of the room. Her hair was a hot mess, and there was no help for it. But she couldn’t deny that there was truth to his statement. Her skin positively glowed, her eyes were bright, and her rosy lips were still kiss swollen. She noted the faint bruising on her neck, and another memory snaked into her. They had bitten her, and not in the high school, make-out, hickey way. They had taken her blood. Not much, she was certain, or she wouldn’t be waking up at all. Of course, considering the incredible, mind-numbing pleasure she had received, a little blood loss seemed minor. But still she had questions.

“Talk,” she said. “You need to tell me what the hell is going on.”

He smiled and said, “In just a moment, Philippe will be here, and all will be explained.”

Lilly tugged the sheet more firmly around her. It wasn’t as if they hadn’t already seen and explored every inch of her body, but it made her feel moderately more in control to be at least covered. “Fine, but you can at least tell me where I am.”

“We’re in our home. Philippe and I have shared this house for many years, and now you will share it with us, or if you prefer, we can find another place, something that would be more suited to your tastes.”

There couldn’t be anything more suited to her tastes. Though she’d only seen one room, it reeked of Southern charm. Antiques and art mixed with modern comfortable pieces, but everything seemed to fit together in a way that she couldn’t have found fault with even if she were inclined to try.

Philippe entered the room then, wearing a black T-shirt that molded to his chest and arms and a pair of sinfully tight jeans. He hadn’t pulled his hair back and the loose blond waves made her itch to touch them. But her lust took a backseat to other needs as she noted the coffee cup in his hand and the familiar white bag from her favorite bakery. “I hope that’s for me,” she said.

Philippe chuckled as he crossed the room. He handed her the cup and the bag before toeing off his shoes and climbing onto the bed with her. “The coffee is yours; the pastries you have to share.” The statement was accompanied by the lightest of caresses, his fingertips skimming over her shoulders and down her arms.

Lilly shivered in response. “Stop that! I want breakfast now.”

“And us later?” he asked, beckoning for Remy to join them.

It wasn’t really a question. After what she’d experienced with them the night before, she doubted that anything else would ever satisfy her. They had ruined her. When Remy settled himself at the foot of the bed, it took Lilly a moment to get her bearings. Looking at them both together was too distracting by far. “Yes, but I want explanations, so you talk while I eat.”

“Philippe and I are immortal.”

Lilly paused with a beignet midway to her lips. “Immortal?”

Lilly shivered as Philippe pressed a kiss against her spine. “Yes,” he whispered, his beard brushing against her skin as his breath fanned over it. “Immortal. We are Acadian Dragons.”

“Dragons…like scales and fire breathing?”

Remy clucked his tongue. “Philippe has no sense of romance. He rushes to the point without telling you the story behind it. Many centuries ago, that was our form, but as the world changed, so did we. In order to survive, our race had to adapt to the world around us, and that meant becoming more like men.

“In our other form, we had two hearts, and when we were changed into our present incarnations, we had to be split into two beings.”

Lilly gave up on the pastries. It was too much to take in and actually be able to chew at the same time. It didn’t help that Philippe was touching her back, her shoulders, tangling his fingers into her hair, and all the while Remy was stroking her feet, his fingers trailing over the bones of her ankles and kneading the muscles of her calves. “So, you two are… what does that make you? Brothers?”

“It would be more like what you consider soul mates.”

“If you two are soul mates, why do you need me?”

Philippe shrugged and began, “It is difficult to explain, but you know the legends. Dragons would abduct beautiful maidens—”

“And eat them,” Lilly interrupted.

Remy chuckled. “You’ll like being eaten by a dragon, I promise. While we were very desirous of female flesh, it wasn’t for the sake of nourishment. It was to fulfill other desires, just as we did last night.”

“We have been searching for centuries, Lilly,” Philippe said, “for a woman who would accept us, and who would be as loyal to us as we are to one another. When you refused me, you sealed your fate. That night, Remy and I both knew you were the one for us.”

“And when you drank my blood?”

“It is our mating ritual. You are not a dragon, but you are now mated to one, and for as long as Philippe and I live, so will you,” Remy explained.

“And you didn’t think maybe that you should just ask before you did that?” Lilly demanded. She wasn’t questioning the truth of their tale. From the beginning, she had recognized that there was something different, otherworldly about them. Maybe it was okay for dragons to just go about taking what they wanted, but she was human, and it didn’t work that way in her world.

Philippe shrugged again and said, “We’re dragons. It’s our nature to simply take what we want.”

Remy moved toward her and took the coffee cup from her hand. He pressed her back against the bed, coming down on top of her. There was a slight hitch to her breathing that told him she was finding it very difficult to hold on to her anger. “And we wanted you, Lilly. Like we’ve never desired a woman before. Can you really be angry? For eternity, you will have two men who will do whatever is necessary to please you.”

“When you put it that way, it does seem a bit ungracious,” she conceded.

Remy smiled slightly before taking her lips. He could taste the coffee and cream and the sweet spice that was simply her. He kissed her until she was breathless, until she was sighing into his mouth and clinging to him. He moved to her side and beckoned Philippe closer. Disentangling the sheet from her glorious body, he realized that her breasts were even more magnificent in the bright light of day. Large enough to overflow their hands, but not obscenely so, they bore dusky pink tips that pebbled under their hot gazes.

Philippe and Remy dipped their heads to her chest. They closed their mouths over the turgid peaks of her nipples, and Lilly moaned. Their lips, teeth and tongues played over her until she was panting.

“Please,” she whimpered.

Recognizing her need, both Remy and Philippe stroked a hand over her abdomen, sliding together between her parted thighs. In tandem, they explored the honeyed folds of her sex, their fingers massaging her clit, pressing deep into her clenching sheath. Lilly’s hips rose off the bed, meeting each caress. Her eagerness inflamed them.

Philippe’s mouth left her breast, moving down her body to her fevered pussy. He inhaled the scent of her arousal, his cock hardening as he anticipated the salty-sweet taste of her and the feel of her cream on his tongue.

Remy shifted slightly so that his fingers were only thrusting into her sheath and her clit was laid bare for Philippe. To Lilly, he whispered, “I told you that you’d like being eaten by a dragon.”

Philippe brushed his lips over her mound, his hot breath stirring her curls. Pressing his mouth to her clit, he traced it with only the tip of his tongue. Lilly’s soft whimpers became hoarse cries as he repeated the process more forcefully. Each stroke of his tongue blazed a trail of fire through her. Again and again, Philippe tormented her with light, teasing strokes over her pulsing clit until Lilly was screaming, begging for release. He pressed his tongue against her clit, curling around it, engulfing it, flexing around it until she bucked beneath him. Withdrawing, he closed his lips over the hard pearl and suckled her deeply. She screamed in response. He could feel the spasms of pleasure as they rippled through her body.

“I need you inside me,” she said breathlessly.

“Who?” Philippe demanded. “Who do you want inside you?”

“Both of you…together.”

Remy rolled to his back and pulled her atop him. He didn’t bother to remove his pants, just unfastened them until his long, throbbing cock sprang free. “Ride me,” he said.

Lilly rose onto her knees, and though she trembled, she guided Remy’s cock to her entrance. Wet as she was, she lowered herself onto his hard shaft, feeling it slide deeply inside her without resistance. He was so long she could feel his cockhead at the entrance to her womb. Carefully, she pressed down, taking him deeper. The pain and pleasure blended exquisitely. Behind her, she felt Philippe’s massive cock pressing against her. She wanted him inside her, but felt a frisson of fear at the thought. Remy’s cock had filled her ass to the point of pain, but Philippe was even thicker.

BOOK: Dragon's Lair
3.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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