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Well, I met a guy,” Natasha said blushing. “The hottest guy I have ever known, Rita. Thick dark hair, muscular body, toned skin,” she added. By now, she had a dreamy look in her eyes.

Who is this guy, Derek Shepherd?” Rita asked as she made herself more comfortable on the couch. Natasha looked at her in surprise.

I thought so too, “ she squealed. “We are so alike right now,” she added throwing an arm around Rita’s shoulders. Rita looked at her in disgust.

You sound like a white girl,” she said in a sarcastic voice before they both laughed.

Is that Rita Johnson,” Estelle’s voice filled the room as she came through the front door.

Hey Mrs. Black,” Rita said smiling as she walked to the door. “Here let me help you with that,” she said as she took the grocery bags from Estelle’s hands.

Bless you child,” Estelle said with a sigh. “How is everyone back at home?” she asked as she walked over to the kitchen table. Eric stood up to get her glass before pouring her some cool lemonade.

Fine, Mrs. Black, just fine,” Rita replied. Natasha walked over to where they were and began helping with the groceries.

I hope you are staying for dinner,” Estelle said as she took a seat next to Eric. “I am making my famous fried chicken,” she added taking a sip of the lemonade.

Mmm, I got to make sure I don’t miss that,” Eric said shutting his laptop. He pulled his chair back, grabbed his car keys and began walking towards the door.

Where are you going?” Estelle asked as he opened the door.

Work,” he said. “I want to get that chicken hot and fresh and the mere thought is a distraction,” he added closing the door behind him.

And that’s the boy I raised,” Estelle said feigning sadness. “You have such high hopes as they grow up only to have them crushed,” she added.

When all they think of is food, what do you expect?” Natasha asked, feigning the same sadness as her nan. Rita laughed as she looked at the two.

The drama never really dies down in this house, does it?” she asked shifting gazes from Natasha to Estelle. Natasha shook her head.

Do you expect anything less?” Natasha asked flipping her hair dramatically.

Speaking of drama,” Estelle started turning her attention to Natasha. “I met Jay’s mother at the farmer’s market.” Rita and Natasha exchanged glances. “She said she will be stopping over later today,” Estelle added holding her glass. Rita looked at her best friend. She could have sworn that she literally saw color drain from Natasha’s face.

It looks like that later is now,” Rita said as they all looked at the old sedan pulling up in the driveway. Natasha felt herself panic. She had nowhere to run. There was only one way out of this mess and that was through the front door. The same door Jay’s mother, Sherea intended to walk through in the next few seconds. She looked at her nan and sighed. Estelle reached out and gave her now cold hand a little squeeze. Natasha had always been free with her. She knew when she and Jay began dating, when they started having issues and eventually when they broke up. She even knew the reason why their relationship hit the rocks. Actually, the whole town knew why. The only person who never understood Jay was Sherea. To her, she had raised the perfect son. The responsible son rather than the lying, irresponsible bastard he truly was.

Hellur,” they heard the all too familiar tone of Sherea’s voice at the doorway. They all looked more like zombies, standing rooted to the ground rather than the welcoming house guests they should have been.

Hey, Sherea,” Estelle said with her usual charm. Natasha had always wondered how her nan managed to remain charming even when she was obviously agitated.

Well, don’t just stand there,” Sherea said to Natasha. “Come and give your future mother-in-law a hug,” she chimed. Natasha looked at Rita who was trying hard not burst out laughing. Estelle gave her nudge causing her to involuntarily walk towards their house guest. “You are still losing weight,” Sherea said as she embraced Natasha. “Maybe after the wedding we can get some meat on these bones,” she said laughing.

After the wedding?” Rita asked looking directly at Sherea.

Oh yeah,” Sherea said walking towards the kitchen table. “We know how ya’ll girls like looking nice and skinny in them Vera Lang wedding dresses,” she added as she pulled out a chair.

You mean Vera
” Rita corrected.

Whatever, Lang, Wang they all Chinese anyway,” Sherea said throwing her arms up. Estelle smiled. Sherea never accepted she was on the wrong.
Even if she drove the wrong direction in a one way street, she’ d still manage to get out of the situation without a ticket thanks to her argumentative nature.

Well, nice to see you,” Natasha said as she walked back to the kitchen. “But, we were just leaving,” she said taking Rita’s hand.

Where to?” Sherea asked as she helped herself to some lemonade.
She won’t even ask if the glass is clean,
Natasha thought as she looked at Sherea in disgust. “You do know that it’s not everyday you get to sit down with your future in-laws in a friendly setting,” she said lightly.
Oh this has got to stop. Jay owes me big time,
she thought again as she cursed Jay for not telling Sherea about the break up. Natasha wanted to scream 0or even better, drop dead right where she stood. She sighed and tried to relax. A conversation with Sherea was going to require every last nerve of her sanity.

I guess not,” she said as she walked towards Sherea and took a seat.

So tell me,“ Sherea started as she took Natasha’s hands in hers. “When are you planning to make an honest man out of my Jay?” she asked looking into Natasha’s eyes.

Don’t torment the girl, Sherea,” Estelle said in Natasha’s defense.

I am not tormenting anyone,” Sherea said as her voice got a bit higher. “The one being tormented here is me,” she added. Rita scoffed making Estelle give her a sharp look.

How so?” Rita asked. “You are not the one in a relationship with Jay,” she added in a low tone. Estelle looked at her again. Thankfully, Sherea had missed that last part.

Well, I ain’t growing any younger and I need grandchildren,” Sherea said winking at Natasha. Rita saw her friend’s eyes grow big.

Sherea…..” Natasha started before Estelle came to her rescue.

Let the children be, Sherea,” Estelle said. “why don’t we sit out on the porch and catch up?” she asked in an attempt to help her granddaughter who was clearly drowning. Natasha gave her a thankful look as she stood from the table.

I guess we could talk about this later,” Sherea said picking her glass up.

I guess,” Natasha said in a small voice.

We’ll just be outside, “ Estelle said as she opened the door.

Maybe I should get you and Jay over for dinner and talk about when I get to be a grandmother,” Sherea said walking towards the door to Estelle.

Okay that’s it,” Rita said standing up. Natasha jerked around and looked at her.

Rita, what are you doing?” she asked, her heart pounding hard and fast.

She needs to know,” Rita said looking at Natasha and then back to a confused Sherea.

Need to know what?” Sherea asked looking around. “Estelle, what is this?” she asked.

Nothing,” Estelle said grabbing her arm. “Don’t pay her no mind,” she added.

Please nana Black let me tell her,” Rita said.

No, it’s not your place,” Estelle said sharply.

We both know Tasha’s cowardice will never allow her to say it,” she said matter of factly.

Rita!” Natasha said still looking at Rita.

What the hell is going on?” Sherea asked. She was already getting agitated. It was obvious that there was something going on and she wanted to know what it was. She needed to know.

You perfect little son Jay,” Rita started as she put up finger quotes.

Rita Johnson you better shut up before I shut you up,” Estelle said sternly. Rita looked at her and shook her head.

What is that thing you say nana Black? Speak the truth and the truth shall set you free?” Rita asked looking at Estelle who was now dumbfounded. Natasha knew that her nan always quoted the Bible and now that Rita had done the same, she knew Estelle had nothing more to say.

Rita please,” Natasha pleaded.

What about my boy?” Sherea asked ignoring the two Black women. It was obvious that Rita had something to say about her son and she was not going to leave until she had all the gory details.

Well, Jay and Tasha…..” “RITA!” Natasha yelled interrupting her sentence.

Someone’s got to do it girl and that person is me!” Rita yelled back at Natasha before turning back to Sherea. “Sherea, Jay and Tasha are done,” she said finally. Sherea looked at the two of them and then at Estelle.

You’re kidding, right?” Sherea asked looking at Rita.

Why would I kid about something like that?” she asked looking at Sherea.

What did you do Rita? Now, I’m never going to hear the end of this.

“Is this…..true?” Sherea asked Natasha whose eyes were fixated on the floor.

Yes, ma’am,” Natasha replied I a low voice. “We broke up four months ago,” she added lifting her head to look at Sherea.

Sherea, I’m sorry,” Estelle said walking back to the kitchen. She placed her hand on her friend’s arm to console her.

It’s okay,” Sherea said. “Things don’t always work out,” she added sadly as she sat back down. Natasha felt heavy in her heart. This was exactly what she never wanted to happen. Sherea was an annoying woman but she did have her good side, her sensitive side. She walked towards Sherea and gave her a hug.

I’m really sorry Sherea,” she said in a low voice. “If I could do anything differently you know I would,” she added.

I know,” Sherea said managing a smile. “I wonder where Jay will get another one like you,” she added patting Natasha’s hair.

He’ll probably move to some place and fuck another white bitch,” Rita said under her breath. This time everyone heard her.

RITA!” Natasha and Estelle said in unison. Rita looked up in surprise. Natasha could see the ‘oh fuck’ written all over her face.

What did you just say?” Sherea said suddenly getting angry. “I ought to wash your mouth out with soap.”

Sherea! Chill out,” Natasha said trying to hold her back. Sherea’s large form effortlessly pushed Natasha to the floor.

Tasha!” Rita shouted as she ran to her aid. Estelle quickly intercepted Sherea’s hand which was hell bent on slapping Rita.

Let her be,” Estelle said looking at Sherea. From where she lay, Natasha could tell that her nan meant business. She looked at her nan who was in a tight stare contest with Sherea waiting to see who would break first. “You better get out of my house if you can’t respect it enough,” Estelle said still looking at Sherea.

Did you hear what she said about my son?” Sherea asked her voice shaking.

You know she is right, Sherea,” Estelle said, her voice a little softer now. “Everyone knows what he was like. You cannot tell me you are the only one who didn’t know the son you raised,” she added looking at Sherea.

I’m sorry, Sherea but someone had to tell you,” Rita said helping Natasha to her feet.

If what you all say is true,” Sherea said in a low voice.

:”It is true Sherea,” Natasha said looking at her sadly. “All of it,” she added.

“Then you had all better prepare yourselves to face him,” Sherea finally said as she picked up her bag and headed for the door.

Wait, what?” said Rita looking confused. “That do you mean? Why would we have to face him?” she asked looking at Sherea who was already at the door.

Because he is moving back here,” Sherea said. “Next week, Jay is moving back.” She said again before walking out. The Black house was dead silent. You could have heard a pin drop from miles away.

Did she just say Jay was moving back to the neighborhood?” Rita said breaking the serene environment. “That boy causes enough damage from wherever he is,” she added as she sat down.

BOOK: Is Mr White Mr Right?
5.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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