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He'd like her more without them, though.


His mouth devoured hers as though he were starved for the taste of her, wordlessly indicating how he would eat her out, how he'd fuck her. He could feel her trembling in his arms, her muscles already too weak to support her, her body overcome with liquid passion. She was like molten lava, his own little volcano just waiting to erupt.


The sudden mental image of her juices overflowing her pussy made him moan aloud and rock against her, his free hand pushing away from the wall and grasping her breast, squeezing gently in a way that made the sharpness of her scent skyrocket.


Her clothes were in the way, he realized a moment later. Pulling away from her mouth and letting his lips linger on hers a moment longer, he carried her to the bed, wrapped around him like poison ivy. He could hear the savageness of her pulse as she struggled to make sense of what he was doing to her, but he didn't want her to regain her calm. He wanted her pliant, melting.


In seconds he was at the side of his bed, peeling the covers off of it and spreading her on it to feast on the sight of her body. He knew his eyes were glowing as he leaned over her, reading both passion and alarm in her beautiful dark gaze. He brought one knee to the bed next to her hip and one between her legs, nudging them apart to support his body as his right hand cupped her cheek most tenderly, his thumb brushing against her softly swollen lips. Lips that he had kissed, that he had licked and nipped at. Lips he wanted to see wrapped around his cock.


Desire surged inside him once more and he allowed his left hand to work quick magic on her clothes, shedding them article by article. Soon she was in her lacy beige underwear, giving her the appearance that she was naked, and he took a moment to assess her body. Zoe was slim, her body that of a model – not at all what he preferred in a woman, but with her he found it aroused him beyond logic. Everything she said or did aroused him beyond logic.


With an inhuman grin he ripped her bra and panties, ignoring her shocked yelp and taking in the fullness of her breasts, his eyes traveling down her quivering stomach and abdomen to her beautiful, glistening sex, feeling viciously possessive of such an intimate part of this beautiful woman he had avoided religiously before this day.


Instincts gnawed and urged, and Damian couldn't help but feel more animal than human. He wanted to grab her buttocks and lift her slightly, impaling her on his hardness, digging into her soft flesh and relishing her moan of pleasure bordering on pain. He wanted to drive into her like a brute, pulling her tight and then pushing out of her silky heat, only to plunge into her again. He wanted it to be rough, forceful. To own every single inch of her. To break past her barriers and get to the bottom of her, all while pushing inside her sweet pussy.


“Fuck,” he whispered, slowing himself down when he realized how heated he was making himself with all the mental imagery.


“I shouldn't let you do this,” she said, her tone indicating she didn't necessarily agree with what she was saying. “You rejected me once. I should return the favor.”


Laughing dryly, Damian caressed the inner side of her thighs before spreading them in a fluid motion, lying on his stomach between her legs. He heard Zoe's heart start galloping inside her chest and smiled before leaning down and inhaling deeply. Her scent made him heady with lust, made him want to devour her completely.


He remembered that day clearly – the day she had asked him out.


He had to get out of the boardroom. Her scent was fucking with his nervous system and he couldn’t stand it anymore. He’d barely gotten through the meeting without dragging her out of there and doing unspeakable things to her. Exactly one month had passed since he’d met her at a board meeting similar to this one and he hadn’t been able to shake off the effect she'd had on him. Why he reacted like that to her, he had no idea. He could vividly remember how he’d shivered shaking her hand for the first time, the small currents of electricity that had traveled up his limb, infecting his entire body, making him feel alive with unspent energy.


As soon as Herrero mentioned the figures he had been interested in, he stood up and dashed into his office without a proper goodbye. Two hours later he was working on some research, immersing himself in it to avoid thinking about his completely unwelcome reaction to Miss Jameson, MedFuture’s new COO. As soon as she’d gotten the position she had been able to attend board meetings, which had been the beginning of a very rough torture for him.


Her beautiful, long, soft-looking hair. Her gorgeous eyes. The delicate eyebrows that encased them. Those lush lips he wanted to bite.




Dear God, how she affected him. He was a standing mass of hardness – his desire for her manifested itself in its uttermost physical expression.


For a few moments he ignored the human presence outside his door, judging it to be maintenance, but the persistent knock that followed made his eyes narrow in suspicion. He wouldn’t have heard it because of soundproofing, but he was a shifter – his hearing was sharp and abnormal from a human’s perspective. Unfortunately, his sense of smell was not as strong, having been damaged in the war. Squeezing his eyes shut for a second, he pushed those memories aside.


Pressing a button on the panel on the side of the door, he activated the cameras that allowed him to see who was knocking. His heart skipped a couple of beats at the angelic sight that awaited him.


She looked determined. Her brows were furrowed and his attention was momentarily arrested by her pursed lips. Inhaling deeply, he pushed all of his screaming thoughts from his mind and pressed his thumb onto the thumbprint area, stepping back as the gliding doors opened automatically.


“Hi there,” she said, biting her lower lip in momentary indecision before squaring her shoulders. “I’m sorry to disturb you when you’re working, but I didn’t want to wait until the next board meeting.”


Tempted not to let her in, he steeled himself and invited her inside.


“So why
you here?” he asked, his voice positively hostile as he crossed his arms over his chest, making his muscles stand out. He needed no lab coat – even if he accidentally spilled acid on his skin, he’d heal in no time, which was why he was wearing a pair of comfortable jeans and a black T-shirt he’d changed into after taking a refreshing shower. His stance told of unfriendliness and impatience, because the way she rattled him was unnerving and he wanted her out as soon as possible. The faster they could be done with whatever it was she’d come to say, the better.


“I’m-” for a moment she was intimidated by his size, the meanness spread across his face, but he saw the way she drew her shoulders back in a gesture of pure resolution yet again. “I came here to ask you out on a date.”


His lips parted as pure shock and a blast of undisguised lust shot through his body.


“A date?” His question was more of a statement, voice deceptively calm.


“When we shook hands the first time we met I know you felt the same thing I did. A connection. I want to explore it.”


Frowning, he tried to get into this woman’s head and found the effort exhausting. She couldn’t have felt it, too – the bone-deep bond that had tied their hands together and sent waves of static between them. He’d been unable to get her out of his mind ever since.


But he couldn’t. He couldn’t give himself the opportunity to hope, to dream. There were other things that were more important, other things that needed his attention more.


“You’re wrong,” he said, his arms still crossed over his chest. “I didn’t.”


Frowning herself, she clenched her fists and he could smell the cocktail of hormones that were raging inside her body, signaling her frustration.


“You did. I saw it on your face. And during the meetings… you don’t take your eyes off me. It’s getting hard to ignore you.”


Lifting an eyebrow, he smirked mockingly. “So you think you’re special because I stare at you? Every newcomer is a threat, little girl, that’s why I stare. To figure you out. To decide if you’re friend or foe.”


“I’m not a newcomer,” she snapped. “I’ve worked my way to the top just like any hard-working woman, and I. Am not. A girl.”


There was such passion in her eyes that he was left momentarily breathless before he recovered enough to glare back, sizing her up with hungry eyes.


“I can see that,” he says, his gaze pausing on her breasts a second longer than necessary. “But that’s not relevant. The answer is no, Miss Jameson. I will not go out with you on a date.”


He smelt the elevated cortisol levels in her body all of a sudden, knowing her distress, yet having no intention to allow this undeniable attraction to thrive. He couldn’t act on his desire.




“So if you don’t mind,” he continued, riling her up further, “I’d like to get back to my work


Her eyes narrowed in mild fury and to his astonishment his cock throbbed in his jeans, lengthening alarmingly.


“All right,” she said, outwardly displaying none of her inner frustration. His respect for her grew tenfold. “It was worth a try. I might not offer myself again.”


‘Offer myself.’ God, the sound of that sent a lick of lust down his balls.


“I’m not attracted to you,” he argued. At that her eyes traveled down between his legs before meeting his gaze again. She lifted an eyebrow defiantly, challenging his statement at the sight of his obvious erection, but he refused to acknowledge her point, continuing to stand in front of her with arms crossed over his chest, silent as a grave.


“Fine. Good luck with your research,” she said, her head tilting to the side just slightly, trying to gauge what he’d been working on, but he stepped in her line of vision, making it clear he wasn’t willing to share.


“Goodbye, Miss Jameson.”


Finally getting the message – he thought glumly – she nodded and left.


The mere memory made his loins ache with the need to be inside her. He’d masturbated a lot to the memory of that day. He’d fucked other women thinking of Zoe’s boldness, yet none had eased the need. If anything, they’d left him feeling emptier.


It was time to gorge himself on her.

She couldn't believe the contradictions of this man.


He was aggressive and forceful, and so gentle, his brows slightly furrowed in concentration as he flicked his tongue in circles around her folds, drawing panting moans from her chest, making her grab her breasts and push them together, longing for something, trying to reach the powerful climax she could already feel. Her heart skipped a beat when his eyes opened, his mouth locking with her pussy lips in a kiss that he would have given her
sucking gently. His left forearm was pressing on her belly, holding her down forcefully, the contrast between tenderness and strength making her weak with pleasure. He engaged all her senses like no one else, with his musk, male smell, the arresting touches and sensual noises he was both giving and making her give. She'd known it would be like this between them – passion and possession. She felt undeniably his as he licked her skillfully, pressing her down on the mattress an keeping her eyes on his in a silent way that made her not even dare break contact.


As though he sensed she was close, his right hand reached up to her breast, joining hers in a quest to tease her nipples straight, making her moan in delight.


“Trust me,” he said, “Let go.” His gruff voice made fresh cream spill down her folds before he lapped it sensually. She trembled as a wave of pleasure swept through her and he nipped and kissed her wet folds hungrily, his palm spreading on her lower belly, pressing softly, making the pleasure intensify until she shattered in an orgasm so powerful that her limbs went numb.


Shapes and colors molded together and faded for a while. She could feel him everywhere – his hands exploring her body, his breath brushing against her skin, his lips trailing paths of fire down her curves, and yet she couldn't move.


“You have no idea what you're doing to me – what your scent is doing to me.”


Mind still fuzzy from the delicious pleasure inflicted by the
above her, Zoe didn't answer, just
She felt his restlessness, his hard cock brushing against her thighs, his deft fingers flicking her nipples as his teeth teased her collarbone.


“I've wanted to see you naked since I first saw you. Damn, I was undressing you with my eyes on our first board meeting, imagining the sexy lingerie you would be wearing, picturing you falling to your knees in front of me and giving everyone a show.”


At that a shock of awareness coursed through her, bringing her eyes to his as her mouth filled with saliva. His nostrils flared and he grinned.


“You'd like that, huh?”


When he bent his head to nip at her neck, she shivered.


“Would you like that,
?” he breathed against her ear, his voice making a wave of sensation wash through her. It was the first time he was saying her name and it sounded so sexy on his lips. “Would you like to get on your knees and suck me off?” Her inner walls clenched in response, cream coating her folds all over again. His fingers trailed down her abdomen, landing between her thighs, spreading her lips and rubbing her gently. Her back arched and he nipped her earlobe. “Would you like me to cum in your mouth? To hold the back of your head gently, coaxing you to open wider, to let me in deeper, touch the back of your throat? Would you like to give me that, Zoe?”


She moaned at the explicit imagery, spreading her thighs wider for him, bucking her hips slowly, aching for him.


“Please, Damian, stop teasing.”


“God,” he groaned against her throat, moving between her thighs and pressing himself against her, his cock accidentally rubbing against her clit. “I'm unable to tease with you. Trust me, baby, I'm going to deliver.”


Biting her lip, Zoe decided it was time she made him lose control, just like she had in the meeting room. She needed him like she she needed air, but she wanted to make him howl first. This felt forbidden, dirty – having sex with a man that could turn into an animal. Was he a man or was he an animal, ultimately? She'd witnessed the crazed, inhuman light in his eyes when he had looked at her like he'd wanted to devour her.


He was looking at her the same way now, like he knew something she didn't. But she didn't want to think – just feel. Just be taken.


Wordlessly, he grabbed her scarf off the floor and lifted the back of her head gently, tying it over her eyes.


Suddenly she was blind to the world around her and her usually strong voice started quivering. “Damian?”


“Shh, baby. Just feel.”


Effectively silenced, she listened to the hypnotic lull of his voice and let go.


“Feel my mouth on your skin,” he said, waiting briefly before deciding to brush his lips on her knees, enjoying the way her calf muscles spasmed. “Pay attention to the sounds you make, the ones I make.” Inhaling the scent of her wet pussy, he growled savagely, making her shiver in response. “I've wanted to fuck you for so long. I've wanted to touch every inch of you, own every inch of you.”


The heated words were making her spill cream more than his questing fingers or his ravaging mouth.


That was it. She couldn't take it anymore. Inside. She needed him


Furrowing her brows in concentration, she licked her lips as he trailed a hot path of kisses down her inner thigh and reached down to grab his hardness. Hissing, Damian's eyes shot up to hers just as his cock twitched impatiently in her hand, inviting her to stroke, to squeeze.


“Zoe,” he said, threateningly, moving to get away from her, but she was faster. In a move he couldn't have predicted, she toppled him over, surprising him, and dove straight for the long hardness, enveloping it in her mouth, licking the crown and squeezing her mouth around it. A strangled cry broke out from Damian's chest as he watched her bob her head up and down, her mouth leaving a path of slickness wherever it touched.


“Fuck!” he said. Growling, he stopped her motions and flipped her on her back in a flash, frowning at her for just a second before spreading her legs and pushing himself between them, pressing the head of his shaft against her entrance, looking down to their merging bodies as he pushed inside her slowly, letting her nether lips open like soft petals around his hardness, until he was in to the hilt.


Gasping, Zoe's hands shot up on either side of her head, a wave of pure pleasure traveling down inside her chest. Slowly, intently, looking at her like a hungry wolf preparing to devour a helpless prey, Damian slowly pulled out his cock, enjoying the way she clenched around him. Then he plunged in deeply, and pulled out again, only to dive in again.


Her bold approach was a game changer. He dropped the pretense of only wanting her for a quick fuck, even to himself. He swallowed her gasps with his mouth, withdrawing and plunging inside her again and again, looking into her eyes with an intense stare that shattered her completely.


“What are we doing?” she asked him, but he ignored her, still looking at her, pinning her to the mattress like an animal and growling as her inner walls clenched around his hardness, creamy juices flooding his cock as he pushed inside her.


,” she moaned, arching her back off the bed as his mouth nipped at her neck. It was the most erotic thing she’d ever felt. Tendrils of smoky pleasure inebriated her with lust until she couldn’t tell right from wrong. He wasn’t human. He wasn’t hers - he didn’t want to be. She read him like an open book, his stubborn silence as he thrust inside her speaking volumes. If he thought he could fuck her and leave her, he was going to be surprised.


Giving as good as she got, Zoe fought for it. Nails raking down his spine, she clenched her legs around his waist, urging him deeper, further inside her. He growled at that, his hand shooting to grip her neck firmly, but not in a squeeze. Warm arousal enveloped her as a wave of dizziness made her vision fuzzy. He released her on a particularly hard thrust, allowing her to gasp for breath as he drilled inside her.


Surprising him yet again, she grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him to her, whispering seductively, “Come. I want you to come inside me.”


He twisted away from her like a wounded animal, but couldn’t stop pumping his hips, driving even faster into her, making her scream at odd intervals. He was punishing her – punishing her for making him so hot for it, for not making it easy for him to leave her alone. He wanted her as much as she wanted him – of that she was sure. A man who was not human and who could potentially live a long –


A light bulb lit inside her brain as she wondered for just a minute how old he was, but she stored her curiosity for later use, concentrating on squeezing around his dick, making him flood her on the inside. The minute she pulled him down again to bite his neck as her hands wrapped in his hair, massaging his scalp, she felt the hot rush of semen just before he gave a last, rough thrust, pulling their pelvises together.


Instead of moving away from her, as she’d expected, he collapsed on top of her, careful not to smother her with his superior weight from all that raw muscle, and buried his face in her shoulder, inhaling deeply. He wasn’t saying anything, but then he didn’t need to. She knew exactly what he was thinking, because she was feeling it. His partial-erection still inside her, the male seed trickling between her buttocks, the hot gusts of air he was blowing against her throat.


She wanted him again. By the way he twitched inside her, he wanted her, too. But instead, she let him bring her with him and spoon her comfortably, falling asleep in each other's arms.



BOOK: Hunter's Prey, A
12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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