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Oh, fuck.

Lust, hot and boiling, courses through me, and I’m pretty confident we won’t just be watching movies tonight. “Not slutty at all,” I practically croak. “But only if I can reciprocate.”

“Mmmm,” she says with a breathy moan. “Sounds nice. But we should probably eat some real food, don’t you think? Just so we can keep up our stamina?”

I move my hands from the counter to her hips, spreading my fingers wide across her lower back, and pull her in closer. Olivia hisses and jerks backward, and I immediately release her.

“Fuck! Did I just hurt you?” I ask, and reach my hands out helplessly to her.

She gives me a pained smile and gingerly touches the back of her right hip. “No, it’s okay. I just banged my hip today. It’s fine. Just a little cut.”

“Shit, I’m so sorry.”

Olivia immediately steps toward me. Taking my hands in her own, she physically wraps my arms around her, placing them just a little higher up on her back. “It’s fine, Garrett. Just try to avoid that area tonight.”

“Good thing you got lots of other places for me to explore,” I tell her with a relieved smile.

“That I do,” she says impishly. “Now feed me…I’m starved.”

Chapter 10

“Oh, God…Garrett…I’m so close,” I groan.

So damned close.

While I had every intention of giving Garrett a blow job tonight—because I very much want to eat him all up—he’s decided to take control of our evening. After slurping down some lo mein with a chilled bottle of white wine, Garrett decided to bypass our idea of watching a movie and hauled me off to his bedroom. He got no argument from me, because it’s what I wanted too…just one more night of all my worries being chased away.

I got flashes and peeks of his house as I hung upside down on his shoulder, because when I say he hauled me off…I mean he literally picked me up and threw me over his shoulder like a caveman. His house is beautiful…full of rough, dark hardwoods and muted throw rugs. His furnishings are traditional but masculine in taupes and browns, with maybe a splash of red here and there. It’s clear someone decorated this house for him. I’m expecting maybe a professional interior designer, because Garrett doesn’t seem the type to be interested in that stuff.

Garrett surprised me by gently laying me down in the middle of his bed.

“Is your hip all right?” he asked with concern in his eyes.

“It’s fine,” I assured him, because I didn’t want him to worry about it. I wanted his full concentration on other things, and seriously…it doesn’t hurt that much. Unless you happen to press a finger right into it, which he inadvertently did in the kitchen.

And as I said…he took control, quickly pulling me out of my clothing and dispatching his own. After getting a condom out of his nightstand drawer, he proceeded to crawl between my legs and bring me to a stunningly fast orgasm with just his tongue. I was amazed at how quickly I peaked, but then again…I’m in a perpetual state of arousal over this man.

He’s outgoing, down to earth, and funny as hell. He exudes a natural charm, and don’t forget he’s almost too beautiful for words and has the sexiest body I’ve ever seen on a man. So, yeah…all he has to do is look at me with that heat in his eyes, and I’m already ninety percent there on achieving climax.

After I came down from my bliss, he did nothing more than crawl up between my legs and start kissing me. Gentle, deep kisses that made my pulse flutter and my muscles tense in yearning. His tongue explored every inch of my mouth, my face, my jaw, and my neck. Then he worked his way back down to my breasts until I was panting hard and on the verge of begging him as he licked and bit at my nipples.

And then he was inside me, moving deliciously slow for a while, until I had to remind him to stop being so gentlemanly. He placed a palm on my cheek and said, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

For a moment, it seemed that those words had a different meaning, because Garrett has always made it clear…he’s the type of guy to fuck and run. I know that. I expect no different, and frankly, I’m sort of banking on that. I’ve got some heavy shit in my life I’m dealing with, and I don’t need my heart tied up in a guy that doesn’t have the staying power for a normal relationship, much less one where cancer is involved.

But then I realized he was worried about me lying on my back, and the tiny cut on my hip, and I hastily reassured him. “I’m good…I don’t even feel it.”

He never picked up the pace, though, still moving in and out of me with deep but careful thrusts.

But that just wouldn’t do at all. I had demanded he go harder, and although he tried to ignore me at first, my nails in his ass urged him on until he was moving faster and faster within me.

Our mutual groans filled the air as we desperately kissed and clawed at each other, working ourselves up into a frenzy. Then another orgasm welled up inside me.

“So close,” I murmur again, jacking my legs up higher and clamping my knees against his ribs.

“Fuck,” he gasps as he starts really tunneling into me deep. “Me too.”

My back arches off the bed as I start to come, and I bite down on Garrett’s shoulder to keep from screaming. He thrusts hard into me one last time, squeezes his eyes shut, and groans long and hard with every muscle in his body tensed up as his orgasm washes over.

He immediately collapses boneless on top of me, but stays there only a second before he’s rolling off. He reaches down and pulls the condom off, tossing it on the floor. Gross…what a guy!

Garrett pulls me in close to his body so I’m lying on my left side. He doesn’t say a word, but I know he does that to get the pressure off my right hip.

I don’t like that, because it causes tender feelings to ignite within me, and feelings are not something I wanted to bring into this mix. I had finally reconciled myself to the fact that I was selfishly taking something from Garrett that I wanted and needed at this time in my life, without even giving him the courtesy of why I was doing it. I mean…I figured, why should I? Garrett was getting something too. In my pants. He wanted that from the get-go, so he really doesn’t need to understand my motivations.

I figured we would have a few days of fun, then he would get tired of me and go on his way. Now I can tell you that I could never get tired of what we just did, and I certainly don’t ever see myself building up an intolerance to his charm and humor, but I also know that he’s not the type to do relationships, and I can’t afford for my feelings to get mashed up with someone right now. My heart needs to stay beating strong and true to help get me through this perilous journey I’m on.

Garrett cuddles me close, and I rest my head on his chest. His heart rate is still galloping, but over time it eases back down. My fingers idly stroke the skin over his ribs and his caresses my hip.

“So, as far as candy goes…I’m partial to Snickers,” Garrett says out of the blue.

I lift my head to grin at him. “Is this your attempt at pillow talk?”

He shrugs and I lay my head back down on his chest. “Just trying to get to know you better. What’s your favorite candy?”

Trying to get to know me better? Why? By my watch, I have probably less than ten hours left before Garrett’s interest will wane. He’s admittedly avoided relationships and monogamy. I’m sure I’ll get the perfunctory kiss on the cheek come morning and the promise of a call that will never come.

“Candy, Olivia,” Garrett prods me. “What’s your favorite?”

“M&M’s…peanut,” I say distractedly.

“I like those too,” he says quietly. “They’re chocolaty and nutty. But then again, so is Snickers, plus it has extra gooey stuff in there.”

“You’re a dork,” I say with a stupid smile on my face that he can’t see. I don’t want him to see exactly how interesting and funny I find him to be. Instead, I change the subject up a bit, because I have curiosities. “So, what exactly do you do in your preseason practices?”

Garrett pushes out from underneath my body and rolls on his side to face me. We lie close, sharing the same pillow as we look at each other. “We’re divided into two groups…A and B, so that there can be more individualized attention and observation from the coaches. We basically do drills for about two hours and the coaches evaluate us. Some are to test our skills, others to help start getting us back into shape. Tomorrow we’ll actually have a short scrimmage game…probably only about forty-five minutes long. We’ll do that this week and next, then the coaches will start to make decisions on who will be released from the team.”

“So, not everyone will make the team?”

“Nope. Some will go down to the minors, others won’t be going anywhere.”

“I’m assuming you’ll make the team?” I ask him with a grin.

He reaches out and taps his finger on the end of my nose. “You’re cute. Funny and cute, and maybe a little bit bad. Maybe I should spank you.”

“Try it and you’ll have a fight on your hands,” I warn him, although the idea of him spanking me causes a thrill of desire to rush through my veins.

“Maybe some other time,” he says dismissively. “But more important…favorite movie?”

“You’re so weird,” I tell him honestly. “You’re totally blowing this whole man-whore vibe you had going at the party the night I met you.”

“Because I want to know your favorite movie?” he asks, his eyes all wide and confused. “I mean…I ask every woman I bring home what her favorite movie is. That is…after I find out her favorite candy.”

“And I’m guessing that’s a lot of movies and candy choices to keep track of,” I say jokingly, although part of me is curious over just how prolific of a lover Garrett is.

Garrett’s smile slides a little and his eyes are solemn with truth. “You’re the only woman I’ve ever brought to my house before. Ever.”

For the first time since I met Garrett three days ago, I feel an unease settle in my bones that has nothing to do with cancer. What I thought was nothing more than me taking an opportunity to have a last hurrah before I began my treatments, and Garrett taking an opportunity to make another notch in his bedpost, suddenly seems like a little bit more. Knowing that I’m the only woman he’s ever brought here gives me a sense of weird elation, and yet I’m scared, because this isn’t supposed to be anything more than a casual fling.

I don’t know what to say to Garrett. I’m flattered…in fact, a little giddy to know that he’s just admitted that he sees me as different from his other conquests. But I can’t let that feeling get away from me. I have to rein it in and maintain control, because there’s no way this can go anywhere past his bedroom tonight.

Given his lack of ability in having a monogamous relationship in the past, it would be foolish to let my heart become involved with someone like him. And given the fact that my life has gone in the shitter, it would be almost inhumane of me to let him try to pursue something with me. It would be cruel and futile, and it would put terrible expectations upon his broad shoulders.

So, I change the subject again. But not with words.

Sliding toward him on the bed, I press up against his body and nuzzle my way up under his chin. Flicking my tongue out, I touch his neck, then place an open-mouthed kiss there. He hums approval deep in his throat.

“What are you doing?” he asks, his voice all sexy-husky, and he knows damn well what I’m doing.

“Kissing you,” I say matter-of-factly.

“Trying to get me all hot and bothered again?” he asks, and I can hear the smile in his voice while I press warm kisses down over his collarbone. His fingers trail down my back, over my butt, and his fingers start to press into me from behind.

So nice.

I reach a hand down and nudge at his cock. It’s already growing, and I start a slow, leisurely stroke while I kiss across his chest. “I’m thinking time talking about movies and candy is time wasted we could be doing this.”

“A woman who doesn’t enjoy pillow talk,” Garrett muses as his fingers flirt in between my legs. “Now, that sounds like a woman after my own heart.”

Those words should make the unease I had been feeling earlier dissipate, because that sounds like the cocky, playboy Garrett Samuelson that I’ve heard about. Not someone who wants to cuddle on the bed and tell each other secrets.

Yet I feel oddly sad…a little disappointed. Maybe I really am no different from the countless other women he’s been with. Maybe he brought me to his house to just show it off…although that doesn’t seem quite right either.

Abruptly, Garrett’s hand is gone and he’s sliding out from underneath of me.

“Get on your stomach,” he commands, and a thrill of excitement flows through me over the dominant tone in his voice. “I’ve been thinking of doing something to you all fucking day and looks like now is the time.”

I roll over completely on my stomach while Garrett leans over and presses a kiss in the middle of my shoulder blades. My head is turned to the side and I can see the beautiful outline of his muscular body as he kneels beside me, his erection sticking out boldly.

Garrett runs his tongue over the skin on my back and murmurs, “I’ve been wanting to fuck you from behind. Hold on to those braids so I can force your head back to kiss me while I’m pounding away inside of you.”

Oh, man. Totally liquefied bones in my body right now. His words are so dark and filthy, totally setting my blood on fire.

“I’m down with that,” I murmur, my voice sounding oh-so-needy.

“Good…but this might take a while. Remember when I said you had lots of body parts I wanted to explore?” He opens his mouth over my ribs and sucks on my skin lightly.

“Mmmm, hmmm,” I acknowledge dreamily.

“Well, don’t count on me fucking you anytime soon. I have a lot of exploring to do.”

Damn. I’m like butter…all soft and melted right now. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle his sultry words and warm, wet kisses.

Garrett’s mouth and fingers trail across my body. He takes his time getting to know my various parts…shoulders, elbows, back. Down he goes, trailing fire along my spine.

But then his mouth is gone from my skin. “Fuck, Olivia…is this where you hit your hip?”

He flutters a fingertip lightly over the place where I had my biopsy today. “Yeah.”

“It’s got a huge bruise around it. What the hell did you do?”

“Nothing…just backed into the corner of a counter at the shop this morning. I must have hit it harder than I thought,” I quickly say, wincing internally over the bald-faced lie I’m handing him.

“The bruise is really bad,” he murmurs, then he hisses through his teeth as his fingers smooth along the side of my leg. “Jesus…you’ve got some bruises here. What the fuck? They’re four of them. Is that where my fingers were last night when I carried you up the staircase?”

His voice is angry and confused, and I need to diffuse this before he starts asking more questions. Turning my body slightly so I can look at Garrett, I reach an arm back and lay it on his forearm. His head swivels to me and there is concern on his face. “It’s fine. The doctor said I’m a little anemic so I just bruise easy. I’m taking some iron for it and I swear…it doesn’t hurt.”

Garrett cocks an eyebrow at me. “Are you sure? Because they look pretty bad.”

I need to break the tension and his worry, so I try for a little bit of humor. “What’s wrong, Samuelson? I figured a big, tough hockey player like you could handle seeing a few bruises. I didn’t know you had such tender sensibilities.”

BOOK: Garrett
9.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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