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I want to say thank you to my husband for introducing me to the best sport in the world, Rugby League and the best team, Leeds Rhinos.









Falling for the Player


By Leanne Claremont


Chapter 1


“Who’s that?” Aaron asked Neil, pointing his beer bottle across the room to where Neil’s fiancée was standing talking to another woman.

Neil just smiled at him, “Someone out of your league.”

Aaron turned to Neil, “I didn’t ask if she was in my league or not, I asked who she was.”

“She wouldn’t be interested.”

“You know I like challenge, so who is she?” Aaron asked again.

Neil sighed, “She is Meg’s cousin Imogen, she is going to be the maid of honour at the wedding.”

Aaron turned to look at Imogen again, taking in her slim curvy body dressed in a tight red knee length dress, but whenever she moved the split on the left side separated showing off her long slender legs making Aaron want to slip his hand inside and discover the parts he couldn’t see. The understated smart sexy look was definitely appealing to him.

“You need to introduce me.”

“No I don’t.”

“Ok, I will go over and talk to Meg instead.”

Neil grabbed his arm, “Wait, I better come over with you.”

Aaron smiled as they made their way over to Imogen and Meg. As they approached Aaron noticed Imogen’s hazel eyes sparkle with humour as she and Meg laughed at something.

Aaron watched Neil kiss his fiancée as he waiting to be introduced to Imogen and it seemed like hours before they came up for air.

“Ahem,” Aaron coughed.

“Oh yeah, Imogen this Aaron, Aaron this is Imogen.” Neil introduced the pair.

Aaron watched as Imogen’s eyes swept down his body giving a good look over before holding out her hand to shake his.

As he grasped it, he felt her small warm hand grip his lightly and a spark lit up his arm. He looked at her and realised she had felt it too.

“Nice to meet you Aaron,” she replied in a soft smooth voice.

“Likewise Imogen,” he saw her shudder slightly as he replied but before he could carry on she turned to Meg, “I am going to go talk to Mum and Dad for a while.”

As Aaron watched Imogen walk away he heard Neil sniggering next to him, “Cut it out.”

“Not doing anything mate.” Neil replied with a smile.

“I’m off to the talk to the others for a while.” Aaron walked off leaving Neil laughing and Meg wondering what was going on.


Imogen felt him watching her as she walked away. She tried to walk away smoothly so he didn’t realise that he had affected her from that simple quick handshake.

She had noticed him earlier and felt an instant attraction to him, but she knew it wasn’t wise to act on that attraction. Or was it, he was definitely someone she could have fun with without any commitments and help her get over the dickhead that hurt her before.

She had heard from Meg and Neil how much of a womaniser he was and she saw his shock in his eyes when she walked away without letting him charm her.

But seeing him up close and shaking his hand shocked her to her core. His deep voice sent shivers through her and the touch of his rough hand made her want that hand touching her all over.

She hadn’t had any of those feelings for months, ever since the nightmare she went through 6 months before.

She certainly deserved some fun and maybe Aaron was just the one to have it with.

As she approached her mum and dad, her aunt and uncle were there along with other family members and she couldn’t deal with their pitying looks, so she detoured to the bar and ordered herself a double gin and tonic.

She about to take the first sip when she felt a presence behind her and her heart started beating faster as she realised it was Aaron.

“Corona, please.” She heard him ask the barman as he moved to her side slightly brushing against her as he continued to stand close.

She turned to face him and the telling smile made her jolt with awareness.

“Hello again.” She managed to say calmly.

“Hi, I thought you were off to talk to your parents.”

“I was but decided I needed a drink first.”

“Really cause I was starting to think you didn’t want to talk to me from how quickly you walked off a few moments ago.” He smiled at her.

“Well maybe I didn’t.”

He gave her a wounded look as he raised his hand to his heart. “I am hurt. I think I deserve a kiss to make it all better.”

That made Imogen start laughing, “Really is that so!”


“Well mister I think you will be waiting a long time.” She grabbed her drink and walked off leaving him at the bar. She knew he was watching her and put an extra sway into her walk as finally made her way to her parents to show she really was going in that direction.

She smiled to herself as she never had banter with a guy like that before. All the men she knew were serious and never let loose.

Maybe she should find him out later and see if he still wanted that kiss but first she had to get through greeting family and making sure Meg and Neil enjoyed their evening as it was practice for their big day.


Aaron couldn’t believe that she walked off again. He never had that much trouble with women before. They usually fall at his feet.

Damn she certainly was playing with his head and he only just met her.

He pushed off from the bar to go find his friends, who managed to escape outside.

“What you guys doing out here, its bloody freezing.” Aaron asked as he joined them.

“Escaping the women!” Kyle, Aaron’s roommate replied. “They are talking weddings and Matt here is running scared as Carly is having an in-depth conversation with Meg.”

“So what are you doing here. You don’t have a woman to run scared from.” Aaron joked.

“Offering moral support as always.”

“What moral support?” Matt replied with a bit of outrage and amusement at the same time.

“Talking some sense into you kind of moral support.” Kyle smiled.

“What dumping the woman and coming out on the pull with you.”

“Yes actually.”

Aaron sat laughing as he listened to his friends banter amongst themselves trying to determine who had the better life. “Kyle leave him alone, you won’t change his mind.”

“It was worth a try.” Kyle turned his attention to Aaron. “Anyhow who was that woman you were talking to or should I say the woman you were trying to talk to before she walked away twice.”

Aaron frowned as he didn’t realise his friend had been watching his failure. “It’s Meg’s cousin Imogen.”


“And nothing.”

Kyle gave him a look to say he wanted him to say more but Aaron wouldn’t let on.

Aaron changed the subject, “Right guys we need to decide what to do to Neil for the stag do.”

“Amsterdam.” Kyle suggested.

“Trust you,” Matt muttered, “How about London, they got a good amount of clubs and lap dancing bars.”

“No thanks guys,” Neil approached them.

Aaron turned around to face him, “You sure, it will be your last night of freedom before the ball and chain of marriage.”

“A few drinks in town will do me.”

“You boring fucker.” Kyle joked.

Neil gave him the finger as he sat down.

“Where did you find him again?” Neil asked Aaron.

“That would be management’s fault for bringing him here to join the team.”

“Well they need to change their mind about him.” Neil smiled as Kyle flipped him the finger back in response.

Aaron smiled, “Nah, he has his uses.”

“Thanks,” Kyle responded as he got up. “I’m off to try and make Meg realise she has chosen the wrong man.”

“Good luck with that.” Neil called out to Kyle’s back.

“So what happened with Imogen?”

Aaron groaned. “Nothing, she simply walked away from me, twice.”

Neil laughed, “I did warn you she wouldn’t be interested.”

“Which one is Imogen?” Matt asked.

“The one in the red dress.” Neil replied.

“Wow, she is hot.”

“Yeah and she blew out Aaron here twice, in the matter of minutes.”

“Brilliant, the famous ladies’ man failed to score.” Matt smiled.

“Shut up, I haven’t failed yet. The night is still young.” Aaron got up and walked away, which caused Neil and Matt to laugh.

Shit, they always managed to wind him up.

He wandered back into the party and instantly spotted Imogen across the room chatting with what he assumed was her family. She looked strained but before he could think more of that, Neil’s mum Mary approached him.

“Hello Aaron, where have you been hiding?”

“Evening Mrs Harrison. I’ve been outside winding Neil up.”

, “Leave him alone.”

“You know I can’t do that, it’s the duty of a best man.” He smiled at the older woman.

She gave him a warning look that he knew all too well from growing up with Neil. Before she could say any more Neil’s dad Charles joined them.

“Are you terrorising Aaron again Mary?”

“Of course, but still haven’t even asked him about when he is going to settle down yet.”

Aaron groaned, “You know me, never the one to stick with one woman when there is so much choice out there.”

She gave him another look as Charles chuckled, “Come on Mary, leave the lad alone.”

Charles led her away as Aaron sighed with relief. Everyone around him seems to be either settling down or asking when he was going to do it.

He drowned his drink and made his way to the bar again before anyone could grab his attention.

He couldn’t understand why everyone was on his case about settling down. He was only 30 for god’s sake. He still had plenty of time to enjoy the single life before being shackled to a woman for the years.

BOOK: Falling For The Player
11.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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