Onyx Mafia: Insatiable - Episode 3: (Lia and Meghan) (Onyx Mafia: Insatiable Book 1)

BOOK: Onyx Mafia: Insatiable - Episode 3: (Lia and Meghan) (Onyx Mafia: Insatiable Book 1)
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Insatiable: Episode 3

I. Meghan’s story

II. Lia’s Story

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Onyx Mafia: Insatiable

Lia and Meghan

Episode Three

by Nova Black

Meghan’s story

barely heard what Agent Eagleton was saying, his mouth moving below his mustache in choppy rhythms. A nod or two from me seemed to be all he expected, his meaty hands occasionally pounding the table.

My thoughts wandered to Lia. Lately all my thoughts ending on Lia. The way she licked her lips, the sway of her hips. The shape of them. Her eyes when she came with my tongue inside her…

“And that’s why we should take her in, tonight. I’ve had enough of Ms. Onyx.”

Wait. What? I blinked, trying to recall what he had been saying.

“So, uh, you’re saying we have enough evidence?”

He stared at me. “Are you being funny, Wallace? I said we have no evidence. Less than we had starting out. Somehow the digital files have been corrupted; our only witness is changing her statements.” He chewed his lip. “And Ms. Onyx keeps insisting on being at the right place at the right times. We can’t pin her at any of the drop offs and she always has an alibi.”

“Oh,” I said, trying not to let my mind wander to what being her alibi might entail. “Is the investigation called off?”

“No.” He pounded the table again. “She’s guilty as shit. Have you seen the apartment she owns, its worth more than I’ll make in fifty years. No, the investigation’s stalled, but it’s not over.” He stared blankly at the table. “Well, anyways, I’m glad you’re feeling better Wallace. You up for dinner with her tonight?”

I shook my head, laughing nervously. “7:30 sharp. She’s a stickler for promptness.” She told me that yesterday, among other things, as I used my tongue on her in the showers, her fingers circling my shoulders.

“At least you were able to get an invitation. Is it a party or something?”

I shrugged, “Of sorts. She said there would be a few other people coming.” Which worried me. Oh god, I can’t believe I ate out Pam yesterday. I didn’t even want to do it. No, I didn’t want to until Lia told me to and then I really wanted to do it.

How does she do that?

How far can I let her take me? I curled my toes as a deep wave passed through me. I couldn’t think of a thing I would refuse her and it scared me. But it fucking thrilled me at the same time.

And Pamela was the president of this company! How did I not recognize her? She’s in magazines for fucks sake. Not even twenty-four hours ago she had her hands on me, in me, calling me slut and worse.

Eagleton was saying something and I nodded somberly, trying to keep the turmoil off my face.

The way Pamela talked to me. I sighed, shifting my thighs. A part of me, a very small part, took some enjoyment from her pretty crass methods. Okay, more than a little. But it was when she whispered to me that Lia was watching us. When I saw her… when I saw Lia watching me, her lips open with a hint of white teeth showing, eyes raking my body. When I saw her fingers moving between her parted legs, the glimpse between them. The wetness …

I was done.

Pamela could have called me anything she wanted as long as Lia looked at me like that.

“Wallace!” Eagleton was calling me. I blinked. “Um, yeah. I’ll pay attention to who she speaks with and try not to leave her side.”

He pointed a finger “Not try. Don’t leave her side. Fake a crush if you have to…” He sighed at my expression. “Oh, grow up, Wallace. She’s a good looking woman, I’m sure she has admirers and tonight you’re one of them. There’s a shipment coming in later – supposedly after midnight. I want to make sure she’s accounted for.”

I nodded. “Yes, ahem. A crush, sir… yessir.”

He rolled his eyes. “This is not academia, Wallace. This is not charts and figures and projections. And this is definitely not your lab. This is the field. Find out what Ms. Onyx is hiding, use whatever means you have to gain her trust. That is what undercover means, you know?”

I left the cramped visitor’s meeting room, my head hurting from the effort of holding in the past 48 hours.

I needed to think.

My giant clipboard acted as a badge as I wandered the vast corridors of the sprawling office complex. The company had two large cafeterias, one with its own sushi chef, the other sporting a massive salad bar. My stomach rumbled and I headed left towards the fish. I spoke a modicum of Japanese, and ordered my roll in the correct convention. The chef bowed and beamed at me before turning to speak rapidly to someone over my shoulder.

My eyes closed when I heard Lia’s voice, responding in flawless Japanese, her fingers brushing my elbow.

“Meghan. Join us.”

The tables were linen covered, candles and fresh flowers in the center. The most posh cafeteria I’ve ever seen. Her friends made room for me, scooting their chairs over so there was a opening next to Lia. I placed my plate down next to Lia’s half eaten meal, (she had ordered the same roll), and looked around for an empty seat to grab.

“You could sit on my lap. Or if you prefer, down at my knee.” I flushed scarlet, looking to see who had heard. But her colleagues were talking amongst themselves, ignoring us.

“Here you go, I’m leaving anyway,” a handsome guy in a red power tie slid his chair to me. I smiled my thanks, lowering myself into the padded chair, the moment becoming more surreal as I unsheathed the red chopsticks from their holder.

They were ridged at the tips. I stared at them, remembering Lia’s shower and how she had mounted Pamela on the red ridges on her wall. How much Pamela had enjoyed it. How much I had enjoyed Pamela.

Lia leaned in. “Penny for your thoughts,” she murmured.

I shook my head and mumbled something, digging into my sushi.

Conversations drifted around me, I didn't look up until I heard the word audit. I wish I hadn't. A woman in a bright blue polka dot dress was looking at me like she expected an answer.

"Um, yeah." I hazard a guess. "They're fun."

Her lips pursed. "Audits are fun?"

I could feel the amusement rolling off Lia.

"Well... they're fun for me."

A hint of a smile ghosted her face. "You're positively sadistic. You must be a friend of Lia's"

Hearty chuckles from the rest of the table. I flushed, though they did seem good natured about it.

She asked me a couple more questions about the mechanics of this particular audit and I responded like I knew what I was talking about. She was one of the ones I had yet to interview, a manager or something in Lia’s department.

Once in a while Lia would interject with a quip or a question, toying with her chopsticks. It was starting to unnerve me, this double nature I needed to play. She knew I was an agent, but did she know I knew she knew?


People started to trickle away. I tried to finish my meal though my appetite had fled, my stomach clenching. My mouth was dry, the wasabi heating the roof of it.


I glanced up at Lia. “Uh, a little. Is there bottled water?” Looking around I didn’t see any soda fountains or coffee carafes. What I needed was vodka, or rum – Really anything that would knock me out for a couple of days until I regained some goddamn sense.

“Sparkling water it is.” She stood, making her way to the far corner of the cafeteria.

All eyes at the table turned to me.

“So”, the polka dot dress girl grinned at me, “how’s things?”

One of the guys to my right leaned in, his eyes a shocking blue and matching his tie.
“I’ve heard that after the first time even your walk is different. Like, she loosens some type of muscle that’s never used until she gets to it.”

Oh Lord. I put a large piece of sushi in my mouth so I wouldn’t have to answer. It didn’t seem to matter; they were just warming up to the subject, leaning forward conspiratorially.

“Well, I’ve heard,” said a gorgeous woman with a tight afro, gesturing with a spork, “that she can make you cum just by looking at you. Like some kind of remote control pussy starter.”

Even I laughed at that one, though it wasn’t far from the truth. Her mind games have brought me close enough. A steady look from her has brought me close enough.

The blonde woman across from me wasn’t laughing as much. “I’ve heard,” she cleared her throat, “that she’s the closest thing we have to a succubus in the modern world. That she takes your soul and crushes it between her teeth. Spits it out when it’s dry.”

The woman with the afro shook her head, whispering to me, “She’s just mad because Lia doesn’t sleep with her subordinates. It’s shady and no one needs a shady boss.”


She held out her hand. “I’m Brenda, one of the few people at this table who doesn’t hate you for having what they can’t.” Someone booed her and she laughed. “What? I mean, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers or anything, have you seen those lips? But I’m not writing her name all over the insides of my notebook or slathering on lipstick whenever I see her. Right, Jennifer?”

The polka dot girl blushed.

I know how you feel, Jennifer. I really do.

The guy next to me in blue, Johnson I think, flicked a balled straw wrapper at Brenda.

“Stop messing with the hopelessly lovesick, Brenda.” He turned to me. “So, you know she’s bi, right? She slept with some guy in accounting. I’ve never seen a happier guy.” He leaned back into his seat, wistful smile on his face, “I mean he grinned for a week. Lost three major accounts and was told he was being moved to a smaller office and he just, he just didn’t care.”

Where was Lia
? I looked in the direction she’d headed and spotted her talking to someone in a black suit, an expensive looking bottle of water in her hands. She did have an air about her, more than a confidence, it was, I don’t know...

“It’s like she’s in a room full of strangers but she already knows them all.” Brenda said.

Yeah. Everyone else at table nodded in agreement. Like we were all acting out parts in play she’s already read. Or written.

Her head turned, just a bit, eyes locking on me from across the room. She continued her conversation, eyes never leaving mine until I tore away from her gaze, trying to breathe.

“Jesus. If she ever looked at me like that…,” someone said.

“You’d die,” Brenda supplied wryly. “Nobody can handle that intensity for long.” She turned to me, warning in her eyes. “It’s best to have your fun in the sun, then let it go.”

I felt Lia’s light hand on my shoulder and resisted, barely, rubbing my cheek along it.

Brenda just shook her head, grinning. “Girl, you are smitten. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about sunburn.”

Lia sat, smiling at Brenda as she placed the water on the table. “Brenda, maybe you should try a little sunbathing yourself, then you wouldn’t have to frighten others.”

Brenda laughed. “Lia, I’m the last truly platonic friend you have. Who else is going to help the little doe eyed trail of heartbreaks you leave in your wake?”

Lia chuckled. Her voice lowered. “Still…” Silence lingered at the obvious invitation.

A look passed between them, Brenda shaking her head reluctantly but firmly, biting her lower lip.

“I like what we have Lia. I do.”

Lia nodded serenely, the rest of her inhumanly still and her eyes examining Brenda with piercing intensity. She looked… hungry: like a lioness in the bush, picking out her prey. I half expected her ass to wiggle.

“Don’t, Lia. Don’t you dare.” Brenda stood, pushing her tray aside, “I know that look. I’ve seen you give it to plenty of others.” She shook her head, voice lowering, “Where are those people now, Lia?”

The collective table held their breath, watching this interaction between the two of them. I don’t think they knew Brenda and Lia were so close. There was an intriguing hidden history
between them.

Brenda stood. “Yes, you probably could have me in your bed with a smile and a couple of calculated words, but then what?” Her voice lowered, hurt. “Then what, Lia?”

BOOK: Onyx Mafia: Insatiable - Episode 3: (Lia and Meghan) (Onyx Mafia: Insatiable Book 1)
13.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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