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We took our trays of fries, hot dogs, and soda to a table in the corner.  We ate and laughed for hours.  I was waiting for them to kick us out, but they never did.  We even ordered sundaes to complete our dinner.  Once we had devoured everything, we parted ways promising to do it again soon.

The next morning I showered and dressed earlier than normal.  I forgot to ask Radek when he would be coming over so I decided to be prepared.  I was shaved, scrubbed, and clean.  Bring on the sex!  I needed my pilot so bad.

The buzz of the gate intercom went off and I rushed over to see my man.  “Yes, can I help you, sir?”

“Sir?” he asked while rubbing the goatee he was growing back in. “I like the sound of that.  Be sure to use that later in bed.”

“Will do, sir.  Now get the hell up here.”

I swung the front door wide to meet him, but noticed he wasn’t carrying a bag like he usually did when he came over.  I started feeling uneasy.  Why wouldn’t he bring a bag?

My voice shook a little when I spoke.  “Where’s your bag, Radek?”

He waited until he was directly in front of me before he spoke.  “Kasi, I…”

“Oh my God.  If you came here to break up with me again I’ll lose it.”

“Why would I do that?”

“I don’t know, because you’ve done it before and you’re not carrying your duffel bag like you always do every time you stay here.” 

“If you would have let me finish you would have heard that I have a surprise for you.  Go pack your suitcase.  We are going away for a few nights.”

“What?  You’re taking me away?”

His muscular arms embraced me, his head resting on top of mine.  “Baby, you’re shaking.  I thought I made it clear that I wasn’t going anywhere.”

“I’m sorry.  I don’t know what is wrong with me.  I was so scared that you were leaving me again when I didn’t see your bag.”  A few stray tears slid down my cheeks.

Pulling back from me, he said, “You never have to worry about that again.”

I nodded and leaned back into him.  Shit, I needed to get a grip.  It was like a switch was tripped when I saw him without his bag.  “Where are we going?”

“I’m not telling.  Just pack a suitcase and I’ll get Ace’s stuff together.”

“I need to call Aubrey.”

“No, you don’t.  I’ve already done that.  All you need to do is pack,” he said while pushing me toward the stairs.

“I don’t know about this.  How do I know what to pack?”

“Okay, I’ll give you a hint.  It’s somewhat close to your house, so the outside temperature will be near what it is here.”

That didn’t help me much.  We were close to New York and New Jersey.  I couldn’t narrow down where we were going, but at least that helped me decide what kind of clothing to pack.  Except, “Do I need anything formal?”

“Kasi, you know me well enough to know I’m the furthest thing from formal.  It’s casual, no dresses or heels needed.”  They might not have been needed, but I always like to pack a pair of heels.

The wheels in my head were turning, but coming up empty.  Nothing to do at this point.  I needed to pack and hope he knew me well enough that he wasn’t going to take me somewhere I would hate.


~ 10 ~

Walking downstairs I saw Radek standing near the front door with Ace sitting by his side.  “I’ve put all of his stuff in the truck.  Are you ready?  Got everything?”

“I have no clue.  I feel like I’m forgetting something.”

“If you did then we can buy it when we get there.”

Bending down, I put my face in Ace’s.  “One day you aren’t going to be happy to get in the car.  You’re going to realize every time you do we drop you off at Aubrey’s.”  He gave me a sloppy kiss.

When I stood back up I saw my pilot watching me intently.  “What?”

He grabbed me, lifting me off of the floor in one gigantic hug.  “I fucking missed you.”  I nodded against him, afraid that if I spoke the waterworks would start again and I didn’t want to cry any more even if they were happy tears.

Ace jumped on us, then tried to push himself between us.  Apparently he didn’t like Radek picking me up suddenly.  Having successfully pried us apart, I stared down at him.  He seemed proud of himself.  Tongue hanging out, ears up, tail wagging.  Maybe he was saying ‘Let’s go!’

Radek insisted we take his truck, which was fine with me.  I actually liked being up so high, looking down on cars.  It was fun riding in it, but not something I would want to drive every day.

We dropped Ace off and were quickly on our way.  Turning in my seat, I looked over at my pilot.  He was wearing a long-sleeve cotton, ivory colored shirt, dark jeans, and a sexy as hell black leather jacket.  Combine that with his aviator sunglasses and it took all of my restraint not to climb over and fuck him while he drove.  If it wasn’t for the center console I might have slid over and sucked on him for a bit.

“Baby, you better stop looking me at like that.”


He reached over and swiped his finger along my chin.  “You had a little bit of something there,” he said chuckling.

I swatted at his arm.  “I can’t help it that you’re fucking hot.”

“I’m not the hot one.  You are gorgeous and I’m one lucky son of a bitch to have you.”

Trying to catch him off guard, I asked, “Where are we going?”

“Not telling.  We’ve got about a half hour until we’ll get there.”

“Okay, so we are staying in Pennsylvania.”


My mind was going through all of the possible locations of where our destination was.  Five minutes later he took the on-ramp to the highway and we were heading north.  There wasn’t much up there except ski resorts.

I was smiling, a huge beaming smile.  “Are you taking me skiing?”

He kept a straight face.  “What makes you think that?”

“There is nothing else this way.”

“Well, where we are going skiing is one of the things we will be able to do.”

“I love skiing!”

“I know you do.  I do have other plans for us while we’re there though.”

“Oh, like what?”

“Nope.  You’ll have to wait and see.”

“Oh my God.  I didn’t bring my ski stuff.”

“You didn’t, but I did.  Everything is in the back of the truck.  While you were upstairs packing your suitcase, I went and grabbed all of your stuff, bringing it outside without you noticing.”

“Ah, you’re a slick one.”

He shrugged.  “I try.”

We pulled off of the highway and eventually up next to a larger building that I assumed was the lobby of where we would be staying.  He asked that I stay in the truck.  A few minutes later he came back with a key.  We drove a short distance around the property until we found our cabin.  Number four.  We had our own private oasis.  That made me happy.

There wasn’t snow on the ground where we were.  It was still early in the season, but the mountains would be covered thanks to the snow that was made for skiers.

My pilot helped me down out of his truck.  The ground around the cabin was covered in fallen pine needles while the smell of fresh evergreen was in the air.  We were far enough removed where it was quiet, yet were near the main building if we needed anything.

The outside was a typical log cabin.  Very rustic looking with a small front porch and two wooden rocking chairs on it.  The inside was not what I expected.  It was a lot nicer than I thought it would be and a complete contrast to the exterior.  Dark, wide planks of hardwood covered the interior floor.  There was a large couch facing a gorgeous grey stone fireplace.  The walls were all painted a very light beige, flowing well with the flooring and furniture.

Through the living room was a dining room with a long table that could sit eight.  The table and chairs looked like they were made of recycled wood that had been put together, painted, and distressed.  A wrought iron light fixture hung from the ceiling above.  Delicate looking leaves curved around each light.

The kitchen was beautiful.  Off white cabinets lined the walls, while the countertop was a dark brown granite.  It complemented the floor perfectly.  All of the appliances were stainless steel and looked brand new.  It was obvious the cabin had recently been remodeled.

There were two bedrooms and they had the same flooring.  One room featured a king sized sleigh bed, matching dresser, and nightstands.  The other bedroom had two twin beds with white, wood furniture.

I spun and saw my pilot hanging out behind me, watching my every movement.  “This place is unbelievable.  How did you find it?”

“The internet.”

Walking to him, I threw my arms around his neck.  “Thank you for bringing me here.”

“You’re welcome.  This is only the beginning.  I have a lot planned for the next four days.  The first of which is a massage for you.”

I pulled back and raised an eyebrow at him.  “Haven’t we had enough problems with me getting massaged?”

“When I called I made sure to request a woman.”

Chuckling, I said, “Of course you did.”

He looked at his phone.  “She’ll be here in a half hour.”

“She’s coming here?”

“Of course.  This weekend is all about you, and me worshipping your body.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“I do too,” he said while scanning me up and down.  “Wicked thoughts run through my mind when I think about it.”

“I love your wicked mind.”

Wrapping one leg around his waist, he held it with his hand.  I made sure to have a tight grip on his neck when I jumped up and wrapped the other one around him.  He caught me with ease.

“Baby, you drive me crazy, but we’re making this quick since you have an appointment to keep.”

Twenty-five minutes and one mind blowing orgasm later I was brushing my hair and fixing my clothes.  Damn, that man knew how to work his cock.  I still had, what, three nights in the cabin to thoroughly fuck him in every possible position and room.  Yup, I was really going to enjoy this mini vacation.

A knock sounded on the door and Radek let in a very attractive and petite brunette.  She carried with her a folding massage table and a bag which was hanging on her shoulder.  Extending her hand to me she said, “Hi, I’m Lacy.  I’ll set up right here in the living room if that’s okay.”

“Sure, wherever is easiest for you.”

“Also, if you don’t mind, I’m going to start a fire.  The warmth will take the chill out of the air in here and make it more comfortable for you.”

Radek interjected.  “I’ll take care of that.”

She nodded to him and set up her table.  Next to it she set a small speaker where she docked an iPod.  Soft music started playing from it.  I was already starting to relax.  Maybe I needed to load some of that music onto my iPad for when I got stressed.

I left the room to shed all of my clothing and wrapped a soft terry cloth robe around my body that I found hanging on the back of the master bathroom door.  My pilot was whispering to Lacy when I emerged back into the room.

My eyes narrowed and I said, “What are you two talking about?”

He smiled and said, “Nothing.  Enjoy your massage.”  Kissing me on the lips, he left the room.

Lacy left the room briefly behind Radek so I could get onto the table.  She told me to lay face up.  Starting with my arms, she worked her way down my body to my feet.

She asked that I roll over to work on my back.  After massaging my neck, back, and backs of my legs, she excused herself for a minute.  I was so relaxed that my body felt at one with the table.  Like it had molded into it.

I heard hands rub together, assuming Lacy was gathering more oil, but when those fingers touched me my head shot up from its spot.  They were not Lacy’s hands.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw a very oiled and very naked Radek Cole.  All coherent thought left my brain as I drank him in.  Mother fuck that man was fine.  The light from the fire bounced off of his slick body.  Even his cock was oiled.

“Roll over, Kasi.  Lacy left.  It’s just us.”

I nodded and did as he said.  The whole time my eyes never left his body.  Once on my back he started rubbing those large hands of his up and down my legs.  My eyes shut and I was getting more and more turned on the closer he got to my pussy.

“I’m going to wipe any memory of that other guy massaging you right out of your head.  This will be something you never forget.”

Opening my eyes, I met his.  “I never think of other men when I’m with you.  Ever.”

“You might not, but I hate that another man had his hands on you intimately after you met me.”

“Well, we can argue as to whose fault that is.”

“No need to argue.  It’s something I’m fixing right now.”

He bent forward, brushing a soft kiss against my lips causing my eyes to flutter closed again.  His hands both went to my left breast, massaging around my nipple before pinching it.  My back arched off of the table.  He rolled the tip between his fingers while his other hand continued its massage.  My other breast was given the same attention.  To say I was turned on was a huge understatement.

Gently rubbing over my stomach, he worked down to my bikini line, but never touched where I wanted him to most.  He spread my legs, moving his hands up and down my inner thigh, making me squirm on the table.  I knew he wasn’t going to ease my ache until he had driven me completely wild.

My pilot massaged down my leg to my left foot.  He used both hands to massage the sole, then up to my toes.  I moved my right foot and found his hard cock with my toes.  He groaned loudly at the first touch.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t grossed out by my foot touching him.  I normally didn’t like people touching my feet outside of a massage and didn’t see anything sexual about them, but I loved rubbing him up and down with my toes.

He let the foot he was massaging drop and I looked up to see his head hanging down over my legs.  He had both arms straight, hands gripping either side of the table.  Feeling bold, I slid down slightly and took both of my feet, putting them together, and encircled his dick.  He thrust into me a few times, then gripped my feet, pressing them tight around his length.  Never would I have thought it would be erotic to have a man thrust his cock between my feet the way he was, but Radek was loving it.  When he was loving something, so was I.

BOOK: Needing Him
12.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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