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"I know mine," King's daughter, Reggie, said. "I can't
stay. I have to get Jake to bed. He's only three, and this has
been a long day.
Night night."

"I know my part, too," Jake said with pride. "I get to pretend I'm asleep in Mama's arms, right?"

Storm ruffled Jake's hair. "I still can't believe my sister married a grandfather."

"A young grandfather, believe me" Harmony grinned.
"Show-off," Destiny said. "I know my part, and Morgan
will play along if I have to spell-smack him."

Storm sat by Vickie. "I'm glad you and Rory are
looking forward to castle-sitting, but I'm sorry you'll miss the fun on the dock, tonight, Big Sister."

"Hey, don't call me big. I'm sensitive about my size." Vickie grinned and covered her stomach. "He's kicking again.

"How did he get in there?" Jake asked.

"Love, Jake," Reggie told her son. "Love put that baby inside Vickie's belly."

"Oh," Jake said. "I thought she swallowed him."

"Holy monkshood," Destiny said. "I just realized that if
your plan works, Storm, Morgan will be walking me home.
How am I supposed to get rid of the pain in the—" She looked at Jake.
"The pain in the patootie, when he gets me there?"

"That's up to you, but try
practicing your womanly

"After I get Jake to bed," Reggie said, "right?”

Practice on Morgan? Are you nuts?"

"If you and Morgan would stop arguing long enough, you might discover an attraction sparking your anger,"

Storm said. "You haven't given him so much as a glance,
except for the wedding dance—a move he choreographed—
which is a little like the way Aiden's been treating me,
come to think of it."

Destiny huffed. "Morgan, lest you forget, is a paranor
mal debunker ... trying to debunk our personal magick
and psychic abilities."

"Okay, so you'll invite him into the house to debunk

What's debunk
?" Jake asked.

"Jake," Reggie said. "Let's go see Grampa before he leaves on his honeymoon."

"Aw, Mom, you never let me hear the good answers"

Storm noticed the pensive way Destiny was regarding her in the mirror, her expression signifying a glimpse into the future. She nodded. "You did tell Aiden that you think the crying baby is his, right, Storm?" Destiny asked
kind of probing question usually reserved for a situation in
which the present might segue
into the future.

Storm shivered.
what's making him skittish.
Did you see him dancing with me tonight?
Only when I tricked him into

"Why is he skittish?"

"He says he can't possibly have a baby." Storm scoffed.
"How weird is that for a man who raises the bar on the standards governing hot studs the world over? He's like magick in a good, badass sort of way.
My kind of way."

"McCloud is a lot of women's kind of good/bad,"
Vickie said.

So, of course, he could have a baby some
where ... whether he knows it or not."

Destiny touched a finger to her lips, her look thoughtful.
"The romance isn't cooling between you and Biker Boy?"

"Hell no.
It's sizzling, but 'I don't think he's ready to
catch fire. No, snuff the fire bit.
If 'I didn't know better, I'd think he was scared."

Destiny smiled to hide her conce
. "Aiden,
the romantic who loves women, is afraid of catching fi

He doesn't strike me
the kind to back away from a little sexual heat"

"A lot of sexual heat, actually. Okay, a freaking in
ferno," Storm admitted.

"Wow," Vickie said.

Destiny raised a speaking brow. "Since you and Aiden
are both in rebellion, in hiding, and in denial, and neither
of you has met the real you yet, I think you're more likely to kill each other than catch fire ... but that's just me"


watched Storm dazzle
yet another dance partner. When
the music ended
the guy chuckled and swooped in for a
kiss, Aiden set down his coffee cup
ordered another scotch.

You'd think he could stay out of trouble on the opposite side of the room, but he guessed he was as safe as anybody
could be on the same planet as a psychic witch with attitude who turned him on like fireworks on the Fourth.

When Storm didn't have a dance partner, which was
rare, she'd stand on the dance floor alone and sway to the
music while capturing his gaze, like she was doing now, so
seductive that he had to direct his attention to the restoration work around him to stay in control.

Normally a source of pride, the impeccably restored
century-old crown molding was, at the moment, a less than
effective distraction.

Aiden feared that nothing could distract him where
Storm was concerned, except turning the tables on her. He
screwed up his courage and walked up to her. "I believe
this is my seduction," he said. Lifting her and throwing
her over his shoulder, he carried her off the dance floor.

She shrieked once and kicked twice but quieted when
she realized everyone was watching ... until the two of
them rounded the corner and he carried her up the stairs to his temporary quarters.

"What the blazes are you doing?" she asked when he set
her down. "That was embarrassing."

"Less embarrassing than you chasing me all day?
For you, maybe"

"What's this about?" she asked as she checked out his bed. "First you ignore me,
you treat me like a sack of doggy nuggets?"

"Take off your clothes," he said,
I'll take them off
for you."


"So I can succumb to your seduction. That is what
you've been doing all evening," he said, pushing her gen
tly back on the bed and following her down. "Seducing

"Did you have a personality-change operation while I was dancing?" Storm asked, scrambling up against the headboard as he followed her, trapping her.

The next thing Aiden knew, something hit him in the chest like a sledgehammer and sent him flying backward.
He landed flat on his back on the floor, and when he raised his head, he saw the footboard, until Storm peeked over the
edge and looked down at him. "You okay?"

"How did you do that? I didn't see you move a

Faster than a speeding bullet?"

Aiden shook his head to stop the ringing. "Remind me not to cross you."

"Don't cross me."

Determined not to show her how shaken he was, Aiden rose
spread his macho male feathers like an effin' peacock. She bought his
thank the stars, because while he pointedly removed his tailcoat, she rolled off the opposite side of the bed to stand a safe distance away, or so she
thought. "Do you want to undress yourself, or do you want
me to undress you?" he asked, stalking her.

Are you nuts? You've been like ... celibate for three weeks and suddenly you're getting naked?"

"I'm tired of pretending to be a

"You were never a gentleman," she countered. "If
.. .
get naked, I'll need you to be fast."

Aiden tried to keep a straight face. Anybody as
horny as him would likely come
she got naked.
we get naked?
Do you doubt my intentions?"

She looked down at his boner. "Well, no, they're a
little ... hard ... to disguise, but ..."


"Well ... 'I ... I think this is rather bad timing, desert
ing my sister during her wedding reception."

Aiden skulked toward her, confusing her, he hoped, enjoying the proactive side of the seduction table, or bed, as the case may be. He had to give it to her; she didn't back away. When his body came up against hers, he cupped her
bottom in one hand and began to insidiously raise her skirt,
inch by decadent inch, with the other, and she didn't even flinch.

Her breathing became irregular. For that matter, so did his, not to mention the change in his other eager parts.

Aiden slipped his palm up Storm's thigh and found a garter. Farther upward, he found naked skin between her thigh-high stockings and panties.
Very tiny panties.
Effin' A, he was gonna pop his trousers. He stroked the edge of
the panties and then slowly slipped a finger beneath the
silky fabric to stroke the tender skin of her womanhood.

Horny witch alert.
Hot and wet cauldron on the boil.

Storm let her head fall back against his arm, and Aiden's
cock shot forward, only to come up against the finest French-seamed tuxedo pants money could buy.

He opened his mouth over hers to devour her while he separated her folds.

She urged him on and gave him access, and at some point, her words became a throaty pant.

He was gonna come just watching her, never mind touching her, and he didn't care.

Every stroke felt like satin, slick as a flower covered in morning dew. Like a rosebud, she opened for him. "That's my eager girl," Aiden said. "Let me in."

Two minutes with this woman could make him forget
his name, never mind his resolve.

She arched into him as he found her sweet spot, and
from her reaction, he knew he'd made her spiral.

"Aiden," she whispered. "Aiden, we ... shouldn't—oh, sweet sassafras tea," she said. "I'm gonna, I'm gonna—”

“Come," he said. "Let yourself come"

And she did, two slowly rising times, but he wouldn't
let her rest, not all the way. He made her come again, and
again, reveling in his power, wishing they could go on like
this forever. He even thought ... for a minute ... that she
just might be the one woman who
could ..

Effin' A.
His dick was hard as tempered steel, and she wasn't paying it the least attention. Again, she came. This was all for her, as far as she was concerned, and, oddly enough, that made him hotter.

She got so heavy in his arms, he thought one or both of them was gonna end up on the floor, and he was about to lay her on the bed and join her when he heard Morgan calling him.

"Snap out of it, Storm," Aiden whispered. "It's time to
be part of the wedding party again."


"Drunk on sex.
That's my girl." Aiden tried as best he
could to set the crotch of her panties back in place. He
pulled down her dress and sat her on the edge of his bed. "Are you all right?"

Her face was slick with perspiration, her body so
he had to hold her up. "You ravished me," she said, and smiled. "I liked

He patted her brow, cheeks, neck, and cleavage with his
clean handkerchief. "No, darlin', 'I think it was the other way round, as I'm sure you'll remember in the morning.
You started this ravishment before the wedding ceremony,
remember? Now, you sneak back up here after the wedding

BOOK: Gone With the Witch
12.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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