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Now the man in the lab coat speaks.  
“You know, emotions run high when you are facing your own destruction.  Let’s say you, Bear Claw, if you knew that your people would have been betrayed by the white man and savagely killed, so you ran away from the threat to save your tribe would you be wrong for wanting to survive?”

No.” replied the Indian.

Its kinda like the same difference only,….Pardon me, what is your name?”

Scott.” .

Scott? Oh, wow.  If the rumors are true then a lot of you mooners are tv babies arent you.”

Well it was pretty much the only information we had to go on, wasn’t it?  It only makes sense that my name would be Scott, right?”

The professor laughs at that. 
“Fascinating, just fascinating.  And your form, why did your friend choose a werewolf? Oh no, let me guess.  He’s a horror fan.”

Rob, no.  I don’t think so.  Maybe when he was younger, but he put the study of humanity way behind him long ago.  I mean he just was more in love with the atmosphere more than anything I suppose.  I really couldn’t tell you why.  Maybe he was just pressed for time. He did mention something one time about the human form being hard to recreate from the moons genetic DNA sequence or something along those lines.  But he was always ranting and raving on different issues like that, that I neither cared about or even came close to understanding.  But he was really scared of the black matter.  He said that it could always ooze out somehow in sequences during the transfer processes like it knew it was better than the other and devoured it.”

  The mountain king quickly interrupts and says,
“Yes, its true.  Black matter is a big cause of all this.  The hold can really devour its environment to almost suffocate it as soon as it appears.  We would bind with an electrical charge to anything before we would even try to manipulate it back in our day on our first runs to the earth.”

You are a mooner like me aren’t you?, Scott asks.

Yes,” the ape man replies in his deep hypnotic voice.  “We were the first to arrive.  After we found out that the moon had entrapped us, we started to really do our research to find a way down.  We never knew that the life cycle ended at three hundred, but we knew we had to leave for we were enslaved by the life force that dwelled within the moons surface.  We had to do something and quick.  So we used what we could use.  The dark matter didn’t totally submerge and destroy the human DNA that we tried to produce so we had to splice it with something else.  So we used the ape and here I am.  Known to the humans as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.  We have never died or reproduced.  We can walk in both realms but are never really part of just one.  We decided to be the guardians of the earth.  When the humans died and fell into our plain, we recruited them and they have fought with us against the scurges of humanity that come from the moon or other galaxies whatever entity is a threat really like the ones here on earth.  Like the dark matter that has tried and tried to keep us from leaving the moon since the dawn of our existence, which is much older than you think.  And if my suspicions are right you can roll into both realms too.  I can help you with this problem.  it’s a little clumsy at first, but in time, you can do and be as me, but just remember if you do decide to go through both realms, you too will become a slave to its duties.  But we will talk more on that.  Come now, for there is a lot of work to do and true night falls.”

Those wolves are going to come out of that mine, hungry”, the professor says, “and they are going to want to feed.  What’s the game plan, big guy?”

I’ll take Scott back to base”, replies the mountain king.  “I want a good eye on him if he changes tonight.  The rest of you, find the mine and dispose of the wolves.  And if this Rob appears in ghost form, return him to me quickly.  Guardians reimburse.”

And they all disappear out of the forest completely. 

Scott feels his DNA being manipulated as he flies through the transfer of spirit just like on the moon in a way, like his substance is like a gas again.  The ghost must be of the same kind of substance, Scott figures as he slowly materializes after the giant flash of the travel through the woods into the base over the hill and not so far away.  He slowly becomes his form again.  As a solid mass of meat and fur.  His paws tap on the linoleum wood surface of the giant log cabin that’s been closed for the season.  The cabin they use for headquarters in the district of the whole valley.  Less human activity means no interruptions from outsiders outside of the realm of existence.  They use the base to train and to recruit and plan out how best to protect the valley from the evil entities from within Marblehead Ridge, along the banks of the Mississippi.  They guard against most of that side of the river.  But over the years, more bases have appeared for the conflict becomes stronger and stronger as you slowly progress into the third hundred year war of humanity. 

The hairy man says,
“It’s a little unpleasant at first to travel in ghost form, but you quickly get used to it especially once you learn to adapt to it throughout your whole life on the lunar beast from within that manipulates your thoughts for food making you feel no more than like a buffet for its pleasure.  That’s how we felt those first three hundred years.  Scott imagines all the torment that he endured throughout his life or mere existence on the moon and agrees about the strange ghost travels. 

It’s a dog’s life for us, Scott, isn’t it?”  As the big hairy beast chuckles out loud.  Scott patters on the wood floor some more, sucking in the environment through his eyes, nose and ears, checking for anymore strangers.  Scott can’t help but think that he’s in some kind of strange sci-fi channel cheesy episode like twilight zone, expecting a man to come out and describe the plot of the whole situation with that familiar theme shooting out from the background as the screen turns black and rolls into a commercial. 

Strange indeed.”  Scott says.

Scott ponders to himself,
“I guess you already know whats gonna happen tonight when the moon gets full again, Mr. Mountain King.”

Please call me Links.  I prefer that over the Mountain King.  Bear Claw an old friend who remembers the older ways.  His tribe was born into protecting me.  Long ago, I picked these very mountains right there off to the east to stand my ground and in their ways protected me and not just me but all the creatures that dwelled in those mountains long ago.  Links is a name I picked up.  Its more modern.  It means “the missing link”.  Get it?  It was Darwin’s favorite joke.  He gave us all funny names like that.”

Are you talking about the same one who”, Scott is interrupted before he could even finish the words.

Yep.  The very same,”  said Links.  “Back to the situation at hand, I know you probably feel quite different having an organic form now, but sometimes through the transfer we come out changed in extraordinary ways.  This world is a very magical place, if you haven’t noticed by now.  Our lunar world has almost its own plain of existence, different from here.  This existence that our ghosts live in, therefore, is more tightly woven together.  My hypothesis for this is that when we do light down from the moon, we not only bring down a piece of that, but we create a whole new breed of species with unique abilities.  Some can hover.  Others can read minds.  Some can do other things. I am extremely strong.  I can paralyze you using the modifications that came to me in my brain, just by a thought and just walk away without you even knowing that I am there.  All I have to do is think it and your mind will bend to it.  But I do have to have constant contact at first to get in.  That’s the only trick.  Perhaps you possess some similar ability.  When you find out you’re different, you’ll know.  Some things are subtle while others are not.  Just time will tell.”

So I might be some kind of superhero?” Scott asks as he suddenly spins around, feet pattering, like when a dogs owner comes home after being at work all day. 

The same things goes for the ghosts when they die and they transfer in plain of existence, they too have subtle changes, Darwin always said.  Its just more proof of his theories with evolvement.”  replied Links. 

As he walks calmly into the kitchen and starts to make a pot of coffee, reaching through the cabinet and grabbing the coffee canister, his big meaty sausage looking hairy hand with three inch black clawed fingertips flip open the canister top.  He quickly prepares the pot to brew.  He walks to another cabinet and pulls out a fifty two liter coffee cup, pretty much the same size as the brewing pot of coffee on the countertop.

Scott says, “So maybe I could shoot rays out of my eyes or something like that?”

Well, that’s yet to be known, isn’t it,” replies Links as he taps his fingertips on the countertop patiently waiting for the coffee to finally brew.  “But when we come down, I think that has a lot to do with the black matter being so interested in us.  It finds its chance to hitch a ride in a way and enter the worlds atmosphere.  The magnetic field that surrounds the earth is a constant wave pattern which blocks away the black matter and keeps it from entering earths atmosphere.  We separate the drift of that matter being in that disturbance the black matter can enter.  Once formed on earth, it has subtle changes too.  But black matter, just being a minor organism in way with one goal and one goal only to feed with no emotions, it devastates anything that stands within its goal merely to feed.”

So what does it feed on?”, Scott asks.

Two things actually.  Neuron cells for one in organic forms.  Pretty much all of the insane or possessed human beings or animals on the planet are infected from these dark matters when they feed.  But the sunlight, we noticed, weakens it quite a bit.  It could be linked to all the madness that people get with tourets syndrome or insanity syndromes.  Hell who knows even the black plague.  We aren’t sure how deep it roots or how much.  But there are hotspots and this valley is definitely one of those hotspots.”

So what powers do the other ones have, huh?”  asks Scott.

Oh there are many of us.  For  example the few that you met already.  Lets start with the woman who touched you.  When she touched you, she was going to control you into giving up more information.”

Well, how could she do that?”

Well, actually she couldn’t.  Some mooners she can though.  If she whispers in a humans ear, they are bound to do her bidding.  She brainwashes them and they will immediately do whatever she tells them.  This comes in very handy.  Her name is Jade and you lucked out ,Scott, because she is very fond of animals.  The lady in the blue jean jackets name is Tab.  She used to be the newest one to the group.  She just stays around her old farm house .  The one that you were looking at earlier.  Her daughters name is Patty.  But Tabs power is very unique as well for she can tell the whereabouts of anybody she comes in contact with.  Like a big radar detector, she’s beaconed into the whereabouts of all entities she has prior knowledge of.  All she has to do is think about it and she can give you the coordinates or directions to  place you already know.  She is kind of not a full time guardsman, but she loves this valley and these mountains so she will help.  In time, after her family moves on or whatnot, I’m gonna guess she would move on with them.  There are a lot of ghosts like that though.  There is quite a bit of freedom of choice.  That’s why we try to get the idea of who is going to finish a mission or join us on a mission.  But the majority do one or the other.” 

That guy dressed up like a pirate, what’s his deal?”, Scott inquires.

Ahhhh, that’s Captain Kale Finch.  The most angry man to ever sail the seven seas, self proclaimed of course.  Quite the story teller or in modern days, bullshit artist.  A man quick with a sword and a pistol as well, but his uniqueness is quite different.  The captain can control the atmosphere of the earth.  He can make the winds blow as fast as he wants and in any direction.  The ocean tides bend at the captains will.  I suspect he had a little of this in the human realm, to be such a fine seaman.  And the man with the lab jacket is Professor Tom McGee. Tom McGee was a physicist in his prior life.  Tom, besides being a mathematical wizard, can stop time, but only for as long as he can hold his breath, in a way.  I’m not sure how that works.  He just holds his breath in and stops time.  As soon as he has to exhale, time continues with its regular pattern.  But he can only do it a limited part of the time.  I think Tom’s personal record for doing so is three consecutive times in a twenty four hour period, which left him physically drained for days.  But the professors knowledge in other things are quite useful too.  He can manipulate atoms as well as your friend Rob, given human technology.  I suspect if he was actually a mooner, he could have cracked that code to have humans enter our realm without the black matter infesting it, in given time.  He’s pretty limited though without any moon DNA or our powers to wield it, for that matter, being mooners.  But we here have plenty of time to tackle such tasks.  Bear Claw, my old friend, can transfer from ghost form into animal.  The root in him is so deeply formed into the ground that he in a sense became one with animals that dwell upon it.  The ones in his prior life he protected so fiercely, he can now become.  Look Scott, these changes are very subtle and you have a lot to learn about your new body and throw in the whole thing that you’re a mooner on top of that who can probably walk in both plains, needs to be aware of all the consequences that might come with that.  You have to hone your skills for yourself. I am merely here to advise you in which directions to best support you on that particular journey of your new life.  To teach you the ways, not only the old ways, but the new ways and the right ways to deal with these changes that your body will eventually come to understand and adapt to.  Understand, Scott?”

BOOK: Moonweavers
10.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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