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“I've passed! I've passed the GED!” Beth exclaimed.

“That's fantastic! I knew you would. You're smart and studied hard.”

“Not only that, but I passed with honors in all four subjects. I'm looking at it right now online. I've done it!”

“I'm proud of you. I wish I could hug you right now!”

Beth babbled on excitedly, and Jon wanted to be there in person to celebrate with her. She was at home—their home—on her day off, but he was too busy to cut out early, no matter how much he might desire it.

“Now I can enroll in LA City College next semester.”

“That's great! Let's celebrate. I want to take you to a nice restaurant tonight, somewhere fancy.”

“That's so nice of you,” she replied.

“Terrific. I'll make a reservation and pick you up at seven.”

“Sure. Thank you…for
. See you later!” she sang to him before hanging up.

Jon was on top of the world—not only was his sweet Beth free of the whole prostitution nonsense, but now she had her high school equivalency as well. He was proud of her and thrilled to have this special person in his life. He realized his feelings were developing swiftly, perhaps more quickly than hers, but he hoped her success and blossoming self-confidence would free her to love him as an equal—as he loved her. He'd known for a while that his feelings ran deep, but he'd held off, waiting for some signal that she felt the same way, not wanting to put pressure on her too soon.

Tonight Jon wanted to show Beth how much he cared, so he went out at lunchtime to buy her a present, visiting a nearby jewelry store. Back in his office, the afternoon dragged by. He could hardly wait till the end of the day as he felt his pocket to make sure the small, square box was still there.

But then his cell rang and Beth politely requested that he cancel the reservation. Disappointed, he asked her why but got only vague answers. “Are you not feeling well?”

“Ummm, I'd just rather not go out tonight,” she finally said. “Sweet of you to ask, but I'm just not feeling like it. Thank you so much anyway. Let's just stay in, okay?”

“Ah, okay, another time then,” he responded. Unable to let it go, he pestered, “Really, that's it? Please tell me if something's wrong.”

“It's nothing, really. But I would like to know when you'll be home.”

“I'll be there at seven.”

“Great. See you later then. Bye,” and Beth hung up.

Jon was disappointed but figured they could just celebrate at home. He left the office as soon as he could and stopped at an upscale market where he bought an expensive bottle of champagne. Driving on, he impulsively pulled into the lot of a florist shop. It was one of those chichi establishments that would fit right in on Rodeo Drive—probably way overpriced—but Jon guessed they would have something unique. He wanted flowers that would tangibly illustrate that he saw Beth as extraordinarily special.

Walking around the packed little shop, he spotted the perfect bouquet. A sign proclaimed it Fantasia de L'amour, describing it as a “symphony of exotic orchids, sweet roses, and rare calla lilies.” Trying not to look too stunned at the exorbitant price, he handed his credit card to the florist while an assistant tied sumptuous silver chiffon ribbon around the finished bouquet. His shopping completed, he headed home, eager to give Beth the presents and celebrate with her.

Jon finally arrived at the apartment. His heart was pounding with excitement. Balancing his purchases in his arms, he unlocked the door and started to push it open. Holding his breath, he pushed it all the way, his eyes searching for her—and there she was.

Jon's mind all but shut down.

Beth was waiting for him in the entryway, offering him a warm smile. The lights were set low, with candles flickering all around while sensual music played in the background, and the dining table was romantically set for two. He realized then that Beth had planned a very special night for just the two of them, but he remained rooted to the spot, standing in the open doorway and staring at her in awe. Beth exuded a new poised, sexy aura that fried his brain.

She slowly sauntered toward him in sky-high black platform pumps, her hips swaying enticingly in a slinky, silky red dress that ended above her knees. All traces of the downtrodden woman he'd “rescued” weeks ago were gone—replaced by a strong, confident, and staggeringly beautiful woman. He felt almost dizzy, slightly off balance. Jon knew then that he would do anything she asked, anything at all, to make her completely and fully his.

Stopping in front of him, Beth confidently stood there for a moment, a hand on her hip with her bosom thrust upward toward him. Her smile grew wider as she watched him compulsively gaping at her breasts. Jon realized then that she was posing for him, as if flaunting herself for a customer. Then it hit him—Beth looked just like a high-class professional escort,
high-class pro of his wildest fantasies about her.

Jon's excitement escalated as raging lust swept through him, his breathing becoming erratic, his heart pounding even harder. He was so turned on that it actually hurt. Feeling adrift before this cool temptress, Jon let Beth take his hand and lead him, like a dog on a leash, into the living room. He would have followed her anywhere.



Beth had waited what seemed like hours for Jon's arrival. Then upon hearing the key in the door, she jumped to her feet.

It's showtime!
Tonight would be her only chance to act, to put on an Academy Award–winning performance. She was excited and nervous. However, she recognized that the flutters in her stomach were driven by anxiety as well. Beth stamped down on it.
I'm going to go through with this
, she decreed.
It's my small way of paying him back for everything…and I want to do it.
She didn't doubt those silent words, but even so it took courage to seduce a man, to put oneself out there, especially when what was planned was so outrageous, so risqué.

She waited, forcing herself to be still as the door slowly opened. And there he was. Her Jon, immobile in the doorway and clearly dumbstruck.

“Hi,” she breathed, then offered a welcoming smile.

But Jon just stood there staring, openmouthed. Did he like what he saw? She couldn't tell but she had to know.

Beth started toward him, letting her hips sway seductively. Maintaining a tight grip on her smile, she held her chin high, shoulders back, and chest up. No cowardly hunching today. As she drew near, it was a relief to see the excitement and longing in his eyes, and her smile grew broader. Never in her entire life had Beth imagined that seeing such blatant, raging desire in a man's eyes would excite and arouse her so much, but she could feel it in her body.

Her nipples contracted and her pussy clenched. It was a new and heady feeling—enjoying the sexual admiration of a man. However, Beth knew that not just any man could make her feel like this. Only Jon. The man that she loved. The one person in the world whose opinion mattered to her.

“Hi, Jon,” she purred again when he failed to respond. “Won't you come in?”

Beth didn't wait for an answer but took his hand, noting with amusement that he seemed to have forgotten that his arms were loaded with flowers and champagne.

far, so good
, she thought, feeling a growing sense of confidence as she led him to a single dining room chair she'd placed in the middle of the living room.

“Hi.” He finally spoke. “You look…amazing. I mean beautiful. I…”

He trailed off and swallowed. Beth had to stifle a giggle when his eyes returned, seemingly beyond his control, to her cleavage. She leaned in to give him a better view and whispered breathily into his ear, “Tonight, I am all yours. You get to do whatever you want with me.”

It thrilled her to hear his harsh gasp in response, to see the lust blaze in his wide eyes. Again, he seemed incapable of speech.

“Why don't you sit here?” she offered.

He sat.

Beth absolutely loved that she had Jon strung so tightly that he seemed to obey her without thought. Thrilling! Bending down to him, she took the forgotten champagne and flowers from his arms and placed a small kiss on his cheek. He started to reach for her, but she quickly backed away with a small shake of her head and a flirty smile.

“You sit right there a moment, and thank you for these lovely gifts,” she sang, dancing away toward the kitchen. Looking back, she enjoyed how his eyes followed her. Any doubts about her brazen plan for the evening were quickly fading. He was going to be putty in her hands, and the novel power of that was almost as exciting as seeing the desire lighting his eyes. She had begun to comprehend the tremendous power she wielded as a sexual being. For the first time in her life, Beth felt strong and utterly in control of her destiny.

She dropped the items on the counter and hurried back with his favorite cocktail in a tall-stemmed martini glass, chilled from the fridge. Beth handed him the drink and returned to the kitchen to put the flowers in water.

“I wanted to surprise you tonight and thank you for all you've done for me,” she called from the kitchen. “I've got frozen lasagna in the oven.”

“This is wonderful,” Jon called back, starting to rise.

“No! No, you don't. You just stay right where you are and finish your martini,” Beth ordered as she reentered the room carrying the flowers in a large juice bottle, the bouquet's chiffon ribbon now decorating the plain glass.

“Oh, sorry,” he muttered. “I forgot that I don't own any vases. Val took them all, of course.”

“Shhh,” Beth murmured. “These flowers are absolutely, without a doubt, the most beautiful things anyone has ever given me.” She meant it too. The fact that Jon had bought them especially for her filled her with delight. She placed them carefully on the coffee table and stood back to admire the bouquet of pale pink, fuchsia, and dark purple flowers. Then she bent over to bury her nose in them, inhaling the fragrant aroma of roses and orchids. After rising, Beth looked down at him and said, “You should never apologize to me for anything like that, and definitely not about Val. I'd like her to be a nonentity in our lives from now on.”

Jon nodded. “Yes, I agree. Now come here, sweet Beth,” he begged, reaching for her.

“Not so fast.” She laughed, jumping backward. “As I was saying, I didn't want you to take me out to celebrate because I wanted the chance to thank you for everything you've done. So I decided to treat you to a nice dinner at home and then—”

“That's perfect!” Jon interrupted. “You're perfect.”

Leaning down to place her breasts right before his eyes, she whispered, “Dinner will be done in a couple hours. Do you think you can keep me busy that long?”


Rising to stand directly in front of him, Beth began undulating to the sensual music. She planned to dance a private striptease just for him. She smoothed her hands slowly, luxuriously around her body, over and then down the front of her breasts to circle around her hips, finally gliding forward to rest over her mons.

Caressing her pussy through her silky dress, Beth was pleased with Jon's reaction. His eyes were glued to her every movement, and where his gaze landed, it felt like a gentle caress, leaving her flutteringly aware of his interest. Beth slid one hand inside her dress to fondle her bosom while the other continued erotically below. It was amazingly good—his hot stare and her gentle petting an arousing fusion.

Jon's breath whooshed out in a shuddering exhale.

“Liked that, did you?” she purred.

“Uh-huh.” He nodded, his eyes hungrily returning to watch Beth's hand under her dress.

“You look like you want to devour me.”

“You have no idea… Please,” he begged. “Play with yourself some more. It's incredibly hot.”

Beth moaned in response to his erotic commands, her hips swaying to the music. Then, smiling wickedly at him, she gave her nipple a strong pinch and gasped at the sharp pleasure. Jon groaned again and rose from the chair.

Beth shook her finger at him, and he sat down again, this time appearing more reluctant to obey her commands.
That's good
, she thought.

After reaching behind with both hands, she tugged the zipper down and allowed her dress to fall from her shoulders, encouraging it to glide down her body as she danced in front of Jon. When it settled at her feet, she stepped out. The air on her heated skin felt cool, reminding her that she was now almost naked, wiggling in front of a fully clothed man. If it weren't for the burning lust she could read in Jon's face, she might have shied away and tried to cover herself. But his adoring gaze encouraged her to keep dancing.

“I hope you don't mind that I spent some of my college savings on new clothing,” she murmured playfully, running a hand across her erotic lingerie. “Especially this…I bought it just for you.”

“No, ahh, not a problem,” he mumbled. She hadn't really thought he would mind, of course.

Seeming unable to just sit and watch, Jon turned the tables, grabbing her hand with both of his. He turned it over and lowered his mouth—while keeping his eyes locked on hers. His tongue snaked out and licked her palm. It felt hot, wet, and so sensually rousing that Beth groaned as electricity shot straight up her arm. It was incredible—sex right now would be mind-blowing!—but she wanted to do so much more to him, had so much more planned.

Beth tugged her hand free and whispered, “Naughty boy. I'm not done yet. There's another surprise as well, something for the both of us.” Beth stood up then, spread her legs wide, and placed her hands on her hips. She watched Jon's eyes sweep up her bare legs to ogle her nearly naked body. She waited a moment, wanting him on edge, and when she saw him gulp, she laid out her outrageous, naughty proposition.

“Tonight, my dear Jon, you're going to play the role of a…

“What?” he asked, clearly confused.

“Tonight, I want to play
to your john…that's
,” she clarified, giggling slightly. She was glad now for the fortifying drink she'd downed earlier, because actually saying the words proved more difficult than just thinking them. “You'll be my trick, and I'll fulfill
your wicked fantasies.”

Jumping to his feet, Jon exclaimed, “Please! I'm sorry I ever called you a hooker or told you that fantasy. It was wrong, and—”

“But tonight I
to be your pay-to-play fuck toy.”

“You don't have to do this… You don't owe me anything.”

“Stop,” she ordered. “Let me finish… I want this. Really. Not as a thank-you…that's dinner…but because the idea excites me. I've thought a lot about your fantasies, and tonight I want to be that for you.”

“I should never have told you about them. I shouldn't ever have even thought them.”

“Why?” Beth strutted around him, filled with nervous energy, but she liked how his eyes followed her every move. “Your fantasies arouse me. Don't you want me to be turned on by you?” She pretended to pout.

Jon snapped his mouth closed, obviously at a loss.

“Good boy!” she triumphed. With her newfound sexual confidence, Beth placed her hands on his shoulders. Once again, she pushed him firmly down onto the chair.

“You're amazing, Beth. I don't even know what to say. You blow me away.”

“Yes…I plan to do that too.” She laughed.

“Let me kiss you,” he pleaded as his hands reached for her, but Beth jumped quickly away. She wanted to continue the game…her way.

“I think you'd better pay me now,” she told him.


“Tonight, I want to you to treat me just like a high-class hooker. And you get to order me to do whatever you want. So pay me now what you think I'm worth.”

She stuck her hand out, and Jon just stared at it, hanging there in the air between them.

“I-I…” Jon shut his mouth.

Beth watched as he picked up his martini and took a large gulp, emptying the glass, seeming to stall for time. Jon looked up, and she let him search her eyes to see the truth there.

After a moment, she prodded, “C'mon, play my game. Tonight you're my
…and I don't come cheap, but I promise to give very good service for the money.”

Jon still looked shocked—clearly he'd never expected that she would actually follow through and play his fantasy hooker, but the huge bulge in his pants told Beth his body, at least, liked the idea very much. Finally he seemed to make a decision and pulled out his wallet. He took out a stack of twenties and handed it to her. “I think it's a little over three hundred dollars. Is that enough?”

Beth wondered if Jon really thought she would keep the money. Smiling greedily, she fingered the stack, playing her role to the hilt. Then she chuckled merrily and threw it all up into the air over their heads. They watched it flutter down to land in various places around the room.

Beth returned her gaze to her john for the night. She had already put on a show for him, but she knew that now was the time to really perform if she had any hope of carrying it off. Standing tall, affecting an assertive demeanor, she smiled seductively.

“Tell me all your deepest, darkest fantasies.”

She watched the play of emotions on his face. Astonishment, utter disbelief, even lust flashed across it, but he said nothing.

“Tell me
,” she ordered.

Finally, her john responded that everything and anything,
, would be fine, but that wasn't what Beth wished to hear. She wanted Jon to reveal to her—only to her—his deepest desires. Fantasies that only she could fulfill for him.

So she prodded and pushed until she had a full list of crazy, wicked, dirty things a whore would do for money. Things a woman could gift to the man she loved.

Reluctance still apparent on his face, Jon jumped to his feet, but Beth responded instinctually. “Yes, sir! It will be my pleasure to serve you.” Then she pushed him back down.

She turned her back and slowly lowered herself down onto his lap, against his arousal. Letting the music guide her, Beth danced her buttocks across his thighs, gradually inching back until she could feel his hard erection pushing against her ass. When Jon's hands came up to touch her, Beth grabbed them both, laughing in delight. This was great fun!

“No touching. This is supposed to be a lap dance. I promise, you'll get plenty of opportunity to touch me later.”

Jon groaned again, a pained sound that brought a furtive curve to her lips. Beth was having the time of her life pretending to be an expensive escort. She was determined to fulfill each of Jon's fantasies and maybe some he didn't yet know he had. Each grunt or low groan from him sent thrilling shivers up her spine. Tonight Beth would be naughty, slutty. Tonight she would drive him absolutely crazy with desire—and love every minute of it!

BOOK: Lawyer Up
13.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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