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How to Make Love to a Woman

BOOK: How to Make Love to a Woman
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How to Make Love to a

69 Orgasmic Ways to Have
Mind-Blowing Sex

By Xaviera Hollander
with Katje van Dijk

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My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to katje, as I could never have put this book together without her. She was my muse, my inspiration, and my organizer. Best of all, we had much fun putting this together. Thank you, katje, for your hard work, and for lending your sense of humor to the process.


“In my opinion there are really very few frigid women and lots of lousy lovers.”
—Xaviera Hollander,
Penthouse Letters,
August 1978

What I have put together in these pages are the best tips for pleasuring a woman, and in the process, have mind-blowing sex. And if you follow the advice herein, you will have that kind of sex over and over again. I tried hard to avoid doing what others have done—and that is: stating the obvious. You will not find advice in here about how to attract and seduce a mate; you won’t hear me telling you to brush your teeth before a kissing session. You should know that already. These sixty-nine tips are devoted to getting you to mind-blowing sex, time and time again. If you want the basics, buy one of those other books. This book is for the man who is serious about getting the most out of his sex life.

I do start by assuming you have a sex partner in your life, because, for most women, the casual dalliance or “one night fling” is not usually where she has had her best sex. It happens, but it is rare. For most women, to get to good sex they have to abandon themselves to the animal act, and getting to that point requires a lot of trust. You can’t build the kind of trust you need, generally, in the first date.

Yes, there are couples who report having mind-blowing sex the first time, but I would say that this happened either because they had gotten to know each other very well ahead of time, or because the man had a lot of experience and was very good at reading her, or else they were just both horny as hell and it scratched an itch and seemed mind-blowing, even though it was rather ordinary.

If you want consistently great sex, you must please your partner. If you want her purring at your feet and willing to play any game or do anything your vivid imagination comes up with, you have to keep yourself focused on her satisfaction first and foremost. Great lovers know that. Great sex is unforgettable sex, and great lovers are known for making an unforgettable memory, a memory that remains with her for years or decades to come. That’s what you want, and that’s what this book will coach you to do.




For more than thirty years, I have been advising men that when it comes to women, more than 90% of sex is between the ears. Recently, I had an opportunity to interview a modern day “dating and mating anthropologist” Robert Sherwood. He lamented that the problem with men is that they don’t look past the one clit—they don’t see that women have three clits. Mr. Sherwood expounded on his theory of the Trinity of the Clitorii. “All three are erogenous zones,” he said. “And they are all intricately connected. If you feed only one of the three, or even two of the three, she will starve. You must tend to all of her clits, as if they are one.” I was delighted with his metaphor because it put an exclamation point on my theory—you can’t just tease the body, you have to tease her mind and heart as well.

Women have much more complex needs than men and a man needs to understand that complexity to be a great lover. You can take all the sex tips in the world, but unless you can read her needs properly, and unless you can apply the actions to her moods properly, you are going to miss the mark and mind-blowing sex will elude you. One woman wants it hard and rough and another wants it soft and cuddly. The same woman will want both at different times. She may need to be taken one night and another time she wants a very easy friend to cuddle with. You have to learn all you can learn about her and then apply it to cradling her heart clit and tickling her brain clit. And, of course, if you don’t feed her vivid imagination and need for fantasy, she will likely find someone who can.

Generally, men are much more simple beings. As a group, you have your complexities and issues, but when it comes to matters of the heart, the simpler the better for most men. Here’s your tip: Dump that mode of thinking and learn to be more complex yourself.
Learn to present both the good boyfriend and the bad.
“Women are seeking the perfect combination of gentleman and arse,” said Mr. Sherwood, and he’s right. Get in touch with the warrior and the wimp in you. Seek out the good guy and bad guy in you. And learn how to present each at just the right moments.

“Sex is one of the nine reasons for incarnation. The other eight are unimportant.”
—George Burns

To get her heart clit stimulated, you just have to be a decent person. Have high integrity. Do what you say you are going to do. Say what you mean. Make her feel safe. A woman’s heart craves safety.

To stimulate her brain clit, abandon the good boy and bring out the bad boy. Women are genetically programmed to seek out the alpha male (the bad boy) and he is the one who stands out from the pack. It’s the same reason why a beautiful woman can have four men fawning all over her and the one she is rubber-necking is the one who just insulted her as he passed by. Well, sort of insulted her. What he was really doing was tickling her brain clit when he leaned down close and said, “You’d be mighty pretty if you didn’t wear so much make-up.” He made himself stand out from the pack, he stimulated her brain clit by challenging her, and he did it discreetly, privately, which was another signal—this one to her heart clit, a signal that said “this man would be safe to engage with.” That’s why I said it is complicated. The heart wants safety—the brain wants thrill.

To be a great lover, to provide mind-blowing sex time and time again, you must first understand and come to grips with the Holy Trinity of the Clitorii. You must understand the varying needs of the various clits. You must learn to engage the brain clit, soothe the heart clit, and if you do that, the body clit will follow you in any flavor of sex, any game, any position, any time, any place, and anywhere.


Once I was interviewed on a TV show with Tom Snyder, who asked me what I liked to do best with a new lover. I replied, “It’s a four-letter word that ends in ‘K,’ and it means ‘intercourse,’ and I like to do it all night and a lot of the rest of the time.” Tom said “Oh, I’ve got my hand ready on the bleeper button,” grinning at me. “It’s the big one, isn’t it?” he asked. “It’s big with me,” I replied. “The word is ‘talk.’”

“Women can be ruined by lovers, but mere acts of libertinism are quickly forgotten.”
—Madame Saint-Ange, who claimed to have slept with over 12,000 men during twelve years of marriage

“Intercourse” also means “communication,” and if she can’t talk to you or you can’t talk to her, your experiences of mind-blowing sex are going to be quite limited. The better you communicate verbally with your lover, the better the sex is going to be. Quality conversation is a huge part of sex and, for most women, the key to stimulating the brain clit. It is also the fastest way for you to learn what you need to learn about her so you can do what you need to do to make it safe for her heart clit. Never forget the heart clit: if you don’t make it safe for her, she won’t go to the limits for you. Her heart clit must be safe in order for her brain clit to go for the gold. And if you take care of those dominant clits (the heart and brain), the body clit will absolutely follow.

Getting women to talk is not usually a problem, but most women would rather die than verbalize the secrets of their anatomy and they are much worse about sharing the secrets of the dominant clits. Gentlemen, proceed with caution; go slowly, and expect to have to build some trust first.

BOOK: How to Make Love to a Woman
10.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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