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“Sometimes, I have so many family members staying over, I wish I
have the place to myself,” Steven said. His light tone pushed back the uneasiness that had begun to creep up on her.

A porch light burned, a single silent greeting that took the edge of furtiveness away and made the mansion seem more home-like. It left her feeling—well, if not relaxed—at least a little less tense.

“Come on.” Steven had gotten out and come around to the passenger side of the Jeep. Kelsey blinked because she’d been so tied up in her thoughts she’d not even noticed him moving.

Matthew unbuckled the seatbelt, and Steven easily lifted her out of the vehicle and into his arms.

“You’re both so very strong.” She knew it an inane thing to say, but she felt so surrounded by their strength, their maleness, that her usual defenses had been short-circuited.

He set her on her feet but held her close. “We would never hurt you, not either of us, sweetheart.”
Steven’s softly spoken assurance came swiftly, and Kelsey worried that she might have hurt his feelings.

“I know you won’t.” She wouldn’t have come with them if she’d had any doubts about her personal safety.

Matthew placed his hand on her back, stroking it up and down, the action both soothing and arousing.

“I liked the taste of you, Kelsey, and the way you melted in my arms. Are you going to let us have you?”

She could have protested that just because she’d kissed them didn’t mean she was going to let them into her body. She could have but didn’t. She was no hypocrite. If she was to be perfectly honest with herself, she had to admit the truth. She wanted these two men and the temptation they offered. A part of her had hoped they would simply sweep her up to their bedroom, but she would own her decisions and her actions.

“Yes. Yes, I want you both.”

“Then come inside with us, sweetheart,” Matthew said.

The interior of the house spoke of a life lived in quiet elegance. The entry hall featured a large chandelier, a sparkling fixture that softly illuminated the round room, devoid of furnishings save a polished wooden table, a mirror on the wall above it, and a coat tree. Marble underfoot, rich oak framing the doorways, the room smelled and felt like exactly what it was, the entrance into a world far different from the one Kelsey was used to.

“I’ve some champagne chilling,” Steven said. “This way.”

As they had just that afternoon, the brothers each took one of her hands. Their heat sank into her and the scent of them surrounded her, and in the space of time it took them to ascend the stairs to the second level, her thoughts quieted and her hormones began to riot.

They led her down a corridor toward the back of the house. Steven opened the last door on the right and stepped aside, allowing her to enter first.

She didn’t know what impressed her more, the luxurious space, the wide open balcony doors, or the bed.

“That is the largest bed I have ever seen in my life.” She’d not meant to say that aloud, but the sheer size of the thing robbed her of decorum.

“Another family tradition.” Matthew stepped up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders, his touch both warming and grounding her. How had he known the immensity of the bed would unnerve her?

“Whose bedroom is this?” A silly question, she’d bet, since it clearly had to be the largest in the house. The furnishings seemed decidedly feminine, though. Actually, the dusty rose carpet, grey walls, and white, gold and turquoise accents appealed to her completely. The dresser appeared to be cherry wood, her very favorite.

“This is the master bedroom,” Steven said.

“Yours, then.” Of course, it had to be.

“Not yet.”

Before she could think about that cryptic response, he went over to a dresser and the CD player that sat there. Soft music filled the room. Next, he picked up a long match, struck it, and began lighting candles.

She hadn’t noticed them scattered around the room. He’d given thought to where to put them, obviously keeping them out of the fresh breeze that wafted gently through the window.

The setting made her uncomfortable. “I don’t need romance.” She didn’t for one moment want to think about romance. This was sex, pure and simple.

Focus on the physical

“Not romance, Kelsey,” Matthew whispered in her ear. “Seduction.”

His words brushed against the shell of her ear, sending a shiver skittering down her spine. A sound of male interest drew her attention to the man slowly walking toward her. Everything about him turned her on, from his sexy saunter to the way he blew out the long match and set it on the dresser. Wrapped in Matthew’s warmth while seeing the lust in Steven’s eyes reminded her that a sexual fantasy was about to come to vivid, heart-pounding, orgasmic life.

“You nipples just peaked, hard little points of lust just waiting for our hands and our mouths,” Steven said.

How could words turn her knees weak? Before she could respond, he stepped up to her and cupped her face in his hands. “Hello, sweet Kelsey.” And he sealed his greeting against her lips.

You don’t need candles and music to seduce me

The thought flitted away, leaving her head empty and her body suddenly ravenous. The touch of his mouth, the sweep of his tongue, and gently possessive cupping of his hands seduced her completely. Never had a kiss tasted of raw sex, and never had she felt herself grow so wet so fast.

Matthew pressed closer to her back as Steven continued to woo her lips with his. The flavor of him, exotic, erotic, addicted her on the spot, consumed her in a way she’d never known existed.

Soft lips teased along the back of her neck as hands, finely trembling, brushed across her back and then down, to stroke the globes of her ass. They slid around the front of her, palms pressing flat against her pussy, the heat searing and incredible.

Steven stepped back, licking his lips as if to hold on to the taste of her
. Matthew tugged gently on her hair and she tilted her neck back and surrendered her mouth to him.

Slow, lazy, his tongue wooed hers, his possession just as deep, just as arousing as his brother’s had been.

Steven stepped forward and softly caressed her breasts. A light tug, and the buttons of her simple cotton blouse fell open, one by one.

“Mmm.” Hot breath formed the sound against her chest, and the
moist tribute hardened her already pointed nipples nearly to the point of pain.

Matthew’s lips continued to suck on hers as if he could, by this single act, devour her. Steven slid her blouse off her shoulders, and his fingers slipped free the button on her skirt, slid the zipper down, and gently nudged the fabric past her feminine hips.

“Step out, sweetheart.”

Kelsey didn’t want to relinquish Matthew’s kiss just yet, so she gave herself over to Steven as he lifted one foot and then the other until her skirt no longer covered her feet.

The brush of a hand over her lace-covered curls made her shudder. Matthew drew back and traced her moist lip with the pad of his thumb.

“You taste ripe and lush, Kelsey. And you’re so damn responsive.”

She didn’t care if her tremors gave her away. She didn’t care if these men knew how desperately she hungered for the touch, the feel of male possession. Sex at its best should be raw and hungry.

“I need more. I need it all.”

“Oh, you’re going to get it all. You’re going to get all of us.” Matthew reached behind her with one hand and slipped open the hooks of her bra.

She felt the lace give way. As Matthew drew it from her body, Steven got down on his knees in front of her and eased her panties down.

She felt a puff of warm, moist breath and then he set his mouth on her.






Chapter 4


Matthew caught her as her knees buckled.

His chuckle, smug male, only added to the heat building inside her. On his knees in front of her, Steven nudged her legs apart with his shoulders, his hands cupping her bottom as he feasted on her cunt.

Hot, wet, his tongue spread shivery delight all through her. He drank her essence, the flow of moisture she couldn’t help, and he sucked every bit of strength and willpower from her body.

Humming, he continued to use lips and tongue and teeth to pleasure her. The vibration of that sound excited her completely, an electric shock to a body too long devoid of arousal.

Kelsey came, a tsunami of lush rapture drowning her, pulling her down deeper and deeper into the world of Eros so that nothing else existed but the fiery fingers of climactic pleasure consuming her.

“Damn, woman,” Steven said.

She could barely keep track of the moment. Even as Matthew lifted her and laid her on the bed, she was aware of Steven tearing the clothes from his body, reaching for her. Matthew handed him something, and she heard the tear of foil, but the act of protection didn’t slow him down one bit.

Then he was between her thighs, his large body, gloriously naked, coming down on her. The orgasm had ebbed, but the brief sight of his cock as well as the look of hunger on his face immediately sparked her ardor.

The heat of Steven’s body covered her at the same time his cock pressed between the folds of her pussy. He entered her in one powerful thrust.

“Oh, God.” The fullness, the stretching fed a hunger she’d suppressed. The weight of a lover pressing over her, into her, fed a need she’d forgotten.

“You’re so hot and tight, baby,” Steven said. “

The words brushed her face, and she had the sudden sense that he wanted to kiss her but held back. Determined to take and give in equal measure, Kelsey bowed up, fastened her mouth on his and tasted her own juices on his lips.

He surged into her, his cock seeming to grow even larger as he wrapped his arms around her and plundered her, above and below. His tongue dipped, delved, dominated as his cock thrust inside her, hard and fast and deep.

Kelsey wrapped her arms and legs around him, holding tight as her second climax sizzled her synapses and shivered her senses. She cried out, a feral screech of ecstasy erupting from deep inside her.

“Yes.” Steven thrust hard and held himself deep, and even as Kelsey continued to come, she felt his cock inside her pulse his own climax.

Kelsey let her arms fall to the bed. Eyes closed, she swore she could see stars. As she struggled for breath, sound and sense began to penetrate her fogged brain. Music played, and the scent of candles, lavender and citrus, mixed with the scent of sex, the aroma at once restful and arousing. Weight and heat separated from her body as Steven edged himself off. His breathing sounded as labored as hers, and she wondered if he felt as wrecked as she. Two orgasms. She’d never in her life had two orgasms in the space of a few minutes.

Before that thought could fully sink in, the bed dipped, and a hot, hard, naked male body pressed against her right side.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are when you come?” Matthew’s whispered words kissed against her neck. When he used his hand to turn her head toward him, she opened her eyes and her lips.

The press of his erect penis against her stirred her fires, adding fuel so that they began to burn anew. She turned on her side, threw her left leg over his hip and reached for his cock.

Hot and hard, his latex covered organ defied her hand’s ability to fist it completely. Her fingers barely touched, and as she pumped him, as her mouth took his, he surged into her hand and grew.

She plunged her tongue into his mouth and gave herself permission to pillage.

Hot and wild and free, she moved up, moved over, and took. Her mouth, eager for every flavor of this man, nibbled and tasted, learned and explored. She couldn’t marshal this need inside her to take and take and
. It burned deep, demanding, this new instinct driving her to reckless abandon as she’d never been driven before.

She would have taken more, she would have taken all of him, but he rose up, strong, dominant, and fairly tossed her onto her stomach on the bed.

Matthew growled as he covered her He used his knees to nudge her onto her own. He nipped her shoulder with his teeth as he thrust into her from behind.

“Yeah. Oh, God, Kelsey, you feel so fucking good.” He began to thrust in her, his control of her absolute. One hand found and squeezed her breast as the other wrapped around her middle. Palm open on her abdomen, his fingers spread wide, and she wondered if he could feel his own cock with his palm because it seemed to drive so deep into her.

His thrusts became sharper, faster, and Kelsey tilted her hips, raising her ass and splaying her legs to give him all she could. The need inside her spiraled out of control, became a raging scream for fulfillment such as she’d never known. Hornier, higher than she’d ever been, her orgasm eluded her, dared her to take more, and then still more.

“Oh, God, Matthew.
!” Her thoughts scattered, literally floating out of her. There was no room for thinking, only for feeling, only for the physical.

BOOK: Love Under Two Benedicts
13.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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