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Jailed (7 page)

Kori bowed in response. “Thank you for the welcome, Matriarch.”

Nikada grinned. “You are more than welcome, sister.”

Kori turned to Norod, “We are good to go?”

He grinned and lifted her in his arms, sweeping her past scandalized aunts and cousins, into a transport. “You have no idea how long I have wanted to get you somewhere private. I love Nikada, but she can be a handful.”

Once they were settled into the transport and on their way, Kori smiled and held his hand when he wasn’t flying over the thick vegetation.

Two hours of flight and three cities later, they were on a coastline and approaching a large, gleaming house on a cliff top.

He set the transport down and took her hand to lead her out of the vehicle.

Her mind and Masuo took over, and she was garbed in a gleaming white gown in seconds.

“What is that?”

“It is tradition in my culture. White gown for the wedding.” She smiled.

“It is very pretty.” He wrapped his arm around her waist and lifted her for the climb up the twenty steps that led to his private home.

“How many forms did you have to fill out to get a private home that Nikada can’t rummage through?”

He sighed, “A lot. She will probably still show up, but she has promised to allow us a few days.”

Kori smiled. “That is likely. I am feeling better, by the way.”

“I can tell.” His eyes crinkled with his smile.

She laughed and pressed a kiss to his neck. “You feel good too.”

Kori felt his entire body shudder as she continued to kiss him while he walked up the steps and into the house. She caught a glimpse of the main floor, but he headed up to the second floor. When he entered the bedroom, she dissolved her wedding gown into a bustier and thigh-high stockings.

He nearly dropped her, instead he set her gently down on the edge of the bed and his own clothing went flying.

She laughed as he lunged at her with a growl. He pinned her arms to the bed and kissed her savagely before working his way down her neck with his rough tongue. When he lapped at her upper breast, her bustier disappeared and the scraping moved over her nipple, sending slick pulses through her channel. His sharp teeth grazed her skin, his tongue stimulated her and as he worked his way down her torso, she banished the Masuo until she was wearing nothing but stockings and a garter belt.

She lifted her legs, smoothing her inner thighs up his ribs.

He groaned at the contact and quickly turned to kiss her inner thigh before he buried himself against her sex and his rough tongue lapped at her, parted her and he began a low, feral growling.

Kori arched against him and fought his grip on her arms. He let her go, and she dug her nails into his shoulders as he used the rough pad of his tongue to work inside her and drive her to the edge of release.

She screamed and arched toward his mouth as his tongue lashed at her. He held her there, locked and twisting against him until her body was exhausted. Once she relaxed, he moved over her, sliding carefully into her.

The abrading ministrations he had offered her sex had increased her sensitivity tenfold. When he moved inside her, she gripped his biceps and raised her hips to match him thrust for thrust.

He moved against her hard and fast, sending shudders through her frame. The low growl was rolling through the air around them. He gripped her thighs, pulling her high against him and pounded into her over and over. When she gasped her second release, he thrust home and shuddered, the low growl turning into a howl as he arched above her, his cock flexing and bucking as it spilled its seed.

When he relaxed, he lowered himself slowly and turned onto his side, keeping his cock inside her. Norod held her thigh on top of his hip and covered her face with soft kisses.

She smiled. “A successful first attempt.”

He grinned. “You used your little claws on me. Well done.”

Kori checked them and blinked at the blood crescents under her nails. “I am sorry.”

“Don’t be. It is part of Wyencar mating. You have a few marks on you yourself.”

She shrugged. “Pinpricks.”

He grinned. “And your marks are minimal.”

Kori looked at his expression, and she put her hand on his shoulder and arm. “I will have to do better next time.”

Norod nuzzled her cheek with his. “I look forward to it.”

She inhaled, and his scent clicked in her mind. She would know him anywhere after this. “What exactly did the changes do to me?”

He slipped his hand between them and pressed it to her belly. “It changed your PH balance and introduced Wyencar genes to your body. The side effects are unknown.”

She inhaled again. “Improved sense of smell?”

He paused. “Possible.”

She stroked his shoulder again, delighting in the texture. “Sense of touch?” She could feel his erection bucking inside her, filling her again. She pushed at his shoulders and nipped his neck. “Increased libido? Physical expression of mating cycle?”

He blinked with wide eyes as she started to ride him. “All possible.”

Laughing, she placed her hands on his chest and slowly clawed him hard enough to leave welts on his skin while she rocked her hips and moved him inside her.

He extended his claws and stroked her spine lightly. Her arousal peaked, and she shivered as an orgasm hit her without warning.

He gripped her hips and bucked against her as he snarled his own release.

Kori collapsed on top of him and imagined how much fun it would be when she got her strength back.


Two months after her contract signing, Kori had managed to make an appointment with the Ru family physician. The woman was direct and thorough.

She was obligated to report all findings to the Ru Matriarch but that wasn’t Kori’s issue. Her issue was the delicacy of the balance that the baby was in.

“The genetic alteration did allow you to conceive, but I am not sure if this pregnancy can be brought to term.” Dr. Miruan tried to be upbeat. “There shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t lead a stressful life during your pregnancy. I would recommend a long vacation.”

“Doctor, I have only been at work for a month. I can’t just take off for another eight.”

“Ten. It is a ten-month gestation that you are looking at.”

“Fine. I will discuss this with my mate.”

She had managed to sneak away while Norod was at work at the hub where intergalactic transit passages were scheduled. The Ru were bidding on a mass-transit lane.

“I do have to tell the Matriarch.”

“I know. Nikada is going to kick my ass right back to the house.” Kori pouted.

“Probably. You might want to take up a hobby.”

Kori thought about all the thread, floss, needles and fabric she had been squirreling away. “I think I can manage one.” She had a sudden thought. “What about sex?”

The doctor blinked. “Sex is fine. It is emotional stress you can’t have.”

Kori narrowed her eyes at the doctor. “Did Nikada set this up?”

“I have not yet been in touch with the Matriarch.”

Kori sighed. “Fine. Thank you, Doctor. Is it a boy or a girl?”

“A female. Strong for all of her tenuous position.”

Kori smiled. “A little girl. Huh. I have a playmate for you.”

She laughed randomly on her way back to the Ru house.

The moment she entered, Nikada pulled out a chair. “Sit down.”

“Boy, that doctor was fast.”

“It is her job.” Nikada grinned, “A little girl?”

“Apparently. But, she is clinging to life by the strength of my calm self. No stress.”

“Yup, I got that too. You will be taken care of at the city house. I will visit every day.”

Kori sighed. “I come all this way to be put back in jail. That sort of sucks.”

“Yes, but you will be out in ten months. I have the doctor arranged to check in on you every two weeks.”

“Fine. When does Norod get home? Does he know yet?”

Nikada blushed, “Didn’t you tell him?”

“I didn’t know. With all the hot and cold that I have been going through, I wasn’t sure if this was another side effect.”

Outside, there was a thud and Norod came through the doors a moment later. He picked Kori up carefully and hugged her. “I just heard. I am delighted, and you will not be doing anything for the next few months.”

Kori waited until he put her down. It took a while. “I am delighted that you are happy. You know I hate being useless, so you are going to have to help me find things to do.”

He looked wary, “What things?”

“Sex is fine.” She winked. “I only have to avoid stress.”

He exhaled in relief and she laughed. It was going to be a long ten months.





The scent of Yalki Station was familiar, but now, Kori could pick up on the earthy undertones and the green in the air. Kesa was in a baby sling on her chest and together, they went through customs for their visit.

A familiar scent came to her, and she handed little Kesa to her father. “Hold her. I am about to get hugged.”

A young woman with mint green skin, bright green eyes and long black hair rushed up to her. “Auntie Kori.”

“Hello, Annabella. You have grown.” Kori hugged the woman who was as tall as she was.

“I know. Yalki says it is finished now though. I should remain this way for the next few centuries or until I find a man I want to bind my life with.”

Kori smiled. “You are only two and a half. Give finding a mate some time.”

Annabella grimaced and stuck out her tongue.

Kesa made a snuffling sound.

“You brought her?”

“I did. I promised after all.”

Annabella held out her hands for her new friend. “Hello, little one.”

Norod smiled, “Her name is Kesa.”

“Hello, Kesa. My name is Annabella, and we are going to be great friends.”

Honour and Acuar came next for greetings, and they all trooped to the restaurant for a private family dinner.

Kori looked at Annabella while she patiently fed Kesa her mushed up meal of vegetables and meat. Kesa was delighted with Annabella, and it seemed mutual.

Honour smiled, “I have another child on the way. I think Acuar is still in shock.”

Acuar and Norod were speaking quietly on the other end of the room.

“In shock?”

“This isn’t normal. Especially since I had to find a surrogate who would accept twins.” Honour opened her suit and exposed the rose vine that snaked across her ribs. One budding branch was already blooming into a young rose, but another had sprouted two buds.

Kori looked at the baby and the woman holding her. “Do you get the feeling that the Terrans are a plague on the universe? It seems that with a little tweaking, there is nothing we can’t have a child with.”

Honour smiled. “I know there are very few, but I know there are some. Perhaps they will be our downfall one day, but we are going to have a helluva run.”

Kesa squealed and clapped her hands. Annabella was grinning as well.

Kori’s heart swelled with joy, and she smiled at Honour with tears in her eyes. “Yes, I think we really are.”




Author’s Note



began at a prison and ended at a space station. In it, we met folks from
, and
I love revisiting the previous books and love it even more when it makes sense.

The babies are courtesy of all my friends on FB announcing their pregnancies for babies in 2014. I have seen at least three of the notices and belly pics in the last week, so they got into my head.

Next up will be
but I have no idea what will happen in that book. It’s a surprise and that is why I keep writing.


Thank you for reading, welcome to 2014.


Viola Grace

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About the Author



Viola Grace was born in Manitoba, Canada where she still resides today. She really likes it there. She has no pets and can barely keep sea monkeys alive for a reasonable amount of time. Her line of day job tends to be analytical which leaves her mind hopping to weave stories. No co-worker is safe from her character analysis. In keeping with busy hands are happy hands, her hobbies have included cross-stitch, needlepoint, quilting, costuming, cake decorating, baking, cooking, metal work, beading, sculpting, painting, doll making, henna tattoos, chain mail, and a few others that have been forgotten. It is quite often that these hobbies make their way into her tales.

Viola’s fetishes include boots and corsetry, and her greatest weakness is her uncontrollable blush. Her writing actively pursues the Happily Ever After that so rarely occurs in nature. It is an admirable thing and something that we should all strive for. To find one that we truly like, as well as love.

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