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The lift doors hummed and swung back into place, beginning their descent and carrying them to the centre of the queen’s power.

Kira was led to the side and into the obscure regions hidden behind the pillars. They did not emerge into the vast cathedral of the hall; instead they proceeded directly into the side passage that accessed the private regions where only the denizens of the palace might go.

Guards were stationed throughout the throne room, and another three manned every access point to the rest of the palace. These soldiers of the queen’s military were more heavily armed. They cradled automatic shotguns or assault rifles in readiness, each of the weapons fitted with laser scope, silver bayonet, and doubtlessly with silver ammunition as well. Of course, they were still armed with the additional arsenal of sub-machine gun, pistol, silver knives and sabres, plus a set of composite plastic stakes, all of it making them formidable indeed.

The warriors kept wary eyes to the new arrivals, their paranoia rampant with so many possible assassins abroad.

Taken into the soft carpeted tunnels, Kira was escorted deep into the winding maze and to a slim passage with two guards stationed at the end, a heavy armoured door drawn aside by straining hydraulics to reveal the cell of the lupine.


The woman was awake, in human form and petrified, struggling vainly against her bonds. She was disturbed and repelled by her appearance. Not because she was naked, for such a state did not really trouble the wild tribes; instead, she was disturbed by the additions of latex garments to her. It was as though such fetish materials were deeply associated with perversity and decadence, aspects she reviled, and to be adorned with them somehow corrupted her.

A latex girdle threw thin straps over her shoulders and compressed her admirable breasts, the garment squeezing as it flowed over her strong contours and unleashed suspenders that grabbed her rubber stockings. Opera gloves spiralled up her arms, and one of the segmented collars encircled her throat.

Since her capture she had been washed and shaved, her pudenda now bald and the tangled knots of her unruly hair defeated by their removal, her hair now cut into a brief bob.

The room was small and dark, apparently without any features save the primary core to its purpose. A padded reclining plate supported her back and her head. She was stopped from slipping down by the two long arms of steel that reached from the sturdy base of the chair, rising up above her and holding two dense shackles. Her arms reached out and up, stretched taut to enter the unforgiving limbs of the furniture, pinning her down.

Another set of such restraints extended downwards, snagging her ankles within fetters, splaying her legs wide, exposing her nude sex and rear, leaving her open and accessible, a state that was obviously making her mad with anxiety.

A spotlight directly over her released a cone of dazzling white that revealed her as the star attraction of the room, 21

rendering all that lay without the powerful beam dark and obscure to the woman within.

As they came in and she beheld the seneschal and her pet, and more importantly, the open door, her face rippled with strain as she forced her change. Her skin quaked with the internal release of force, her flesh answering the call of metamorphosis as the power of Gaia started to flow through her. Suddenly the collar decided that it was being stretched enough, and applied its charged discipline to her.

The crackling growl of the device dragged a startled cry from her lips and as she forced herself onwards the intensity started to grow with it. Finally she gave up, the searing abuse of the collar making her release the reigns of her willpower. With the influx of power cut her body shuddered and folded back into itself, restoring her ordinary mortal appearance.

‘Undead filth!’ she wailed, tears of frustration in her eyes. Let me go!’

The door whirred shut and set its dense locks in place, giving them privacy and depriving Corin of any true means of escape. Her ordinary physique was far too feeble to break down such a barrier, even if first she could somehow break get of the engine of restraint to which she was served.

‘Such words of protest from a naughty pet,’ purred the seneschal, strolling past the woman, running a hand up her body, the latex squeaking against her leather gloves, her skin smooth to the touch, moist with sweat from her struggle to break free.

‘Please, please let me go,’ she whimpered, her outrage dropping into imploring. It was clear that her sanity was being grievously taxed. She had lived a life of unending strain and oppression since coming to the city, and where 22

a few years ago she would have died rather than speak to a vampire, now she was a meek and harried shadow of her former self.

‘I’m afraid that’s not possible,’ mocked the seneschal, obviously taking great relish in seeing this exquisite and deadly female grovelling for her freedom, helpless and bound under her gaze. ‘We have decided to give you a gift, and what sort of hosts would we be if we deprived you of such a wondrous present.’

‘I don’t want it, I just want to leave,’ Corin began, her words humble before she thrashed against her bonds and continued with outrage. ‘Let me go!’

The seneschal went to the wall and turned a section of it, revealing a small and dark cupboard from which she removed a stern gag. She walked back to the trapped female, who struggled and battled to get away, throwing her face away from the seneschal in a bid to avoid being muted.

The vampiress grabbed her chin and drew it back, overcoming her strength. In full form the lupine was infinitely stronger, but trapped in this current façade she was just very strong for a mortal, and nothing compared to the ancient developed might of the vampiress.

Gurgling, she fought as her jaws were opened and the inflatable gag threaded in. Applying the buckled straps under her chin and around her head, an inverted Y ran the sides of her nose, joined and then wandered over her head to connect to the back strap. Tightening it to a firm fit, the seneschal set the locks in place and started to screw the inflator bulb onto the bobbing nozzle.

Kira watched with fascinated eyes as the woman struggled, her eyes bulging as she retched in convulsions from the feel of the swelling orb in her mouth. Kira knew from personal experience what was happening, and drew 23

forth such recall as she watched, wishing she could reach to her submerged sex and stroke herself as she watched, the arousal of such gagging being a fond memory. Her tongue would be slapping against the rubber tang, trying to fight it before being remorselessly crushed into the bottom of her mouth, the tip extending to the back of her throat, her jaws being stretched until they ached. Just recalling the feeling of being deprived of speech, of the dull thumping ache in the corners of her mouth, the feel of saliva flooding in her mouth, swallowing almost being impossible, it had Kira yearning to replace the woman.

But she to had once been akin to this captive, afraid of the unknown, of surrendering to the licentious appetites of vice. She had learned differently since, and so too would the lupine.

Removing the inflator the seneschal ran a finger along the tight straps, tracing their configuration and ignoring the tear-filled eyes of the woman. ‘You have been sacrificing yourself for a long time now, Corin,’ she stated. ‘It’s time you were relinquished of such nonsense.

Give yourself over to us and we’ll give you pleasures you’ve never even dreamed of.’

Corin’s rampant battle to get free was the answer, muted bellows seeping through the intruding gag.

‘It’s inevitable, Corin,’ reported the seneschal, moving to the cupboard once more, removing a single bag of blood. ‘We are going to break you. You will be trained to be obedient, faithful and appreciative of your slavery.

Have no doubts that we will achieve this; it is only a matter of time. We’ve done it thousands of times and have never failed once. So you had best resign yourself to such a fate, it will be easier that way.’ She held up the bag. ‘This is the essence of a vampire. I am going to feed it to you and taint that precious flesh of yours. I am 24

going to turn you into a ghoul, Corin. Once this is done, you can never go back. Your tribe will see the taint upon you, will think you no more than one of us, and will kill or exile you. This is your home now, and we are your people, Corin,’ confessed the seneschal, removing the long tube and putting it to a socket on the front of the gag plate.

The self-sealing aperture swallowed the thin tube, and as the seneschal started to feed more of it in the pipe migrated around the bloated rubber balloon and started to glide down Corin’s throat. The woman moaned and struggled, beset by the horror of what was happening to her, knowing that if she let herself be fed this undead vitality her life as she knew it would be over.

It was arousing for Kira to watch her buck and squirm, just as she herself had done in times past. But it was a valuable ordeal, one that would sever her ties to her former life and help dedicate her to her own fulfilment as a slave to the queen.

Lifting the bag the seneschal turned a valve and watched Corin’s mortified look as the line of crimson started to dribble down towards her gag. Muted screeches of denial were spilling from the implement as the red trickle reached the faceplate. Her hands were straining down, her fingers wriggling like worms as they sought to reach it and yank the pipe out, and when she felt the cool power of the blood enter her stomach she broke in paroxysms of torment. The feel of the dark life infecting her, sending its power through her form, changing her, throwing off the claws of time with a rude shove, confirmed without doubt that she had been despoiled.

The woman sagged, defeated, sobbing uncontrollably at this crime committed upon her.

‘There, it’s okay, slave, someone will remove this later,’


purred the seneschal with a soothing tone, stroking the damp blonde hair of the woman as she wept freely. ‘But for now we’re going to leave you to think awhile. Before we go however, we’re going to set you up with a little toy or two, to help influence you in your deliberations,’

stated the seneschal with a wicked smile, and drew Kira in by her leash before leading her around and between the woman’s splayed legs.

‘Slave, lubricate the new recruit with your tongue,’

she commanded, drawing Kira in with the chain links, pressing her face to the naked sex of the lupine.

Without further need of command Kira buried her lips to those of the woman, letting her tongue spill through and taste deeply of the lupine. Savouring the tang of the woman she began to lap at her warm clitoris, bringing both protests and shudders of delight from her partner.

The woman was outraged that another woman, especially a vampire, was having her thus, but the pleasure of it was a heavy weight against fully reviling it.

Kira teased her with skill, suckling and nipping, using all the tricks she recalled the queen having used on her when she was still mortal, and such tactics gained superlative results.

Changing briefly to the rear of the woman Kira let her tongue trail through the shaven valley, kissing the puckered opening as it clenched and fought her passage.

With a forceful plunge Kira opened the sphincter and stole her entry, causing the prisoner to quiver, plagued by the strange sensation, unsure of how to respond to it.

After driving in and fulfilling her task there, Kira left this opening and returned to the cunnilingus, offering as much compensation to the woman as she could. She was suffering in her capture, but she could at least taste some pleasures before her training continued. Kira revelled in 26

the feel of the hot-blooded female on her cold organ, spreading heat through her mouth as she worked.

Opening another section of wall the seneschal brought out a metal frame. The apparatus connected between the leg struts, slotting into a locking slot and reaching below Corin’s suspended hindquarters. ‘That will do, slave,’

stated Kira’s owner, pushing her away to make room for the new array.

Two adjustable poles presented strange metal plugs on their tips, and by moving these into position the articulated arms were able to thrust their polished silver rods into moist openings, sheathing as deep as they could.

The metal had been deliberately allowed to stay cold, the shock of its intrusion testing whether or not she could get free of them as she jolted and tried to get away.

Tightening the joints, and satisfied that they were immobile, the seneschal locked them down and continued with her work. A generator box was lifted from the storage compartment, a thick cable being dropped behind it as it was brought over and set in an awaiting cradle.

The dense coil fed into the machine and then, via another set, accessed the plugs when the seneschal slotted the sockets into the fixtures at their base.

Kneeling before the generator she started to turn the various dials, establishing certain settings as she addressed her prisoner. ‘Have you ever experienced electrics?’ she asked, making the woman stiffen in horror at the word, believing her loins about to be abused by the most diabolic assault. ‘Most people think of torture when they think of electrics. But that is only the most crude and barbaric of uses. Through certain signals and frequencies we can stimulate your nerves, flex and control your muscles. Like this…’ she stated, and flicked a switch.


The machine gave a sibilant hum and started to apply voltage nips to the woman’s tracts, and instead of a howling wail of agony she snorted and gasped, her head lolling back, her eyes glazing over as her belly spasmed with the pleasure.

‘More intense than any vibrator, any tongue or any penis you can imagine once we find the settings that are just right for you,’ the seneschal smiled, flicking a setting over to something new, and extending her grin as Corin danced even more fervently.

The seneschal knew her subject well, and was quickly developing the most intense modes for the woman, keeping them slow so that she was kept locked in ecstasy but unable to build towards a climactic finish.

BOOK: Moonslave
3.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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