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Beth was already learning to recognize the intense feel of sexual arousal that he created in her body. She whimpered, “Jon, please, I need you.”

Jon met her gaze. “Sweet, sweet Beth, there's nothing I want more than to bury myself deep inside you.”

“Then do it.” She laughed, happily tugging on his shoulders.

“I, ahhh…” he faltered. Jon groaned and rubbed his juddering dick against her pussy again. “I want to make you come with me inside you, but I'm too far gone. Seeing you come for me with my mouth was the most erotic thing I've ever seen. It's all I can do to not explode right now.”

“I don't care. Please. I just want to feel you inside me,” she urged, trying to pull Jon down to her.

He nodded, accepting her reassurance, and placed his dick at her opening, but still he hesitated. “I want to make it last, darling.”

Even during their brief exchange, he'd never stopped caressing her clitoris, making her desperate. Beth forcefully pulled him toward her. “I need you, Jon. I need you

“Yes,” he cried. Rising up, Jon placed his shaft at her opening and surged into Beth in one single, deep thrust that seated him fully inside her, a loud guttural sound of pleasure erupting from his mouth. Clutching his shoulders in a death grip, Beth stiffened and cried out—the sound of startled pain indistinguishable from ecstasy. Jon didn't realize, seeming lost in a fog of pleasure, his eyes closed as he gripped her hips tightly and gently swirled his hips.

His shaft filled her completely, stretching her. She was impaled on a hard pole and could feel every inch, could even feel herself clutching at him as Jon thrust into her over and over. Beth took a deep, calming breath and forced herself to relax.

This was her
first time—there could never be another like it. She wanted to experience every part of it—Jon's sounds of pleasure, the heat that emanated from them both, the pulsing friction inside her that lessened in painful intensity but didn't go away completely, even the smell of their sex. Beth didn't want to miss anything, and she wanted to lock it away in her heart to remember always.



“God! You're so tight. Fucking amazing!”

The most primitive part of Jon's brain had taken over, and he started pumping Beth hard. She felt so damn good.
Jon was lost in a world of frenzied, euphoric sensation, eyes screwed shut and oblivious to all but the surging pleasure. He lasted only a few brief thrusts before he exploded in orgasm, babbling her name as his mind shut down.

“Beth! Oh my God, Beth!”

The room became silent except for the sound of their panting breaths, which slowly ebbed back to normal. Jon rested his head on the pillow of her full breasts, enjoying their comforting feel as he came back to full consciousness.

“That was wonderful.” He sighed, nestling deeper into her bosom. “You were so incredibly tight…wow,” he murmured incredulously. “I've never felt anything like—”

Jon stopped with a choking sound as something registered. Had Beth cried out in pain, or was that only in his head? There had been something else too, something physical. Dawning awareness seeped in. Totally bewildered, Jon pushed himself up on his arms to look down at Beth.

“You!” he exclaimed. “You are a… You're a virgin…like, a

Beth gazed up at him and replied somewhat smugly, “I
a virgin.”

“But…that doesn't make any sense! Why didn't you tell me?”

Jon's chest constricted, and his heart pounded. It felt like his head would explode. He pulled out quickly, then rolled off and away from Beth, facing the wall and unable to look at her. “Oh…oh my God.”

Jon was suddenly, brutally furious with himself.

“I tried to tell you, but…” Beth sounded embarrassed. “Was it that bad?” She started to get off the bed.

In a burst of intense need, Jon spun back to her and grabbed her arm. “No!” He gazed at her, willing her to stay. “Beth, it's not that. The sex was truly wonderful. It's just that I've been like a bull in a china shop toward you from the moment I met you. Assuming things and not really listening. I should have realized. Treated you differently.”

Becoming aware that he was still squeezing her arm, he let go and prayed Beth wouldn't bolt.

When she didn't, Jon gently caressed her face and whispered, “I'm sorry. I seem to say that to you a lot, but do you think you could ever forgive me?”

“Jon, don't worry.” She patted his hand lightly. “As I told you earlier, I forgive you for not trusting me, and as for the other…I didn't tell you and there's no reason you would have known.”

Jon's chest felt incredibly tight. “Thank you,” he murmured softly. “Thank you for the gift of your virginity. I'm in awe of you.”

“It was nothing,” she replied, patting him again almost playfully.

“It was
nothing. Not to me.” Jon pulled Beth into a tight embrace, joy flooding though him. “And thank you for the most amazing sex in my life. That's the truth.” He snuggled Beth into the crook of his arm, wanting to show her how much she meant to him.

Suddenly he stiffened, dread creeping over his skin. “Beth, I didn't know.”

“Obviously,” she retorted.

“I mean, I didn't know you were a virgin. You felt so tight that it was mind-blowing, but I was completely unaware of what I was doing. I must have hurt you.”

“Shhh, it's okay. It hurt some, but I understand it won't the next time.” Beth hugged him back. Sounding almost bashful, she added, “Maybe we'll have to do a test to see if I'm understanding correctly.”

“I'd like that,” he murmured, nuzzling her. He held Beth tightly, awash in a mixture of guilt, relief, happiness…and something else more compelling, something too fresh and new to name, even to himself.



After that fateful night, Jon and Beth's relationship changed. She moved into the bedroom with him, and they often tested her “understanding.” No matter how often they had sex, Beth would laugh and say that more research was needed, to which Jon heartily agreed.

As they settled into their mutually beneficial, if somewhat unusual, living arrangement, the first week flew by, and then another. Because of LA's deep financial troubles, the judicial system was in chaos, and the earliest court date for her arraignment was three weeks out. Jon never raised the idea of public housing again—and Beth was too busy with her self-improvement plan to notice, or at least she pretended not to notice. She found a new job at a better diner within walking distance of Jon's place, studied constantly for the GED in her free time, and cooked and cleaned for the free room and board.

She also saved every penny because eventually, perhaps after the case was over, she would have to move out. At times it almost felt like they were a couple, but nothing formal had been discussed, and she didn't want to be his charity case forever. However, she didn't look forward to moving out either. This was by far the nicest place Beth had ever lived, but it was Jon she would miss the most.

She wondered sometimes whether this was just a temporary thing—a sexy fling for Jon—but their relationship was too new and had started too weirdly to risk messing it up by asking questions about their future. She was enjoying their time together, but it felt like a holding pattern, lacking permanence. She tried to put those concerns out of her mind as she focused on her self-improvement plan.

The days quickly fell into a pattern. Beth usually worked the diner's morning shift, but if not, she made Jon breakfast before spending the morning studying. In the evening they occasionally went out to dinner or to a movie. Jon always paid for these outings, telling her to save her money. Beth appreciated his generosity, but it reminded her of their disparate circumstances. Their outings did not seem like dates to Beth because they never so much as held hands in public. It had been her idea—they would keep their sexual relationship a secret, at least until the case was over and Jon was no longer her lawyer. But it did make Beth question what would happen then.

She took on all the household work, even his laundry, insisting that Jon sit down and relax whenever he tried to help. It was the least she could do to repay him, she'd say once again. Jon told her often that his apartment had never looked so good.

Then one Friday afternoon Jon called her unexpectedly. “How about we go out to eat tonight?”

“That would be very nice, but, Jon, you're always treating me. Maybe this once it should be my turn, or maybe I could cook us a really nice supper tonight.” Beth felt uncomfortable with Jon always paying, but spending money on restaurants wasn't part of her plan either. She knew he wasn't adding these meals to her tab, but she still felt like it increased her obligation to him.

“No, please. I would really like to take you out to dinner, someplace a little fancier than we usually go. Ah…I had some success at work today and feel like celebrating. Please say yes.”

“Okay, sure, but this has to be the last time.”

“Great. I'll pick you up at six. Bye.”

Beth couldn't help feeling a little excited about the evening. Jon wanted to celebrate his success, and she had several things to celebrate too, including her new job and her registration today for a GED testing date. Her plan was going well, and she found that letting go of her acting ambitions had hardly registered with her emotionally. She'd moved on to a secret new goal. Maybe she'd even tell Jon about it this evening, if she could get up the courage.

Beth had used some of her meager savings to increase her wardrobe from the thrift shop, but she still didn't have anything particularly dressy. After working the morning shift at the diner, then putting in two solid hours studying, Beth was tired but still excited about the evening. She showered, did her hair and makeup—nothing trashy like she used to do for her old job, but a nice dusting of color.

Looking through her few outfits hanging in the bedroom closet she now shared with Jon, Beth decided that the outfit she'd purchased for her court appearance was the best she could do. A rather dour navy skirt and light blue dress blouse. At least the top went nicely with her eyes. She added a slightly redder shade of lipstick to brighten the look and her one pair of earrings—large hoops that she had worn the night of her arrest—and she was ready. Grabbing her purse, she went downstairs to meet Jon in the lobby, saving him the effort of coming up to the apartment.

As she walked through the lobby doors, Jon came barreling out of the car and around to meet her on the curb, but he stopped abruptly when he got a look at her. His obvious appreciation warmed her.

“You look very nice,” Jon said. “Allow me.” Then he opened the door for her.

“Thank you.” Beth smiled and got inside.

“I had the top down on this nice night, but your hair looks so pretty. I'll just put it up so the wind doesn't ruin it.”

Beth almost stopped him, not wanting to be any trouble, but then she smothered the impulse. Her hair did look pretty, and she wanted it to stay that way. “Thank you, Jon. That's thoughtful of you.”

“No problem.” He grinned happily at Beth, radiating masculine satisfaction. “Want to keep a beautiful lady looking beautiful,” he said as the motorized top rose.

Beth was inordinately pleased with his courtesy and compliments and tried to stifle her growing excitement. As they pulled out onto the street and Jon headed toward the freeway, she reminded herself,
isn't a real date!
Then a thought occurred to Beth—maybe he really wanted to celebrate with his buddies or coworkers. Instantly, her enthusiasm faded.


“Yes.” He kept his eyes on the highway's busy traffic.

“I know we're already on our way, but it just occurred to me that you're probably just being nice including me in your work celebration. I know you have to keep me a secret, so I'd understand, even now, if you would really rather go out with your coworkers or other friends.” She felt she had to offer but held her breath, hoping he wouldn't turn the car around.

“Beth! I want to take you out. Just you. That…that would make me happy, but if you really don't want to go, of course we can cancel.”

” That came out louder than she meant. “I'm really excited to go out with you…I mean, to help you celebrate.”

“Good. It's settled then.” He threw her a quick, pleased smile, then returned his attention to driving.

“And…and my offer to pay still stands,” she blurted out. “Especially since we're celebrating your success.”

“You're very sweet, but I invited you out. Remember?”

“Okay.” Beth looked out the window at the passing traffic. They were heading toward the beach, she realized as her anticipation escalated. Jon could be such a gentleman when he wanted to be. How wonderful it would be to
be his girlfriend. Not living in this strange limbo they inhabited. She could imagine feeling like a princess if he treated her like this every day. Jon was proving to be her guardian angel—a grumpy, distrustful frog turned generous Prince Charming. But on nights like this, she could imagine becoming more than just roommates of convenience and friends with benefits.

Beth sighed. Jon was the type of man that she'd waited so long for, someone she willingly gave her virginity to because he seemed interested in her as a person, not just as a sexual object. Why did she have to meet him as a suspected prostitute in a filthy jail? But the irony was that without being arrested, she would never have met him. Probably, she'd still be working in that trashy dive. The two days in jail had been the kick in the butt she needed to change her life.

Tossing her long, blond locks, Beth warned herself that she needed to rein in her growing attachment to him or risk a broken heart, reminding herself of the many reasons why this would never work. Jon was handsome, wealthy—by her standards anyway—and way out of her league. Most likely, any attempt at a relationship would turn out badly for her. He was a highly educated lawyer, and she was an uneducated hillbilly. No matter how much Jon might be attracted to her—and enjoy sex with her—this man would never fall in love with her, never consider her more than a fling. Important men like Jon weren't for the likes of Bethi-Ann Sikes, formerly of Nowhereville Gum Springs, Alabama.

Beth sat up straighter. Tonight was Jon's celebration.
Don't ruin it for him, and hell's bells, don't ruin this nice night for

They pulled up to a fancy place, Geoffrey's Malibu, complete with valet parking. If nothing else, Beth would enjoy a fine meal in the nicest restaurant she'd ever been to, probably the nicest she would ever see the inside of. She smiled graciously as the valet opened the car door, welcoming her to Geoffrey's and assisting her out to the curb. Jon came around and escorted her toward the door. Beth was hyperaware of Jon's hand resting gently on her lower back as he guided her inside. She should warn him that they were letting their liaison show, but the shiver of pleasure trembling down her back made her keep her mouth shut.

The maître d' also welcomed them. After Jon gave his name, they were immediately escorted to a table out on the deck with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. It was obviously one of the best tables in the restaurant.

“Jon! This is amazing.” Beth looked out at the glistening water spreading as far as the eye could see. The setting sun lit the sky in fiery red glory. “It's magnificent!” she breathed.

“I wanted to get here in time for the sunset,” he replied, the happiness rich in his voice.

As the maître d' held the chair out for her, he politely intoned, “I hope you enjoy your meal, miss.”

“Thank you.” She flicked him a quick glance before returning her shining, enthusiastic smile to Jon. In this moment it was impossible to mask all the deep gratitude and raw excitement that she felt. Her breath stopped and her entire body tingled when she saw how Jon stared at her—like a starving man. Almost how she imagined a man in love would look.

The moment only lasted a few seconds before Jon returned a crooked smile and glanced away.

Beth sucked in a breath of sea air. She felt light-headed and still tingly. Remembering she was not Cinderella and Jon was not her Prince Charming was going to be extremely difficult on this magical night, she realized.

When Jon began speaking, he sounded completely normal, as if there had been no moment at all. Beth told herself that she must have imagined it. She needed to stop reading stuff into everything. Taking a calming breath, she decided to put her limited acting skills to use and be the perfect dinner companion, nothing more than a buddy out celebrating a friend's success.

Beth stifled a gasp when she saw the prices on the menu and was glad Jon hadn't accepted her repeated offers to pay. She also had to suppress her urge to tell him it was too much. Jon had chosen this place, so obviously this was where he wanted to celebrate. They ordered their meals, and Jon selected a bottle of wine.

Attentive staff brought water and bread, and the whole time Beth felt like she was floating. She was Cinderella at the ball, especially when she felt Jon's eyes on her. She reminded herself yet again that she was here as his friend. She girded herself to
that way and inquire about his work success today.

But then the wine arrived, and Jon made a toast to Beth. Her good intentions flew away like the seagulls that circled over the sand.

“To Beth,” he said, raising his wineglass. “I know I'm a couple days late, but I want to wish you a happy birthday. I truly hope that you realize all your goals in the coming year.”

“My birthday! How did you know?” Racing, off-kilter excitement buzzed through her. “Wait… Is this really why you invited me out?”

“Yes, and I'm sorry it's late. Just today I was looking over your file and realized that your birthday was this past Tuesday. Happy birthday, Beth.”

“Thank you,” she whispered, astounded. “That's…that's… Thank you.”

She looked around at the restaurant with new eyes. They were here just for her, celebrating her! Beyond the astronomical prices and breathtaking view, the atmosphere was overwhelmingly romantic with sparkling lights on trees, a flaming fire pit, and small flowerpots on all the tiny round tables, like the one that had her sitting extra close to Jon. Even the deference of the waitstaff made her feel like a princess. Beth knew she would remember this night for the rest of her life.

“I was going to wait until after dinner, but…” Jon interrupted her thoughts, handing her a small box with a satin ribbon tied around it.

Her eyes flashed back to him. “Jon, you shouldn't have. The restaurant is more than—”

“It's just something small, really. A token is all.”

Beth slid the ribbon off and lifted the lid to see a thin silver chain with a light blue pendant dangling from it. “Oh, Jon! It's so pretty.”

Jon rose and came around. “May I?” he asked, and she nodded. “I thought the moonstone matched your pretty gray-blue eyes,” he murmured quietly as he put it on her. After settling the chain around her neck, he stood back to look at it, then raised his eyes to hers. “Nice,” he said before taking his seat.

BOOK: Lawyer Up
13.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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