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Chapter Seven



They finally released me from the hospital after too many very long days. My side was still incredibly sore—especially after that knock-out punch. Nurse Fiona pushed me down into a wheelchair.


“This isn't really necessary, Nurse. I can walk out on my own.”


“Sorry darling, hospital rules.”


I didn't feel like arguing anymore. I let Nurse Fiona push me to the elevator and the doors closed in front of us.


“Still wished we could've finished that sponge bath.”


“Maybe next time,” Nurse Fiona replied, her hand rubbing my shoulder. She slipped me a scrap of paper with her number scratched on it.


I had hoped to say goodbye to Constance but she was nowhere to be found. One of the nurses told me she was operating on a patient.
Always saving lives.
I said a silent goodbye as Fiona pushed me outside. The fresh air reinvigorated me.


Sawyer was standing outside in front of a nondescript white van. “They finally let you out of this prison, Leland?”


“Only because they were sick of me sleeping with all the nurses.” I used my arms to lift myself out of the wheelchair and to my feet. Standing on my own two legs felt good even though they worked like Jell-O. Sawyer helped me into the van and I looked out at the entrance one last time, hoping to see Constance running out to me.
Why did this chick have such a hold on me?
So big deal, she doesn't want me. There's a million other girls I can bed.


“Leland, are you even listening?” Sawyer's voice brought me out of my daydream.


I shook my head of the cobwebs. “Sorry, what were you saying?”


“I was saying that Claire told me you could stay at the clubhouse until you're fully recovered.”


“That will help a lot right now.” The last thing I wanted was to go back to my broken down apartment.


I looked outside to see the Rabid Dogs MC coming into view. It was just an abandoned warehouse that was taken over and turned into our clubhouse. Dozens of Harley's were lined up in a row and bikers with leather cuts walked around holding beers.


I was finally home.


Sawyer took my arm and helped me out. “Don't get any ideas, Leland. I'm not going to be your nurse.”


“Damn, I was hoping to get a sponge bath from you.”


Sawyer laughed and slapped me on the back. “It's good to have you back, Leland.”


I released a heavy breath and looked up at the Rabid Dogs sign. I never wanted to be stabbed again. “It's good to be back.”


Sawyer opened the door and waiting inside was the entire MC and all my friends. A banner waved above that stated: Welcome Home Leland. Black balloons and streamers decorated every possible inch of the clubhouse. The bar was fully stocked with booze and scantily-clad women bounced around.


Everyone started clapping and cheering. I waved my hands to get them all to stop. It felt like I was a war hero coming home. “Please everyone. I didn't do anything. Being stupid and getting stabbed in the back shouldn't warrant this.”


Claire came through the crowd and kissed me on the cheek. “We're just glad to have you back home, hun.”


“Thank you, Claire.”


“I went over to your place and got some clean clothes for you. I put everything in the spare bedroom upstairs. If you need anything, just ask.”


I gave her a big hug. “Thank you again.”


Big Mike came rushing over to me, juggling two pints of beer. The light brew spilled over the top and dripped all over his feet. “I bet you've missed this,” he said, handing me a glass.


“You have no idea, Mike.” I took a sip and let the beer run down my throat. “Damn that tastes good.”


Cole came over and cornered me. “Welcome back, Leland.” He gave me a quick hug and patted me on the back.


“Thank you, Prez.”


“Come into the meeting room. We need to talk about something.”


Cole led me through the crowd until we were behind closed doors. Our little meeting room was just a wood table with a bunch of seats surrounding it. Someday we'd get a nice spider carved into it. I waited for Cole to start talking. What could he possibly want to talk about right when I got back?


“I know what you're feeling, Leland.”


He does?


Cole sat down at the head of the table where the President belonged. He motioned for me to sit down next to him. I'd never sat in the Vice President spot before. It felt good.
Someday, King.
Cole continued, “Many members have gone through this before. That boiling emotion you feel inside.”


Was he talking about Constance? I balled my hand into a fist and examined the bruised and bloodied knuckles. It felt way too good knocking out that doctor. If I was at full strength, I don't know if I could have stopped until the life was beaten out of him.


Cole pulled out a small box with a bow on top. “I know you feel that need for vengeance but we couldn't wait.”


I looked up at him confused. Then it all connected. He's talking about the guy from the bar—the one that stabbed me. I opened the box and found an index and middle finger placed neatly on a bed of velvet. The ends were covered in dry blood. It looked like they had been snipped them off with garden shears—probably while he was still alive.


“Thank you for this, Cole.” I closed the box and set it down. Ever since I met Constance, I had totally forgotten about the need for revenge. I hadn't thought about the man who stabbed me once since I woke up in the hospital.


“That motherfucker won't be roaming the streets any longer. Don't worry we made him pay.”


I hugged Cole again. He was like a father to me. I never wanted to disappoint him.


Cole lit up. “We have one more surprise for you.”


“Seriously, you guys didn't have to go through all this.”


“We need this more than you do, Leland. We thought we almost lost you in the operating room. Claire sobbed the entire time.”


Shit. I imagined Claire crying uncontrollably and everyone trying to console her. I didn't even think about that. I never wanted to make her cry again. These people were my family and they almost lost me. “So what's that surprise you mentioned?” I asked, rubbing my hands together.


Cole opened the door and Slade walked in with a gorgeous redhead at his side. Her arms were covered in tattoos and her white v-neck barely contained her massive tits. She looked vaguely familiar.


“I think this girl wants to talk to you,” Slade said. He couldn't help but grin as he handed her over to me.


I looked the chick in the eyes and finally remembered. Oh fuck! This was the one from the bar. The girl I got stabbed over. She was drop-dead gorgeous but not get-stabbed-and-almost-die gorgeous.


“My name's Minnie,” she announced, holding out her hand.


“Nice to finally meet you. I'm Leland.” I grabbed her hand and felt nothing. No spark. Nothing. She was just like every other hot piece of ass I'd been with. That didn't mean I couldn't have some fun with her. I deserved it after all that cock-teasing with Constance. It would be nice to release those big melons from her black bra and suck on her nipples. Bend her over and fuck her hard. “Want to go up to my room?” I asked.


Minnie batted her eyelashes and flushed. She was already melting in my hands. I led her through the cheering crowd and upstairs. Her lips were on mine before we could even get to the room. I felt up her large breasts as we made our way to the bed. I shoved her down and undid my belt buckle. My hardness pressed against the inside of my pants.


“I've been thinking about you ever since that night at the bar,” she said, sucking on her finger. “The way you took care of my ex-boyfriend made me so wet. I need that big cock of yours inside me.”


The thought of being with Constance entered my mind. What was she doing here? Didn't she know I was busy? I shook her away and focused on Minnie. She tore her tight shirt off until her tits were just floating in her bra. I pulled my pants down and jumped on top of her running my tongue along her peaks.


But it all felt wrong. This wasn't turning me on. My cock was barely hard. What the fuck was going? I let go of her and stood up. “I'm sorry, Minnie. I can't do this.”


“What are you talking about, baby? You're locked and loaded.” Her hand reached down to my crotch and felt my now flaccid penis. She was shocked when she realized I didn't have an erection. She wasn't used to seeing that. Fuck, it never happened to me before.


“You can leave now,” I said in a defeated tone.


“Maybe if I just rev you up a little.” She began stroking me but it did nothing.


I pulled her hands away. “Just get out of here.”


Minnie rolled off the bed and grabbed her shirt. “I'm going to find a real man that can get it up.”


“Fuck you,” I yelled. I grabbed the closest thing—a shoe—and tossed it at the door, slamming it shut behind the whore. It wasn't my fault. I couldn't get Constance out of my skull. This never happened to me before. A light bulb flicked on in my head. It wasn't was the painkillers. That's the reason I couldn't get hard.


I lay on the bed with the flannel sheets and rested against the pillow. I was going to have to quit the painkillers the next time I wanted to get my dick wet. I imagined Constance naked on top of me, riding my cock, rocking her hips back and forth. My cock grew erect. Dammit.

Chapter Eight



My nightmare of a shift was finally over and I got to relax at home. I was disappointed that I couldn't say goodbye to Leland and thank him one last time. The ER was backed up and I couldn't tear myself away. I rushed over there as soon as I could but Nurse Fiona gave me the bad news that he was already gone. Maybe I'd see him again someday.


I walked down the hallway of my apartment complex and pulled out my keys. Flashes of my keys in the pharmacy flooded into me. My heart jumped out of my chest. I looked behind me expecting to find Dr. Green but nobody was there.
Don't let it get to you, Constance.


Rachel was lounging on the couch when I entered. The living room was drenched in darkness and The Notebook was playing on the small TV. I threw my keys on the keyring next to the door. I didn't want to see those for awhile.


Rachel paused the movie and turned towards me. “How was your day?” Her glance turned to horror when she saw my face. “What happened to you?”


I didn't know that I was projecting the image of a victim. Rachel picked up on it immediately. “Nothing happened. Just a little run in with Dr. Green again.” How much should I tell her? I didn't want her to worry. It was already over.


Rachel sat me on the couch and handed me a glass of red wine. “Dish it, Sis. Tell me everything.”


“He cornered me and put his hands on me.” I could still smell his nasty cologne.


Rachel's fingernail's dug into my arm. “That fucker. I'm going to kill him.” Rachel would do anything for me and that's why I loved her.


I put my hands up for her to stop. “I kneed him in the balls and a patient knocked him out before it could go any further. I doubt he's ever going to come my way again.”


“I'm so sorry you had to go through that, Constance.” Rachel loosened her grip on me and held my hand.


“I'm fine...really I am.” I took a much needed sip of wine. My head was already cloudy and the buzz came on instantly.


Rachel elbowed me in the side. “Tell me about this hero that rescued you. What's his name?”


“Leland. He's just a guy. That's all.” He wasn't just a guy...he was my hero. I don't know what would've happened if he hadn't showed up to save me.


Rachel cocked her head. “Yeah right. Just a guy my ass.” She pointed at my cheeks. “I've never seen you blush before. Ever.” This must be
man to hold your attention.


Rachel knew way too much about me. I'd never really felt anything before for a man. But Leland was different. I waved her away. “Enough about me. What did you do today? Find a job yet?” I couldn't think about Leland anymore.


Rachel downed her glass and poured another. “Do you always have to bring that up. No I didn't find a job yet.”


I felt bad. Here she was helping me out and all I ever tried to do was lecture her. “I'm sorry, Rachel. I don't even really care if you get a job or not. I just like you being here. So what did you do today?”


“How about watching the Notebook five times in a row. That sounds really pathetic when you say it out loud.”


“If it's a man you're looking for you just need to put yourself out there. You won't find anyone sitting on the couch all day.” Maybe I should take my own advice? “I think you'd feel better if you found a job.”


“I've tried but nobody's hiring. I sent out twenty resumes yesterday and got nothing back.” Rachel fiddled with the TV remote.


“I can get you a desk job at the hospital.”


Rachel shrugged. “A desk job?”


“It won't pay much but it will get you out of the house.”


“Constance, I didn't drop out of college and make our parents disown me for just a desk job,” she said with a straight face.


I stared into her eyes, not blinking. Her smile cracked first and we both collapsed into a giggling mess. I always beat her. “There's some cute doctors that I could introduce you to.”


Rachel's ears perked up. “Tell me more, Constance, tell me more.”


I shoved her away. “Just play the movie again. I need to relax.”


Rachel poured me another glass of wine and started the movie again. Noah was in the middle of building the house for Allie and she hadn't seen him in years. This movie always brought me to tears. I hated the fact that they loved each other so much and if it wasn't for her bitch mother, they'd still be together. I guess love doesn't work the way you want it to.


I watched as the beautiful Ryan Gosling pounded nails into wood and all I could think about was Leland. His shirtless chest, that spider tattoo, and his strong arms. If he could just hold me, I'd be happy forever. Damn he was so hot.


Before I knew it, the credits were rolling. I glanced over and Rachel was fast asleep against the arm of the couch, her hand gripping an empty wine glass. I draped a blanket over her, gently placed the wine glass on the coffee table, and kissed her on the forehead. I'd talk to my boss tomorrow and see if they could give her a job. It would do her some good to get out of the house for once.


I swayed back and forth as I walked to the bathroom. The wine was doing its job. I stared at myself in the mirror and my lips were stained purple from the alcohol. I removed my makeup and washed my face. I carried myself to my bed and lay down with my clothes still on. Leland's name escaped my lips before I passed out in a drunken state.

BOOK: Leland's Baby
3.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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