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He pushed his crotch into the open palms of my hands and nipped at my earlobe. “Feel that? Feel what you’ve done to me, you little tease? Did you think you could taunt me and get away with it?”

I gasped out the slightest of screams.

He gripped my neck again to keep me still and silent. “Nobody will come for you.” His free hand moved away from my breast and down the flat of my stomach toward my groin. “The way you flaunt yourself for
all the
world to see makes me think you want this. You’ve tormented me with this hot body for long enough, slut.”

That word—slut—reverberated through me, coursing straight between my legs and turned me on far more than I expected. How was it he understood this fantasy of mine so well?

He lifted the front of my skirt and rubbed his fingers over my panties, barely brushing across my clit until his palm cupped the whole of my sex. Two fingers pushed the cloth aside and slid into the folds of my labia. No one else had touched me at all in almost two years. The overall thrill of a hand other than my own claiming the sensitive skin couldn’t be resisted.

“You do want this don’t you? You’re dripping already.”


He pressed against my clit. The wetness saturated the cotton, hot and sti
cky. With a groan of approval,
he lifted his hand to my lips. The musky scent of my own arousal hit me.

“Smell it. Taste
,” he ordered. His fingers worked into my mouth, and he moved them back and forth to clean my juices from them. “That’s it, my little whore. I’m going to enjoy that tongue on my cock.”

My neck was freed. For a half a second I thought I might be able to make a break for it if only to make him work for it. No sooner did the thought flit through my mind than did Noah’s hand tangle through my hair. I cried out as he dragged me further into the living room. He came around me and forced me to my knees in front of him.

From his back p
he produced a switchblade. It snapped open in a flash. My breathing quickened as it neared my chest. The knife hooked below my shirt and he pulled, ripping the fabric of my tank top. He held the knife between his teeth while he tore it in shreds down the center to reveal the black bra beneath. I made a conscious effort to stop breathing so hard, but my breasts rose and fell all the same, almost calling out to be touched.

Noah smiled, the blade between his teeth making him look even more menacing than he already did. He reached out and seized both of my breasts, kneading the flesh behind my
bra in
cadence with my breathing. I closed my eyes tight to suppress a moan.

Then the knife was in his hand again. He slipped it between the small valley of my breasts and under the tight elast
ic. With a flick of his wrist,
it split the cups apart. My breasts spilled out into the open air; firm, round, and nipples woefully hard.

“Look at that,” he said as he pinched a nipple between his fingers. “Your body’s betraying you so fast.”

I tried to hide my moan with a fake plea, “Stop this. Take anything you want, just stop.”

He slapped my breast, then grabbed them both and squeezed. I shrank back with a whine. “I wholly intend to take what I want, up to and including all the pleasure I can get out of watching you squirm.” He punctuated the statement with a guttural laugh, then stood and unzipped his pants, allowing his engorged manhood some relief against the constraint of his jeans.

It was already fully erect; the long, thick shaft and circumcised head directly in my line of sight. A drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip. After a fe
w strokes of it with his hand,
he positioned it inches from my mouth. The switchblade was pocketed again to free his hand up. He grabbed the back of my head and threaded his fingers through my hair.

“Open your mouth,” he demanded. I resisted by pulling back. He smacked his cock on my cheek and held me there. “Suck it or you get cut, slut.”

I opened my mouth, resigned to my fate. The head of his cock was forced between my lips. The salty pre-cum and heavy smell of him filled my senses. My tongue coated his member with saliva. He gripped my head to shove it further in until it hit the back of my throat. I swallowed in reflex, trying not to choke. The muscles in my throat contracted around his shaft. He released a moan of pleasure at that.

Once he was satisfied with the depth at which he could push into me, he rocked back. My tongue slid along the underside of his shaft until only the head of his cock was between my lips. I closed my eyes tight, sucking at the tip of it for a moment and making him twitch. Then he pushed back into the warmth with a long sigh. He pumped in and out, slowly at first, quickening the thrusts every so often to vary the depth.

Suddenly he pulled away and tightened his grip on my hair, yanking my head back. I gasped for both breath and out of pain, writhing against the bonds around my wrists and the fist clenching my head.

“I don’t think you’re even trying. Suck it like you mean it.
Gag on it.
I know you can.”

And then his hardness was at my lips again. He dipped his cock further and held me there. My nose touched the dark pubic hair at the base of his shaft, my mouth and throat working over the member which filled it completely. I felt the dampness in the cotton of my panties grow; my swollen clit rubbing against the fabric in a feeble attempt to make contact with something that would satiate my craving for that touch of his again.

“Look at me. I want to see your eyes as you suck me off,” Noah commanded. I opened my eyes and tilted my head up to make eye contact with him through my long lashes. I didn’t think it was possible, but I felt him harden even more in my mouth. “Fuck, that’s sexy. That hot mouth of yours is better than I imagined.”

In part to make him loosen his grip on my hair and in part to accept his challenge, I bobbed my head up and down on my own, circling my tongue around the head of his cock and twisting in rhythm. I even let out a soft moan to push him on.

“Now you’re getting into the spirit of things,” he urged.

He relaxed his hand from my head and watched as my saliva dripped from around him. My eyes fluttered between his face and my work. I pulled his cock from my mouth, caught a bit of breath and ran my tongue up the length of it. It was almost an introduction, really. I got to know every ridge, every groove and every vein of Noah’s thick member in intimate detail. His long exhales and groans of approval reverberated through me.

This wasn’t something I should like as much as I did. Our earlier conversation flashed past me. He’d been right when he said I just wanted to let go, to allow someone else to do the controlling for once in my life. I loved the harsh tone of his voice, the taboo of the words
directed at me. There was a virile nature to just being taken and used which struck a chord someplace deep inside. And in that moment I wanted nothing more than to please him, Noah, the man I barely knew. The man I asked to rape me.

As I continued fellating him, he alternated between allowing me to work at it all on my own and forcing himself into my throat with the help of the hold he had on my hair for several long minutes.

“The little bitch likes it, does she?” I thought it was rhetorical, and it did spur me on. But then he pulled his cock from my mouth and slapped it against my cheek a couple of times. “I asked you a question, slut. Do you enjoy being forced to suck a stranger’s dick?”

The moisture in my eyes spilled over a little more. My tears smudged my eyeliner. The answer was a resounding yes. I gave a subtle nod.

His hold tightened on my head again. “Look up at me and say it.”

I pressed my lips together in a thin line, the words unwilling to escape until I made them. “I enjoy being forced to suck your dick.”

“Good girl,” he said. “Now, suck.”

He thrust himself between my lips again, pumping in an out with such force and vigor I thought I would choke for sure. My jaw ached and my throat began to get raw.

Finally, he started to tense, his pace evening out into short, deep drives across my tongue and down my throat. He didn’t give me any form of warning when he found release. He only held me tight, his member throbbing with the orgasm. Spurt after spurt of hot, tangy semen shot into my mouth, coating the back of my throat and making me gag.

“Swallow it all,” Noah ordered between the grunts of his climax.

With some additional effort on my part, I did. I sucked at the head of his cock like my life depended on it. I swirled my tongue around the softening flesh to clean off any residual cum. Not a single drop spilled from my lips.

When he pulled out of my mouth, he crouched down and took my jaw in his hand, planting a deep, unyielding kiss on my lips. “That was very good. Now it’s time for the main course.”

“Please,” I whimpered, “No more.”

A light flashed in his eyes. “Keep begging. It only makes me want to fuck you harder. And, if I’m right,” Noah touched my thigh and traced his hand up to my sopping panties. “
and I am right. You want this as much as I do, you little tease.”

My hips rocked forward, my clit aching to be touched. The only fear I harbored at that point was that if he touched me anymore I might explode.

The switchblade was out of his pocket again. He held the point close to my neck. “This is happening no matter what you think,” he said.

Cold, sharp steel trailed over my skin, barely touching me. It moved over my right breast, down my stomach and to the top of my skirt. It was cut away and discarded onto the coffee table. My breathing was erratic. A sharp knife so close to so many vulnerable places made it difficult to keep my composure. I squirmed a bit when the flat of the blade dipped between my open legs and rubbed at the sensitive wetness there.

The blade peeled back the cotton. With a snap
,  it
cut through, exposing my sex to the cool air of my apartment. Another flick of his wrist and the waistband was gone too.

Noah wadded the thin fabric into a small ball in his fist as his fingers touched the smoothness of my shaved mound. “Good God, you’re even wetter than before. See? Your body doesn’t lie to me like you do.” With a smile, he stuffed my shredded underwear into my mouth. I tasted the salty sweetness seeping from them.

He stood, heaving me up off the carpeted floor and half marched, half threw me through the door of my bedroom and onto my bed. There was little I could do to control the way I fell because of the bindings on my wrists. I landed on my side with my face thankfully sinking into one of the many pillows at the headboard. After flicking the lamp on my night stand on, he pulled off his shirt. Tight toned muscles strained against his thin frame. He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants, securing the now closed knife in his hand.

He gave my ass one good, hard whack as he crawled up on the bed. “Kneel up.” But before I had the chance to, he was already grabbing me and pulling me to my knees. He raised my ass high into the air and pushed my face into the mattress. His hands traveled down my back, over my bound hands to my lower cheeks, and landed three more solid slaps there. “I watched you fuck yourself the other night.
Watched as your fingers worked in and out of your cunt until you came in a heap of sweat and lust.
Were you thinking about this when you did?”

My blood ran cold and my face flushed hot. Another smack on my ass made me jump, and I blurted out, “Yes!” through the panties in my mouth.

His fingers slid with ease between the folds of my sex and into the warmth waiting there. I didn’t mind him touching me, but knowing that he was staring at me, judging every part of my most private place in the dim lamplight made me uncomfortable, scared and embarrassed. I closed my eyes and released another moan, begging to be touched more. My hips rocked against him to soothe the itch burning within.

“Such a wanton girl you are. I bet you’d just love to have that cunt licked.”

Oh God, it had been so long since anyone had done that. I felt his tongue dart out to lick at my clit. I squirmed beneath him, but he held me fast, making expert strokes across the sensitive flesh and diving between my lips to suck at the juices. He didn’t linger long. No more than thirty seconds passed before he pulled away. I whined in protest, which evoked a chuckle from him. He was savoring this.

All at once, the head of Noah’s hardening member was against my pussy. He rubbed it up and down to coat it with the wetness seeping out of me. He toyed with me, allowing the tip to slide inside me for an instant at a time before pulling out again.

He leaned over me and pulled the underwear out of my mouth. His breath was hot and lusty in my ear as he said, “What do you want?”

“Please don’t tease me,” I whispered.

“I want to hear you admit it. Say the words.”

By then I didn’t care. He’d turned me on so much I neared my breaking point. I told him what he wanted to hear if only to make the aching in me cease. “Please, I want you to fuck me.”


“Fuck me, please!”

He laughed and smacked my ass again, declaring, “Much better!”

BOOK: Never Have I Ever
11.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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