Into the Azure: A Fantasy Bad Boy Romance

BOOK: Into the Azure: A Fantasy Bad Boy Romance
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Into the azure

A Billionaire Sci-Fi Romance

Kylie Silverstone

Chapter 1

“Flight number 219 departing from Kansas City International Airport, arriving in Grand Bahama International airport is about to begin boarding. I repeat Flight number 219 is about to begin boarding, if all passengers could approach their gate...Flight number 219…”

“Oh my god Isabelle, aren’t you so fucking excited?!” Eva shrieked into my ear, causing me to jump and almost lose my footing under the weight of our heavy luggage I was carrying.

“Yeah, Eva, I’d be jumping up and down if I wasn’t carrying all of you shit, take some of these.”

Eva tossed her shoulder length blond hair as she scoffed and grabbed for one of her many mismatching animal print luggage bags. She herself had a hard time keeping her footing under the weight of what appeared to be her entire life stuffed into 5 large rectangles. It only made her look even more comedic that she had chosen to get dressed for the Bahamas before we had left the Michigan December behind us. Her Tropical halter dress, straw hat and platform wedges made her seem more like someone who had escaped some type of institution and that someone was about to embark on their first vacation abroad. I steadied her with my hand as I took a bag from her.

“Seriously, Eva, it’s about 10 degrees out, IN THE SUN. What the hell were you thinking wearing that? And you didn’t even think to maybe pack one sweater?”

“Watch it there Granny,” She said to me with a coy smile as she tugged at my tattered woolen sweater which almost reached my knees. “I’m sure if I really do get cold, you’ve probably brought enough sweaters and books to keep us warm and well-read for a life time.”

I reached to tickle Eva for her wonderful comments, but was met with a wet kiss on my cheek, and Eva yelling out an audible “MWAH!”

“How about that guy?” Eva said, pointing to a young, blond muscular man in a tight fitting lumberjack sweater, blue jeans and untied logging boots.

“Well, he sure does look like he belongs in Missouri,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Ugh, excuse me little Miss thing, but I don’t think you are in any position to be turning down anyone who measures like that on the Richter scale of hotness!”

“I most certainly do, Isn’t that the point of traveling abroad anyway? To do things to people we’re never going to have to see again?” I said, winking at her.

Eva dropped her arm from her shoulder and placed her hands on her hips, looking at me with her mouth open and eyes wide.

“ISABELLE,” She whispered, “That is exactly what I wanna hear! Now let’s get the hell out of this god forsaken state.”

I laughed as we got in line with the other passengers, Eva and I arm in arm. I could see her still eyeing up the lumberjack from behind her large, round sunglasses, him eyeing her back. It wouldn’t surprise me for a second if she tried to become a member of the mile-high club before our plane landed. I didn’t mind one bit, I admired her fire, I felt like if I could stand close enough to it maybe I could soak up some of her heat.

This is why I loved Eva; our personalities clashed in the most perfect way. There was a unity in our madness, a teamwork in our turmoil. Seeing us walk down the street you would never had guessed that we had been best friends since the first day of Seventh grade. I could usually be seen hiding behind the leather binding of some old novel, trying desperately to keep my long, brown hair from falling out of its bun, lest I lose my page. Eva on the other hand was more likely to be found having afternoon cocktails at the latest hip bar in town, wearing some dress you would only see on go-go girls, flipping her hay colored hair and yelling cat calls at the boys on the street through the bar window. When she was lead cheerleader, I was head of the debate team. When some boy broke my heart for the first time, Eva was right there by my side to give him more than a mouthful. When some boy broke her heart, I was at her house that night with a couple carton of eggs to decorate his car with and a bottle of cheap wine.

We stumbled down the gate and onto the plane, making our way to our seats, Eva clumsily knocking into seated passengers.

“Well, looks like this is us,” I said reading our tickets.

“Oh, it’s our lucky day,” Eva whispered, nodding at a couple of rows behind us. 

Lumberjack was sitting there, obviously undressing my friend with his eyes.

“You’re incorrigible,” I sighed and slid into my window seat with my small backpack.

Eva laughed and continued to struggle getting her Yak-sized carry-on into the overhead compartment. I turned my head and stared out the window. The sky was bleak with grey clouds that hung low in the air, typical for December in Missouri. I looked out the window and tried to pretend that this wasn’t just a vacation at all, that this was me leaving this place for good. That this was Eva and I’s great escape, that we were off to start our new lives in some place of excitement and wonder. Where I didn’t work some boring desk job, pushing papers for minimum wage. Where Eva didn’t work at the midnight shift diner in the center of town, where she didn’t have to wait on drunk collage kids and unruly locals until the break of dawn. We were leaving, we would never return, and wherever we went would be more fabulous than the last. We would….

“Hey Izzy!” Eva whispered, jolting me out of my daydream.

Eva smiled as she bent over in the aisle, her dress barley touching the back of her pale thighs, seemingly trying to find something in her purse. I looked back and saw that the Lumberjack was not only staring, but now wide-eyed look at my best friend’s back side.

“Sit Down!” I yelled in a whisper, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her into her seat.

We both doubled over with hushed laughter as I tried to not make eye contact with the Lumberjack who was glaring at us.

“You are going to get us in so much trouble,” I whispered smiling and waving my finger at her, “Now sit down before you get us kicked off the plane.”

Eva scoffed and opened up her tabloid magazine.

“Please Izzy, I don’t really think we can get into much trouble on a plane”

“Honey, I can’t imagine when you wouldn’t get us in trouble.”

I reclined my seat back and tried to force myself back into my lucid daydream. I felt the propellers of the plane begin to spin, a gentle hum which warms my seat and put my mind to rest. Eva babbled on about what the latest celebrity gossip was, elbowing me at every savory piece of gossip she found in the columns.  I indulged in her catty comments as I slowly drifted off into my own mind…..

“Did you hear that she cheated on him!” she exclaims.

“Did you hear that her plastic surgery was botched!” she yelled loud enough to make everyone turn their heads.

I really didn’t care, I let out a faint grin, just letting her know that I am still listening to her banter. I tried to return to my safe fantasy; the place where no mistakes were made, the place where everything was on time, the place where Eva didn’t just run her mouth about mindless nonsenses, where I would be sitting pretty on a beach soon, without a care in the world.

The passengers grumbled and moaned about overlays and lost luggage overtop of Eva’s voice. I treed to tune into their private moments as the plane took off; Someone having an affair, so-and-so- drinking too much, pill addiction, sex addiction-

“She put on 130 pounds-“

Whose child made the team, Vodka in a water bottle-

“I can’t believe she’s pregnant.”

Implants, liposuction.

“Their baby is going to be hideous,” Eva says with a nod.

“Two wrongs just don’t make a right.”

I let out a sigh, trying to indicate to her that the last thing I wanted to do right now was talk. I followed with an elongated stare, but, as always it went unnoticed as she stared almost blankly at her tabloid.

“Please, just anything in the world to shut her up,” I thought to myself. I took the sweater and pulled it over my head, the international signal for ‘don’t want to talk to you.’

Eva jabbed her elbow into my ribs, I raised my hands to Evas face.

Then a sudden jolt. 

Eva grabbed the arm on her chair, then reaches for mine. I snapped back into reality as I felt her clutch, and grasp her even tighter.

“Ladies and Gentleman, we are experiencing some unpredicted turbulence, if everyone would remain calm and remain the upright and seated position, we’ll fly through this just fine,” The pilot’s voice boomed through the loudspeaker.

The plane shook, then rocked, then seemed to seized all together. I could feel it give a rattle and glanced back at the disturbed passengers behind me. I glanced at Eva, our eyes locked and hands clenched with what seemed to be a century suspended in time.




A bright flash of light.

The feeling of suspension.

Air coming out of your lungs.

Stomach dropping to your feet.


Flashing purple lights.

Passengers screaming, Eva’s hand clenching mine, her nails digging into my skin.

Purple lights and I’m cold.

Chapter 2

The feeling of suffocation overcame me, like I was breathing in mud. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t speak, is this death?

“IZZY, IZZY!!” a booming voice screamed at me.

I felt the grasp of a hand clenching my hair and lifted me out of the mud. I exhaled with a cough and the deeply inhaled. I coughed and nearly throw up, this air tasted like foul cotton candy that’s had been soaked in gasoline. The ground beneath me was pure mud, the naked bodies passing by me splashed dirty water on to my face. I steadied myself to my feet, naked and afraid; the voices over the loudspeakers still a distant hum.



Through the blistering light I could barely make out her hands, it was Eva. She held my face next to hers, her hot breath fuming with panic.


I felt my brain snap back into being and realized how cold I was. I grasped hold of my body and only felt bare, naked, muddy, flesh. I looked around me and noticed the bleak, grey, sky, then the mud, then the castles that stood a mile high, then the noise and chaos.  I grasped Eva’s hands, cold with filth and lifted my gaze to those around me. Hundreds of naked, dirty passengers with terror in their eyes, running through ankle deep mud, being prodded by leather clad men two times their size, armed with machine rifles. My vision was nearly doubled as I tried desperately to make out the features of their faces, as one neared I saw that they were masked in the same leather as their bodies. He approached, his every step shaking the ground beneath us. He raised the butt of his rifle and striked Eva in the ribs. She fell into to the mud holding her side, he raised his rifle for another strike towards her head. I grabbed from what I can only make out was his ankle and pull, hard. I felt his leather leg slip out from beneath me and hear him fall hard against the mud with a splat. Without a moment of hesitation, I pulled up my bare foot and began to stomp every part of his body. He stared at me through the holes in his mask with eyes that almost seem to be smiling. I saw his chest heave with a chuckle as he knocked me to the ground with one shove to the ankles. He leaned his head back in the mud, almost seemingly proud of how easily he had overpowered me. I groaned in pain as I leaned up and breathed heavily, Eva grabbed my arm, almost dislocating it.

“EVA? I said with a paused breath as she pulled me to my feet, “What the fuck happened?”

She pulled my bare body against hers, flecks of mud splatter against us as we embraced. I could see tears streaming down her face pale face, and her big blue eyes wild with confusion.

“I…” She stuttered into my ear, “I don’t know, we were in the air and then I… I just passed out.”

Her naked body began to jump and heave as she started to cry. I held her closer, and closer, trying to hold on to whatever she had left. I could feel our coldness next to each other, and the shouting of the leather clad men. I felt the running of the frantic, naked, passengers under my feet. I held her tight and felt her long nails digging into my back, the whimpering of her voice and the long row of her tears streaming down my back.

I saw the terrified men and women, getting sorted into long, shivering lines. Their eyes wild and confused, their bodies suddenly paler with the dim sky. The guard’s shove and pushed with the butt of their guns, their eyes wild with power. Women clench their naked breasts and the men cover their groins with both hands as they were led single file.

“It’s going to be OK,” I lied,” It’s all going to be OK.”

Suddenly, I felt a cold, hard, hand clench my shoulder.

“Istal ram ye!”

“Istal ram ye!”

“Istal ram ye!”

A strange voice shouted in an almost glass shattering scream that pierced the thunder of the chaos.

“Izzy I’m scared,” she whispered breathlessly into my ear.

“Me too,” my trembled voice croaked.

The clenched hand clamped down on my shoulder, feeling as if it were cracked glass ready to shatter beneath his grip.

“Istal ram ye!”

“Istal ram ye!”

“Istal ram ye!”

He lifted his hand from my shoulder grabbed a fist-full of my hair, nearly tearing if from my skull. I let out a shriek as I was ripped from Eva’s arms and dragged to the ground. I swung at the leather guard’s arms like a savage animal as I was dragged through the mud and nearly stampeded by terrified humans screaming for their lives.

“EVA!” I cried, clawing at the guard’s arm as he dragged me through the mud.

I finally make out Eva in the crowd and see her being led off, arm in arm, by two of the guard’s. I felt my heart sink into my stomach and for a moment all of whatever this world was faded away. I no longer felt myself being dragged by the hair, I didn’t hear the terrified shrieks of my fellow passengers, I didn’t feel the cold air freezing the mud to my body. All I could hear now is Eva sobbing.

“NO, NO, NO, PLEASE NO!” She pleaded and was escorted into the mass of scurrying bodies and out of my sight.

I felt my head get light and felt the ground beneath me become numb. I saw the guard I had grabbed still laughing on the ground, gun in hand. I saw people marching in lines, their faces looking like confused cattle headed to slaughter. I saw the crowd becoming smaller and smaller as I realized I’m being dragged away, away and out of sight. My entire body began to revolt as I tried to loosen his grip, I grasped at my hair and gnaw at the air, my naked body flailing. I heard the screaming of the crowd begin to soften as he dragged me out of the mud and up onto the grass behind the stone walls. He threw my head against the hard stone and it hit with a smack. The warm rush of fresh blood quickly began to ooze its way out of my skull and down my neck.

“MOTHERFUCKER!” I screamed, holding my bleeding skull, my vision doubling again by the impact.

Feeling a shot of adrenalin shoot through my body like electricity, I steadied myself up against the cold, stone wall. I closed eye and saw stars, I could still hear the muted sounds of the screaming crowd in the distance, the screams of the guard’s in their foreign tongue, the slapping of bare feet against cold ground. I breathed deeply, filling my lungs with stale air. I exhaled slowly, trying to steady my heart when I suddenly felt the cold, hard, touch of metal against my head. I knew what it was even before I lifted my gaze to the leather-clad guard standing before me. He pushed the hollow tip of his rifle into my forehead, like he was relishing in the thought of ending me then and there. He pushed his rifle deeper until my head is pressed against the stone wall. I looked up at the grey sky, as my last breath trembled into the wind. He put his hand on the trigger.

“It’s going to be OK,” I whispered to myself.

He straightened his legs, and dug his rifle into my forehead.

“No matter what, it’s going to be ok,” I croaked with what I was sure is my last breath.

I closed my eyes and heard him slide his leather hand over the trigger.

Inhale, exhale; what a way to die.

“MALA ANKIN!” a voice ripped through the silence.

“MALA ANKIN!” the guard jumped back, throwing his gun to the ground and raised his hands in fear.


The guard dropped to his knees and raised his arms above his head. He was immediately surrounded by 5 other guards who pushed him to the ground, their boot heels placed on top of his spine. Through his thin leather I could see him trembling in fear and his paused breath. I catch a glimpse of his eyes and saw that they were a cold stale grey like the sky, and wild like a scared horse. He stared back at me as I gave him a smirk.


“MALA ANKIN!” The voice bellowed. 

All five guards immediately jumped; backs straightened, guns to their sides and still with their heels on my friend. One man pushed through them and they parted like a fog, almost toppling over at his mere presence. With a swift wave of his hand the 5 guards almost scurried away in fear. I laid against the cold stone staring at him, feeling puny myself in his presence. Without a word he walked up to my guard and picked him up by the back of the neck. He lifted him and held him almost three feet off the ground, staring into his eyes. I was suddenly amazed by how large this man seemed to be compared to his counterparts, and was momentarily terrified that I was now going to be left to him. With one swift swoop of his huge arm, he threw the guard almost completely out of sight, followed by a loud thud.

He slowly turned and fixed his gaze on me, his cold grey eyes transfixing and unforgiving beneath his leather mask. He slowly sauntered his way to my feet, his gate deliberate and dominating, until he was standing just at my feet staring down at me. He knelt meeting my gaze and I was overcome with a feeling of absolute terror as he tightly grasped my arm and pulled me to my feet like I was light as air. His hands were massive around my naked, dirty arm, the leather of his glove cold and stiff. Coming to my feet I began to feel lightheaded and felt my knees begin to give from beneath me. He quickened and steadied me with both of his hands as I began to kneel to the ground. I felt the world that I now know begin to shutter around me like a strobe-light show, I suddenly felt myself become lightless, then all was dark.

I could vaguely feel the cold touch of his hands below my buttocks, the frigid jolt of his uniform across my chest. I barely open my eyes when I realize I was being carried by this man towards one of the castles, his feet almost moving in a haste. I exhaled deeply knowing that whatever was to come next was my only fate. I closed my eyes and let him carry me helpless, naked, and nearly dead through the castle walls and into my new life.


BOOK: Into the Azure: A Fantasy Bad Boy Romance
6.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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