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9. An ant is trying to crawl out of an 8 metre well. During the day it climbs up 3 metres, but during the night it slips back 2 metres. The day starts at 8 a.m. and the night starts
at 8 p.m. Both equal twelve hours. If the ant starts his journey at 8 a.m. on Saturday, when (time and day) will he reach the top?

10. Lamp A is less bright than Lamp B. Lamp B is brighter than C and D. Lamp D is as bright as Lamp C. Which lamp is the brightest?

(3 points each – total 15 points)


11. Insert the same two letters to make two different words: SLO _ _ / _ _ ACE

12. What word is the best definition for volatile? Angry, changeable or frightening

13. Unjumble these letters to form a word meaning ‘seek’: CHARES

14. If a vowel is worth 3 points and a consonant is worth 1 point, what is the value of the capital city of Australia?

15. If you rearrange the letters ‘ANDLEGN’, would you have the name of an ocean, animal, city or country?

(2 points each – total 10 points)

General Knowledge

16. Which is the odd one out? Carp, herring, shark, whale or pike

17. Name the ocean that lies to the east of Australia and to the west of America.

18. At which pole will you not find a polar bear?

19. The number of bones in the human body is closer to 100, 200 or 300?

20. What coloured ball on a snooker table has the highest value?

(2 points each – total 10 points)

TOTAL 50 points


1. 8

2. 125

3. 6 and 12

4. 15

5. 10


6. 11

7. 24


9. 8 p.m. Thursday

10. Lamp B


11. PE

12. changeable

13. search

14. 14

15. country (England)

General Knowledge

16. whale (it’s a mammal)

17. Pacific Ocean

18. South Pole

19. 200

20. black


50 Genius

46-49 Seriously Brainy

40-45 Very Brainy

35-39 Very Intelligent

30-34 Intelligent

25-29 Very smart

20-24 Smart


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About the Authors

is the author of the bestselling Toby Jones cricketing adventure series. He lives in Geelong, Victoria. His main interests include a wide variety of sports, music, reading and keeping fit. He has worked as a teacher for just over twenty years and currently teaches part-time at Geelong College.

Visit Michael’s website at

lives in Bendigo with her husband, two children, two dogs, two goldfish, two ducks, fifteen chooks and a ghost horse. Pam works as a physiotherapist, a TAFE teacher and other bits and pieces. She’s enthusiastic about a lot of things—including books, chocolate and getting up in the morning—and wears a bracelet made out of spoons. Pam has been writing since 1993.


The authors would like to say thanks to the team at HarperCollins, who are very easy to get along with—especially Lisa Berryman, Patrick Mangan and Liana Spoke. Special thanks to Olivia Dalton and Stephanie Taylor for their expert advice on swimming matters. Two great swimmers and two great people! Michael would like to thank Pam for keeping him on track. Pam would like to thank Michael for leaving the track to get more ideas.



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Panckridge, Michael, 1962 – .

In the deep end.

For children.

ISBN 978 0 2072 0064 9 (pbk.)

ISBN 978 0 2072 0064 9 (epub)

I. Harvey, Pam, 1965—. II. Title. (Series :The clued-up six ; bk. 2).


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BOOK: In the Deep End
11.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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