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“I will, Daddy. Bye!”

Chapter Three

“Mary Katherine! Get your little butt down here now!” Alan’s voice boomed from the living room. She had seen her brother drive up and had raced to the upstairs guest room to hide.

Lance handed his brother a coke and offered him a seat.

“She’s hiding from you,” Lance laughed. “Just like she did when she was little.”

“She knows it won’t do her any good. Katherine! NOW!”

Kathy winced, reluctantly coming down the stairs. “You bellowed?”

“You have some explaining to do, missy. Plant your duff right here and start talking.” Kathy wrinkled her nose. “What do you want me to say? I screwed up.”

“Young lady, do you remember the first spanking you got from me and why?”

“No.” Kathy lied. She remembered it quite well.

“Then let me refresh your memory. Mom and Dad were away on business. You were six and asked me to drive you to your friend’s birthday party and had borrowed money to buy her a gift. You said her mother was going to take you shopping. I was 17 and not allowed to drive at night with a passenger yet and I told you that you could only go if you were going to be done before it got dark. You promised to be finished by five. Now, do you remember?”

“Not really,” Kathy squirmed, facing the ground.

“Sure you do. I arrived at the house at five to pick you up and found out that you had
about the party. You were also nowhere around and no one knew where you had gone. Lance and I were frantic trying to find you.”

“When we did, you were at the arcade, playing games with the money you borrowed for the gift,” Lance added.

“Mary Katherine, I do not abide with you breaking your promises, fibbing and being irresponsible with money. You gave your word that you would never purchase another motorcycle after your accident, and you also lied to Todd about your budget.”

“I didn’t lie. I just didn’t tell him,” Kathy tried to weasel, avoiding the cautionary look in his dark eyes for her to stop while she was ahead, “I’m sorry, Alan.”

“You will be. Go to my car and bring me my paddle.”

“NO! Please don’t! Lance! Help me,” Kathy began to beg, looking fearfully at her other brother.

“Alan’s your favorite, remember? Don’t come crying to me when you get yourself in trouble,” Lance commented, throwing her words back at her. “I’d hustle, if I were you. Alan’s not angry just yet.”

“Since when am I her favorite?” Alan asked with amusement as she ran outside to obtain the dreaded instrument.

“Since you cooked for her last time and bought her a new dress. You spoil her.”

“So does Todd. When is he due home?”

“Anytime now.”

“Good. Thank you,” he accepted the wide, round paddle dotted with tiny holes from his trembling sister, “Mary Katherine, you are to stand in that corner until I call you for your punishment.”

“But dinner…”

“Is in the oven and won’t be ready for another hour. I know all of your stalling techniques, little girl,” Alan said, looking down at her from his own 6’5” frame. There were few people that Kathy, at 5’10”, felt dwarfed by. Her tall, ex-basketball playing brothers were on the top of that list. With a stomp of her foot, Kathy obeyed.

“Not very contrite, is she?” Lance teased, watching his little sister as she crossed her arms and tapped her foot impatiently while staring at the wall.

“She will be. Trust me. So how did Noelle do today?”

The two chatted until Todd walked in, coming to a standstill when he saw his wife with her face to the wall. “Hi Alan! Good to see you. What brings you to this neck of the woods?” Todd asked, hugging his brother-in-law affectionately.

Alan thumbed Kathy, “Dealing with your little brat. Makin, it’s time you start handling her rebellion. You’re her husband and she needs to be able to respect you.”

“I DO respect Todd!”

“You, hush up.” Alan turned again to the man, who grinned as she kicked the wall, “I see couples in my office all the time that start off like you guys and end up divorced. I love you two too much to just shut my mouth and not say anything. After tonight, I’m renegotiating our contract.”

“Contract? What contract?” Kathy demanded, turning around, Alan pointed and she again stuck her nose in the corner.

“Todd and I have a verbal contract regarding your discipline, Mary Katherine. He observed how well you tended to behave around Lance and me and wanted to ensure it continued. Especially when he was away on duty so much. I knew he was not into D&D and was concerned about crossing the line, especially since he was a cop. When you two got married, I agreed to continue to partake in keeping you on the straight and narrow. Tonight, I am terminating our contract and encouraging your husband to start to give you what you desperately need from him.”

“You… you thug!” Kathy hissed. Alan ignored her.

“You probably think I’m a total pussy. I’m not. I just don’t like to hurt her.

Especially…” Todd began to say, making sure he was out of Kathy’s hearing.

“We know. We all almost lost her the week after you were married. I will never be able to forget that. And no, I don’t think you’re a pussy. This just hasn’t been your thing. However, letting her continue down a path that lacks self-control and boundaries invites another accident.

It’s not right for me to fulfill this role anymore. I probably shouldn’t have done it in the first place, but I care about you guys so I wanted to help.”

“Alan, I am so grateful for everything you two have done, and for being so supportive.

And yes, you’re absolutely right. It IS time I stepped in. I’m ready to learn,” Todd agreed, eyeing Kathy as she turned to snarl at him. He twirled his finger. “You, back in the corner. No arguing, either.”

Kathy huffed, kicking the wall again. Todd held back a grin as he followed the other two men into the kitchen where Alan checked on the casserole in the oven.

“Any news?” Lance asked quietly.

Todd shook his head. “Nothing. I’m sending the team out to search in both directions, but my instincts tell me that she wasn’t going towards the compound.”

“She was leaving it?”

“Possibly so. There’s a secret and she’s the key. Have any military reps been around?”

“Not that I know of. No visitors or inquiries,” Lance responded.

“I can’t get a warrant to investigate until we get some direction. Even then, the chances are iffy,” Alan said.

“We need to find that bullet. I suspect it will be the map to where we need to go,” Todd said seriously. “Ok, boys, it’s time to teach me how to paddle my bratty wife.”

“I’m sure you’ll be a natural,” Alan laughed, clapping the shorter man on the shoulder.

The brothers sat back on the couch to ‘supervise’ Todd’s first encounter with domestic discipline, and to add humiliation to their bratty kid sister in the process. Todd, being an ex-cop, had been hesitant due to the amount of calls he had followed concerning domestic violence.

Despite his brother-in-laws’ reassurance that spanking, in love, did not apply, he had procrastinated. He had not realized that they were frequent subscribers of the activity. However, now it was not just a matter of keeping his household in order, but his pride and respect with his brother-in-laws as well.

“Katherine? Come here please,” he said kindly, sitting across from the other two on the smaller sofa. Kathy turned and inched up to him, dropping herself in his lap to kiss and embrace him lovingly.

“I missed you. Those buttheads wouldn’t let me give you a proper hello,” she said, ignoring the fact he had called her ‘Katherine’ in lieu of ‘Kathy’.

“I missed you, too, my darling.” Todd kissed her back, arm wrapped around her slim waist, “But I don’t like coming home to this. Why were you standing with your nose in the corner like a naughty little child?”

“Because I have a control freak butthead for a brother, plus his sidekick, Mr. Jerk Off.”

“That’s not very nice. These are your brothers and they love and care about you. Why were you put in the corner?” he asked again patiently.

“Alan thought he could come over here to yell at me about the motorcycle thing. Tell him it’s taken care of so he can go home and annoy his own wife.”

“But we have not taken care of the motorcycle thing yet, honey. Only the budget thing.

The motorcycle issue is an important one because it meant you were breaking your promise to all of us.”

“I know how to ride the dumb bike, Todd. The buttheads taught me when I was a kid.”

“Yet it didn’t stop you from being crushed in that accident, did it? More so, you bought one behind my back. Did you really think you could just sneak that by us?”

“Oh please, you didn’t care about the bike as much as you cared about the budget being blown. It’s THOSE two who are bothered, especially the big, ugly one who’s glaring at me.”

“That’s enough. Stop trying to provoke them, especially Alan. He’s been more than patient with you, and so have I. We are going to have to make some changes between us. I love you so much. You’re my heart, but this can’t go on. You’re going to help with Noelle and we all need to be able to trust that you will be able to stay focused and alert, and not get sidetracked like you always do.”

“I will. I promise.”

“Just like you promised to never, ever get on another bike for the rest of your life?” he asked, picking up the paddle that Alan had left on the coffee table. “Your brothers are right.

Some old fashioned discipline is in order here. Don’t you agree, my sweet?”

“No, I certainly do not! This is YOUR fault,” she yelled at the two men, again stomping her foot.

“No, honey, this is your fault. Over my knee, right now. We are making some new promises this evening,” Todd said patiently, grabbing her wrist firmly before she escaped him.

She was no match for his strength and quickly found herself with her head hanging close to the carpeted floor and her upturned bottom being bared.

“Stop it! Not in front of them!”

“Mary Katherine, we’ve seen that little tush of yours since the day you were born, and we’ve both reddened the same one on more occasions than either of us can remember,” Alan informed her, sipping his coke. “Show Todd that you know how to take your punishment like a big girl and stop your kicking.”

“She can kick as much as she wants to, she isn’t going anywhere.” Todd grinned, slipping his right leg over his wife’s knees to pin her in place.

“She likes to reach back, too,” Lance added. “You might want to hold her wrist.”

“I despise both of you!!!” Kathy yelled, unable to move under Todd’s strong hold.

“No, you don’t. You’re just having a tantrum. Like usual,” Alan commented, winking at Todd. Without a word, the man lifted his hand, aiming for the center of his wife’s bottom.

She squealed when the impact was felt. “Ow! That hurt like a mother!”

“Oh? Let me try again to make sure I did it right,” Todd answered, leaving a second handprint on her right butt cheek.

“You are SO not getting laid tonight, Mr. Makin!”

“It’s not Saturday or my birthday, so I wasn't planning on it,” Todd teased, knowing the comment would infuriate her.

“You… you… OOOOWWWW!” Kathy yelped again as his hand fell twice more, catching her on the backs of her thighs. “Lemme goooooo!”

“I don’t know what all this fuss is about. I haven’t even used the paddle yet. Let’s see about bringing some color to this beautiful little backside, first.” Todd’s hand then fell in a flurry of hard, exact spanks, covering Kathy’s bottom, sit spots and her upper thighs. She yelled at him, throwing in a few choice curse words. “Now see what you did? I was enjoying myself but then you started to curse. Is that the foul mouth you use when you say your prayers or attend mass? I know your brothers forbade that kind of language around them, didn’t you gentlemen?”

“Absolutely. She even got her mouth washed out with soap a few times for it,” Lance commented, sitting back and enjoying the night’s entertainment.

“I also recall a few switchings as well when she would swear at church. We were in a very strict Parish growing up,” Alan commented.

“Well, let’s see if this will serve as a reminder,” Todd balanced the paddle in his hand and then sent it firmly and without hesitation against the soft curve of his wife’s sexy behind. A string of curses escaped her mouth. “That was quite a response! Let’s try it again, without the cussing.”

Kathy fought against his hold, twisting and turning to escape as the paddle landed ten times, back and forth across her left and right cheeks and sit spot. She fought back her tears, her embarrassment peaking as she started to kick wildly, exposing her dark blonde pussy to every man in the room. She knew her battle was lost as Todd continued to aim the flat of the paddle sharply against the center of each bright round mound.

“Pleeeeeeease stop. I’ll be good! I’m sorrrry.” Kathy began to wail.

Todd eyed her brothers, both who shook their heads. “No, honey, I don’t think we have quite learned our lesson yet.” The clapping sound of the paddle grew louder as it met flesh.

“I like to spank to music that has a good beat,” Alan quipped, “Should I put on a CD?”

“Screw you!” Kathy yelled, her eyes red with tears as she tried desperately to escape the punishing claps of wood that flattened her trim bottom.

“Not nice, young lady,” Alan scolded. “Not nice at all. You know better than that, Mary Katherine.”

“I’m not ‘
Makin Believe’
when I tell you I’m serious. Am I, Mrs. Makin?” Todd asked, eliciting a groan from both her brothers as he used the pun from back in the day when he played Ping-Pong. He always wore a T-shirt to the matches that said ‘
No Makin Believe

BOOK: Lost and Found
5.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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