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MC: Pres

Ben James


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Ben James was groomed to become an Officer in the MC.  Prospecting early he was sent to college by the MC President that was looking to form a new type of leadership in their Club.  When the President was killed in drug wars and the Brothers started taking each other out to get a bigger cut of the drug money, Ben steps into the President role fighting to keep his Brothers alive and get out of the flesh and drug trades.  Pulling his best friend Knight into the VP slot he has his security specialist keeping the Club moving in the right direction.  As he moves out of the quick money and into legitimate businesses his Club grows.  The new Officers; fight for right, respect their women and value their kids.  Working to make money legitimately makes for happy members.  All but Ben's old lady, without the constant threats and excitement of wars she leaves Ben and they're adopted son Jessie. 

Ben sees his Officers finding strong women that build and solidify their purpose and his dream of a clean Brotherhood working and living peacefully within their drug free neighborhoods and community.  Raising their kids to take care of each other and treat their women with respect, Ben is so close to his dream but he has no one to share it with. 

Kate runs the Women's Center within the MC's backyard.  The MC supplies the buildings for her offices, shelters for abused women and security to keep them all safe.  Ben admires Kate's strength, ability and compassion running the Center and adopting kids from the shelters that would have gone into the system.  Danny, Kate's husband, is Ben's Building Supervisor and number two High Security enforcer when he's needed.  He's proven himself and earned respect from his Brothers and Ben. 

When his old lady leaves he moves a few houses away from Kate and her family.  His son spends so much time with the LaPonte family Ben is invited regularly to dinners and family activities.  He finds himself drawn to them and starts to wonder if he'll ever find a woman like Kate to share his life with.


This is the story of Ben, Kate and Danny.





Pulling in I see Kate's not home yet.  I've been slammed all fuckin day, shutting my bike off I check my phone.  Seeing no messages, she must be on her way.  I walk in and go right to the bonus room.  The kids come running, I fall to my knees and they jump on me.  Standing I try to hold onto as many as I can.  Fuck they're getting heavy.  I bend so they can touch the floor.  With everyone laughing I don't hear Kate come up behind me.  I give Ally and Aaron an extra squeeze and let them go.  They all move behind me, I turn to see them kiss Kate.  I grab Devan while she shows them some love.  Jessie and Little Ben are right there with our kids.  It always makes me smile to see her treat them the same.  Beautiful Kate.  When everyone gets their kisses in, I lean down to get mine.  Aaron makes hacking noises.  Kate laughs. 

Patches watches smiling.  When everyone settles down I ask him if I need to know anything.  "Jessie's worried about a Little Brother.  Saw some bruises on him.  I'm not sure if I should step in or wait.  Little Ben wants Darren to talk to him first.  It's Chris; mom's got a new guy."

"Fuck, he's a good kid.  I'll talk to Kate and Pres tonight."  I tell him.

He nods.  "Ally's invited to a sleepover at Lily’s tomorrow.  The Little Brothers are sleeping at the Community Center."  I nod.  I know Brenda and Trish, the older girls that help him out, had plans.  That leaves us with Devan.  I look at Kate; she's talking with the older boys.  My dick jerks.  Fuck I hope she's still up for it, she just mentioned it on Monday. 

Patches tells me nothing else came up and calls for Little Ben so he can get him home.  I thank him as he walks toward the stairs.  He throws chin making me smile.

I leave Kate with the kids and head down to start dinner.  Ben comes in and starts getting a salad and some noodles made.  I smile wondering if he realizes what he's doing.  I get chicken on the grill and head back in to give him a hand.  Kate's getting the table set.  "Ally's invited to sleep at Lily's tomorrow night."  I say as I hug her from behind and kiss her neck. 

She gives me that big fuckin smile.  "That works out well." 

I laugh.  Fuckin Kate.  "I'll ask him if he's busy."  She nods then kisses me getting my dick jerking again.  I step back before I have to hide my fuckin hard on.  "Can you watch the grill?"  She kisses my cheek and heads out to the grill leaving me to talk to Ben.

He's throwing tomatoes into a bowl as I come around the corner.  "Ben, the kids are out tomorrow night.  Do you have plans?" 

He looks at me shocked.  "No." 

I want to laugh at his look of surprise but stop myself.  "Are you interested in a three way?"  As I'm saying it my dick jerks again. 

He looks like he's weighing something.  "Always." 

I have to wonder at his hesitation.  The last two times he was happy and satisfied; I've seen the way he looks at her.  "I'll let Kate know.  She's been looking forward to it." 

Again he looks surprised; he nods and goes back to the salad.  I get a platter for the chicken and take it out to Kate.  She's watching me waiting for an answer.  I hand her the plate and make her wait for it.  "Well?" 

"Just wondering if I should tell you or not and how wet you'll be either way."  I smile knowing she's already wet.

"I'm ready now."  She says softly. 

I laugh and kiss her.  "Beautiful K he said, yes."  She moans in my mouth.  Fuck I'm getting hard.  "Fuck K, I love knowing you're looking forward to this.  Let's get the chicken off the grill and I'll ask if he wants to stay tonight."

Her eyes snap to mine.  "Really?"

"Fuck yeah, if it makes my Beautiful K happy I'll ask."  I watch her shiver.   



Fuck I'm hard.  Trying to think of all the shit I have to do tomorrow to calm my fuckin dick down, I start to make a list.  I can't get his words out of my fuckin head.  She's been looking forward to it.  They have no fuckin idea I've been hoping for another invitation.  It's been two months.  The first time was on New Year's Eve, with us all drinking it just happened.  Fuckin Steve rode me about it for fuckin ever.  Then two months later Danny asks me again.  Fuck I need to focus on something else. 

I hear the kids on the stairs, they all say 'hi' as they come in.  They tell me about their day, none of them question me being here or helping with dinner; it always makes me smile.  Danny and Kate come in with the chicken.  Jessie and Darren get drinks while I get the salad and noodles on the table.  Victor gets the salad dressings.  Ally helps Devan into his high chair.  We work together, like a well-oiled machine.  I love this family; Danny and Kate are good parents.

Sitting down I look at Kate, her face is flushed and she's smiling.  Fuck she's beautiful, I have to pull my eyes off her and focus on the kids.

Danny smiles at me, he has a question in his eyes.  I hope it's not what I'm fuckin thinking. 



I can't stop squirming in my seat.  I'm so freakin wet.  I've been wanting to invite Ben back but I didn't want to hurt Danny.  My husband is willing to give me anything that I want.  He refused adding a woman because of the promise he made me but has no problem with fucking me with a guy.  I prefer Ben.  Of course just thinking about it makes me tighten my legs together.  He looks at me with a knowing smile and slides his hand over my legs spreading them apart.  Fuck!  He chuckles low bending to my ear.  "We can leave right now and I'll give you relief or you can let the anticipation grow so it will slam you with both of us later."  Fuckin Danny.  I put both legs as far apart as I can get them on my chair and he laughs.  Ben looks over smiling.  He knows, crap, as if I need an audience watching my lack of control. 

I calm myself and get through dinner.  Once showers and baths are done Danny tells me to go relax in the tub.  Him and Ben will get the kids down.  Ben gives me a look that has heat pooling in my pussy.  I didn't think Danny asked him yet, this has me wondering if he feels like I do.  I need to talk to Danny tomorrow, my brain jumps to tomorrow night.  I wonder if Ben will come back.  Holy crap I need help.  My life is perfect and I'm getting greedy for two men at once more than every couple of months.  



I haven't asked Ben yet but they share a look.  I've noticed over the last month they're growing closer.  Kate has no problem touching him while she's talking or to move around him.  I know there's nothing happening there but I see they both want it to.  How the fuck do I bring it up?  I send Kate for a bath so I can talk to Ben.  I figure I have an hour.

I hand him a beer and walk to the patio.  "I find that I have a situation brewing and I need to decide how to handle it."  He looks at me but doesn't say anything.  "Kate has been hoping I invite you over again.  I purposely held off until she asked for what she wanted.  I see the two of you growing closer every day."  He takes a breath to answer but I hold my hand up.  "I know neither one of you has done anything to encourage the other.  That's not what I'm saying here."  I look in his eyes.  "She loves you Ben.  I'm not sure if she even knows it.  I see the same in your eyes."

"Fuck Danny I wouldn't touch her.  You're one of my closest friends."  He says running his hands through his hair.

"I know Ben.  That's where my dilemma lies.  I have no problem seeing Kate happy, fuck she deserves whatever happiness she can find.  I don't like the idea of random hookups.  We have a family to consider here.  I'm confident in Kate's love for me.  I have no doubt that has not nor will change no matter what you decide, I won't let it.  I need to know how you're feeling Ben. Does this sharing mean anything to you other than sexual gratification?"

His hand is in his hair again.  He's looking down, lifting his eyes to me he answers, "Yeah it means more.  I never meant for it to happen Danny."  He looks fuckin miserable. 

"Ben, I don't think you've done anything wrong.  We were thrown together over your guilt with the kids then Tracy leaving.  Jessie's need for stability and our Brotherhood also played a big part of our shared closeness.  I've seen it coming for a while now; I need to decide how to handle it.  Are you interested in long term here or is what I'm offering not even a consideration to you?"  He has to know I'd never let her go.

"Fuck Danny, I've never thought about it long term."  He says shocked I can see the honesty in his eyes.

"Will you stay tonight, think about it tomorrow and come back while the kids are gone so we can talk tomorrow night?"  I refrain from smiling at his surprised look again. 

Hands in his hair he looks at the water then back at me. "Are you sure you're willing to share Kate with another man?  I'm not sure I could do it." 

"I'm not stepping aside Ben.  You know plenty of Brothers that share a partner or wife.  I’m talking about being committed to each other in a long term relationship.  We've got too many kids to play random fuckin games.  Both you and Kate are sharing a closeness that I don't see in her with other people.  It's worth it to me to make her happy in sharing our life with someone else."  He fuckin surprises me with his look. 

He's pissed.  "What the fuck?  Other people, who the fuck else has there been."  He's fuckin jealous. 

I keep my face blank.  "I'm not sure you have the right to be fuckin jealous here.  I'm offering you that right and you're telling me you couldn't share
wife.  Take a breath Brother and think this through." 

He looks at the water.  I let him have his time and go check on Kate; she's still lounging in the tub.  I leave her with a kiss and go back to my conversation with Ben.  He waits until I sit down.

"You're right.  I have no right to be jealous; I have no right to be anything.  While I don't think I can be the one offering my wife, I'm also the guy that couldn't
my wife.  Maybe if there were two of us I could have.  I need to think this through Danny.  It's appealing on the surface but I need to look at the whole picture."  He's in Pres mode, contemplative and open.

I nod I already know he's going to say yes, I have no problem waiting for him to get it straight in his head.  "Good enough.  Kate is still in the tub.  I think she's been in long enough don't you?" 

He smiles, "yeah."

"Why don't you go get her out while I lock up?"  He looks at me for a couple of seconds and throws me chin. 

I drain my beer grab his and walk through the house dropping the bottles in the recycle bin and locking doors.  I hit the alarm and check on the kids, twenty minutes seems like long enough. 

Walking into the room my dick swells.  Ben's drying Kate, he's gentle and talking softly to her as his hands move on her body.  Her eyes are on me.  I take my shirt off and watch her smile.  Fuck I love her.  Ben looks over then up to Kate then he looks down.  "I love to see his hands on your body so gentle my Beautiful K."  Ben's head whips to me.  I don't take my eyes off Kate's.

"I know."  She says putting her hand on his raising it up to her fuckin nipples.  Ben turns his attention to her. 

"Fuck you know how to get me baby."  I move behind her cupping her other tit holding it out for Ben.  "I love this K, holding my favorite part of your body for his mouth."  She moans and Ben growls sucking on the nipple I'm offering.  My dick bounces on her back and she pushes into me.  My tongue finds that sweet spot on her neck and teases her.  "Baby, you want me to hold your lips open for Ben's tongue."  I say against her ear while sliding my tongue around it, then nipping her lobe. 

She's starting to breathe heavy.  My fuckin beautiful girl is ready.  "That's all I can think about now." 

"Fuck K let me make that happen for you."  I bite her shoulder getting a moan.  Looking at Ben he nods and stands.  "Beautiful K wants my hands on her with your tongue on her pussy."  I tell him watching his eyes dilate.

He undresses watching me sit at the headboard and turn Kate onto my lap.  He climbs on and pulls her ankle so she's lying back against me.  My hands are on her nipples.  I love her big fuckin nipples with her pink jewels in.  He slides his hands up her legs talking to her about his mouth on her craving her juice.  She's loving it.  I kiss her neck and shoulder playing with her jewels.  Ben kisses her.  I've never seen them kiss before.  Kate moans in his mouth.  "Fuck that looks nice."  Kate arches her back pushing her ass into me and her tits into my hands.  "You want harder baby?"  She answers with a positive sound and I squeeze her nipples harder earning another moan.  Ben moves his mouth down to the nipple I hold out for him and his hand holds the other.  He's not moving my hand so I message her tit to the nipple that's in his mouth. 

"Fuck that's sexy."  She says breathlessly.  She turns her head to kiss me.  I give her what she wants.  "Thank you."  She whispers.  I kiss her again until Ben moves his mouth.  She's mewling as he moves down her stomach to her pussy.  I slide my hands down into her then I hold her open for him.  She's so fuckin wet and moans deep in her chest.

"Love the fuckin purring beautiful,” I tell her against her ear.  She cries out when Ben's tongue swipes her clit.  "You need a blindfold baby, close your eyes and just feel our hands and mouths loving your beautiful body."  She whimpers but closes her eyes.  Ben relaxes and gets to eating her pussy how she likes it.  He fuckin remembers and gives her what she wants.  I keep my hands moving along her legs and up her body to her neck.  "Love seeing him make your body sing for us K."  She's making such erotic sounds she makes my dick stand straight against her back.  She has one hand on his head and one on my arm.  When she grips harder I talk to them while moving my hands to her tits.  "My Beautiful K is ready Ben; she wants to come in your mouth so she can smell her juices when you put your mouth back on hers."  They both moan, Ben moves his fingers into her.  She jumps grinding against me.  "Feel him in you baby, he's going to make you come so pretty for us."  She starts moving her hips with his mouth grinding into me.  "You want me in your ass baby?"  She moans out a yes.  "Let me see your pretty pussy come in his mouth and I'll give you what you want.  Whatever the fuck you want baby."  She's gone.  "Fuck baby, just like that."  I keep talking but she's gone.  When Ben lifts his head he kisses up her body reaching her mouth he gently kisses her waiting for her to open for him.  "I love to see that baby."  I whisper in her ear.  She opens for him and moans at the smell of her juice on his lips.  I can smell her on him from here.  Fuck if it doesn't get my dick harder.  I keep my hands moving until she's ready for more. 

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