My English Muffin (Interracial Romance BWWM Black Woman White Man)

BOOK: My English Muffin (Interracial Romance BWWM Black Woman White Man)
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An Interracial BWWM Romance By..








Newly single Maria needs something new in her life. So when she is swept off her feet by a young & handsome white English man who is visiting the states for a week she feels she has the opportunity to finally forget all about the ex who broke her heart.


William is the definition of a true English gentleman. He has David Beckham style looks and James Bond style charisma along with an accent to die for. However, is she about to get in a bit too deep and risk a second quick heartbreak? Also, with her ex hanging around in the background is she really ready to move on?


Could this transatlantic relationship be doomed to fail from the start?


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“I don’t need a rebound.”



The phone was lying there, cold and lifeless on the table. I knew that I needed to block his number, but I just couldn’t make myself do it. I didn’t know what to do about John. We had been together for over three years and it ended in a flash. I know his number by heart and I will probably know it for the rest of my life, so deleting it is probably just a symbolic gesture anyway. 


What am I going to do about you?” I asked myself. I was alone in the house.


After several minutes of quiet introspection I got the nerve to pick up the phone. I knew what I had to do, but I just had to get the nerve to go and do it. John had cheated on me and it was over. I was not going to be played for the fool again. I had to face that fact. I had to delete his number from my phone and his place from my heart. Then move on.


It took several minutes for me to get the job done, and I didn’t feel any better after it was done. His number was gone, his messages were blocked, but somehow the thought of him with that other girl still pervaded my thoughts. He had been with her for the last year of our relationship. When I found out he gave me that tired old line that I wasn’t giving him what he needed so he got it elsewhere. Even though my brain understood that it wasn’t my fault he couldn’t stay faithful, my heart said something different.


I couldn’t take much more of this. I was a mess, and I knew it. I had spent the last week in a funk. Since John and I broke up, I just stopped trying. I hadn’t done my hair or worn anything other than pajama pants, a tank top, and a robe. I just couldn’t get myself moving. Shutting myself in I half-heartedly designed the website that I needed to get done and tried to keep myself together. I was just trying stay sane long enough to get my rent paid. 


A little while later there was a knock on my apartment door. I knew that I wasn’t expecting anyone, so I looked through the peephole to see my three best friends standing outside. The twins were jockeying for the position in front of the door and Cathy was hanging a couple of feet back looking as cool as a cucumber.


I unlatched my deadbolt and let the girls in. Ada and Andrea rushed through the door as quickly as it opened and looked me up and down. Cathy strolled in behind them. “Oh my God!” Ada exclaimed at the sight of my messy hair and ice cream stained pajamas. “We have to do something about this Maria!”


“Let’s get moving girls!” Andrea ordered. “Cathy can you go pick out an outfit, while we get her into the shower?”

No Problem.” Cathy was always kind of distant, but she was a great friend. All the girls loved her and tolerated her need for space sometimes.

What’s going on?” I asked my friends.

You’re going out with us tonight.” Andrea chattered at her. “We’re going to pull you out of this.”

You used to go clubbing with us all the time.” Ada added to her twin sister’s explanation. “Maria, you need to get out of this apartment. It’s just bringing you down. C’mon and dance with us tonight.”

I can’t do this.” I told them. “I need some time.”

No,” Andrea stated. “What you need is a shower. No offense.”

I smelt my armpit. It turns out I really did smell bad. Without putting up much of a struggle I climbed in the shower. All that did was remind me of all the times I had made love to John in the bathroom. The tears were flowing as fast as the water from the shower head. I tried to get clean as quickly as possible, but it just wasn’t fast enough. By the time I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, I was leaning against the wall trying to keep myself from dissolving into tears. I don’t know how I managed to get myself all cleaned up, but it took quite a while.

I was sitting on the edge of the tub wrapped in a towel when Ada knocked on my door. “Whatcha doing in there?”

Getting ready.”

Did you shave?” Andrea’s voice asked me through the door.

Yeah.” I sighed, tired of this already. It didn’t look like my friends were going to give me much of a choice, so I knew I was just going to have to go along with the plan, whatever that plan happened to be.

When I answered, the door popped open and the twins dragged me out of the bathroom. Cathy walked into the room and grabbed my make-up case and followed us to the kitchen. I was instructed to sit in one of my chairs and Cathy immediately went to work on my hair.

My hairdresser friend started to dry it and straighten my hair as the twins each grabbed one of my hands. The twins were giving me simultaneous manicures and pedicures. It was actually a rather strange situation that I happened to be in. Imagine me, just sitting in a kitchen chair wrapped in a towel, one woman working on my hair and two more painting my nails. I knew better than to fight the three of them, they could easily have overpowered me and forced me into my dress. I wouldn’t put it past them either. They were my three best friends in the entire world. We met in college and shared a small apartment back in Michigan. Those were amazing days, back before the concept of heartache really meant anything to us.


I was just reminiscing as I was having my hair styled and my make-up applied by very professional hands. Cathy had gone to cosmetology school after she dropped out of college. She did amazing work, and now owned her own salon that was becoming quite successful. Of course, the three of us, the twins and I, always got our hair done free by the owner.   The girls were laughing and joking while they dressed me up and I didn’t want to disappoint them so I played along.


After they finished sprucing up my face, hair and nails, the twins brought out my dress. It was my little black dress that I had in the back of my closet. I had never had the nerve to wear it before but it had no connection to John’s memory. The shoes that matched the dress were silver, strappy and open toe. They had already transferred my wallet and other essentials into a small silver purse so as soon as I was dressed I was pretty much ready to go. Examining myself in the mirror I thought that I looked pretty good, and from the way Cathy was staring at me, I figured they had done an excellent job.

Okay, are we ready to go?” Ada asked the group.


The club was hopping when we arrived. I could hear the base pumping before we got out of our cab. Inside there was a mass of bodies on the dance floor, but the four of us made our way to a tiny booth in a back corner. We ordered our first round of drinks  and they were immediately paid for by a nice looking man sitting at the bar. His skin was incredibly dark and contrasted the white shirt he was wearing magnificently. When he waved at me, I politely waved back.

He’s cute.” Andrea giggled at me.

I guess so.” I couldn’t get over the fact that he reminded me of John.

Go talk to him.” Ada pushed me out of the booth. “It’ll be good for you.”

I wouldn’t know what to say.” I was so confused. I hadn’t dated in three years. Even in that time it seemed like so many things had changed.

Did you forget how to flirt?” Ada asked me.

I think so. I didn’t need that skill for the past three years.” I was actually trying to say a joke, but it seemed to land at my friends feet unappreciated.

Go up to him and ask him for his name. Once you start talking it will all come back to you. It’s just like riding a bike.” Andrea explained as gently as she could.

I didn’t want to do it, but I was being goaded into it by my best friends. How could I say no to them? Taking a deep breath I walked across the room. The man that had bought us our drinks smiled slyly at me. Something seemed a bit fishy about him. None of my friends seemed concerned so I figured it was just me.

“How are you doing tonight?” He asked me.

Pretty good.” Nothing about this situation felt right.

Let’s dance.” He demanded.

I really didn’t want to, but I agreed. On the floor his hands were everywhere. It felt like I had to fight him off. John had always been like that, and it put me in protective mode before then. John always had wandering hands and it made me nervous when he did it. We danced through one song and then I politely excused myself.

I rejoined my friends who were enjoying another drink at the table. I sat down and picked up my drink. “I don’t like this.” I told my friends.

You should be having fun!” Andrea told announced. “C’mon girls. We’re heading to the dance floor.” Andrea grabbed my hand and led me to the floor again. We started to dance to one of my favorite Beyonce tracks. A couple of men tried to break into our group, but I didn’t really like any of them.

After I turned down the fifth guy in a row, Ada asked me about it. “I don’t want any of these guys,” I told her. I didn’t know what I wanted, but I definitely didn’t want anyone who reminded me of John.

“Do you want to go somewhere else?” Cathy was scowling a bit. “I know another place up the street.”

No, I’ll be OK I just don’t want to dance with these guys.” As I spoke I felt my phone buzz in my purse with a text message. Looking at the screen I saw a very familiar number. I didn’t even look at the message and placed it back in my purse.

Was that the bastard?” Ada butted into the conversation that was comprised of my thoughts and another man trying to hit on me.


Do you want us to hurt him?” Andrea asked me with a gentle laughter.

I know a guy.” Cathy mentioned off hand. “We could take care of him.”

Coming from Cathy I was afraid that the threat was actually real. “He hurt himself enough. I don’t need to add anything to it. I just want to go home.”

“We’re not going home yet.” Ada informed me. “We’ve got to get you out of this funk. You need a rebound.”

I don’t need a rebound.” I was actually starting to pout and my friends were kind enough not to point it out.

After a few minutes of awkward silence we got to watch Cathy’s sharp tongue decimate a man who wouldn’t take no for an answer. It was, as always, an amazing sight. The girls finally decided that we should leave, knowing that if that man continued we would end up in a bar fight. Cathy was not known for her kindness to men who didn’t take rejection.


She was one of the strongest women I knew.

BOOK: My English Muffin (Interracial Romance BWWM Black Woman White Man)
6.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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