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Max Temptation

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Max Temptation

Incubus Series II



Khelsey Jackson


Published by
Hot Ink Press

An Imprint of

Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing



This Book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, duplicated, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior written consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.


©Text Copyright 2013 Khelsey Jackson

Cover By JacksonHardy

Edited by Elizabeth A. Lance

For Hot Ink Press an imprint of Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing


This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this novel are fictitious and are products of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to actual events, or locales or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental.



To my amazing publisher SJ Davis, thank you for believing in me.



Jennifer Cruz smirked at herself in the mirror, she looked remarkable in her white lace wedding dress. It was strapless and fit her like a glove. After she’d had the twins two months ago, she was grateful she’d lost her weight fast. Now she waited for her best friend to help her with her veil so she could marry the man who had stolen her heart.

She knew that Phoenix and she
had started out on the wrong foot, but she didn’t care. He was the one that lit up her world along with Eve and Evan. He gave her the most gorgeous babies and he was the best father to them, he had been the man she always knew he could be.

“Oh my God, you are incredibly beau
tiful. Phoenix is one lucky man,” Megan Hinder said behind her and she smiled at her best friend in the mirror. She had her long blonde hair pulled firmly back into a ponytail with one thick curl down her back. She looked stunning in the long black dress which fit against her small body.

“You do too.” Jennifer
spun around and opened her arms to hug her best friend, and maid of honor.

“This old thing?” she
snorted and pointed down at her beautiful dress. She was still laughing when she hugged Jennifer firmly to her. “I still can’t believe you are marring the sex god.”

giggled at the nickname, but she really couldn’t believe it either. There was a time when she thought Phoenix would never love her in the way she required. “I always hoped he would come around. Megan, he has been amazing and I have never been as happy as I have been since I found him at the club.” He was the first man to ever touch her in that way and she loved that she had only been with one man.

A knock at the door had both Jennifer and Megan turning to see who it was, Nicole Hinder was standing there. She was Megan’s older sister and just as beautiful, the only thing that was different was Nicole kept her hair short in an A line cut with her bright blue eyes outlined in a black eyeliner.

“Wow, you two look extraordinary. Jennifer you are the traditional blushing bride.”

“I am so happy you made it Nikki.” Jenn
ifer went to her and hugged her. They all used to live together right after she and Megan graduated high school. Nicole was the cool older girl that let her younger sister and her best friend live with her and hang out.

Nicole laughed, “I wouldn’t miss you getting married, though I thought I would be getting married first. And by the way
, your babies are little angels!”

Jennifer smiled
, but knew that her babies had mostly demon blood in them. “Thank you.” Jennifer looked at Megan who was holding up the white lacy veil that would cover just her face. She hadn’t wanted a long one.

“Let’s get you married!” Megan said as she walked
toward her with bobby pins and the veil.

Jennifer’s father was standing outside the door waiting for her
with Cameo, her stepmother. They beamed at her and her stepmother had tears in her eyes. “Are you ready Jenny?” her father asked and she nodded.

overheard the music start telling her that it was time. Cameo and her father took each of Jennifer’s hands. Gradually they walked her toward the man she would spend forever with.

and Phoenix’s backyard was transformed into a stunning red and white wedding. It was just like what she wanted. Red roses were everywhere beside the pathway that lead her to her love. The pathway was made up of white rose petals and Jennifer steadily looked at the end of the pathway to her Phoenix. He wore an all black tux with a white bowtie.

He was looking at her as if she was the only woman in the world, and she
cherished him for that. She knew that he had been with countless woman and she would always wonder if she was enough for him. After they exchanged vows and Mark, Phoenix’s butler/bodyguard pronounced them husband and wife, Phoenix kissed her as if he was devouring her, faintly she heard people cheering for them.

When her
new husband pulled away from her, he winked, and she knew that their wedding night would be amazing. Phoenix took her into his strong arms, she laughed as he carried her down the aisle. Friends and family threw red rose petals at them, she just smiled up at the man she would spend forever with.

The reception was beautiful with a large dance floor in the center of the large ballroom. All the
tables had red and white tablecloths, except for the one she and Phoenix sat at. It was done with a black table cloth that had
written in front of Jennifer and
in front of Phoenix in sparking silver. Phoenix went all out for their wedding, telling her that he would only get married one time, so he didn’t care how much he was spending. She stopped looking at the bill when it was over ten-thousand dollars.

“Ladies and gentlemen
, will the Bride and Groom please come up here to have their first dance?”

had told her he would find a song that would fit them, she was nervous in fear that she would hear, “Fuck you like an animal,” by NINE INCH NAILS. She would be so embarrass if it was anything liked that, but she trusted her husband.

A sweet piano started playing and she glanced at the stage, she saw a man sitting behind the large black piano. He started to sing,
When I Fall in Love
by Nat King Cole. It was one of her favorite songs, and she felt tears burning the back of her eyes knowing Phoenix picked it for her. He took her into his warm arms and started to dance with her. He moved his lips to her ear and started to sing along to the beautiful song.

After dancing with many different people she excused herself to the restroom and found Nicole waiting outside the door. Jennifer sm
iled at her friend and joined her. “Hey Nick, are you having fun?”

Nicole smiled at her and nodded. “I am
, and holy shit your husband is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

reddened because she thought the same thing, her mind rushed with an idea that she’d never thought of until just then. She still hadn’t gotten Phoenix anything for their wedding night, and she knew that he’d gotten her four cart diamond earrings. “Can I ask you something?” She felt her heart racing with the thought of what her friend would say.

“You can ask me whatever you want.” Nicole
smirked at her and arched a blonde eyebrow at her. The bathroom door opened and a woman walked out, Jennifer took Nicole’s hand and pulled her in with her. She didn’t want to be overheard.

locked the door behind them, and turned her attention down at the gleaming white floor. “I was wondering if you would join me and Phoenix tonight,” she said the words quickly, as worry took her over. She knew that Nicole had done threesomes a few times, and she said she loved it.

seized Jennifer’s hands in hers, and Jennifer gaze up at her friend. “Is this what you want?”

he nodded without thinking about it, she’d wanted something that he would remember and she wanted to please him.

“Then I would be honored.” Nicole smiled and lightly brushed her lips against Je
nnifer’s, which made her gasp.

“Umm…meet us in our room after the reception.” Jennifer grinned and turned around to rejoin her husband.

* * *

When Phoenix saw his Jennifer walk back from the restroom
, she was blushing like she’d just had an orgasm. He knew that face all too well, and wondered why she had it now. Cameo Cruz smiled at him as she strolled toward him, she looked divine in her dark blue floor length dress which was off the shoulders and it showed off her curves.

“You look amazing, and now I can ca
ll you family,” Cameo said as she raised her arms motioning him to hug her, he did. She was shorter than Jennifer, and he effortlessly wrapped his arms around his mother-in-law. “You better keep Jennifer happy or I will come after you. I do remember how to kill an incubus.” She had been an angel, but was now a fallen angel.

He moved just enough so he could
stare down at her. “Ma’am I will do everything in my power to make Jennifer happy, she is my world and gave me everything I didn’t know I wanted.”

She nodded and smiled. “Good
. Now I’m going to say good bye to my daughter, and take my grandbabies so you two can have your night together.”

He leaned in and softly kissed her cheek.
“Thank you,” he said. He and Jennifer didn’t want to go on a honeymoon, not when the twins where so small. They were still breastfeeding, and Jennifer said she needed to stay with them and that they could honeymoon later. He was fine with that.

He glanced up to see
his beautiful and blushing bride stop in front of him. He reached out to pull her to him, and she giggled. God he loved that sound.

, husband,” she purred as he gently kissed her neck, he knew she was sensitive there.

He kissed his way up to her earlobe. “Why are you blushing
, darling?” He moved his face so he could stare into her eyes, and her blush deepened.

“You’ll see.” She winked at him, and turned to face his best man
, Max.

“Dance with me
, beautiful,” he said and smiled at her. Phoenix watched as every other man danced with his wife and even a woman with short blonde hair.

* *

Jennifer’s feet were killing her, but her husband told her he would carry her to their bedroom. She had Mark show Nicole where she needed to be, she just hoped Phoenix would be happy about it. Their bedroom door was open but the lights were off, and her heart raced.

Phoenix turned the light on as he sat her down in the room. Nicole sat on their bed in nothing but a black lace push-up bra and tiny thong panties. Jennifer heard Phoenix growl, and she turned to face him.

, this is what I got us for our wedding night, I thought you would like it. This is my friend Nicole.” She looked down at the ground, she knew she should had said something to him.

“Look at me.” His voice was demanding, and she did what he asked. “What do you intend to do
, Jennifer?”

She bit her bottom lip, he knew what she wanted to do
, but he wanted her to tell him. She sighed and turned to walk to Nicole who had already stood up next to the bed. Nicole smiled at Jennifer as she walked to her, and she took her blonde friend’s hand. “I want to be with you and her. I was hoping this would be your wedding present from me.” She allowed her eyes to meet her husband’s, and his mouth dropped open.

“Jennifer are you sure? This is a lot to ask for.”

She knew that, and she nodded.

“Phoenix would you like to undress your bride?” Nicole asked as she
stretched up to take out the pins that held her hair in place.

felt his hands on her and she looked up into midnight blue eyes. “Turn around, darling.”

She did and shivered when he started to undo her lace b
ack. He took his time and kissed her bared skin every few seconds. She knew that his Incubus power was rolling off of him and onto her, and for once she didn’t care.

Her wedding dress slowly fell to their bedroom floor
and she stood there wearing the red lingerie. She knew how the bra looked on her, because it was specially made for her, it fit her like it was a part of her. Her matching lace red boy shorts cupped her ass which she knew he loved, and her garters held her stockings.

Jennifer looked up at her Phoenix and blushed. He was taking
in every inch of her body with a grin on his handsome face. “I am the luckiest man ever.” His eyes narrowed on the soft hands she felt rubbing her shoulders, she moaned as Nicole started to rub a little harder.

“Phoenix if you don’t want this
, we can stop,” Jennifer said, and moaned again. Nicole’s hands were soft and warm, she slowly closed her eyes.

“I want what you want, and it
would seem you are enjoying yourself.”

Jennifer opened her eyes, and saw that her husband was getting undressed. He took of
f his black jacket, and untied his tie. She moved away from Nicole to unbutton his shirt, she loved to undress him, and run her hands down his well-defined muscles.

Jennifer still felt her heart raced every time she saw his eyes heat up with his desire for her. When he was shirtless she turned to face her friend, and Nicole smiled at her.

“Jenny, can I kiss you?”

he nodded and the other woman walked to her. Slowly Nicole lowered her lips to Jennifer’s and she gasped when her soft lips met hers. Jennifer opened her mouth to allow Nicole’s tongue to seek hers. She felt the gentle release of her strap-less bra. Nicole pulled away smiling at her.

“I am guessing you haven’t done this before, but he has.” She nodded her head to Jennifer’s husban
d who was behind her, cupping her breast. “Jenny, go lay on the bed.”

Jennifer strolled
toward the bed, still in her bra and panties. She crawled on the bed toward the middle and felt the bed move behind her. She positioned herself on her back and that was when she saw Nicole above her, Jennifer’s heart raced knowing that she would be touching her.

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