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Chapter Seventeen



Somehow I ended up at Constance's apartment. I didn't even remember riding here. “I'm sorry Constance, I didn't know where else to go.” Tears fell down my cheeks.


“Are you injured,” she asked, checking my body.


I shook my head. “I don't think so.”


“Let's get you fixed up.” Constance took my arm and led me to the bathroom.


I felt like a zombie as I followed her down the hallway. Her sister peeked at me through a cracked door and then closed it. Not the best first impression.


“Take off your bloody clothes and I'll wash it for you. A nice warm shower will make you feel better,” Constance said softly. She went under the sink and pulled out a fresh towel.


I stood there while she turned the knobs and made the water hot. I pulled off my bloody t-shirt and remembered Isaac dying in my arms. I collapsed onto the bathroom floor, sobbing. Constance bent down and held me.


“What happened?” she asked.


The tears burned my throat and I could barely speak. “The guy came out of nowhere and fired. I tried to warn him but it was too late.”


“Who? Who did you try to warn?”


“Isaac...he's dead.” I didn't know what else to say. I couldn't find the words to explain what happened.


“I'm so sorry, Leland.” Constance held me close, her fingers massaging my scalp. I cried like a little baby, my face pressed against her chest. I had lost MC members before but Isaac was different. He had been there ever since I joined and we were close. He felt like a true brother to me. And now he was gone.


“He died in my arms, Constance. I tried to get him to you but I wasn't fast enough.”


Constance put her fingers to my lips. “Hush. You did everything you could.”


I don't know for how long we sat on the cold bathroom floor. Time didn't seem to matter anymore. Constance just held me until I was finished crying.


I reached for toilet paper and used it to blow my nose. “I'm sorry you had to see that. Isaac would be laughing at me right now for being such a little bitch.”


Constance shook her head. “He knew you cared for him.”


I looked up at Constance, her face only inches from mine. I stared into her eyes, wondering how somebody as hot as her could still be single. She was everything I ever wanted. I glanced down to her full and parted lips. I bet she tasted good.


I reached up and planted my lips on hers. Constance breathed in sharply, pulling me in. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pushed my body against her. She tasted better than I ever could've imagined.

Chapter Eighteen



I dealt with death everyday of my life. I learned early on that you couldn't save everyone. No matter how much experience you had—sometimes people just died.


I wished I could take away all of Leland's pain and anguish. He didn't explain exactly what happened but I got the idea that one of the Rabid Dogs members was shot and killed. What were they doing? It didn't matter.
My poor King.


I held him close on the bathroom tiles for what seemed like hours. His whimpering slowly faded away and he blew his nose and cleaned up his face.
Kiss me, dammit!
I didn't want to force it. He might not be in the mood.


Leland looked deep into my eyes. My heart beat quickened and the butterflies crashed around in my stomach. He leaned in and kissed me. Time froze as his tongue ran over my lips and into my mouth. I moaned against him as our heads moved side to side.


My hands rested on his strong chest, the Rabid Dogs tattoo burning brightly. Leland bent my neck and nestled in my crook, showering me with kisses. He tugged at my baggy shirt that I suddenly felt embarrassed about for wearing. I didn't know an unbelievably sexy man was going to drop by. I thought it was just going to be a quiet night with Rachel.


Leland pulled the shirt over my head and marveled at my big breasts in a lacy black bra. His fingers traced over my peaks, sending shivers down my spine. He kissed me again on the lips and moved his way down my neck and to my chest. I unhooked my bra and threw it across the bathroom. Steam from the hot shower was filling the room. Leland pinched my nipples until I cried out. He rubbed them between his fingers, elongating them.


“Do you know how beautiful you are?” Leland asked.


I shook my head and my face flushed crimson.


Leland bent over and sucked on my left breast. I held his head against my chest, taking in every little sensation. The teasing was absolutely tortuous. How much longer could I last?


I quickly slid my sweatpants off and Leland ran his hands up my thighs. His eyes blazed desire and I knew he wanted me. His fingers hooked into my black thong and slowly peeled them down my smooth legs.


“Take me, Leland. I can't wait anymore,” I moaned.


He grinned, wide-eyed, looking around at the bathroom. “Right here?”


I bit my bottom lip. “Right here. Right now.”


His fingers brushed against my slit, gathering my wetness. “You're so ready, baby.” Leland moved me over to the bathroom rug and laid me down. He fiddled with his belt and pulled his jeans down along with his boxer briefs. His massive erection flung out and was pulsing up and down. I sat up and reached for his shaft, stroking him. Leland arched his head back and moaned.


“Lay back down,” he ordered.


I let go of his manliness and lay down, ready to do whatever he wished. “Let me warn you that I haven't been with a man in years. Be gentle.”


Leland's eyes narrowed. “Spread your legs.”


I moved my legs as far as they could go. Leland came over until he was right between my thighs. His erection was so close yet so far. Leland kissed me on the mouth, claiming me again. I felt his tip at my entrance, knocking to come in. I gyrated my hips, trying to get him inside. But Leland wasn't done teasing yet.


“I've wanted this ever since I woke up in that hospital bed,” he whispered in my ear.


“Me too,” I replied but barely coherent.


He pinned me beneath him, his perfect body hovering above. Leland pierced me with one thrust. We both cried out as he filled me up. “You're so fucking tight,” he murmured.


I couldn't even respond. My brain had shut off and all I could do was feel. Feel his body against mine. Leland inside me, pulling in and out. I swayed my hips towards him, forcing Leland deeper and deeper. The pleasure was too much to handle. I couldn't last much longer.


“Come for me, Constance,” Leland ordered.


My whole body tensed up and a sudden explosion rippled through me as I came around him. My legs locked around his waist and held him inside me. Leland continued to fuck me harder and harder. Our bodies were red hot from the steam. Our sweat was sticky sweet.


Leland stilled and bit his bottom lip hard. “Come with me, Constance.” Leland found his release, saying my name over and over. I shattered into a million tiny pieces, experiencing the most intense and uncontrollable orgasm ever. Leland collapsed on top of me, panting and full of happiness. Our heart beats raced together.


“I'd forgotten what that felt like,” I said, exasperated.


“I've never felt so close to somebody before,” Leland replied, rolling over next to me.


“I've never come so fast before. How did you do it?”


Leland ran his fingers through my hair. “We work well together, don't we?”


I nodded and rested my head against his chest. My fingers traced the Rabid Dogs tattoo. Underneath it was a Latin phrase that I didn't understand—In Pace Ultio. “What does that mean?”


Leland looked down at his chest. “Means Peace in Vengeance.”


My eyebrows raised in suspicion. “Not a very happy motto.”


“That's not the point. In my life, things can go very wrong at any moment. There's only one thing that can bring you peace.”


I lifted my head up off his chest. “Did you already take revenge for Isaac?” I knew it was wrong to ask the second it left my lips.
How could you be so stupid, Constance.


Leland looked lost, staring off into space. “I did get revenge.”


“Did you find peace?”


Leland sniffled and shook his head. “Nothing will bring back Isaac. But at least he can rest knowing that his killer was brought to justice.”


A tattoo of a small gun was marked on his side. “What's this one for?” I asked, trying to change the subject.


Leland smiled. “I forgot about that one. That was my first tattoo—back when I joined Rabid Dogs.”


“You mean you didn't get this spider tattoo first?”


“No when I first joined I had to be a prospect for a year.”


I scratched his head with my nails and Leland purred like a cat. “Prospect?”


Leland closed his eyes, deep in thought. “Kind of like a pledge for a fraternity. You do all the shitty work the MC needs done. I got this gun tattooed on my side after my first week with Rabid Dogs. Isaac was with me at the time.” Leland smiled at the memory. “He wanted me to get a sword with fire but I thought a gun would be more badass.”


I stood up and started putting my panties back on. “You should take a shower. You'll feel better.”


“Only if you take one with me.” Leland's lips stretched into a grin and he pulled me into his arms. I giggled as he nuzzled his nose against mine. Would I always be this happy with him? He had so much darkness surrounding him. How could we ever live a normal life?

Chapter Nineteen



How could this be one of the worst nights of my life and the best at the same time? I lost Isaac but Constance—the beautiful and understanding woman made me feel so hopeful. That life isn't just about being an outlaw. It could be so much more. I just needed to trust her and follow her lead.


“Only if you take one with me.” I latched onto her and pulled Constance to me. Her lips tasted like candy and I couldn't let go, not even to breathe.


I craned her neck to the side, revealing her bare and sensitive skin. I sucked on her, nibbling and love-biting. I looked at her backside in the bathroom mirror, mesmerized by her nice ass in a thong. I reached down and squeezed each cheek hard.


Constance jumped at the pain and scoffed. I loved it when she was playfully mad at me. I escaped into the tall shower and closed the steamy door, shutting Constance out. The hot water hit my head and cascaded down my body, warming me all over. I closed my eyes and let it wash away all the pain.


Constance knocked at the shower door. I could only see a naked silhouette of her through the fog. “Mr. King, the doctor is here to see you now.”


I opened the door. “It's about time. I need my annual checkup.”


Constance bounced into the shower, closing her eyes and soaking her blonde hair. Her hands caressed my body, moving from my chest down my happy trail. “There's seems to be a problem down here.”


I gasped. “What could it be, Doctor Holmes?”


“You're abnormally thick and long,” she replied, gripping my erection. “We need to release the pressure immediately.”


I nodded and bit my lower lip as she deftly stroked me. She was so good at this—
too good at this
. The pleasure was building more and more. I didn't want to come yet. It wasn't time yet. Constance kissed me and forced her tongue into my mouth. I had to snatch her hand away from my manliness before it was too late.


I took a deep breath and refocused my energy. It was her turn to feel the unrelenting ecstasy. I felt up her breasts, massaging and kneading them. I stuck my index finger into Constance's mouth and she sucked on me hard.


“I'm so ready for you,” Constance murmured.


I moved my hand between her thighs and grazed her sex. Constance moaned as I slipped two fingers inside her. She was so wet and slippery that it was almost too easy. She collapsed against me, holding onto me tight. I kissed her hard as I forced my fingers deeper and deeper.


“That feels so good, Leland. Please don't stop,” Constance yelled.


I pinched her erect nipples and I continued to fuck her with my fingers. Her body reacted with a spasm every time I pulled in and out. I could feel her tighten around me. She was close. I curled my fingers and pushed against her wall. Constance opened her mouth and let out a groan, her body quivering all over.


The sight of her coming almost made me climax too soon. I spun her around and pinned Constance against the shower door. The water from the shower hit the top of her back and ran down her spine. She pushed out her ass until she met my erection. I was pressed right in between her ass cheeks and Constance rubbed me up and down.


“I'm going to have you now,” I whispered. Constance's hands moved to the top of the shower door to hang on. I slowly thrust into her, stretching and filling her. My fingers gripped onto her hips as I eased my way in and out. Over and over again, I drilled my way inside her and Constance moaned at the top of her lungs. My hips moved to the beat of my heart.


“Harder, Leland,” she commanded.


I gathered her hair into a short ponytail and tugged, snapping her head back. I used her hair as leverage as I pounded her against the shower door. “I'm close,” I warned Constance.


“Wait for me,” she begged. I used every ounce of power to hold my orgasm at bay.


Constance came around me, almost bucking me off her, and I finally found my sweet release. “Oh Constance,” I moaned.


We fell to the shower floor in a sweaty and wet mess. “I never knew sex could be so good,” I said, chuckling to myself.


“'Me either. My orgasms are like nuclear bombs going off inside me. I don't think I'm going to be able to walk for days.”


I collected Constance in my arms and laid her against me. My heart was beating so fast against her back. No woman had ever made me feel this way. “Do you ever get scared when you operate on someone?” I asked.


“What made you think of that?” she replied, looked back at me.


I shrugged. “Just curious I guess. I've never really been with a doctor before.”


“The key to keeping calm is knowing how to control your fear. You must have some idea of the concept whenever you're in gunfight. When I was nine years old, my family went on a vacation to the Grand Canyon. It wasn't so much a vacation as it was a way for my father to educate us more. Anyways while I was admiring the massiveness of the canyon, I felt something on my foot. I looked down to see a black scorpion crawling across my sandal.”


“Holy shit, that would have freaked me the fuck out.”


Constance nodded. “I wanted to kick it away and run for the hills. But my dad noticed me and screamed to stay frozen. The scorpion stayed put and didn't move. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and my dad made me breathe in and out slowly. The fear slowly subsided and the scorpion moved along after a few moments. If my dad wasn't there, I would've tried to fling him off and I surely would've been stung. Now whenever something goes wrong in the operating room, I just remember to breathe until the fear goes away. Nothing could be scarier than a scorpion about to strike.”


I shivered. “I hate bugs. I would have kicked it away no matter what.”


“I can't imagine you hating bugs.” Constance laughed, pointing at my tattoo.


“Silly woman, that isn't real. But if an actual Rabid Dogs was around, I'd already be out of the apartment.”


Constance patted my leg. “Don't worry, Leland, I'll protect you.”


I sneaked my hands under her armpits and tickled her until she apologized.


After we both calmed down, I looked at my fingers. “Might be time to get out now, I'm all pruned.”


Constance wrapped my arms around her. “But it feels so nice in here.”


I smiled and raked my fingers through her hair. I never wanted to leave. Constance was someone I could actually commit to. A woman who was my equal. Someone I could love.

BOOK: Leland's Baby
10.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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