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Force of Love

BOOK: Force of Love
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Fight for Love


This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this novel are fictitious or used fictitiously. All right
s reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the publisher or author, except in the case of a reviewer, who may quote brief passages in a review.


















Copyright © 2013 by E. L. Todd

All Rights Reserved

ISBN-13: 978-1492954903



Force of Love


Book Four of the Forever and Always Series

Ryan and Janice






E. L. Todd



When I felt her warm hand touch my chest, I was immediately on fire. I cracked open an eye and looked at the time. I still had ten minutes before my alarm went off. I could get an early start now or just try to sleep for a few more mintues. When I heard her sigh, I knew my decision.

“Morning, baby,” I said as I turned to her.

She moaned.

I crawled on top of her. “You look damn fine even when you’re sleeping.”

“Not as fine as you,” she said as she ran her hands up my chest. She separated her legs and wrapped them around my waist.

I stared at her voluptuous tits and admired their perkiness. I’ve fucked a lot of chicks but none of them compared to t
he goddess before me. Every inch of her was amazing. “Baby, you’re perfect.”

“Shut up and get inside me.”

I smiled. “You wanna skip the foreplay?”

“I’m always hot for you, Ryan. I don’t need the foreplay.”

I moaned. “That’s what I like to hear.” I leaned over her and pressed my forehead against hers. Her blue eyes reminded me of the ocean, so bright and deep. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

She grabbed my face and kissed me, darting her tongue into my mouth. I immediately melted at the touch. I was already hot, but now I was
a torching blaze. Janice grabbed my cock and placed the tip in her entrance. “Ryan.”

I kissed her harder, running my fingers through her hair. I didn’t slid
e it in all the way. I liked to tease her a little bit. It pissed her off, but it made me more aroused. I liked knowing she wanted me so bad.

“I want you. Don’t tease me.” She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her.

I wasn’t ready for it—I was never ready for it. “Fuck.”

“Yeah. You like my pussy?”

I moved into her. I couldn’t even speak. “Uh—hmm.”

“And I love your cock, Ryan.” She rocked me from below and increased the pace.

“Damn, it’s so nice not wearing a fucking condom.” I was already shaking for her. She was so wet and tight for me—always. I couldn’t believe I lived without her for so long. She made every other girl I fucked look like shit.

“Fuck me harder, Ryan.”

“You got it, baby.” I moved into her faster. She liked it rough and I did too. She not only met my sexual desire but she exceeded it. Her tits shook as I fucked her as hard as I could. “You like that?”


“I take that as a yes,” I said in the midst my heavy breathing.

She moaned as she bit her lip. “I love it when you fuck me. You’re amazing.”

“Tell me.”

She knew what I meant. “Ryan, you’re king.”

“Yeah I am.” I slid into her wet pussy over and over again. I could never get over how good she felt.

“You’re my king.”


She scratched her nails down my back and slightly penetrated the skin. I loved it when she did this. She was rough with me but I liked it. “Ryan!”

I knew she was about to explode. “Baby.”

“Please don’t stop.”

“I’m gonna make you come hard, baby.”

“Right there.” She grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into her. “Yes, yes.”

“Come for me.”

When she leaned her head back, I knew she was. “God, Ryan. Fuck yes. Oh my god, Ryan. Of my fucking god.”

“You just enjoy that, baby.”


I pounded into her harder, feeling the electricity spark inside me. My orgasm was almost here. I felt it pulsing in my balls, ready to explode.

Janice flipped me over
and pinned me to the bed. She started to fuck me harder than I was fucking her. “Come on, Ryan. I want to feel you explode inside me.”

“Fuck, Janice.” I lied there while she rode me vigorously, dominating me in every way. I grabbed her hips then placed my hands on her gorgeous tits, squeezing gently. It only took me a second to explode. She was too fucking beautiful, her pussy felt t
oo amazing, and I fucking came hard. “Baby, baby.”


I thrust my hips into her. “I fucking love you,” I said with my last thrust. “I fucking love you like crazy.” When the last of my orgasm dissipated, I lied back and tried to catch my breath. Being with Janice was mind blowing—every time. I grabbed her face and pulled her lips to mine. I kissed her harshly for a moment before I rolled on top of her. My kissed turned gentle as I caressed her lips with my own. My hands glided up her thigh, across her waist, and into her hair. I tried to declare my love for her without words. I hated overusing such an intimate expression. Since I didn’t want to say it often, I tried to tell her in other ways. She was everything to me, the light in my life, and I wanted her to know how much I adored her. When I broke our kiss, I rubbed my nose against hers and stared into her eyes. I saw the same expression mirrored there. She was melting right before me, absolutely in love with me—just like I was with her.

“Call in sick,” she whispered.

I smiled. “To who?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“I’m the owner of the shop and the sole worker. There’s no one to cover for me.”

“I just don’t want you to go.”

“I don’t like leaving you either.”

She wrapped her arms around me and held me close. She smelled like sweat mixed with spring flowers.

My alarm went off and I moaned.

She smiled. “Well, I guess you have some extra time to spare.”

I set my alarm fifteen minutes early everyday so I could make love to Janice before I began my day. I refused to go to work without being with her first. Life was too unexpected and unpredictable not to treasure the things you love most. Janice was everything to me. I wanted to appreciate her as much as possible. I could get mugged at gun point then be shot. I had no idea what my future held. “And what should I do with this extra time?”

“I think that performance earns a treat.”

I smiled. “You have my attention.”

“How about some breakfast?”

“Will you make those pancakes I like?”

She nodded.


She laughed. “You’re such a kid.”

“Yeah I am.”

“You definitely have the mojo of a teenager.”

“Baby, you’re just so fucking fine, damn fine, that I want to fuck your brains out every chance I get. It’s not me—it’s you.”

“I know what you mean.”

“Well, I already knew that. Your pussy is practically a river when I get in there.”

“You are fucking hot, Ryan. Do you blame me?”

“Of course not, baby. I’m glad you feel that way.”

“A lot of girls do.”

I shrugged. I didn’t like talking about my old sex life with Janice. I wasn’t ashamed and had nothing to hide from her, but I didn’t want to think about my previous partners now that I was with her. I never wanted to offend her or make her upset. And I loved Janice. I never loved anyone else before. The past was the past—where it should stay. “I’m going to shower, baby.”

She moaned. “I wanna watch.”

I kissed her. “What about my treat?”


I rose from the bed then walked into the bathroom. When I was in the shower, I washed my hair and my body. I was on auto-pilot as I repeated the same motions I did every morning. But my mind was racing with thoughts of Janice. I’d never been happier in my life. I still couldn’t believe it. Life was so unpredictable. If Scarlet hadn’t been assaulted by that motherfucker who I hope burns in hell, I wouldn’t have the most precious thing. I was never an emotional guy, but Janice made me feel things I never felt before. She was so fucking perfect.

After I dried off and dressed myself, I went into the kitchen. My plate was already waiting for me.
Each circular pancake had syrup etched onto the surface, making them each look like a single basketball. She wasn’t an artist like I was, but they were still pretty creative. After she did this for me the first time, I was so touched. I loved it when she did little things like that—when she was thoughtful. I smiled. “Thank you, baby.”

She came behind me and rubbed my shoulders. “You’re welcome. My man deserves a special treat.” She sat on my lap then started to drink her coffee. I wrapped one arm around her waist while I used the other to shovel the food into my mouth. She was so light that I could bounce her on my knee. She grabbed the paper and started to turn through it.

“Anything good?” I asked.

She sighed. “The news is always depressing. Why do you read it every morning?”

“I would rather be depressed than ignorant.”

“I beg to differ.”

“As long as I’m around you never have to worry about anything, Janice. I’ll never let anything hurt you.”

She kissed my cheek. “I know.”

I pushed my plate away. “I need to get going.”

She frowned. “Okay.”

“You have me all day when I get home.”

“That’s never enough,” she said as she grabbed my plate and placed it in the sink.

I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and checked for any missed calls or text messages. Scarlet was leaving for Connecticut today. I knew when her flight left, but I was surprised she hadn’t called me to tell me when she boarding. I checked my history to make sure I didn’t miss it.

Janice looked at me. “Scarlet?”

“What?” I closed my phone and returned it to my pocket. “What about her?”

She smiled. “She’s fine, Ryan.”

I averted my gaze. Janice knew what I was thinking about. “She didn’t call me.”

“You’re so funny. You act like she’s a hu
ge pain in the ass but you love her more than anything.”

I said nothing.

“Just admit it.”

“I do.”

“Why don’t you just call her?”

“I don’t want to bother her.”

“You could never bother her.”

“She has Sean
now. I shouldn’t be the one who calls her.”

“You’re always going to be the first man in her life.”

“I shouldn’t be. I trust Sean. I know he’ll take care of her.”

“That doesn’t matter. Her getting married doesn’t have to change your relationship. She hasn’t changed ours.”

He sighed. “I guess.”

She shook her head. “
You’re so cute. I’m so glad I met you.”

I rose from the chair then stood in front of her. “You’re the best
damned thing that ever happened to me, baby.”

“I know.”

I cupped her face as I stared into her eyes. “And I love you like crazy.”

“I know that too,” she said with a smile.

I kissed her on the forehead. “I’ll see you when I get home.”

“Let me bring you lunch. I’ll make you something.”

My heart accelerated. “I never want you coming to the shop unless I bring you there. We already discussed this.”

She rolled her eyes. “It’s the middle of the day.”

“I don’t give a shit. I don’t like it when you go anywhere by yourself. It doesn’t matter if the sun is out or not. There are crazy people out there.”

“I’m not a vampire. I need to go outside to the store, the gym, and other normal things.”

“And I will take you when I get off work,” I snapped.

She rolled her eyes. “You’re fucking psychotic.”

I sighed. “Baby, I know I’m fucking crazy. I don’t know why I act like this because I’ve only been this way with you. You’re free to do whatever you want, go wherever you want to go, I just prefer to go with you—that’s all. I’m sorry I come off so strong. I—I just don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Her eyes softened. “At least you’re a sweet lunatic.”

I kissed her on the forehead.

“I’ll try not to go out alone. But if I need to, I will.”

I nodded. “That’s fair.”

“Now go to work. The sooner you leave, the sooner you come home.”

“Okay, baby.”

She leaned her face close to me and rubbed her nose against mine. I made love to her so many times that I knew her body better than she did. I knew what she was thinking. “Just looking at you makes me wet.”

I moaned. “I’ll have to take your word for it.”

“Or not,” she whispered.

I wanted to kiss her but I knew I couldn’t. I would just fuck her on the kitchen table. Last time we did, we broke the table and I had to get a new one. Scarlet noticed the table was different but she never asked about it. She probably figured out what happened.

I kissed her forehead then turned away. “Bye, baby.”

“Goodbye, your majesty.”

I looked back at her and moaned.

She bit her lip while she stared at me.

After a moment of battling against the arousal coursing through me, I slammed the door behind me. My girl was so fucking hot and it was
impossible to leave her. I hated it when she tortured me like this, but at the same time, I loved it. Only she could make me feel this way.

BOOK: Force of Love
8.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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