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BOOK: Freed (Vampire King Book 3)
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his back still to me, he sniffed the air and groaned. “Are your clothes off?”


tortured rumble fled his chest. “Put them back on. I’m trying to behave.”

should see if I can control you.”

did in the bathtub and failed when I forced the bond.”

were in your king form. Now you’re not. And let’s not forget that I was
recovering from dying.” I opened my legs. He sniffed again and whimpered. The
area between my thighs moistened. “Turn around, Horned King.”

complied without any hesitation. His gold eyes brightened in the dimly lit
wagon. His right lip lifted into a sneer. “Are you trying to have me hurt you?”

you desire to hurt me?”

It came out in a whisper.

let’s see if I can stop you from going too far.”

if I don’t?”

half a second, I slipped out the dagger and had it an inch from his heart. “I
can protect myself.”

taught you too much.” His gaze shifted to the dagger and he chuckled.

me some more.” I put the dagger in its sheath. “Get on your back.”

careful.” His voice boomed. “Since growing into my king form, I don’t like
being ordered.”

your queen.” I considered Ian’s words. “I’m the only person on this planet who
gets to order you around.”

paused as if thinking about it for a few seconds and then rolled over on his
back. I slipped the sheet off of him. His cock sprang up and pointed to the
ceiling. The mushroomed tip blushed with hunger.
Ambi, I want him.
My body overheated with lust. I had to battle
with myself not to jump on top of him. I craved to feel him sliding into me,
rock-solid and slick with my arousal. I straddled his thighs and made sure to
keep space between me and his erection.

on my dick.” He licked his lips and glided his hands up my thighs.


grumbled in protest. “Then have you decided to torture me?”

not sure what I’m doing.” My bare breasts hung heavy in front of me. My aching
tips tingled and stiffened until it was unbearable. I moved up and leaned in
his direction so my breasts dangled in front of his lips. “Suck on my nipples.
But don’t bite my breasts.”

if I do bite?”

you don’t get your reward.”

squeezed my behind. “What is my reward?”


he circled his tongue around my nipple and then drew it into his mouth. Dampness
enclosed it.

I like that.”

guided my body up and down on him with his hands so that my wet center slid
across his rock-solid cock. It vibrated against me, sending my clit into a
frenzy of pleasurable rushes that waved between my legs and spread across my
skin. I bit my lip and held in a moan. The tips of his fangs pressed against my
breasts as he sucked on, but he didn’t pierce it.

So far, so good.


rumble left his chest, but he complied and didn’t bite.

let go.”

did, but his fingers squeezed my behind and pressed me hard against his cock.
“Okay. I’ve proven that I can be good.”

rolled me over.

I fell to the mattress.

He spread my legs apart. His eyes shifted from gold to crimson. His fangs
exploded from their gums. A groan so deep escaped his lips that my heart
skipped a beat.

Calm down. You can do this, Brie.

not listening.” I shoved at his chest.

I’m not inside you, I fear I’ll die.” He guided the tip of his dick to my
opening. My body reacted in a trembling fit, part fear and desire. I wanted
him, even though he was out of control, even though his horns cut through the
skin on his forehead and slid out in thick paths of obsidian. But he was
turning into king form. At least I thought that’s what was happening. I
couldn’t let him.

I placed my hands against his chest as the muscle inflated before my eyes.
“Shift back.”

closed his eyes. “I yearn for you. It hurts to have my cock this close and not
go further.”

area between my thighs throbbed. “Just wait a little longer for me.”

opened his eyes. Gold replaced his red pupils. “How much longer?”

on your back.”



roared. The wagon’s walls vibrated and quivered. Our wagon stopped. Samuel’s
chest rose in and out at an irregular pace. “I don’t—”

will get on your back or you won’t bite or make love to me anymore.”

leaned down until his face rested an inch from mine and his huge chest bore
down on my breasts. “Be careful, queen. I’m on the edge of insanity right now.”

because of my pussy?” I forced a smile.


so sorry, my king.” I rose a little and kissed him. His fangs slid back into
his gums. He pushed his tongue into my mouth. The tip of his cock still remained
pressed against me, so close to entering. I lay back down. “Get on your back.”

whimpered, lifted off me, and collapsed back on his area of the bed.

job.” I rose and returned to straddling him. A knock sounded at the door.

is everything okay?” Tote asked.

snarled. “Leave!”

that.” I shook my head and turned back to the wagon’s wall, where I was sure
Tote stood outside worried. “Yes. I’m fine, Tote. The king and I are just
playing around.”

stayed silent for a few seconds and then said, “Okay. Are you sure?”



waited for the wagon to start and then returned my attention back to Samuel.
His horns remained, but his body was back to normal. I glanced over my
shoulders and noticed his feet were still there and had not transformed into
hooves. “Were you changing into your king form earlier?”

but I changed back.”

noticed.” I caressed the length of his hardness with my fingers as it leaned
against my stomach.

still don’t trust myself.”

neither, but at least it’s a start. You stopped when I asked, so you get your
reward.” I mounted him and slid his cock inside me. I was so drenched with
arousal that he slipped inside me in seconds. We both moaned in unison. The
wagon rocked under us as it sped up. Perhaps, our moaning confirmed to Tote
that we were fine.

captured my waist with his hands and directed my body up and down onto him. I
loved it, but I steered my excitement in. I had to make sure he could maintain
control. “Move your hands and place them next to your sides.”

he whined. “I have to touch you.”

grinned. “Your dick is touching me.”

you.” He set his hands on the pillow above his head. His claws appeared and
sliced through the pillows as he growled in disappointment. I rocked up and
down on him, my breasts bouncing. His gaze glued to them. Smacking noises
prevailed as I rode him hard. My sex swelled. He met my riding with his own
strokes as he lifted up to me, hitting my clit with just the right pressure. Sensual
ribbons of lust unraveled inside my body and whipped out around me. “Samuel!”

queen. Come for me.” He ripped the pillows apart. Goose feathers exploded
around and rained down on us. Some stuck to my damp skin.


a haze of movement, he sat up and sank his fangs into my neck. Orgasms ignited.
I screamed in delight and was sure all the wagons could hear me. He drank,
drawing in my blood at a hasty rate. I let my head fall back and pushed my
breasts into him. He pulled his fangs out and bit me again, sinking his fangs into
the lush curve of my breast. Heat spread across it. He grumbled into my skin
and I knew he was coming. His hands tightened on me as he took his fangs away.

slammed down hard on him and clenched my insides around his big dick.
are you to me?”

king!” he roared in a deep voice. Cold liquid spurted within my moist tunnel. I
shuddered in his arms. Blood trickled down my neck and breasts. He lay me down
on my back and licked it away. “I love you.”

my breath, I stared into his eyes and whispered, “I love you, too.”

rolled me over, the whole time remaining inside me. “I want more.”

I raised my eyebrows.

thrust into me. “Yes. More.”




Chapter Seven




What is the best way to cleanse a
vampire king’s cock? Stuff a soapy washcloth inside the queen’s royal vagina
and hope he doesn’t notice the difference.

told Nai that joke when we were nine years old. Of course, we looked like men
due to vampire children growing from baby to adults in only three years, but in
our heads we were so very much like little boys. He’d thought the joke was so
funny he told my mother, which triggered her blushing and punishing both Nai
and me for three weeks. We spent those days doing the laundry for all of the
women in the castle.

She just didn’t like the truth of
the joke or didn’t want to admit to her twin boys that a vampire king spends
most of his early days inside his queen.

Samuel will be done in a few minutes.” I rubbed my eyes. “How many times can a
king come? Surely it’s been five times already.”

and Brie’s wagon rocked back and forth under the moons’ light. Brie’s moans
ripped from the walls and tore through the air around us. The whole camp heard
her cries of pleasure and Samuel’s pounding into that supple flesh. We all
stood outside of the mage territory’s border and had been waiting for the past fifteen
minutes for them to come out and join us. Light blue sky stretched over the
planet, displaying thousands upon thousands of glittering stars. Two full moons
swelled above us like massive glowing balls. It was the brightest I’d ever seen
the night sky, but all ignored it due to Brie and Samuel’s lovemaking.

think there was no war or Quiet King coming.” Leeta crossed her arms over her

the very nature of a vampire king to take care of his queen in every way.”

been having sex all day. Octavia’s and my wagon traveled several feet in front
and still we heard them as if we were right inside.”

spotted Octavia helping dominas out of the wagons. A rush of wind blew her long
blond hair and made her amber robe ripple. “Does Octavia know that I’m her
father’s brother?”

Leeta looked at me. “Was it supposed to be a secret?”

I was just wondering how many people you’ve run your mouth to.” I spat on the
ground. “I don’t trust you anymore.”

formed her lips into a frown. “I’ve only told Octavia.”

haven’t sent messages to my brother?”

being paranoid. I have no connection to the Quiet King. I want him overthrown
like everyone else.”

betray Samuel and Brie again and I’ll do bad things to you.”

things?” Skepticism glazed over her expression.

Bad things,” I repeated. “You’re a vampire now so each cut will heal in hours,
each peeling off of the skin will bring new skin to peel. Each hole that I dig
in your flesh with a wooden knife will fill up for me to dig again and again,
until I get bored. And I don’t tend to get bored.”

had my reasons for the betrayal. Queen Regina imprisoned my niece.” Her hands
shook. “I won’t be disloyal again.”

I guess we’ll have to see.”

don’t quite trust you, either.”

doesn’t matter.”

have a spy that you send messages to.”

quirked my eyebrows. “And who is this spy?”

don’t know, but I heard you talking to him or her in your wagon an hour ago.”
She placed her hands on her hips.

was talking to no spy.” I laughed. “I was simply talking to the dead woman I
have lying next to me in the bed.”

think you’re so funny, don’t you?”

planned on being a royal court comedian, but…things changed.”

changed it all. Being that Nai was older than me by a minute, the crown went to
him. As the second son, I could do anything I desired and possessed a good
amount of wealth to ensure I could take care of myself while I pursued my
dreams. I figured comedy was the place for me, either as a royal performer or the
writer of comic plays. I would have been happy to do anything.

BOOK: Freed (Vampire King Book 3)
11.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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