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Secrets ~ Book 1

Obsessions ~ Book 2

of an Eclipse ~ Prequel

Secrets No Lies ~ Book 3

No Secrets No Lies is a work of fiction. All of the
characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either
products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. No Secrets No
, Copyright

2012. All rights reserved.

parts of this book may be used or reproduced in any form or by any means
without written consent except in the case of brief quotations embodied in
critical articles or reviews.



and foremost, thank you to God for blessing me with the gift to express myself through
written word and to be able to share it with others.


thanks and much love to my parents and my beloved son for allowing me to do
what I love and standing beside me no matter what. Much love and appreciation
to my husband for still allowing me time to
stay closed up and locked away, hours at a time, without complaint while
encouraging and supporting me every step of the way. Thank you for being my
biggest supporter and Number One Fan! I couldn’t do this without you.


you to my readers who have been behind me since day one! Many times, I’d wonder
if it’s worth it to continue chasing this dream, but the support and
encouragement I receive from you all help me to put one foot in front of the
other and keep on doin’ what I do! You guys rock!! Thanks to the people who
assist me in ways that mean so much: Anita, Tasha, Sarah I appreciate you guys
to the fullest
Kisses to my coworker buds who offer me support and kind words: Jen, Fee,
Patti, Shannon, Vera, Cookie, Eve,
, Cheryl, Rock
& San!


I thank everyone who’s TEAM SK from the bottom of my heart!

Blessings, and Love





      Amir Montgomery walked towards the
luxury car which came screeching to a halt a few feet away from where he’d
parked his. Whistling under his breath, he eyed the elegant lines of the
beautiful vehicle. The Jaguar XJ series was not due to come out for at least
another three months.

Wealth does have it privileges
Amir mused.

     “Tom, how are you?” He reached out to
shake the other man’s hand who was huffing to pull himself out of the

     “I’m great, Amir. Sorry we’re late.” Tom
Culpepper was an older white man in his fifties with a receding hairline and a stomach
that hung over his belt like an overinflated balloon. Although his stature was
somewhat on the short side, his net worth made him appear ten feet tall.
     “No, problem. I just got here myself.” The lie rolled
off Amir's lips smoothly; he knew how the game was played and was a master at
spitting bull.

     Amir owned Montgomery Realty, and was
meeting with Tom to show him around a piece of property he’d recently inquired
about. Amir’s top agent was out sick with the flu and today was too important
to trust anyone else to pull it off. This listing had been with Montgomery
Realty for almost a year now. In today's market, there weren't many people who
could afford expensive property like this one - but Tom Culpepper could. Amir
planned on convincing him this was what he’d been looking for.

     Tom was actually a friend of a friend and
wanted to go through Amir’s agency because he was a fan from back in the day
when Amir used to play professional football. He was looking to buy a home
which would mainly be occupied by his girlfriend, Vanessa West. Located on the
outskirts of Atlanta, Tranquility’s Promise boasted eight bedrooms and twelve
bathrooms, an indoor pool, as well as an outdoor Olympic sized pool, stables,
and tennis courts just to name a few of the amenities.

      Amir waited as Tom went around to
the passenger side of the car and opened the door for Vanessa, who was twenty
five years his junior. She was also extremely gorgeous and reminded Amir of
former Miss USA Kenya Moore. She had smooth chocolate skin, light brown eyes,
and thick, soft lips that he imagined could take him to heaven with one blow.
And her body...she was definitely Amir’s type of woman

     She'd been an up and coming actress
before the married billionaire tempted her to give it all up and become his
mistress by showering her with jewelry, furs, exotic vacations, and of course
money. She was at his beck and call and available to him at the slightest
     “Yes, I apologize as well." Vanessa looked at Tom
reprovingly before smiling are Amir. "I tried to tell him we were going to
be late, but he insisted we had plenty of time."

     “Well darlin’, I was closing that deal
overseas. I have to keep you in those diamonds and designer clothes you love so
much, don’t I? Plus, this house I’m purchasing for you isn’t free.”

     “Nothing ever is with you,” Vanessa
muttered under her breath.

     Tom had fetishes she’d had to indulge
over the years. If anyone ever found out some of the sick little games the
powerful mogul liked to play, he would be the laughing stock in the business
world and the butt of endless jokes on late night comedy shows. Vanessa had
hidden cameras throughout her condo which recorded his erotic demands. She kept
the footage in a safe place for insurance. He insisted he’d always take care of
her, but a girl had to be smart about these things. He had no legal obligation
to her, and if he decided to leave her tomorrow, she’d be left high and dry.
That’s why she made sure she got as much as she could now. The expensive gifts
he bought her were all in her name – and eventually, this mansion would be as
     Amir cleared his throat. “If you two will follow me,
we can get started. As you can see, there’s a lot of square footage to cover,
not counting the grounds and lake in the back.”
     They’d only taken a couple of steps when Tom’s phone
rang. Vanessa released an exasperated breath at the interruption. Tom brought
the phone to his ear then covered the speaker with his hand. "Amir, why
don’t you go on and get started showing Nessa around. I’ve been waiting on this
call all day, so I'll probably be a while. I’ll catch up when I'm done.”
     Amir turned his most charming smile towards Vanessa as
he opened the front door and gestured for her to proceed him. “After you...”
     Vanessa slowly perused Amir's body and licked her lips
like a kitten that spotted a succulent bird in a tree. Although she wasn't a
football fan, everyone knew who Amir Montgomery was. He’d been one of the best
wide receivers in the game before an injury ended his promising career after
only four seasons.
     It was not by chance she and Tom chose his agency.
She’d been wanting a taste of him ever since a girlfriend revealed he gave good
dick. Her friend said he was the best she’d ever experienced and Vanessa
couldn’t wait to find out for herself. She put a little extra swish in her hips
as she glided inside, making sure to rub her entire body against Amir’s when
she passed by him.
     Amir hid a grin as he followed her inside. He knew
what that look meant. Vanessa had been throwing herself at him from the first
day she and Tom walked into his office. He couldn’t say he was surprised. There
was no way Tom was giving Vanessa what she needed – sexually, that is. Yeah, he
planned to sleep with her…but after he secured this sale. His mantra had always
been money before pussy.
     Ignoring her blatant invitation for now, Amir looked
around the foyer. “What would you like me to show you first?”
     Vanessa’s lips turned up in a sexy smile as she
deliberately flirted with him. “Now, that’s a loaded question if I ever heard
one. What do you want to show me?”
     Again Amir fought to keep a grin off his face and keep
his mind on business. “How about the kitchen?”

     As they walked into the huge state of the
art kitchen, he pointed out the stainless steel appliances, beginning with the
premier built in subzero refrigerator. Vanessa's eyes immediately glazed over.
She had no intention of cooking, God forbid, so she tuned him out and leaned
back against the large island and stared hungrily at Amir. She loved a tall,
fit man. At 6’3” and
he was
so freaking gorgeous.
Thick lashes
outlined sexy, lazy eyes, and his deep pecan colored complexion was smooth and
unblemished. His square jawline and sensuous lips gave him the appearance of a
handsome movie star. Vanessa knew if he ever decided to go that route, he would
have no problem at all becoming a success. Audiences would gladly pay to see
his films because women ached to fuck him and men wanted to

Her eyes moved to his muscular frame, which was
the radar. Even after he retired from football, he’d kept his body in tip top
shape. And that tight ass. She could see herself holding on to it for dear life
while he –
     “Vanessa. Excuse me, Vanessa…?”
     Amir’s voice finally penetrated the X-rated scene
she’d been so engrossed in. “I’m sorry. Did you say something, Amir?”
     He stared at her for a few minutes, his mouth
twitching at the corner. “I was just telling you about the world class kitchen
you would have if you decide this is the home for you and Tom.” Amir folded his
arms and leaned back against the refrigerator as his dark eyes swept up and
down her body. “But apparently you have other things on your mind.”
     Vanessa suddenly grew tired of the cat and mouse game
they’d been playing. She wanted him and she wanted him now. “We’ll take it.”
     Amir’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. That wasn’t
exactly what he had been expecting her to say. “Tom hasn’t even seen it yet.
Don’t you think we should...”
     “You want to get rid of this property, don’t you?”
Vanessa pushed away from the island and slowly walked towards him.
      “Of course, but I also want to make sure
you’re…satisfied. I like to keep all of my clients happy.”
     The double play on words only served to arouse Vanessa
further. She stopped in front of him and lifted her head to stare into his
eyes. She was so close the tips of her breasts grazed his chest.

     “I can think of several things you can do
to keep me…satisfied. The first being me getting a taste of what I’ve been
hearing so much about.”  



Chapter 2



  "Excuse me?" Amir raised a brow, but he knew exactly what
she meant. The social circle in Atlanta could be a very small, tight clique.
Everyone knew everyone else’s business.

His attention settled on her mouth, admitting he wanted to feel those luscious
lips wrapped around him, and Vanessa knew it too. He watched through half
closed lids as she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Their eyes held
as she slid her hand down the front of his boxer briefs and curled her fingers
around his thick piece of meat.

Vanessa’s eyes widened at the girth and length. “Oh, my. She wasn’t lying.”

Before Amir could question her further, Vanessa started squeezing and stroking
his shaft. He inhaled swiftly, watching as her small hand jerked him to a full
erection with the moves of a seasoned pro. She leaned forward and softly kissed
him, letting her tongue lightly caress the inside of his mouth.

“Vanessa…” Amir tried to form a protest, but she shushed him again with her
lips. Seconds later, she dropped to her knees and slipped him into the tight
glove of her wet mouth until more than half of his dick disappeared. She took
the remaining inches in her hand and pumped slowly, but firmly, as if she was
priming a well for black gold.

Amir let out a long hiss and reached down to grab a handful of her hair as he
watched her. “That feels good,” he murmured in a low, sexy voice.

9.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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