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The seneschal had her hands spill up and down Kira’s legs, the softest skimming touch tickling the skin, sending 44

flickering jolts through her anatomy. A hand leapt aside, touching the raised step about the bed, turning a panel and exposing a small cabinet, the bed surrounded by an arena of hidden stores.

The seneschal lifted away from Kira, letting her gasp for new breath, the situation seeming to demand such an unneeded consideration for air. Licking her lips she looked up, her body charged with a raging libido. Her eyes rolled with glee as she saw the seneschal slipping a harness about her girth. The leather straps were placed about her thighs and waist, presenting two ribbed jelly dildos in opposite directions. The inward facing implement was threaded into the seneschal, the vampiress quivering with its insertion as she tightened the straps further into position, ensuring enough slack to guarantee a decent amount of manipulation. With the crotch plate set in place, the black ribbed rod that spilled forth bobbed as she made her way back to Kira.

Taking one of Kira’s wrists she pulled her over, flipping her onto her front before descending upon her back, clapping hands to her wrists and holding tight. Kira’s mouth draped open as she was trapped beneath the body of the seneschal. The soft pliant length was dragged across her rear, rubbing her buttocks, the pliant gel-like sculpture vibrating as it clung to her skin.

Drawing aim, the seneschal used her feet to help splay Kira’s legs, pulling them apart and then settling between.

With a few prods she pushed the head of the dildo to Kira’s sex and started to push. The ribs pounded Kira’s tracts, the rod sliding deep, filling her acutely. Moaning aloud with rapture, her body started to shudder as the hips of the seneschal bumped her rear. ‘
, seneschal, take me,’ she begged, pulling her arms against the fierce strength of her owner, her cheek pushing into the soft 45

folds of the bed, burying her face as she quaked with rhapsody.

The seneschal began her leisurely thrusts, drawing almost to the point of extraction before gliding back in, stuffing Kira with the gentle length, its soft tip pressing against her limits. Her pace began to gather speed, accelerating slowly, Kira’s tracts heating from the rhythmic intrusion, a glowing presence seeping out through her body. The ravishing was amazing, more so for the source delivering it to her.

The seneschal broke into random paces, her coherent rate distorted as orgasm gouged through her, the dildo riding against her bringing out rushes of ecstasy. Kira writhed, her bare body a luscious sight to the dominatrix riding her, holding her down, keeping her under control as she was penetrated. ‘Does my slave want to taste something new?’ whispered the seneschal into Kira’s ear, her voice racing upon adrenaline and lust.

‘Yes, yes, seneschal, do whatever you wish, I am yours, I’ll do anything for you,’ blurted Kira, the words driven out by the slow sinking plunge of the phallus.

‘Then stay still,’ she ordered, placing kisses down Kira’s neck and back. With a sudden flight the dildo fled, the abrupt loss throwing a wild spasm through Kira as the seneschal rolled to the wall once more.

‘Eyes down, slave,’ she warned, spying Kira covertly looking around to try and see what she was retrieving.

Obediently, Kira restored her gaze to the sheets, moist patches of her tears before her.

The indention of the seneschal settled between her wide legs again, the woman moving back into position. Hands touched her rear, opening her buttocks, revealing her tender sphincter. A sphere about an inch and half in diameter leant itself to the opening and was slowly pushed 46

in. Her anus started to stretch wider and wider, little flickers of distress spilling through the opening.

‘Seneschal, oh please, mercy…’ she whimpered, knowing she could take more, but it felt good to whimper.

‘Almost there, slave,’ she crooned, applying more strength until the widest part of the ball was pushed past her opened sphincter. ‘Just a little more, you can take it.’

With a choked moan Kira felt her rear swallowing the orb, gathering it in until the muscular ring was holding to a thin cord. Instantly she broke into rapid gasps, her breath rushing in and out on pants, her mouth wide, her eyes fluttering from the experience.

‘Are you ready for another, slave?’ the seneschal asked, placing the next ball on the string to the flexing orifice.

‘Oh yes, seneschal,’ she purred, her hands taking fists of the sheets, holding them as reigns while the next was pushed into her.

It was a most unexpectedly delightful feeling, the opening of her rear, the slight pain as the widest part sought access. But the most glorious chapter of the insertion was when the seneschal let go and her own rear hungrily devoured the orb, hauling it in and pressing it against those already stationed within.

‘You want the next one, slave?’ the vampiress asked, Kira’s arms tense as she pulled at the material of the bed, her knuckles white.

‘Yes, seneschal,’ she confirmed, her buttocks clenching, chewing upon the inserted orbs, the cord starting to slip in, drawing in the next as she was meticulously stuffed. This time she gave a little opposition, just to have it defeated. Squeezing her ring she sought to barricade her insides, defend them from more invasion.


‘Resist all you want, slave,’ commented the seneschal with a wry smile, knowing the opposition was half-hearted. ‘You can’t deny me.’

A slow and relentless shove dragged open the orifice and Kira released a drawn subdued squall, her teeth clenched tight, her squeeze serving to wrench the orb into her.

‘One more, slave,’ the seneschal revealed, and placed the last to Kira’s rear. Again she offered her defiance, trying harder this time, an act to which the seneschal merely aired a knowing chuckle and added a sudden driving stab, making Kira’s rear jerk as the sphere settled in with the others.

The seneschal took hold of the metal hoop to which the cord was fastened and began to give little tugs. The string of beads pulled at Kira, teasing her sphincter from the inside. Shivering on the sheets, her legs wriggling, Kira moaned and pulled her arms in under her, her fingers grabbing her collar, desperate for any sort of handhold against such play. With an invidious smirk she manipulated the last sphere and strained, spitting it out, aching to feel the process of insertion again.

‘Bad, slave,’ purred the seneschal, and Kira let out a shocked squeak as a heavy smack landed on her rear. A moment later another followed, and another, the seneschal conducting a swift spanking as payment for the misdemeanour.

‘Back we go,’ she muttered, stopping her chastisement and pushing the orb back in, watching as Kira craned her head back, her eyes clenched shut, a silent howl frozen on her lips as she relished the sensations being heaped upon her. With a swift knot the seneschal applied a length of thin cord to the hoop, and looped it back through a riveted ring within the cupboard before 48

returning to Kira.

Turning her charge over she cast Kira’s legs apart, opening her sex to the ravishing dildo once more, save that now, by pulling on the cord in her grasp, the reversed length could tug at the inserted string of beads.

Once again Kira’s wrists were grabbed, the seneschal moving into position and then making her groan as she was mounted again, her abdomen flicking with numerous bizarre and new sensations.

To stifle her song the seneschal dropped in and started their passionate kisses once more, the deft tongues weary from their prolonged marathon, but too beset with licentious attitude to pause for recovery. Diving into Kira, the harsh attention had her squeaking with rapture, a bucking bronco beneath the stabbing thrusts of the seneschal, the soft dildo incapable of committing any harm even with such callous use.

Kira could feel her climax engulfing her, spreading through her body and tightening her flesh in anticipation of what was sure to be an apocalyptic event.

‘Tell me when you are going to come, slave,’ ordered the seneschal, her words firm as she gave spry tugs to the cord, the length sliding over the wall ring and reaching back up into Kira’s insides.

‘Yes, seneschal,’ she promised, almost being carried over into final release. Her panting groans started to accelerate, her body starting to shudder in fits, her arms fighting the hold of her owner. On the very verge of release the next flurry of drives set loose her howl of utter rapture, the scream mixing three words into its keen singular tone.

‘Now, seneschal… now!’

The woman released Kira’s wrist and punched slowly forward, the steady drive causing the row of spheres to 49

start to jump from her, dragging them out in two seconds, a sensation infinitely beyond pleasure or pain. The spheres jumping from Kira seemed to magnify her orgasm, passing it through a lens that increased it in magnitude a hundred fold. Kira flung to attention, her arms stretched out, her legs taut, her body lifting from the bed by hands and soles, carrying the seneschal atop her. A piercing yowl thundered from her throat, the note beyond any mortal construction. Her fangs shone in the dull light, her eyes flashing with new intensity, the red glow becoming a fire that sent leaping motes of energy from her stare, the tiny particles of her unholy power drifting up and fading like cinders upon the thermals of a bonfire.

All vitality seemed to wash away on the tide of complete bliss, making her drop back down and sag.

Giving up on breathing she languished on the bed beneath the seneschal, the dildo still sheathed deep within her.

Flashes of tension spiralled down her limbs, making her jerk on occasion in her moments of dazed recovery. She was barely aware of her surroundings, filled with the most wondrous sense of inner peace, the bed a halcyon grove in which she lay slumbering.

‘Good, slave,’ purred the seneschal, stroking Kira’s hair, kissing the tears from her cheeks.

Kira’s rear throbbed from the effects, her sex grabbing at the dildo in random fits as she recovered her senses.

‘I’m proud of you,’ the seneschal added, slowly pulling free, making Kira light up with new activity. Choking in gasps she doubled up as the dildo fled, the slightest motion bringing out savage shades of the orgasmic detonation that had torn through her. She had never felt anything like it, the closest approximation the brutal love she had made with Thanos, save that the addition of a 50

sudden extraction of anal beads had taken it infinitely higher.

‘Thank you, seneschal,’ she muttered, her consciousness on the verge of a faint.

The hand of her owner soothed her head, enveloping her in slender arms, the woman cuddling up to her, cradling the tight ball that was Kira. ‘Sleep, my sweet slave,’ uttered the seneschal, the soft words causing Kira to drift into the most contended slumber she had ever known. ‘Rest well. You have earned it.’


Chapter Three

Standing before her throne, bedecked in her cloak and crown, Thanos saw the queen snarl irritably as she spoke.

It was a sight the trio of robed advisors beside her also spotted, the three women withdrawing a few steps, their hooded features hidden by heavy folds of black.

‘I have made my decision, Lord Christos,’ growled the queen, making the Californian vampire flicker with rage, his upper lip trembling, his fangs emerging. ‘It is final.’

, your majesty, but Turan Incorporated is one of the last obstacles to the consolidation of the great houses of the West Coast. No one house can stand in that path!’

‘Do not presume to give me threats, Christos. Turan is
. It’s board belongs to me, I control it, and I will not relinquish control just because some upstart colony takes a shine to it!’

‘We will not tolerate this obstinate impediment!’ roared the vampire.

‘Mewl all you wish, Christos, Turan stays in my fist, take care you do not get swatted by it.’

The middle-aged man was clad in a dark suit, his slightly receding head of dark hair swept back, his eyes like ice. His gloved hands clenched to his mahogany cane, the silver head shaped with bat imagery in a classic mockery of the cliché.

The six younger vampires of his entourage tensed behind him, their eyes flicking about, seeking the guards, 52

assessing vantage points, readying for conflict. The group had been old vampires even when they first set sail with the colonists to take the Americas. Even by vampire standards they were extremely powerful, centuries of un-life having honed their combat skills, built muscles of iron and hides resilient to all but the most lethal attacks.

They knew they could well defeat the queen’s troops, and maybe the queen herself, and the denial of their wishes was tempting them to take by force that which diplomacy had failed to achieve.

Thanos stepped forward from the shadows about the throne, his massive form stamping against the stone.

Moving before the queen he descended several steps so as to block any route to her while still allowing her to be seen. Letting his lips curl back he revealed banks of deadly fangs, the fulgent radiance in his eyes lighting up with new intensity at the prospect of combat, and the placing of threat to the queen. Lowering into a fighting stance he balanced himself and lifted one set of claws forward to block with, and curled the others back, the muscles rippling in preparation of punching the wicked talons through the first vampire to make a pre-emptive move.

The vampires before him turned their eyes in his direction, the orbs full of ancient loathing borne from an innate fear of his kind. They were proud and arrogant, filled with their own sense of power.

Thanos snarled, releasing a low growl of animus, his fur standing on end, making his monstrous form seem to swell even more. Instantly the ancient lord faltered in his resolve.

The vampire had lived for so long that it was all he knew, making death a terrible concept. Thanos had seen this trait before in particularly ancient vampires. Christos 53

was addicted to his life, and could not risk losing it.

Against the queen and her troops he had a fair chance of victory, but with a lupine bearing down on them he knew that Thanos alone would decimate them.

BOOK: Moonslave
12.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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