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Front Cover

Title Page


Attorney-Client Privileges


1. You Have the Right to Remain Silent

2. Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You

3. You Have the Right to Consult with an Attorney

4. If You Cannot Afford an Attorney, One Can Be Provided to You

5. All Rise

6. Guilty Until Proven Innocent

7. The Testimony You May Give Shall Be the Truth

8. Witness for the Prosecution

9. Discovery

10. The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

11. Circumstantial Evidence

12. Criminal Intent

13. Nondisclosure

14. Case Dismissed

15. Motion by Defendant

16. Accelerated Rehabilitation

17. Court Is Adjourned

Of Unsound Mind and Body

Scene 1. The Prairie, Just Outside a Small Town in Rural Nebraska

Scene 2. An Old-Time Lawyer's Office

Scene 3. The Old Church Cemetery

Scene 4. A Run-Down Honky-Tonk Bar and Grill

Scene 5. The Same Old-Time Laywer's Office

Scene 6. Hours Later, Same Office

Scene 7. Two Months Later in a Busy Airport Terminal

Scene 8. Thirty Thousand Feet in the Air

Of Writs and Writhing

1. Emotional Writhing

2. Implied Contract

3. Mitigating Circumstances

4. Cet Homme Est Beaucoup Amoureux - That Man Is a Womanizer

5. Night Court

6. Writ of Injunction

7. Embrasse Moi Tchew - Kiss My Ass

8. Absolutum Dominium

9. Pouponner - To Make Yourself Look Nice

10. Shit! - Cajun Style

11. In Camera - In a Judge's Chambers

12. Pat-tastic

13. Writ of Sequestration

14. In Contempt

15. Pic Kee Toi!

16. Due Process

17. Writ for Sanctions

18. Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler - Let the Good Times Roll

19. Back to the Old Grind

20. Back to the Old Grind…Really

21. Unconventional Judicial Sequestration

22. Writhing - To Twitch, Shudder, Wriggle, Squirm

Author Notes


About the Author

Back Cover


“Tell me all your deepest, darkest fantasies.” When he hesitated, the woman standing before him ordered, “Tell me

“Umm…everything. I want everything.” After clearing his throat, he mumbled, “Anything you want to do is fine.”

“You don't get off that easy.” She laughed. “You need to be specific. Spell it out.”

Uncomfortable and unsure, he felt contradictory emotions engulfing him. He'd never done anything like this before, nor treated a woman this way. He had never been “serviced.” But she was a goddess—radiant, confident, alluring—and he lusted after her like no other woman ever in his life. If he went through with this, she'd fulfill his every sexual desire, and that siren's call was irresistible.

Still he wavered. “Ahhh…umm.”

His eyes flicked to the money he'd given her, while he tried to focus on what he'd like her to do for him, all those things that no woman had ever offered to do in the past. Still unsure, he suggested, “A lap dance. How about that?”

She smiled seductively. “Of course, but that can't be all. There must be more that you desire. You've certainly earned it,” she said, nodding her head toward the cash, then grinning.

Finally, he blurted out his ultimate fantasy, something he'd never even asked for before. “I would like you to suck me off. Take me in deep and…let me explode in your mouth.”


“That's fine. That's enough,” he said, exasperated, still not one hundred percent sure that he could even go through with this.

“Come on, my handsome john. What else?” she teased.

Groaning, he looked away and ran his hands through his hair. “I guess I'd like to watch you play with yourself, naked. Masturbate for me and get yourself off.”

” she urged again, standing tall over him, dominating. “I want to hear all your fantasies. Don't ask. Order me, command me! Tell your hired, high-class hooker everything you are
to do to her.”

Breathing hard, he finally let his inner alpha male out. “After you make yourself come for me, you'll climb on top of me and ride me…hard. Give it everything you've got while I play with your bouncing tits.”

“Yes, more!” she urged.

She almost seemed to be enjoying their banter, which emboldened him. “When I've had enough of you riding me like a nymphomaniac, I'll flip you over and raise that hot ass of yours high in the air so I can shove my dick into you from behind, doggy style. Then I expect you to act like a bitch in heat. Now get to work.”

Immediately, apprehension flared—perhaps he'd gone too far. What if his vulgarity disgusted her? Jumping to his feet, he opened his mouth to try to take it all back, but she spoke first.

“Yes, sir! It will be my pleasure to serve you,” she purred.

And he was lost. It was too much—no man could turn away now. Not when his prick had taken on a life of its own, throbbing and demanding that he accept what she offered. He was completely consumed by the thought of his rock-hard shaft sliding into her warm, wet pussy. It took a herculean effort not to grab her, jerk down her panties, and fuck her right there where she stood, like she was a common street whore. His lady of the night seemed to read his mind because she shook her head at him playfully in warning. Then putting her hands on his shoulders, she pushed him down onto the chair.

“Naughty, naughty,” she whispered.

Bending down to him, she placed a small kiss on his cheek, and he inhaled her scent deeply: floral mixed with heated woman. He wanted to pull her onto his lap, but she quickly backed away with another small shake of her head and a flirty smile.

She had stripped to practically nothing, just a bra and panties, but she was self-assured in her near nakedness. Gold ribbons tied the skimpiest of black lace triangles in place. Two covered—barely—the rose areolas of her breasts and a third rested over the thatch of blond hair on her pussy. He moaned when she slowly turned around to gyrate her bare ass in front of him to the slow beat of the music, the enticing gold bow centered above her cheeks calling to him.

A quick pull on the ribbon and the thong would come free. He reached out, just as she looked over her shoulder at him. Their gazes locked hotly, and she took the hand that hung in the air, placing a kiss on the back of it. He sucked in a breath at the feel of her wet mouth finally on his skin. He wanted her mouth everywhere—and he wanted it in one place desperately.

Then she turned her back and slowly lowered herself down onto his lap. He groaned again as she swished her buttocks on his thighs to the thumping music, gradually inching back until she was snug against his crotch, where she wriggled and brushed against his throbbing erection. The slight pressure and warmth of her was not enough. He was rock hard and aching. He reached for her hips, ready to slam her down onto his crotch, but she grabbed his hands first.

“No touching,” she admonished playfully. “This is supposed to be a lap dance. I promise, you'll get plenty of opportunity to touch me later.”

He couldn't stop the hoarse sound that erupted from his lips. He was in heaven and hell at the same time as she held his hands down and continued grinding her bare ass on his groin. The stimulation was so good, but not enough. “Now, please!”

His goddess for a night seemed to know what he needed, because she rose gracefully and turned to face him. She reached down and spread his knees apart with her hands, before kneeling between his legs. He watched, mesmerized, as her manicured hands slowly unzipped his pants, the erotic red polish looking wickedly sexy as she pulled his stiff erection free. Glancing up, she gave him a naughty smile before placing her hands on his thighs to duck her head and rub her soft hair tantalizingly over his twitching, surging dick, drawing another harsh gasp from him.

He watched her lift her head to look directly into his eyes. Then she opened her mouth and leisurely swept her tongue along her lips, leaving a wet trail behind. Sweat broke out on his brow.
He wanted that hot mouth on him. It was a self-imposed agony to wait patiently as she slowly lowered her face and ever so gradually sucked his long shaft past her parted lips. The warm, soothing feel of her mouth electrified every nerve ending with tingling wet, warm pleasure—the tight slide of her lips a delicious pressure that he felt all the way to his balls.

Withdrawing for a moment, she asked, “Show me how deep you want it.”

He hesitated—it was enough already—but when she begged, “Please,” in the tone of a subservient sex slave, his concerns evaporated, and he gave himself over to the intense pleasure. Almost without conscious thought, his hands wrapped themselves in the silky strands of her hair. Using that as leverage, he forced her head onto his dick and all the way down until every aching inch of him was deep inside her hot mouth. He felt her tongue frolicking along the length as she sucked tightly on his dick. It was sensual paradise!

It was almost his undoing as he felt his groin tighten, ready to burst, but then he heard a slight gagging sound and abruptly released her head. But she would have none of it, grabbing his hand and putting it back on her head, indicating what she wanted. Once again, he grabbed handfuls of her hair and began pulsating her mouth up and down his shaft in a fast rhythm that felt perfect—sometimes forcing her all the way down no matter what sounds she made.

Even though this was all about him, he wanted to see her feel pleasure too. “Play with yourself,” he ordered in a harsh, guttural grunt, thrilling to the sound of her answering moan. He watched as she slid her hand inside her bra to fondle her breasts. He nudged her other hand, still resting on his thigh, and groaned when she lowered it obediently to caress her pussy. Reaching down her back, he yanked once forcefully on the gold bow just above her ass, ripping the thong from her body. He leaned over, trying to see her, and guessed from her movements that she was using her fingers to slide in and out of her wet snatch.

Completely lost in the moment, he tightened his hold on her head and rode her mouth on his thick shaft, faster and faster, the tingling sensation of her wet tongue and subtle brush of her teeth across the head pushing him toward the edge. Eyes tightly shut, he was in it deep, the erotic bliss only a pulse or two away. Realizing he was about to explode in her mouth, he started to pull her off, but she grabbed onto his thighs, forcing her mouth back down and sucking harder.

“Shit!” Then he threw back his head, grunting loudly, and shot straight into her mouth. Over and over, waves of extreme pleasure sent more streams flowing into her mouth, and she swallowed it all. Panting, sweating, dazed, he slowly opened his eyes to smile down at her. He was utterly amazed at the incredible woman kneeling at his feet and the fact that she'd allowed him to do that to her.

An errant thought entered his mind—his cold ex-wife had never done anything like that for him…ever! Then he forced it away. Tonight was his night and he wasn't going to waste a second more of it thinking about past mistakes.

He loosened his hold on her head and gently patted her hair, then twirled a lock between his fingers. “Thank you,” he breathed, still panting. “You're a goddess.”

“Thank you,” she replied. “Tell me what you want next.”

“I want to see you play with yourself…naked. Perform a private dance only for me.”

“Of course, sir.”

He loved the sound of her submission, had never before realized how it would make him feel—like he was king of the world. He leaned back in his chair, crossed an ankle on his knee, and put his hands behind his head. A show was being performed before his eyes, and he planned to enjoy it.

She slowly backed away from him, her body moving to the beat of the music in a slow, sensual dance. He held his breath, watching as she undid the closure on her skimpy bra and let it drop from her body. Now, finally, she was standing before him completely naked, her luscious body undulating to the slow beat while her hands cupped her heavy bosom. Her nipples were tight rosebuds crowning pale breasts. She danced toward him but played the vamp, always twirling away when he reached for her. All the while, her magnificent tits bounced and jiggled erotically, making his mouth water to latch on to them.

He sat up and leaned forward, king of the world forgotten, eating her up with his eyes. Her other hand slid down between her legs and caressed her bare pussy. He heard a low gasp and wondered if that sound had come from him. He was already erect again, her tantalizing private show more than enough to bring him back to a full arousal.

She fondled herself more ardently, dancing nearer to him—but always just out of his reach. It was maddening and wildly erotic at the same time. Some primal instinct made him puff up with the knowledge that this was all entirely for his benefit—and he wanted all of it. Wanted to see her climax before his eyes at his command.

“Very nice,” he groaned, then demanded, “Now make yourself come!”

And his goddess for hire complied, shutting her eyes and quickly, almost roughly, swirling her cunt with her fingers until she shuddered, threw her head back, and sucked in a loud gasp of air. Her climax hit him straight in the gut—a powerful, clenching throb. He leaped to his feet and rushed forward. He had to be near her, had to hold her. He needed to be inside her.

He put his arms around her, loving the feel of her hot, naked body pressed against his clothed one. She hadn't invited a kiss on the lips, so he grazed her forehead with a gentle peck. He needed to kiss her.

he thought. Having a living, breathing woman serving his every need was outrageously better than any hollow fantasy…and there was more to come.

Smiling wickedly down at her, beginning to enjoy his role as a demanding trick, he said, “Enough playtime for you. It's time you earned that wad of cash.” He pulled her by the hand to the large bed. “Now I want you to ride me every which way.”

After impatiently shedding his clothes, he lay down on his back while she waited, standing by the end of the bed. With one curled finger, he indicated she mount him. He watched as she lowered herself onto the bed and got on all fours on either side of his legs. When she started crawling forward, her dangling breasts swayed back and forth, earthy and erotic. His erection stood straight up, and he grunted with the effort it took just to lie there unmoving and let her move slowly forward.

He wanted her to do all the work while he lay there lord-of-the-manor style, but his hands itched to grab her boobs and squeeze them. He folded his arms behind his head and grinned down at her as she raised herself over his rock-hard erection. She smiled seductively as, ever so slowly, she lowered herself onto him. His pained moans turned to groans of pleasure at the feel of her hot, wet body sucking him into her. Finally, she was fully seated, her pussy resting on his pelvis.


“Get moving and let's see how fast you can go.”

He chuckled then. Had he actually said that out loud? He must have because she began to move, repeatedly rising up and sliding down, moving quickly. He started to buck into her, chasing that elusive delight, but then forced himself to lie still. This was her job and he wanted for once in his life to experience the hedonistic decadence of having the other person do the fucking for his pleasure.

His eyes were the only part of him that he let take an active role. They hungrily ate up everything as he constantly scanned the naked siren riding him—her wildly bouncing tits, the slight sheen of sweat on her skin, the seductive smile on her face. Fucking hottest of all was the sight of his shaft appearing for a moment underneath her wet pussy before disappearing back inside her body. As his groin tightened, his body starting to contract, he suddenly realized that he didn't want it to end this way. He had to have the chance to ride her too.

BOOK: Lawyer Up
11.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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