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Authors: Viola Grace

Tags: #Paranormal, #erotic Romance, #Science Fiction Opera


Kori makes a friend in prison who introduces her to a world where sensation rules and pleasure is the first rule of hospitality.



Kori has spent six months in Janial prison for breaking etiquette and stepping in a puddle. It was complicated.

When she is released from the prison, she has to find a job and her friend from inside offers her as much time as she likes on a world where heat and minimal clothing are the standard.

Kori gives in to the new culture and finds herself in the position of being seduced in the name of hospitality.

The small woman with the blue hair and ability to wrap his sister around her little finger intrigues Norod. When he touches her skin, he is enthralled and wants to explore more, and there is one way to give him the opportunity. He will insist on his duties as host. Giving pleasure is his duty and his only window into her bed.


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Cover art by Martine Jardin


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A Terran Times Tale






Viola Grace



Chapter One



Kori rose with the brightening of the lights and stood on the side of her bunk as it whisked into the wall. She used her lav, brushed her teeth and stood near the door of her cell.

The cell door slid aside and let her out with the rest of the female minimum-security prisoners, as if there was such a thing on Janial station, an entire space station designed to hold prisoners until their trials, including persons and species that had additional abilities.

As Kori walked with the rest of the herd, she wondered when she would get her elusive court date for her trespassing charge. Who knew that every body of water on Shiloss was sacred? Certainly not her.

Young Nikada came up next to her and elbowed her in greeting. “Morning, Kori.”

“Morning, Nikada. How many days now?”

“I get out of here in two days. How many for you?”

Kori gestured to the wall where their exit dates were posted.
No Date Set
was next to the name Korianne Genner of Terra.

“Ouch. That has to hurt.”

“It does, but I should have known that walking through a puddle on Shiloss would have gotten me into trouble.”

“When I get out, I promise to have my brother look into it for you. He has some pull in these matters.”

Nikada smiled brightly with complete confidence. It was endearing to see her bright fangs flashing with her smile.

Nikada was a Wyencar. Her skin was more like the hide of a large cat than skin. The bracelets she wore kept her from shifting shape in the prison, but she was too affable to pick a fight anyway.

Her case was also a matter of etiquette. Wyencar had rather loose dress codes, and Nikada had walked through her hotel on Vemix without clothing on. On Vemix, knees were the most lewd portions of anatomy, and they had to be covered at all times.

Nikada faced a fine. Kori faced death if the Shiloss wanted to go that way.

Kori pushed that thought away and quickly got her meal, sitting with Nikada and enjoying the fleeting protection that the young woman gave her. In the three months before Nikada arrived, Kori had been sent to medical twelve times for lack of nutrition. Her meals had been stolen from her by more aggressive inmates. Of course, her chronic weakness had caused a medical sweep, and the culprits had been moved to medium security. Taking more than your fair share was not recommended when your bed took your medical stats while you slept.

They finished their meal and were going to the common yard when Kori heard her name. “Korianne Genner of Terra, please report to the chute.”

Kori froze. “Was that what I thought it was?”

She looked over at the nearest posting board, and next to her name the word,
was emblazoned.

Nikada grinned. “Go on. You might get out of here after all.”

Kori quickly hugged her friend and said, “Keep those claws in, Nikada.”

“Keep your spirits up, Korianne. Now, go before they send someone for you.”

That never ended well, so Kori headed for the chute, scanning her prison id, stepping into the column and holding her breath as she was sucked upward toward the judicial processing centre.

She was escorted under guard to the administration office and she stood silently as she was checked in.

When she stood in front of the magistrate, it was very basic, “The Shiloss will drop all charges but you cannot set foot on their world again. Your possessions on their world have been destroyed and you are free to go.”

Kori whispered, “Go where? That was my last job and I don’t have a new assignment. Is there somewhere I can get on a com system and try and find a place that will take me?”

The magistrate nodded. “You will be allowed in the public area of Janial until you can get a ride to your next job.”

Kori sighed in relief. “Thank you, Magistrate.”

“Quarters will be arranged. Follow the guards with you. They will take you to your new sleeping quarters.”

Kori nodded and followed the guards to a small section of the station where visitors were housed. She used the com to contact the archivist dispatch, but they needed to work on an assignment for her. It would take a while now that she had a record, even if the charges had been dropped.

Her life had been turned upside down because she walked through a puddle on a world where the dominant life form resembled walking, talking goldfish.

Kori checked her account balances and rubbed her forehead. She had enough money to get herself to another world, but she had to find out where she could get work. Days like this, she wished she had never left Earth.

Home had been boring, but it never made her wonder if she was one bad decision away from being homeless, helpless and a target for slavers. There was nothing like the feeling of being hunted for your genes.

Kori sighed and tried to keep herself occupied for a few days. Waiting for a new assignment was never easy, and she had never been in this situation before.


* * * *


Kori sat up and stared at her door when it chimed. She opened it, and the grinning visage of Nikada was beaming at her.

“I got off.” Nikada hugged her.

“I can see that. My case was dismissed.”

“They told me. This is my brother, Norod. Norod, this is Kori.” Nikada hauled her out and into the hall, shoving her toward the much larger male Wyencar.

Hands caught her arms and held her an inch from him. “It seems that you have made a friend in my sister, Kori.”

“Apparently.” She smiled and looked up and up until she could see the flat feline features in the leopard-printed skin.

Norod’s eyes were amber in the dark, natural outlines that were part of his skin.

Her heart thudded in her chest and her skin tingled where he was gripping her arms.

He seemed to realise that he was holding onto her without reason. He slowly released her and she stepped back.

Nikada was at her side in a moment. “So, where are you off to next, Kori?”

Kori looked at the more familiar face and smiled. “I don’t know. I have to wait for an assignment and not a lot of planets will have me after the Shiloss issue.”

“What Nikada means to say is that you are invited to be our guest. Can you forward your com line to Wyencar Prime?” Norod raised one brow.

Kori was pinned. She had nowhere to go and too much time to kill. She sucked in a deep breath and nodded. “Yes, yes I can.”

Both of the felines grinned at her, showing way too much teeth for comfort, but they were her only way off this station. She was getting a ride.


Chapter Two



Hot was the only way that Kori could describe Wyencar. It was no wonder that the population went around minimally clothed.

Nikada took her to a clothier, and within an hour, Kori walked out with a Masuo suit that wrapped her from heel to neck and had a pattern similar to that of the leopard-style Wyencar.

Her blue hair was another gift from Nikada. Kori had always wanted it and here, it helped her blend in with the vast array of students and visiting aliens.

“So, do you want to go dancing?” Nikada grinned, happy to be home. She was wearing a hip wrap and nothing else.

“I am not sure. What is involved and will anyone be clothed?”

“Some will, some won’t but it will be fun regardless.”

Kori sighed. “I really have to check in with the possibility of my placement.”

“You can do that tomorrow. Come on. You need to have some fun.”

Kori wrinkled her nose. “Fine. Not all night, though.”

Nikada linked arms with her and hauled her down the sidewalk toward the entertainment district. “Of course not.”


Wyencar partied hard.

Kori carefully extricated herself from the dance pit and eased to the drink dispenser. The cheerful man poured her a blend of citrus and ice.

Kori slipped over to the seats and perched safely out of the range of the stroking hands and rubbing bodies. Dancing on Wyencar Prime was a grope fest on other worlds. She had had more strangers caressing her to the beat of the music, some disturbingly female. There were no gender blocks, no etiquette, you just stroked anyone who was appealing and the locals felt her very appealing.

“You were doing well out there.” Norod sat next to her with his own cup in his hand.

“Thank you. It took some getting used to, but I adapted.”

“I would like to thank you for being a friend to my sister in Janial. She does not keep friends long, even if she makes friends easily.”

“She was a better friend to me than I was to her.” Kori blushed.

“If you think so. She would move the world to make you happy.” Norod grinned. “I think she is in love with you.”

She chuckled. “Only as a friend. She and I already had this talk. As much as I admire her enthusiasm, she isn’t my type.”

“She said she had tried to change your mind.”

Kori winced, “Yes, but I am not attracted to my own gender, so the fight we had drew a crowd. As seducers go, she is very heavy handed.”

He drew his finger up her arm. “As your host, it is my duty to offer you release and comfort as you are far from home.”

She blinked. “I thought Nikada was my host?”

“My home at her invitation. Since you have declined her offer, I am putting mine forward.”

Kori licked her lips and didn’t make eye contact. “So, I am not obligated to accept?”

“Do you have an objection to pleasure?”

He had her there.

“No. I don’t object to it. In fact, I enjoy it.”

“Then, shall we return home for the evening and leave Nikada to find her own companion?”

Kori’s eyes were wide as he gave a signal to his sister and took her by the hand out of the club and into the street.

She was relieved that he was wearing one of the short skirts that the men here favoured if they wore anything at all. The Wyencar didn’t have tails, but there wasn’t much known about them. To Kori, he looked like an Azon crossed with a Wyoran, crossed with a leopard.

His stride was relaxed enough that she could keep up with him, but the streets were crowded, so she plastered herself to his side. The heat off his body vied with the warmth radiating from the atmosphere.

“How did you end up in Nyal space?”

She winced. “I am unremarkable in every way, so when the imperium filed a request for a few of the new species, I was diverted here. I have been a court recorder, a scribe and an archivist on six different worlds. Now, I might be stuck in a dead-end position at the far side of the universe.”

“You could always seek occupation here.”

Kori shook her head. “It doesn’t work that way. I don’t choose where I go. The department assigns me and I have to ship out.”

“So, you could get a message today?”

“And have to leave tomorrow, yes.”

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