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“Shit.” He sent the car forwards again and
glared at her. “Behave. I’m trying to get us there in one piece.”

He was right, so she stayed on her side even
though she couldn’t stay still but the familiar sight of his neighborhood
indicated they were close.

She could wait.


He parked, strode around the hood and
opened her door. The speed at which he tugged her up the stairs, unlocked his
door and pulled her inside was endearing. The keys barely made it on the
console table before he crowded her against his door.

“Brace yourself, stubborn woman. You’re
be punished for the torture you put us through this
last month. Not to mention that straight up bit of naughtiness in the car.” He
nipped her lower lip and captured her hands in his. He pulled them to his
mouth. Holding her gaze, he nipped her fingers one by one. Liquid heat pooled
between her thighs.

“Be gentle.”

He stilled. Wariness entered his eyes, “Is
there a specific reason I should?”

For a moment, she was confused. Then she
remembered their lapse the night of the gala.

“Am I wrong in assuming you’re here because
you want a relationship or are you here to tell me something else?” He pulled back,
his stare pinned her.

“Yes…” His hands tightened on her arms. “I
mean no. Not that.”

“Which is it, Anabelle?”

“I’m not pregnant.”


His tone sounded disappointed so she added,
“Not yet.”

His lips quirked and he grinned. “So you
wouldn’t mind having my baby?”

“If it happens, I would be thrilled, if
not, I’m going to enjoy you, being with you, working with you, playing with

His grin widened, his eyes smiled down at
her. He pressed his lower body against hers. “I second that notion. No more worries
about the age difference?”

“Will it bother me when I hit milestone
birthdays? Probably, but I can’t let it be the focus.”

He kissed her and said against her mouth,
“Good. Because I was miserable without you.”

“Me too.”

“I love you, Anabelle. You know that don’t

“It’s a good thing because I love you,

His grin was pure male satisfaction. “If
you hadn’t come to your senses, I would have kidnapped you and kept you bound
to me until you caved.” He sucked a bruise on her neck and kissed away the

“Really?” She pulled back and cocked an

A dimple appeared and she melted like the
sucker she was. “No, but I’d have seduced you every chance I got.”


“Worn you down.”


“Until you admitted how perfect we are
together.” He nuzzled her ear, pulled her dress down until he exposed a breast.
“That’s better,” he said and took a nipple in his mouth.

“Much better,” she agreed and gave herself
up to his superior sex god techniques. Charlie was right about that criterium.
“Giving you up would be far more awful than being called a cougar.”

He chuckled and continued south. In the
next few hours he rewarded her with so many orgasms that she lost count.

Cougar indeed.


“I feel ridiculous you know.”

“Don’t. It’ll be fun.”


He gave her a look and she grinned. “Okay,
yes it’ll be fun but what if we get caught?”

“Dani won’t be in until later. It’s a
teacher workday and the girls have off. Dani’s babysitting Alex and Esme while
Janie’s at her friends. The boys are in St. Augustine on a job.” He led her
deep inside the workshop. “Relax.” He kissed her until she moaned and kissed
him back. Before the kiss went too far, he pulled back. “Now, where’s that

“Oh Jeez, why did I tell you about my
fantasy?” she groaned, mortified.

“I’m glad you did sweetheart, because while
we’re alone, we’ll do some of mine.”


“Oh sweetheart, you don’t know how many
times, I had you before I actually did. You made classic white shirts prime
fantasy material.”

She shivered, her girl parts melted at his
matter of fact statement. Sometimes it was hard to believe they were married,
it had happened so fast. Derek hadn’t wasted time putting a ring on it. He
admitted he was worried she’d change her mind and he wanted her legally bound to
him before she came to her senses.

As if
she would.

Marriage to Derek was wonderful, beyond her
wildest fantasies. Even her mother had come around and was Derek’s biggest fan.
Claire loved him so much, she’d become his head sales rep and traveled to trade
shows selling his pieces and gaining new commissions for him. Business was

“Here it is. Yep. Nice and sturdy.” He
lifted her on top and stepped between her thighs. He rubbed her legs, stroked her
higher and higher with each pass, until at last, he brushed her damp center.

She groaned her approval.

“Why, Anabelle, is that for me?”

“Of course.”

“Very nice, sweetheart.” He tugged her
panties down and brushed a finger along the honeyed dew. She moaned and her
head fell back. He kissed her deeply and explored her mouth, while his fingers
explored below. He knew exactly how to make her buck against him, circling the
spot that ached and yearned for his touch. He was good, very good and she
spread her legs as wide as she could in the narrow skirt, panting with

“Yes, sweetheart, spread them wide,” he
murmured against her lips and pulled the skirt higher until it bunched at the
top of her thighs.

He pulled the loose bow of her retro polka
dotted blouse. “While you talked stains and finishes, you don’t know how many
times I wanted to do that and more.”

Pearl buttons were undone until the blouse parted.
He released her front fastener and pulled back to study her. A year ago, the
old Anabelle would have hunched over, too shy to sit up but the new Anabelle was
proud of the skin she lived in. She leaned back on supporting arms and thrust
her chest forward, knowing how much he enjoyed the view.

“Beautiful,” he breathed.

And she felt beautiful.

His patience and reaffirming love made her
feel treasured.

He lifted a breast and laved her nipple.
She threaded her fingers through his dark hair and held him close while he
licked, tugged and sucked one, then the other, until she was a writhing figure
on his custom console table.

His hands moved lower, his mouth followed. He
lowered himself to his knees and pulled her to the edge of the table. With his
lips, fingers and talented tongue, he loved her until she cried out once, then
twice and would have made her come again but she tugged him up until he stood
in front of her. Then she attacked his button and zipper and released his cock.
Together they aligned their bodies and at last, he slid deep.

He paused and rested his forehead against

She savored the long, hard length of him
deep inside of her.

He brushed her lips with his. “Hold on,
babe.” His voice sounded hoarse.

He moved, his tempo slow. Sweat ran down
the side of his face and she licked him.

“Faster,” she said and he responded. He
bent to kiss
his need was hot and urgent. He
bruised her lips but she didn’t mind. Her need was as strong and she responded
in kind. The rhythmic thump grew faster as their pace increased.

Together their moans increased in volume while
their bodies writhed. At last, she cried out as her body clenched around his,
gripped him hard, pulsing and demanding his release until he surrendered.

“Fuck. Fuck.” He groaned and stiffened,
following her into bliss.

Minutes later, when Anabelle remained a
limp mass of pleased woman with a drained Derek slumped over her they heard a
key turn in the front door.

“Wait, right there,” Derek called out and
pulled out of her, which caused aftershocks, making her moan.

He kissed her in apology. “Sorry babe.”

“Jeez, Derek. Don’t you guys have a bed
somewhere?” Dani sounded like she was trying not to laugh.

“Uncle Derek has a bed. I know he does. I’ve
seen it.”

Anabelle moaned and checked the floor for
her panties.

“Hi girls. Stay where you are.”

“Hi Uncle Derek, Hi Aunt Anabelle,” rang
the voices of innocent children.

“Whatcha doing?” asked a high-pitched
voice. Esme.

“Don’t ask?” was Dani’s response.

Alex’s favorite

“Trust me, you don’t want to know.”

“Know what?” Esme asked and Dani groaned.

“You’re killing me guys. Can’t you simply
say ‘okay, Aunt Dani, keeper of all knowledge’?”


“Have mercy.”

Derek interrupted before Dani and the girls
could continue. “Aunt Anabelle made a mess, and we’re cleaning it up. Don’t
want you girls getting dirty.”

“Is that what they’re calling it these
days?” Dani muttered.

“I heard that. Almost done.”

“Don’t worry, walking in on the two of you ‘cleaning’
may scar us forever.”

“Why?” Alex asked.

“Never mind.”

“Good thing she didn’t come five minutes
ago,” Derek muttered as they scrambled to get clothes in place. Anabelle

“For pity’s sake, we’ll leave.”

“Dani, why don’t you take the girls over to
Charlie’s for a snack and we’ll met you in a few minutes after we finish
cleaning up?” Derek asked still struggling with his button fly jeans.

“Yay!” Sugar was a big hit so it wasn’t a
hard sell. They rushed their aunt out the door in seconds.

When the door slammed, Anabelle and Derek fell
against each other in giddy laughter, partly because it was funny, partly as a
reaction from the adrenaline of almost getting caught.

“Sorry about that. But that’s life with
kids around.”

She shrugged. “That’s okay. One day, if
we’re lucky, our kids will do the interrupting.”

His eyes softened. “I hope.” He smiled and
she smiled back, happy because sometimes list were good, made you efficient and
gave you a sense of accomplishment. But sometimes, it kept you imprisoned.

For a long time, she’d been enslaved by the
need to be perfect, had run
ragged in the
quest. She was glad Derek had convinced her she didn’t need to be perfect,
because she was already his kind of perfect.

She gave him a quick kiss and he smiled.

“What was that for?”

“Because I love you so much.”

His dimple deepened and she melted. She
didn’t think she’d ever get tired of his smile.

“I love you more.” He kissed her but before
they got carried away, Derek pulled back before they got carried away. He held
his hand out for her and she took it. Hand in hand they locked up his shop and
walked towards Main Street like an old married couple.

If his buttons didn’t exactly line up or
her skirt was slightly skewed, people just shook their heads and smiled at
their favorite source of gossip. And this time when the couple heard a murmured,
“Bless their hearts” they just smiled, because they knew…they
blessed and they were so very


The End


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Sugar Bay Series

His Kind of Perfect
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BOOK: His Kind of Perfect (Sugar Bay #1)
13.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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