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Matthew heard her and understood her. She hadn’t expected or wanted this connection, but that didn’t matter. The connection between her and this man and his brother had been forged, grew strong, and fed on every part of her.

“Yes, Kelsey, take it. Take it, baby.”

His voice crooned as his hand slid down lower to allow his fingers to find her clit. Kelsey screamed as she came, the orgasm exploding out of her, every part of her shaking, feeling, coming, until her body collapsed, her face on the pillow, the climax throbbing through her making her cunt grip and spasm around the cock inside her. She felt his ejaculation and wondered, vaguely, if she would ever be the same again.

Matthew collapsed on top of her, his body heavy but warm and so good she closed her eyes in pleasure. Tiny aftershocks washed through her, and her nipples pinched so tight they hurt.

Matthew lifted himself off her, and the breeze from the window chilled her sweat-dampened body. She shivered, but only once, because a sheet covered her, and then she was joined under it by both men, one on either side.

Steven stroked a hand down her hair. “You’ve needed this for a long time, sweetheart,” he said.

Kelsey could only manage a grunt in response.

“Now that we’ve taken the edge off for you, we’ll have some champagne and a soak in the hot tub. Then we can love you properly.”

? Kelsey honestly didn’t know if her body could take more. She managed to turn over. Flopping onto her back, she blinked until two handsome, dampened-by-exertion faces smiled down at her. Her mind seized only one sentence, the one that seemed the most outrageous.

“Taken the edge off for me?”

“Well, sure,” Steven said. “We knew it had been a long time for you, and we knew how hot you were burning for us. So we figured a couple of quickies should level the playing field, so to speak.”

Kelsey didn’t know whether she wanted to laugh or hit him. She guessed he read her expression because he bent over her and placed a quick kiss on her lips. She saw the laughter in his eyes, but before she could raise the energy to hit him, Matthew stroked his hand down her body.

“Besides, we promised to have you at the same time, and we’ve not done that yet. We don’t want you to think we’re not men of our word.”

Kelsey felt her mouth open in a complete O of surprise. “We didn’t just—”

“Oh, no, babe, that was definitely two instances of one on one. We’re going after two on one, or should I say, two
one. Us being the two, and you being the one,” Steven said.


“While we’re soaking, you can tell us how you want us,” Matthew said.

Kelsey wasn’t given any more time to think on the matter. Matthew pulled the sheet off her, and Steven scooped her into his arms.

She started to struggle when she realized she was being carried, completely naked, out to the balcony.

“We’re private here, baby.” Steven subdued her easily. Overhead, the moon shone down, and the summer air kissed her flesh, drying the rest of her sweat and teasing her nostrils with the scent of honeysuckle.

The balcony was massive, and in the corner, bubbling away, a hot tub beckoned. Beside the tub stood an ice bucket, bottle of champagne at the ready.

Steven got into the tub with her, cradling her as the hot water enveloped her. Her sigh as the water soothed her elicited chuckles from both men.

It occurred to her she didn’t mind their laughing at her, that she felt completely at ease and relaxed. She might worry about that later, but right now, she simply didn’t care.


* * * *


“Here.” Matthew handed Kelsey a glass of champagne, then gave one to Steven. He picked up his own glass and wondered if the combination of heat and alcohol would be too much for their woman.

Their woman

God, he loved the sound of that, the way that thought fit so easily in his mind. He’d taken her harder than he’d meant to, but she’d more than matched him in strength and passion.

She matched him completely.

He looked up, his gaze meeting that of his brother’s. He and Steven had always been close, closer to each other than any of their other siblings. A part of him had always known that one day he and Steven would fall in love with the same woman.

He’d rebelled when he’d been an asshole of twenty-one, had left home and gone to Chicago, determined to live his own life, make his own choices, hoe his own row.

He’d made a complete and utter mess of things.

“Oh, God,” Kelsey sighed, closed her eyes, and eased herself back in the water.

“Want me to take your glass, sweetheart?” he asked.

“No. I want more.” She opened her eyes, met his gaze, then looked at Steven. “I want more,” she repeated.

More champagne, more of them.

“We want more, too,” Steven said, and he stroked his hand down Kelsey’s arm.

When his brother looked at him, Matthew nodded. “Not just more tonight,” Matthew said. “More, period. This isn’t a one night stand.”

Matthew read the emotions that flitted, ever so briefly, across Kelsey’s face. Before she could argue—and he knew she would, eventually—he bent down and kissed her lightly.

“We clicked,” he explained. “Sexual partners don’t always. No reason not to take time and explore all our appetites, is there?”

It proved harder than he believed it would, keeping that nonchalant expression on his face, acting as though what he and Steven already shared with her was nothing more than sex.

He was already falling in love with her, and he knew Steven felt the same.

“No,” she replied at last, her expression telling him she felt relief at the way he’d posed the question. “No reason not to grab all we can before it burns out.”

He wanted to but didn’t ask her what would happen if it didn’t burn out. The expression in his brother’s eyes told him Steven fought the same battle. Matthew took comfort in the fact that Kelsey couldn’t see it, couldn’t read the love Steven held for her in his eyes, and knew it was because she wasn’t looking for it. If she couldn’t see it, it couldn’t frighten her away.

A fine kind of tension had come over her, and he knew that sharp mind of hers would wake up at any moment and begin to think things through.

That was not in his, or Steven’s, game plan.

He leaned closer to her and used his tongue to moisten her ear. When she shivered, he eased the glass from her fingers.

“Have you ever taken a cock in your ass?”

Kelsey inhaled sharply. Matthew darted his gaze down, saw her nipples had puckered anew, and smiled.

“Once. A long time ago. I don’t think I cared for the experience.”

“There are a couple of ways we can take you at the same time. Three, actually, that I can think of. One, we can stretch your pussy so that you’ll have both our cocks in your cunt at the same time. I know it’s possible, as I’ve been a bad boy and watched a few…um…interesting movies.”

Kelsey giggled, a sound Matthew had never thought to hear from his too-serious love.

“Two,” he continued on, not giving her a moment to answer, “you can suck one of us off while the other fucks your cunt.” He used his tongue on the shell of her ear again, taking advantage of the hot response she had to that action. “And three,” he used a finger to turn her face toward his. “Three is you take one of us in your ass and the other in your cunt. You get any two of the above three. Oh, time’s up. Number one gets thrown out of the mix. Guess you’re stuck with numbers two and three.”

Kelsey tilted her head to the side, and he knew she would try to make light of his heavy-handedness. He could tell her that wouldn’t make a difference. He’d seen the passion flare in her eyes.

“Do you really think you can talk me into taking your cock in my ass?”

Oh, he loved the way she asked that, one eyebrow raised, as if she knew he couldn’t. He’d already known loving Kelsey was going to be hot and wild. Now he knew it was going to be fun, too.

“Talk you into it? Darling, before we’re done with you, you’re going to
us for it.”






Chapter 5


Kelsey knew she should laugh at that outrageous claim. The only problem was, she had the distinct feeling Matthew Benedict had just spoken nothing but the truth.

She didn’t let her thoughts go back to that one time she’d tried anal sex. At first it had felt pretty damn good, but then—no. No thinking back over the past. Until this night, she’d had only two lovers in her life.

Keep the past in the past

This was here and now, and only the moment mattered. She no longer looked for anything more than that.

In this moment she sat naked in a hot tub with two of the most virile, sexy men she’d ever known. She cast her glance down at Matthew, then aside to Steven.

They were both hard. If she’d ever considered the matter, she would have sworn that having three orgasms in one night would be an impossibility for her.

Looks like I’m about to set a new personal best

She didn’t want to think about how turned on she got when both men had gone all macho on her earlier. She’d decided to begin this ménage relationship with both eyes wide open—so to speak. They were men, and they couldn’t help a little chest beating here and there. She’d allow them that much.

However, she was a woman, and, she believed, a member of the smarter sex. She also considered herself more grounded in reality. She couldn’t let them think they were in complete control of these sexual escapades.

She looked down at Matthew’s cock, holding back the smug smile that begged to show itself when that glorious organ reacted predictably to her scrutiny. She licked her lips, and just as she thought it would, his cock nodded at her.

As soon as his penis stretched above the water, she bent over in one smooth move and took him into her mouth.

“Jesus!” Matthew hissed in air between his teeth. He surged his hips, giving her more of his cock. His unexpected motion nearly knocked her off the bench and down into the tub.

The next moment, Steven’s strong hands bracketed her hips, lifting her, easing her back. Matthew rose from the water at the same time, and in a matter of seconds, control of the situation had deftly been taken out of her hands as Steven set her on his lap.

“Yeah.” Matthew combed his fingers through her hair, his hand cupping the back of her head. He began to thrust his hips, a light motion that Kelsey tried to control. She soon found she couldn’t.

Steven eased her off his lap. Matthew inched back, leaving Kelsey standing, bent over at the waist. Matthew’s left hand joined his right, and she felt captured by him, his hand guiding her head while he moved his cock in and out of her mouth.

Steven used one hand to caress the folds of her pussy even as she felt him reach out with the other. She’d felt him harden beneath her and knew he wanted her again.

She heard the tear, the glide. He brushed his latex-covered penis over the tiny opening to her anus. Kelsey felt everything inside her turn hot. Her body clenched, as if grabbing the sudden flare of arousal and holding it close. A groan escaped her throat completely without her permission.

“Oh, baby, you
that.” Steven’s voice sounded strained. “Don’t worry, we’ll prepare you properly, but right now…”

He said nothing more, just impaled her cunt with his cock.

Oh, God
. Kelsey loved the taste of Matthew’s cock, the feel of it sliding in and out of her mouth. She loved the feel of Steven’s cock buried deep in her pussy. They fucked her in tandem, their movements smooth, rhythmic. Kelsey played her tongue along Matthew’s cock, one hand sliding down to cup his balls while her mouth gave him tiny little sucks. At the same time, she squeezed her inner muscles, caressing the cock that took her from behind, squeezing him so that he groaned and gripped her hips even harder.

“Drink me,” Matthew said as his cock got hotter and harder.

She felt that first twitch and nearly hummed in pleasure because drinking him was precisely what she wanted to do.

Then Steven bent over her and found her clit with two fingers. He found it, captured it, and pinched it at the same moment Matthew began to come in her mouth.

Kelsey swallowed and came in a flood of fast, slithery spasms, the waves of orgasm feeling like tiny electric shocks cascading all through her body.
The power of this climax rocked her, stealing her energy, her thoughts, until she became a creature of feeling, of nerve endings and stimulation and consummation. She swallowed and swallowed, every part of her wanting nothing more than to give and take and

“Easy, sweetheart.”

She didn’t know who said that. Steven held her as he eased back so he sat once more on the submerged bench. Matthew bent over in front of her, his hands on his knees as he struggled for breath. Then he stepped forward, cupped her face in the same way his brother had earlier, and kissed her.

BOOK: Love Under Two Benedicts
4.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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