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Authors: Samantha LaCroix

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Open Wide!

BOOK: Open Wide!
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Open Wide!

By Samantha LaCroix


"Catherine? Doctor Patterson will see you now."

Catherine looked up from the magazine she was
reading. She put it down on the table beside her and got up, taking
her purse in with her. There weren't very many people in the
waiting room -- she supposed it was a slow day for the dentist's
office. Catherine walked down the hallway to the examination room
and saw someone unfamiliar standing in a white coat, looking over a
chart in his hand.

"Oh," she said. "I'm sorry ... I thought I was seeing
Doctor Patterson in here."

The man lifted his head and smiled at her. There was
something not right about that smile. It seemed innocent enough on
the surface, but she could tell there was something else
underneath. Something ... sinister.

"I'm afraid Doctor Patterson is away," the man said.
"I'm Doctor Thorn, I'll be filling in for him while he's gone."

"Oh, all right," Catherine said. She put down her
purse and sat down in the chair. Doctor Thorn turned to look down
at her as she got herself comfortable.

"I was just looking over your charts here," he said,
his eyes burning bright in his head. "It says that you've had some
trouble with your teeth hurting while you brush."

"Yes, they feel more sensitive than usual," Catherine
replied. "I think I might be getting a cavity."

"Well, let's see what we can't find, shall we?" he
said. He reached up and turned on the overhead light, shining it
down into Catherine's face, blinding her momentarily.

"Open wide please," he said, and she did as she was
told. Doctor Thorn took a metal instrument from the table beside
her and poked around in Catherine's mouth. She heard him muttering
to himself as he did, making tsk-tsk noises.

"Well Catherine, I'm afraid this doesn't look very
good," he said, pulling back and allowing her to close her mouth.
"You've got quite a nasty cavity in there, and I think you're going
to need some serious work done on it."

"Oh no," Catherine said.

"If you're not busy, of course, I can do the work
right now. It's fairly quiet, as I'm sure you saw outside."

"Oh, well," Catherine began, thinking of the errands
that she had to do. Her thoughts were interrupted by the doctor's
voice, though.

"It's very important that you get the work done," he
said, his eyes burrowing into hers.

Catherine reasoned that her errands could be done
another day and she nodded.

"Yes, today would work out fine," she said. "Thank
you so much doctor."

Doctor Thorn smiled that smile of his again.

"It's my pleasure," he said, and his voice sent
chills down Catherine's spine.

"Now, for this procedure," he continued, turning
around, "I'm going to have to put you under. It'll just be a little
gas, and you won't feel a thing. How does that sound?"

"Oh, gas?" Catherine responded.

"Everything will go by much easier if you were
asleep," Doctor Thorn said. "And I promise you, you won't feel a

"Well, if you say so," Catherine obliged, and the
doctor smiled again.

"Excellent," he said, and he wheeled over a tank of
gas with a nose mask attached. He turned the valve on the tank and
placed the mask over Catherine's face.

"Now breathe in deeply," he said, which she did. As
Catherine's head began to swim, the last thing she saw before
passing out was Doctor Thorn looking down at her, that wicked smile
plastered onto his face.




Catherine was lying down on a white bed in a white
room surrounded by misty white light. She tried to look around but
was finding it very difficult to move her head. She felt as though
she were glued to the bed and couldn't lift any part of her body,
no matter how hard she tried.

A man dressed all in black stood beside her, looking
down at her. His face was masked in shadows but she could tell he
was smiling. His smile was wicked, the smile of the Devil. She
tried to open her mouth to yell but her lips wouldn't part. She
tried to move away from him but her limbs wouldn't budge. She was
helpless to get away from him, helpless to escape.

The man reached down to the front of his pants and
slowly undid the zipper. Catherine's eyes went wide as she watched
him, horrified. He pulled out a huge, throbbing cock and took a
step closer to her. She tried to move her head to the side again,
away from him, but she was completely stuck. He reached down and
pulled open her mouth, leaving it hanging wide. Then, as Catherine
watched helpless with her eyes bulging out of her head, the man
lowered his massive, throbbing cock down into her mouth.

Catherine felt her tongue press down into the bottom
of her mouth as this thing slid its way inside of her. There wasn't
a thing she could do to stop him as he began pumping his cock in
and out of her frozen mouth. She felt the head of it press up
against the back of her throat and she almost choked, but still
there was nothing she could do.

Catherine both saw and felt his hands grab onto
either side of her head. He pulled her up, driving his throbbing
member deeper into her mouth. Catherine's eyes welled up with tears
as the man began pumping faster, fucking her face with his cock.
She almost gagged as it hit the back of her throat over and over
but the man kept fucking her anyway, never stopping his primal

Suddenly she felt the hands on her head squeeze hard
as he came in her mouth. His cock pulsed as hot, sticky loads of
come spurted out and shot against the back of her throat. She could
feel her mouth fill up with a monstrous amount of semen, pooling in
the back of her throat and bulging out her cheeks.

When he was finished coming the man pulled his cock,
still hard, out of her mouth and looked down at her. The come was
pooled in her mouth as she lay there. She tried to spit it out but
couldn't. It was all she could taste, the bitter-salty mixture of a
stranger's semen.

She felt him place one hand on the top of her head
and one hand on the base of her throat, cupping over it. The man
then began rubbing his hand up and down her throat, massaging it,
causing her esophagus to relax and open up.

Catherine's eyes widened in protest as she felt his
warm semen run like a river down her throat and into her belly, all
without her control. She could only lie, frozen, as this man took
complete control of her body.

After all of his come was gone he took his hands away
and stepped back. He pulled his cock back up into his pants and
fastened them, reaching down beside him to a large cylinder sitting
on the floor beside him. He grabbed the top of the cylinder and
turned it, then turned away from Catherine and began busying
himself at the table on the opposite wall.

Catherine watched, her vision slowly becoming
clearer, as the room around her began filling in with detail. The
edges of the walls began to appear, shelving started to come into
focus, and Catherine could hear ...




... the sounds of children playing outside in the
waiting room.

Catherine blinked her eyes and saw the ceiling tiles
above her, the glaring light of the fluorescent bulbs shining
illuminating the room. She realized that her mouth was still open
and she slowly closed it, her jaw feeling creaky. She ran her
tongue around in her mouth and felt a strange coated feeling inside
of it. She tried to get rid of the feeling, but it stayed where it

Doctor Thorn turned around from the table on the
opposite wall when he heard Catherine smacking her lips.

"Ah, awake now, are we?" he asked, smiling. "How was
that? Did you feel anything?"

"N-no," Catherine said, "but I ... my mouth tastes
weird. Like it's coated with something."

"Oh yes, that's just some of the wash that I used
while cleaning your teeth. Here, you can rinse it out with some

He poured some water into a small paper cup and gave
it to Catherine. She rinsed and spat into the basin beside her,
Doctor Thorn picking up a clipboard from the table behind him.

"Well, things are looking better, Catherine, but I'm
afraid I wasn't quite able to get all the work done that I needed
to do. Are you able to come in tomorrow at around the same

"Um, yes, I suppose so," Catherine said, her mouth
still feeling gross. "What other work do you need to do?"

"Oh, mostly just taking care of some things I wasn't
able to get to today," Doctor Thorn said with a smile. "It's all
technical jargon, I don't want to bore you. Anyway, be sure to make
an appointment with the receptionist at the desk and I'll see you
in a few days, all right? Okay!"

He turned his back to Catherine and began fiddling
with something on the table again. Catherine got up out of the
chair and grabbed her purse as she headed for the door.

"Good bye doctor," she said.

Doctor Thorn raised a hand briefly in farewell, not
turning around to look at her. Catherine walked out of the
examination room and back to the receptionist's desk where she made
her next appointment. She left the office feeling unsteady on her
feet and with that taste still coating her mouth.




Catherine arrived at the dentist's office the next
day and sat down to wait for her name to be called. She grabbed a
magazine and flipped through it, not looking down at it.

"Catherine?" the receptionist called out and
Catherine's heart began to beat hard in her chest, but she wasn't
sure why. She put down the magazine and got up, glancing around the
waiting room. There was only one other person waiting in the room,
and he looked like he could use a shower and a good night's

Catherine walked down the hall to the same room as
the day before and saw Doctor Thorn standing there, waiting for
her. He was smiling that smile of his again and was looking right
at her.

"Oh my God, you frightened me," Catherine said,
putting a hand to her chest.

The doctor's smile never faltered as he watched

"Have a seat," he said, gesturing to the dentist's
chair. Catherine put down her purse and sat down, her heart beating
hard in her chest.

"I'm glad you could come back," Doctor Thorn said.
"It looks like we might have to do a little more work today than
originally anticipated. I'm going to have to give you a muscle
relaxant to keep you still."

"Um, okay," Catherine said.

Doctor Thorn grabbed a needle off of the tray beside
her. "Hold out your arm please," he said.

Catherine held out her arm and the doctor injected
her with a clear fluid. Catherine could feel it working on her body
almost immediately. Her muscles felt like they were melting inside
of her. She felt her head slowly drop back against the headrest as
her entire body relaxed in the chair.

"Beautiful," the doctor said. "Now it's time to
administer the gas. Be sure to breathe deeply, Catherine."

He picked up the mask and placed it over Catherine's
nose. She breathed in and felt her mind slipping off to a dream
state. As her eyes slowly closed shut, she saw the Doctor looking
down at her, that smile planted on his face.




Catherine was lying on the white bed again, the room
around her clouded in a misty white. She once again felt like she
couldn't move a muscle, but this time instead of feeling stuck in
mud Catherine felt like she was incredibly, desperately tired. It
was as though she had just run several marathons back-to-back and
was only now laying down to rest.

The man in black was standing next to her once more.
Her eyes went wide when she saw him but she knew there was nothing
she could do. She was exhausted and couldn't move a muscle,
couldn't even open her mouth to scream.

The man moved to the foot of the bed and leaned down,
not to her face this time but to her legs. He grabbed her ankles,
one in each hand, and spread them apart, opening her legs wide.
Catherine wasn't wearing anything below her waist and she could
feel the cool air blowing against her privates, twitching at the
sudden change in temperature.

BOOK: Open Wide!
5.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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