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Authors: Elena Stowell

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Flowing with the Go (19 page)

BOOK: Flowing with the Go
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It goes without saying that I owe a great deal of my healing to

Coach James
, whose words make a difference and whose contributions are more valuable than he may think, and his wife
, who so generously shares him with us;

Big Rick
, who still makes sure my glass is always half full;

Coaches Bill, ToDD, Jeff H, Jeff B, Bingo, Thad, Bobi, Trevin,
Jimmie, Mark
, and everybody that I have swapped sweat with on the mat. Some of you are extra special, I hope you know who you are.

Much gratitude for my mental and physical health also goes to my
Wellness Team

, my listener who always has tissue;

, who first suggested I write down my stories;

JoAnn, Doctor Z, Louise, Dr. Feeney

And thank you to my newest but no less important friends:
), editor extraordinaire who read my manuscript and from the very first “wow” enveloped me with her positive energy, encouragement, and sentence restructuring; and
Terri, Katy, and
, my publishing team at BQB.

Finally (for now), I give thanks to two other daughter-spirits who are in my heart,
Ashley and Rebekah

BOOK: Flowing with the Go
3.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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