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Jailed (2 page)

He tucked her hand around his forearm. “Then, we had better make this evening count.”

She was still unsure, but it was not a tradition that he had invented. The Wyencar host obligations were taken very seriously. Kori thought that she had escaped dealing with the sex when she had the conversation with Nikada. She had neglected Norod’s part in the matter as homeowner.

The streets of the city were hopping with the population in search of stimulation and entertainment. They were a very sensory-based people.

It was a little overwhelming to feel people brush against her curiously as if her suit was hiding a secret that they were determined to uncover.

“You would attract a lot less attention if you wore less.” Norod’s voice was matter-of-fact.

“I know, but I am coming from a prison environment where I was dressed from neck to toes every day, as well as growing up on a conservative world by these standards. It is difficult for me to adapt to the different societies. That is why I ended up on Janial in the first place.”

He paused. “Is my offer of pleasure offensive to you?”

She blinked. “No. It is just an experience I haven’t had before.”

He looked shocked. “You have not had pleasure?”

She blushed. “No, it is not that. I mean, yes, I have had pleasure, but it has been a while.”

“How long?”

“A few years?” She twisted her lips. Her last sexual encounter had been back on Earth as a final farewell to her ex-boyfriend. Pleasure had not been a factor.

He ceased his forward progress. “Years?”

“Yes, well, there hasn’t been a lot of inclination for me to find a bed partner.” She shrugged. “It is not a priority.”

He stroked her cheek with the back of his knuckles. “Pleasure should always be a priority.”

Leisurely, with the passersby watching, he leaned in and brushed his lips across hers in a teasing motion. He continued until she responded, rising on her toes and pressing her hand to his chest.

Norod had smelled good in the club, but he smelled even better now. Kori caught a cinnamon scent and the memories it evoked relaxed her.

He slowly raised his head, completely unhurried. “So, you are capable of enjoying yourself.”

She blushed. “Yes. Was that a test?”

He slid his arm around her waist and pulled her through the crowd again. “More of a warm up. If you did not respond, I would have left it alone.”

Kori mentally kicked herself for giving in to the feeling of security that he gave her. He was the brother of a friend, had offered her his home and seemed to find her attractive enough to sleep with though she would have declared herself to be not in his league.

She wasn’t sure if it was pheromones or just his well-muscled physique, but getting attention from him made her feel all giddy. If she didn’t know she was leaving eventually, she would have run the other way, but as it was, she mentally accepted his offer of pleasure. When would this opportunity come again?

The house was silent, the bots were done with their cleaning rounds for the day and Norod eased her through the house and to her guestroom.

“You will have to alter your Masuo.” He led her to the bed and stood next to it, stroking her back and hips.

She shivered and the suit moved, gathering and turning into an elaborate band on her calf.

He smiled, his eyes crinkling. Without a word, he slid his hand down her belly, stroking her and learning her configuration.

Knowing that he had deadly claws seated inside his fingertips made her arousal spike hard with a frisson of fear. She gasped and clutched at his chest while her body shook in spasms.

He kissed her again, stroking her lips with his rough tongue.

She moaned and parted her lips, widening her stance so that his fingers could slip inside her.

Lifting his head, Norod obliged and briefly withdrew his hand to ease her to the bed. She was on her hands and knees, gripping the bedding with her fingers as the pointed head of his erection pressed into her.

Kori rocked back to take him as deep as she could, but he gripped her hips to hold her steady.

He smoothed his hand down her spine, calming her as he shifted in and out with a slow rhythm that took him into her inch by inch.

She concentrated on her breathing, keeping calm as he pushed and retreated with endless patience.

When he was inside as far as he could go, he paused and then began to move with purpose.

Kori braced herself and pushed back against him, leaning forward and putting her head and forearms against the bed. With her legs as wide as she could make them, she enjoyed every slow stroke and every fast thrust.

Finally, her body began to shiver again, her channel gripped his cock and squeezed tight as his thrusts increased in speed.

He held her hips tightly, and she felt the prick of his claws against her skin. She let out a low moan as her channel contracted rhythmically around him and he continued to move inside her. She was still jerking with the shocks of her orgasm when he let out a roar and she literally felt him flexing inside her.

He groaned and sank with her to the bedding, kissing her neck and stroking her hair. Kori shivered and smiled to herself. She had survived hospitality. It was one for the books.


Chapter Three



Kori went for a sunny afternoon at the beach with Nikada. Norod had left two days ago, after fulfilling his duties as host. Nikada didn’t say where he was and Kori knew it would be impolite to ask.

Nikada smiled at her, the bright light painted her a lovely gold. “I still can’t believe that you picked my brother over me.”

“It wasn’t a direct competition. I simply am not attracted to women. While I am sure I would enjoy your attentions, I would have no urge to reciprocate and that would make me feel guilty. Well, after a while.”

She grinned and got comfortable in her Masuo beachwear of strips of fabric that covered her groin and breasts. The Masuo was a living organism that used the host for survival. It could form any piece of clothing that the wearer could imagine, as long as all layers connected in some way.

Nikada laughed. “I do love your honesty. It is refreshing when so many would flatter me to get into my bed and then leave me the next day.”

“I won’t get in your bed, but you also know I have to leave.”

“I know, but for today, enjoy the sun.” Nikada stretched luxuriously and lay in the chair, completely relaxed.

Kori smirked and tried to mimic her but knew that she fell far short. Norod’s claw marks were still around her hips, but she had found a bathing suit design that masked the small punctures.

He was gone. He had kissed her good night, stroked her cheek and left her in a cloud of relaxation and musk. It wasn’t the worst goodbye she had ever had, but his leaving the house had surprised her.

Kori received a message. There was the possibility of a long-term assignment as a records keeper on a space station. The final negotiations were happening that very day, but it was up to the species to say whether or not they would accept a Terran on their station. The Yalki were said to be rather fussy.

She would check her messages in a few hours to see if they wanted her. She crossed her fingers that she could get a new job and stop sponging off her friend.

Despite Nikada’s enthusiasm, Kori had been raised to pull her own weight. She had worked from the moment it was legal, all through school and right up until the moment she had left Earth for an adventure in doing her job on new worlds. It wasn’t nearly as exciting as she had once imagined.

Clerical work was the same throughout the universe.


After five hours, Kori was a little sunburned and shocked out of her shoes. They had accepted. A transport was being sent for her and she didn’t need to do anything except be at the spaceport when she was notified of their arrival. She should expect transport in three days.

She took a quick shower and met Nikada for dinner. When they were both halfway through the meal and conversation had lulled, Kori said, “I got a contact from the archive.”

“Did you?”

“I did. I will be out of here in three days.” She twisted her lips and watched her friend’s expression.

“Oh. I had hoped you would be here longer.”

“I am very sorry. It was not my intent to cause you distress. I merely have to get back to work to earn my living. I can’t live off the generosity of friends.” Kori inclined her head.

“I know what you think, but it is no strain. We could support nine more like you if necessary.”

Kori sighed. “I can’t not do something. I have worked all my life and this vacation coming after my time in Janial is too much relaxation. I have to put myself into action.”

Nikada cocked her head. “Can I come for a visit?”

“I don’t know. Do you have any business on Yalki Station?”

The look of confused distaste on her features betrayed Nikada’s disdain. “You are going to work for the tree people?”

“I am guessing that I am.”

Nikada sighed. “I guess that if that is where you are, that is where I will have to go.”

Kori grinned. “Well, we have three days. What kind of trouble can we get into that doesn’t involve being arrested?”

Nikada snorted. “You are no fun, but I think we can go on an aerial tour of Wyencar Prime. Let me show you what you are rejecting.”

“I am not rejecting you, just a life without a job. With all of your automation and your lack of crime, you don’t need an archivist or a court reporter. Those are my only skills.”

Her friend laughed. “I talked to Norod before he left. Those are not your only skills.”

It took a bit to gain a blush from her now but that comment managed it.

“Right. Well, tour?” She tried to redirect the conversation.

“I will arrange it for the morning. You will love it.”

Kori sighed. Three days left in paradise. She was quite sure that being in love with her surroundings was going to haunt her during her time at the space station right along with her memories of her night with Norod.

Wyencar was going to mark her for the rest of her life. She just knew it.


Three days later, she stood at the spaceport with a bag of items that Nikada considered essentials. With all of Kori’s possessions destroyed on Shiloss, she was literally wearing nothing that she had purchased on her own. Her friend had footed the bill for the entire ensemble.

Kori promised herself that she would pay Nikada back at the earliest opportunity.

The ship that landed surprised her. It was a Guardian vessel and exceedingly sleek.

A cheerful woman with purple hair came out of the ship and looked at her. “Korianne Genner?”


“I am Garden, this is my ship the Emerald Fairy and my mate Mercury is inside. Welcome aboard.”

The woman’s eyes gleamed in welcome and when Kori got close, she could see the Terran features. She kept her mouth shut until they were inside and the ship was sealed. “You are from Earth.”

“And you are as well. As is the bride of Yalki. Come on in and be seated. Emmy doesn’t like to lift off without me at the helm.”

“Fair enough. How long until we get to Yalki?”

“Twenty hours flying time. If you don’t mind staying awake, it has been a while since I talked with another Terran that wasn’t wired to one of these ships.” She waved her hand in the air and continued to lead the way through an entire green space before reaching the cockpit.

“Emmy, a seat please.”

A seat unfolded from an invisible panel on the wall.

Kori took the hint and strapped in just as a man in a Guardian uniform came out, his skin had a silvery gleam, but his eyes only skimmed over her. He was fixated on Garden. “Are we ready for takeoff?”

“Yup. Strap in. Wyencar Prime’s temperature makes for a wild rise.” Garden smiled and settled into a throne-like chair that definitely had a vine component.

Mercury settled in a seat similar to Kori’s.

As the ship shuddered upward, Kori was glad for the restraints.

She clutched her bag to her and held onto it as they climbed higher in the sky until the bright colour faded to dark and they were in space, heading toward Yalki Station.

A chime rang out and Mercury released his harness, coming over to greet her. “Hello, I am Mercury.”

She extended her hand. “Kori.”

“Pleased to meet you, Kori. Garden has mentioned that you are one of her species. I have not seen one of you unaltered before.”

Garden hissed, “Mercury, that’s rude.”

“Is it?”

Kori smiled. “I understand, and I am not offended. There was nothing exceptional about me to boost and no damage to repair. I am as I was born, and I will die the same, I have no doubt.”

Garden got up from her seat and grinned, “You never know. You could meet someone and have yourself altered to match his species. I see you have already changed your hair.”

Kori pulled a hank of the blue hair forward. “Ah, right. This was a gift from a friend. She wanted me to look as alien as I could so no one would think I was a mutant Wyencar.”

“Is that what she told you? There are trackers in those nanites. She wants to know where you are at all times.”

Kori winced and nodded. “That sounds like something she would do.”

Nikada had probably put more trackers in her bag, but Kori wasn’t worried. She was going where she said she was going; there was no problem with being caught in a lie.

“How long were you on Wyencar?” Garden gestured and Kori followed her.

“A week. It was an eventful week.”

“Well, for off worlders, it isn’t precisely an easy vacation spot to get to.” Garden was fishing around for details.

“Ah, well, I met Nikada in Janial and we became friends. I stayed at her family home.”

“You mean her home. The Wyencar are matriarchal. The men don’t usually own more than a family business. They never own a home.”

Kori blinked, wide-eyed. “I had no idea, and they never mentioned it.”

Garden led the way to a galley and served Kori a cup of tea before pouring one for herself.

“Now, tell me how you ended up in Janial.”

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