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“Relax, love,” Philippe whispered. “I will make it good for you.”

Lilly tensed when he began to massage the oil into her skin, but it wasn’t the puckered rosette of her ass that he touched. He was adding even more moisture to her pussy. The idea of both their cocks in her pussy, of them coming together inside her, triggered her orgasm. Her channel pulsed and rippled around Remy’s cock, and he gritted his teeth.

When her orgasm eased and her body went soft and pliant, Philippe rose to his knees and touched his cock to Remy’s, sliding the massive head over the base of Remy’s cock. At Remy’s muffled curse, he smiled.

“Stop tormenting us, Philippe,” Remy demanded. “I can’t last much longer.”

Philippe nudged his cock at Lilly’s entrance, and she whimpered. It was a sound of both pleasure and fear. It was impossible to hold on to the fear with them touching her so gently. Their hands slid soothingly over her back and thighs. She gasped as Philippe pressed in just a bit, fitting the head of his cock inside her. Their moans of pleasure were a chorus in the room. Lilly forced herself to relax, to let him push deeper, inch by inch, until he was fully inside her. Their movements were shallow, each thrust the smallest flexing of their hips. She could only imagine what they looked like.

“Yes,” Remy sighed. “Fuck, just like that!”

Lilly shuddered, pressed between their bodies, their massive cocks filling her pussy. The fullness was incredible, the pleasure that she could sense from each of her lovers heightening her own. She kissed Remy, her tongue stroking into his mouth, mimicking the shallow thrusts of their joined cocks inside her. He groaned into her mouth, and she heard Philippe’s muttered curse as he struggled to make the pleasure last. Abandoning Remy’s lips, she rose up and turned her head to look at Philippe over her shoulder. It was all the invitation he needed. He kissed her then, his tongue sliding boldly into her mouth, his hands reaching around to pluck at her nipples.

Lilly felt the slide of Remy’s hand between their bodies as he placed his thumb on the protrusion of Lilly’s clit. Each movement of his thumb drove her to the edge again. One orgasm was rolling into the next. It was Philippe who came first. She felt the tension in his body and then the first shudder of his orgasm. Remy followed quickly. Together, they poured themselves into her body, and Lilly gloried in it.

In the aftermath, still trembling and breathing in short pants, they lay tangled together in the large bed, Lilly nestled between them. They kissed her in turn, one after the other, stroking one another.

Lilly felt deliciously used. Her body ached slightly from their exertions, but the erotic fulfillment was worth it. As she watched Philippe and Remy kissing, touching one another, and then touching her, she knew she had found what she had been missing in her life. She had never imagined that she would be the type of woman to involve herself in a relationship with two men, or that she would be attracted to men who were attracted to one another, but there was no denying how seductive it was to watch them together. That would be next, she thought, as she began to drift off to sleep. She wanted to be a spectator while they pleasured one another.

Reading her thoughts, Philippe smiled over her sleeping form at Remy. They were both exhausted but knew it wouldn’t be long until they were ready again. “I told you she was the one.”

Remy’s smile was one of complete satisfaction. “And I never argued the point.”

They wrapped themselves around Lilly’s sleeping form, closing their arms about her and slept, dreaming of the erotic adventures to come.


The End






About the Author


Seraphina Donavan lives in Kentucky where she works full time, attends graduate school, and rescues every stray that crosses her path. She lives with six cats and is currently battling her addiction to romance novels and chocolate. She also loves to hear from fans. Emails can be directed to
[email protected]



BOOK: Dragon's Lair
2.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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