Island Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story (The Kisses Series Book 9)

BOOK: Island Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story (The Kisses Series Book 9)
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Island Kisses
A Billionaire Love Story
Krista Lakes
About This Book

arper Thomas loves bad dates
. She goes on hundreds of them a year, and then blogs about them online to make her living. When her sister signs her up for a new dating service, Harper's not expecting to find anything other more than ridiculous men. She certainly isn't planning to meet

abe Honors is
one of the billionaire owners of Kindling Dating. He also happens to be Miami's most eligible bachelor, but his search for love has never been successful. That is, until he decided to use his own dating service. The first time he meets Harper, he knew that she was the one. However, in order to make sure that it really was love, he kept his identity a secret. He soon finds out, secrets never mix well with love...

a billionaire CEO finally stump this bad-date-blogger? Can Harper look past the money and find the man? Or will they only be left with memories of their island kisses?

* * *

out from one of the big windows overlooking the water. The sun was finally setting and from where we sat, I could see the sky outside as it began to turn orange. It looked to be a breathtaking sunset.

“Can we watch the sunset?” I asked, already standing up.

“Of course!” Gabe said, nearly knocking over his chair and taking my hand.

I followed him out to the patio and we stepped up to the railing. The ocean sprawled out in front of us, all the way to the horizon, where the sun sat lonely on the water. The sky was on fire, making the incredible view from the island even more breathtaking. A warm breeze blew off of the sea, causing my hair to fall across my forehead. Gabe reached over and pushed the loose hair over my ear. His touch was soft, as if he were afraid I might disappear if he touched me.

“You look beautiful tonight,” he said. “Thank you for coming over for dinner.”

I smiled as I stepped closer to him. “The food was wonderful. But I’m still pretty excited to try out your world famous Ramen noodles one of these days.”

Gabe chuckled and then leaned in, surprising me with a kiss. The passion in the air ignited instantly as we embraced in front of the sunset. The island air blew through my hair, carrying with it the scent of saltwater and warm sand. It was a picture perfect moment; one that I never saw myself actually experiencing. This island kiss was the most romantic kiss of my life.

Gabe gently pulled away, just long enough to look at me with those glowing green eyes. Then he leaned in again. Our lips parted this time and the kiss became more passionate, with our tongues delicately dancing. My hands drifted up his back. I could feel the definition of his muscles, even over his shirt, and it turned me on even more. I wanted to feel his naked skin, his firm body, all of him and all at once.

This is what I've wanted for so long,
I thought.
And I want so much more.

It was as though he had heard my thoughts. Gabe slowly broke our kiss and then brought his lips to the outside of my neck. My jaw dropped and I let out a silent gasp as he kissed my sensitive skin, inching his way down toward my shoulder. My body was on fire now and a desperate aching presented itself in my most sensitive areas.

Gabe pulled away and looked at me. His eyes had dilated and there was an expression of animalistic lust on his face. He was breathing harder than before and when I glanced down, I noticed a growing bulge in the front of his slacks. No words were exchanged. There were none needed.

Everything that could have been said was written all over our faces and our body language. We wanted each other right then and there, and all of the time we had spent together so far had just been leading up to this magical moment.

“Kiss me,” I whispered.

He did as I asked and brought his lips to mine once again. Sweet and hot, our tongues tangled together. Our inhibitions quickly faded, replaced by a relentless passion. It was almost as if I had lost control, submitting to my most carnal desires.

My hands drifted over his body. I loved the way his muscular shoulders flexed with even the tiniest of his movements. I couldn’t get enough of his biceps either, which swelled as he pulled me close. Everything about this man turned me on.

After a moment, Gabe broke our kiss and then grabbed my hand, leading me across the porch to a lounging area that had a circle of padded patio furniture on it. In front of us, the sky had turned from orange into a shade of deep purple as the sun continued its decline behind the horizon. The stars were beginning to show and the night air cooled, though it was still comfortably warm.

“You’re something else, Harper,” Gabe commented. His eyes pupils dilated as he looked me over. “I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something about you that drives me crazy. And I mean that in the best of ways.”

I simply smiled coyly as I sat down on one of lounge chairs and patted the seat next to me. The bulge in Gabe’s pants had grown significantly and was pushing out against the material. He wanted me. Just seeing that turned me on even more and caused the desperate aching inside of me to increase. I wanted what was underneath that cloth. I wanted it so badly.

Gabe crawled onto the padded lounger with me, pushing my shoulder with one hand and cradling my head with the other as he lay me down. He nipped at my exposed collarbone, dragging his teeth along the soft flesh and making me gasp with desire. The bottom of my dress shifted upwards as I wrapped my legs around him. It felt strange to be so exposed outside, but given that there was nothing but ocean in front of us, I wasn't worried about being seen.

Gabe paused in his kisses, pulling back for a moment and looking me over. His pupils dilated further. “You are so gorgeous,” he whispered reverently.

I couldn’t help but to blush at the compliment. I had been called gorgeous before, but when Gabe said it, it just
different. There was such sincerity in him. It wasn’t just in his voice, though. It was written all over his face too. He looked at me like he
me in that moment and it made my insides turn to butterflies. All girls have their insecurities and I was no different, but when Gabe complimented me, it was like all of those things faded away. He truly made me feel beautiful.

After a second of admiring me, Gabe leaned in and kissed the top of my bare shoulder, causing pleasurable little goose bumps to pop up on my skin. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer, feeling as his bulge pressed against the front of my panties. The friction sent of burst of pleasure into me and I moaned softly. The desperate craving inside of me begged for him, all of him.

“Gabe,” I whispered, more to release the pressure building inside of me than to get his attention.

I wanted to tell him to take me right there, but I couldn’t even get the words out. He had begun to grind his hips forward, increasing the friction and intensifying the pleasure.

Gabe moved his face downward toward my chest and kissed the top of my cleavage, letting out a lustful growl. My lips parted and I breathed in, pushing my chest upward and against his face. His skin was smooth with only a hint of stubble and I knew he must have shaved before I came over. My dress allowed him access to only a little bit of my cleavage, but I wanted him to have it all. I wanted his kiss all over my body.

“Let me take this off,” I said, propping myself up on my elbows.

He held himself over me and then sat back. I quickly pulled the dress over my head, before tossing it onto a nearby lounge chair. Then I relaxed back into the cushion, sprawled in front of him in nothing but my bra and panties.

“Your turn,” I ordered, with a sexual smile.

“I like when you tell me what you want,” he replied, his mouth turning into a cocky smile. Gabe quickly unbuttoned his dress shirt. I watched as his chiseled chest and washboard abs were revealed.

You’ve got to be kidding me,
I thought.
He’s absolutely perfect. Better than perfect.

He tossed the shirt to the side and the reached down to take off his belt. His muscles flexed as he moved and my jaw continued to drop. He was absolutely gorgeous. His skin was tan and his body was ripped. He looked more like an underwear model than he did a software engineer. While he took off his pants, I reached down and gently pinched the top of my thigh, just to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming.

It turned out that I wasn’t.

Gabe stripped down all the way to his gray boxer/briefs. He stood there at the foot of the lounge chair and I took in the view.

With my index finger, I used the “come hither” motion to get him back over. He obliged and resumed his position, hovering over me. Now that my dress was off, he had full access to my cleavage and he didn’t hesitate to bring his mouth there, gently biting and kissing my sensitive skin.

Our bodies became entwined. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him close, once again feeling the friction, though now there was even less cloth between us. My senses lit up and waves of pleasure pumped into me with each movement of our hips. While Gabe kissed my cleavage, I unclasped the front of my bra to fully release my breasts. He let out a sexual growl and then brought his mouth over one of my nipples.

I gasped as his flicked his tongue against the sensitive bud, causing it to grow firm in an instant.

“Yes…” I panted.

Gabe gently licked and nibbled on the top of my breasts, creating a combination of pain and pleasure that had my senses exploding. He focused on that for a moment and then brought his face to the other side of my chest to give equal attention to my other breast. I was in heaven. Total heaven. There was nothing else I wanted in the entire world in that moment, except for more of what Gabe was already giving me...

* * *

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BOOK: Island Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story (The Kisses Series Book 9)
9.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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