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Prologue – Tyler

Chapter 1 – Riley

Chapter 2 – Chace

Chapter 3 – Riley

Chapter 4 – Chace

Chapter 5 – Aria

Chapter 6 – Chace

Chapter 7 – Kyle

Chapter 8 – Riley

Chapter 9 – Chace

Chapter 10 – Kyle

Chapter 11 – Chace

Chapter 12 – Aria

Chapter 13 – Tyler

Chapter 14 – Riley

Chapter 15 – Chace

Chapter 16 – Aria

Chapter 17 – Chace

Chapter 18 – Aria

Chapter 19 – Riley

Chapter 20 – Chace

Chapter 21 – Drew

Chapter 22 – Riley

Chapter 23 – Chace

Chapter 24 – Riley

Chapter 25 – Chace

Chapter 26 – Riley

Chapter 27 – Chace

Chapter 28 – Aria

Chapter 29 – Chace

Chapter 30 – Riley

Chapter 31 – Chace

Chapter 32 – Riley

Chapter 33 – Drew

Chapter 34 – Riley

Chapter 35 – Aria

Chapter 36 – Luke

Chapter 37 – Kyle

Chapter 38 – Drew

Chapter 39 – Kylie

Epilogue – Heron



– Tyler

A girl between the ages of 17 and 20.
Beautiful chestnut hair and dark, alluring eyes. A tight white dress. A silver Mercedes. What was the license plate number? Tyler Winston couldn’t remember. He tried to visualize it in his mind but he couldn’t. Did it start with a T? Or was it a 7?

Tyler knew he had to remember. He had to get free and go get help. He couldn’t describe his prison except for its dank, musky scent. Perhaps if he could tell the police about the woman who had abducted him or about her car, however, they could track her down. Then they could free whoever was whimpering somewhere to Tyler’s left.

It had all happened so fast. Tyler had been walking home after a soccer game at Dousedale High School. He had skipped the team bus because his cheerleader girlfriend had promised to give him a ride home. Then she had gotten an emergency call. Her dad. An accident. Metro hospital. Tyler had told her to go without him, that he would get one of the guys from the soccer team to drive back from the school and pick him up. In the meantime, he walked along the lonely country road back towards Cantonville. It was a quiet October night and the road was little spooky but Tyler hadn’t been worried. After all, he was a 6’2” all-star athlete. As the captain of the Cantonville High School men’s varsity soccer team and the best-looking guy in his school, Tyler never had much to worry about. He got pretty much anything he wanted in life.

Then the girl in the Mercedes had shown up. Tyler shivered just thinking about it. The girl had been unbelievably sexy. “Get in, cutie. I’ll take you wherever you want to go,” she had said in a sweet voice. How could he refuse her? She had jabbed him with something in the neck. The next thing he knew, he had woken up with his arms chained above his head and a blindfold over his eyes. From the way the cool air assaulted his body and the feel of the cold cement under his feet, he could tell that he was naked except for his spandex undershorts. And there was someone whimpering nearby. The person sounded male. Tyler tried calling out to him but the whimpering continued unabated.

“Don’t be afraid,” a female voice whispered in his ear.

Tyler jumped in surprise. He opened his mouth to yell for help but a cloth was stuffed inside it. Duct tape was plastered over his lips. Tyler tried to yell anyway but the sound was incomprehensibly muted.

Tyler heard the sound of a door on rusty metal hinges opening. Then it slammed with a loud metallic clang.

“Only two, daughter?” a voice asked. It sounded reproving. “I expected more.”

“Yes, my queen, but these are two of quality,” the first voice said. Tyler now recognized it as the voice of the girl in the car.

“Hardly,” the first voice replied. “That one is a whimpering mess. He is cowardly”

“But not this one,” the second voice replied. A hand gently touched his chest. “Look at him. He is tall and strong and very attractive. He had a strong, square jaw line and tussled brown hair. He’s got a beautiful chest and six-pack abs. His eyes, my queen, are a gorgeous shade of blue. He is beautiful and he’s 18. I checked his license to make sure.”

“You are easily impressed, daughter,” the first voice said. “He may be suitable, however. Is he heterosexual?”

“Oh yes,” the second voice replied. “He couldn’t keep his eyes off me in the car. It will be easy to seduce this one. He will be willing and he certainly appears able.” A hand suddenly touched his spandex-clad package. It gently rubbed and stroked his manhood. “See how quickly he responds, my queen? He is already erect. Is it not impressive?”

“Hmmm… It appears that he is an acceptable candidate. If he is willing and proves virile, you may take him as a breeder.”

“The other one…” the second voice began.

“The other one is of no use to us,” the first voice replied sharply. “We will not water down our genes with those of cowards. I will have him disposed of.”

The whimpering turned into sobs. Then the door opened again and there were more footsteps in the room. The sobbing man started to yell for help. Then the sickening sound of metal smashing into bone filled the room. The man fell silent and Tyler could hear several people dragging his body across the floor. Who were these twisted women?

“Don’t worry, cutie,” the second voice said. A pair of lips kissed Tyler’s right pectoral muscle. “You belong to me now. We are going to have so much fun together and we’re going to have a beautiful daughter.” A hand started caressing him suggestively between his legs. Once again, his body reacted in spite of himself. “Yes,” the voice said. “It is going to be very fun.
You’ll find that there are no pesky societal or physical limits to sexual adventure here. Now, let me tell you what the rest of your life is going to be like.”

Chapter 1
– Riley

“Have you thought about just laying down in front of him, spreading your legs, and saying ‘Go’? That’s probably all it’ll take. You’re over thinking this.”

Riley Morgan’s eyes opened as wide as saucers. “Shelly Duncan!” she exclaimed. “You’re terrible. Do you talk dirty like that around your parents or do you save it all for me?”

Shelly shrugged. “Just you,” she admitted. “It’s not a bad idea, though. Luke Carter is a guy. He’s doesn’t need a complicated invitation to have sex.”

“I don’t want to invite him to have sex. At least not right away,” Riley said. Her face got extremely hot. She hurried on. “You know what I mean. I like him for his personality and because he’s so brilliant. The fact that he’s also super hot is just a nice coincidence.” Shelly gave Riley a look. “Okay, it’s a really nice coincidence,” Riley admitted.

“Well, you better make your move quickly, ‘
cause that boy doesn’t stay single long,” Shelly said. “He can have any girl at school that he wants. Fair warning, that includes me.”

Riley shook her head. She turned her attention back to Luke. He was just completing a pass on the football field. The high school quarterback really was the hottest boy Riley had ever seen before. He had dark brown hair, sweet and sensitive puppy dog
eyes, and a smooth, chiseled body that made a girl want to faint. He was the all-American boy next door who was kind and didn’t realize how good-looking he was. It was Luke’s smile that Riley loved most. When he smiled and revealed those perfect rows of impossibly-white teeth, it was like the whole world was a brighter place. His eyes got this irresistible boyishly-excited look to them. She could stare at that all day.

Riley knew that she realistically didn’t have any shot with Luke. He was the varsity quarterback and she was nothing but a nerd. Sure, she wasn’t ugly. She was petite and had the fine features and long blond hair that one expected from a cheerleader. She preferred to spend her time reading and studying, however, and favored glasses over contact lenses. Still, boys were often tempted to make moves on her. If she didn’t shut them down right away her protective twin brother Chace would inevitably scare them away. As a result, she had never had a real boyfriend. She was fine with that. She was in no rush to lose her virginity and grow up and would much rather focus on getting into a top-rated college than waste time with boys. For Luke, however, she would have made an exception, at least for dating. The idea of losing her virginity was a terrifying one that she didn’t want to think about. Her face suddenly felt very hot again.

“So what are you doing tonight to celebrate your 18th birthday anyway? How come I haven’t got a party invitation?” Shelly asked.

Oh, nothing,” Riley said. “Chace and I agreed to do it on the weekend so we’re going to go out with people then. I’ll send you a Facebook invitation.”

“Good, but you can’t just do
nothing on your birthday,” Riley said. “That’s lame.”

“It’s a Wednesday. That’s awkward,” Riley said. “Chace has soccer practice and I’ve got a test tomorrow to study for. Plus, my foster parents don’t want us staying out late at night. They’ve been a bit spooked by all the disappearances.”

Shelly’s face grew somber. She nodded. “My parents are the same way. I don’t get why, though. Five boys have gone missing. No girls. Whoever is doing it is clearly only interested in males.”

“You never know with
weirdoes like that,” Riley said. The thought of young high school and college boys in the area just up and disappearing was terrifying. Five boys and seven girls around the age of 18 had gone missing in the county. All had come from rural, close-knit communities. One of the last boys to disappear, Tyler Winston, had been from Cantonville. That was a neighboring town to Harken, the town that Riley lived in. Her brother had even played soccer with Tyler before when they were younger. Now no one had seen Tyler for two whole weeks.

“Let’s think about something more positive, like having sex with Luke,” Shelly said.

“You’re incorrigible, you know that?” Riley said.

“I don’t know what that means but I assume it must be a complement so thank you,” Shelly said.

“You’ve welcome. I’ve got to go,” Riley said, standing up. Several of the cheerleaders were already giving her strange looks. Riley didn’t want them to figure out that she came to the stands during football practice to watch Luke instead of because she wanted to get some sun while she did her homework. Plus, she had been feeling funny all day. Her head was throbbing, her heart was pounding, and she had a queasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. She had thought that a bit of fresh air after school might make her feel better but it hadn’t worked. She picked up her books. “You coming?”

“Yeah,” Shelly said, standing up. “
Gah, I need a boyfriend, you know? Is your brother still dating that Natalie chick?”

“Ugh, I don’t know, I don’t ask,” Riley said as they walked. “You don’t still want to date my brother, do you? That’s gross.”

“Maybe to you it is,” Shelly said. “To me he’s a fine piece of man meat. Hell, he’s as good-looking as Luke.” Then she got an excited look in her eye. “Can you imagine a three-way with the two of them? It would be the hottest thing in…”

Ew. Stop. That’s my brother,” Riley said. She grimaced. “Look, if you’re really interested, I can try to fix you up with him, but you’ve got to promise not to give me any of the details, okay?” Shelly nodded eagerly. “I’m pretty sure he broke up with Natalie,” Riley said. “It’s hard to tell with him because he always seems to have a new girl – and then he goes back to old girlfriends – but I’m almost positive that he’s single right now.”

BOOK: No Limits
12.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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